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PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 12:37 am    Post subject:

Allen passed that message along to me by email, along with some details, so I have been a bit more diligent of late.
Le Noir Faineant
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FTR, "Raphael" and "Rafael" are two different people. Smile Rafael - Le Noir Faineant - still visits this place, occasionally, and has no problems logging in. Smile - Allan knows the broader context of this; there have been a few cases of identity theft, lately.

Even though I don't have much time for Greyhawk, any more, Canonfire is still home. Smile Thank you for taking such good care of it, always! Smile
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I have banned four or so spammers in the last two weeks (your email regarding site spammers/trolls has me checking in more often), but this is from before then. Spammers usually only have a few posts up before I get to them, while Raphael has 76. . It would be unusual to ban a profile with that many posts (especially as I recognize him), unless there were spam posts tied to it, but it could have been done accidentally. Looks like he's no longer on the ban list, so Gary may have already addressed it.
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Gary replied by email that he's investigating.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 2:22 pm    Post subject: Raphael's account banned accidentally?

Gary and team---

Raphael pinged me about his CF! account being banned for unknown reasons. His last forum posts were 30 August and 26 June 2018, and neither had any moderator action/comments on them. The message he gets when trying to access any page after the main CF! home page is: "You have been banned from these forums. Contact an administrator for more information."

His account page is @

Any ideas what's up??