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The Greyhawk Wiki
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Dungeon Magazine links:

Dungeon Magazine index to sort the adventures by setting, level and edition.

Online tool to view the Dungeon Magazines.
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Below are some resources that has general information on the Flanaess. Country specific resources will be provided in the forum threads pertaining to that country.

1980 The World of Greyhawk Gazetteer
1983 A guide to the World of Greyhawk
1983 Glossography for the Guide to the WoG
1991 The Greyhawk Wars boxed set
1992 From the Ashes boxed set
1998 The Adventure Begins
1998 A Player's Guide
2000 Living Greyhawk Gazetteer

Locations of Greyhawk adventures by country can be found here:

The Zavoda index, which is a great starting point to know which book contains which piece of GH information, can be accessed from here.