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Want to listen to a animated Gazetteer?

Check out The Grey League's video in 4k:
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Fan based resources:

- Kusnir (COR5-18, Living Greyhawk) – One rendition of the town of Kusnir and its surroundings in Berghof.
- The Duchy of Berghof, – More unofficial information on how post-Brotherhood events played out in Berghof.
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by George A. Mocsary (aka Yackey Noondigger)

The Hold of the Sea Princes offers diverse adventuring opportunities, both geographically and politically. The Hold is primarily subtropical country, but has substantial areas of coastland, islands, marsh, and mountains.

Politically, the Sea Princes provides a plethora of adventure types, depending on the time period in which the campaign is set. Prior to the start of the Greyhawk Wars in 582 CY, the nation was ruled by former pirates and slavers, and their descendants. Although they are generally peaceful, some slavery and grey-market practices continue. During the Greyhawk Wars, the Scarlet Brotherhood took over the nation in 584 CY by assassinating nearly all of the nation’s leaders on the Night of the Death List. From 584 CY to 591 CY, the Brotherhood exercised distant and inconsistent rule, relying on force and terror. By 591, the Brotherhood had lost control of all but the major cities, leaving inland areas under local, often chaotic, control.

Country specific resources:
The Scarlet Brotherhood
Beyond the Crystal Cave (UK1), The Sentinel (UK2), The Gauntlet (UK3)
Treasures of Greyhawk – Terror in the Tropics adventure (WGR2)

Adventures in the country include:
- The coastland and large islands in the Azure sea provide ample opportunity for seafaring adventures in a strong seafaring culture.
- The large Hool Marshes provide swamp adventures.
- The Crystalmist, Helfurnaces, and Kamph Mountains provide mountain adventures in both volcanic and traditional settings, with a rich Underdark.
- The Duchy of Berghof to the south is a relatively isolated (accessible by a steep pass) high plateau providing a more temperate climate.
- Much of the coast is unpopulated or abandoned; the Jeklea Bay coast across the Kamph from Berghof provides especially good adventuring in ruins settings.
- Diplomatic missions between the lowlanders (in both Berghof and the rest of the nation) and marsh- and mountain dwellers, or to neighboring nations to ask for help in overthrowing the Brotherhood.
- Rescuing kidnap victims from the mountains, marshes, or desperate slavers willing to traffic in their own people.
- Fighting off Sahuagin threats, either against the coast or Jeklea Bay, from the Azure Sea
- Raiding pirate, slaving, or Scarlet Brotherhood vessels and attacking like facilities inland.
- City intrigue involving merchants, thieves, nobles, the Scarlet Brotherhood, or slavers and abolitionists.
- Resisting Scarlet Brotherhood rule over the nation or one of its areas, like Berghof. This can range from an infiltration mission to open warfare in a Battlesystem-style setting.
- Working on behalf of a noble thought by the Brotherhood to have been slain on the Night of the Death List, but actually in hiding and hoping to retake his realm or the nation.
- After the Scarlet Brotherhood abandoned its inland control, establishing peace and order in an area overrun with chaos. (Note the irony if the party previously caused the chaos to expel the Brotherhood.)

Adventures in nearby areas include:
- Spy or reconnaissance missions to Keoland and the Yoemanry.
- Missions to the Amedio Jungle to search for treasure or artifacts, establish trade, or form alliances.
- Missions west past the Crystalmists and Hellfurnaces to explore lands unknown.