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One more day to go akavir! Razz
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It is scheduled for the 28th.
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It's been two weeks and I haven't seen the article yet. Is there a problem with it?
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I am eagerly looking forward to reading it!
My perspectives on Greyhawk seem to be expanding daily here!
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Thanks! I'm think about writing some other articles expanding on the setting.
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Yeah it looks really cool and I'm eager for everyone to read it. Wink
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Thanks! It's called Dawn of a New Age - CY 706, basically a look at how the Flanaess might look like a century later/
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Hello akavir. Don't sweat it, I'll see where I can fit you in earlier if there is a backlog. Thanks for contributing!
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Greetings Akavir! Welcome to Canonfire!

If you check the dates of the articles already posted on the Front Page (Home), you'll see that they post an article about once a week, give or take a day or two.

So it depends on how many articles are in front of yours -- which is probably just one or two. So, if you just posted it, I'd say it will show up in a week or two, at most.

Now, head on over to the "Welcome to Greyhawk" forum and introduce yourself to the community! Laughing

And again, Welcome to Canonfire! Cool
PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 9:05 am    Post subject: How long before my article appears on Canonfire

Hi, longtime member, first time writer. I recently submitted an article to the history section and was wondering how long before it is approved and posted. How does this work?