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by Mtg

The Earldom (later March) of Sterich is an embattled nation located in the shadows of the Crystalmist Mountains. Campaigning in Sterich consists of surviving in a country recently reclaimed after being devastated by an invasion of giants and humanoids. The land still has pockets of remaining humanoids to contend with.

Country specific resources
GDQ 1-7 Queen of Spiders (1986), at 10-17.
Dragon 117-119 (2004-05) (Istivin: City of Shadows trilogy).

Adventures in this country include:
- In Common Year 576, it contends with regular raids from humanoids, giants, and even worse monsters that follow the Davish River to pillage the lowlands.
- A few years later, an impenetrable sphere of darkest night encompasses Sterich's capital of Istivin. Although brave adventurers may rescue the city and its people, they cannot stop a devastating invasion of giants that drives the earl and his court from their country a few years later.
- Only with years of campaigning may Sterich be reclaimed from the giants, and even then the landóand especially Istivinóremains cursed or haunted by demons and shadows.
- Finally, in CY 591, the Marquise has gone missing, and Sterich's surviving nobles (and charlatans posing as their heirs) squabble before the Marchioness, Resbin Dren Emondav, with their land claims and sundry petitions.

Adventures in nearby areas include:
- To the north, terror abounds in the tragedy-haunted Stark Mounds
- The Grand Duchy of Geoff offers myriad adventures of liberation against the giants.
- To the east, intrigue abounds in the Kingdom of Keoland.
- To the south, exploration of the newly rediscovered Passage of Slerotin beckons in the Yeomanry.

Sterich is a landlocked nation in the midst of chaos. Equipment is difficult for characters to procure.