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Thread subscription notifications also seem to have the same issue :-(
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The "Search the Forums" link needs to be changed from to
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I think the different messages come from things being in the process of changing. Some notice before the gremlins were turned loose would have been better, but as I understand it the issue was something that needed to be dealt with immediately.
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Cebrion wrote:
Were you being directed to THIS PAGE?

Nope--I was using my usual old bookmark that led to a page that only said "No input file specifiied"

Early last week when I used the link there was a message that said something to the effect of "gremlins are loose in the system and we're trying to clean them up" or something like that. Then the "no input" page showed up the next day. That's why I thought the site crashed.

Edit--changed the precise message from the old bookmark
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Were you being directed to THIS PAGE?
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I'm one of those who thought it was down--just happened to try mr google to see if I could dig it up again and presto!
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"Canonfire! URL change - some users think the website is down"

The thread title implies that people think the web page is down due to an URL change, which is not likely the case. The URL has been changed, and redirects to the Canonfire! intro page, not to a 404 error page or anything similar. The site actually being down for maintenance is what gave people a 404 or other errors. When he finds the time, Gary should be posting an announcement as to the where's and why's of things at the CanonFire! Crier and the CanonFire! Facebook page.

More information when I get it.
Rafe, writing as a guest
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Let me know if I can help.
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I don't even know how to do what you're suggesting. I am just lucky that you provided a working link in the Canonfire! FB thread. Confused

PostPosted: Wed Aug 13, 2014 3:24 am    Post subject: Canonfire! URL change - some users think the website is down

After Canonfire! went down for a while, I discovered that it has come back with the pages (including the forum) having a slightly different URL.

URLs used to include "/cf/" in the middle, but now include "/cf/".

I'm not sure if this is a permanent change or if the original URLs are going to be restored in a few days. But we need to get the word out to people.

There is a thread about this at the CanonFire! group on Facebook and another thread about this at the Greyhawk forum at The Piazza.

It might be worth posting threads at other places, like Dragonsfoot, so that users who are currently not able to see the forum or the rest of the Canonfire! website, can be informed of the URL change.

We also need someone from the management (Gary Holian, perhaps) to tell us if this URL is going to stick.

(If the shorter URL is forever, then people need to be encouraged to update inbound links on Greyhawk websites.)