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Want to listen to an animated Gazetteer?

Check out The Grey League's video in 4k:
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Fan based resources:

Oerth Journal #16 has an article on Keoland.
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by Gary Holian (aka PSmedger)

Campaigning in Keoland offers flexible adventuring opportunities from maritime adventures departing from the port of Gradsul to interesting geographical based adventures in the Dreadwood, the Hool marshes and the Crystalmists mountains. Keoland is a place full of ritual and tradition. Heraldry, family lines, marriage, it's all very important. Religion is frowned upon. Magic is frowned upon. There is a tendency to view everything outside of Keoland as barbaric and uncouth. Mastery of an art (traditional or martial) is greatly prized, a sign of distinction. Heroism, represented by individual accomplishments is not widely admired, outside of the Oeridian heartlands. Suel like suffering and stoicism.

Country specific resources
Living Greyhawk Journal #1 and #4

Adventures in this country include:
- Dangerous forest encounters in the Dreadwood.
- Swamp encounters in the Hool Marshes.
- Its southernmost backwater, the area known colloquially as Saltmarsh, is home to many official adventures.
- Its western border meets the vast valleys of the Crystalmists home to giants, humanoids, and many other challenges.
- Gradsul is a huge cosmopolitan city that trades with the rest of the Flanaess and is the pre-eminent port of the Azure Sea.
- Coastal adventures can be set here. Dungeon 77, "To Walk Beneath the Waves" is set in Keoland.
- City adventures can be set in Seaton and Saltmarsh. Dungeon 135, "Funeral Procession" is set in Saltmarsh.

Adventures in nearby areas include:
-Setting a campaign during the Small (or Short) War in 438 CY against Furyondy permits some adventuring opportunities.
- Exploring the Amedio jungle and places farther east and south, where Explorer Kings of Keoland made their mark and some made their graves.

Being an ancient and stable country, Keoland has few, if any, unexplored ruins and dungeons.