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Wrong Thread Embarassed
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I will set up a Google Drive to share the files. Anybody who wants access just send me your email address either through a Private Message here or contact me on the Discord chat.

Rich "Longetalos" D.
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I’d love a copy of the files, and perhaps we can host them on CF! or Greyhawk Resources on FB, GHO, etc., too?

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Hello, Thank you for your answer.
I found the two files and everything that was published for the duchy of Urnst.
I can send them.
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I was able to get ahold of the Houses of the Duchy. If you can join the Canonfire Discord and send me a PM I can send it to you.

Rich "Longetalos"
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You may want to join the Canonfire Discord and put a call out there for help. Maybe some of the Duchy of Urnst triad members are around.
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I don't have those two files, but if you do find them I would be interested in getting a copy as well.
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I actualy manage a campaign in the Duchy of Urnst and i'm trying to get informations about the differents houses.
The living greyhawk campaign had some good stuff on the subject but i can't find it anymore :
- Houses of the Duchy MRs.pdf
- Listing of Duchy Houses - Jan 2007.PDF

Does someone could help me to recover those two files ?

I would be so great for me
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Fan based resources include:

Oerth Journal #23 = Duchy of Urnst, City of Seltaren.
PostPosted: Tue Aug 11, 2020 6:52 am    Post subject: Duchy of Urnst

by Troy “Cannibaal” Alleman

DMs who wish a campaign where the characters are in a wealthy and secure kingdom, yet surrounded by other countries entwined in power struggles will find the Duchy of Urnst an ideal spot. The population is predominately humans, of which most are Suel. Suel survivors from the twin cataclysms fled to this area and started anew. Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, gnomes, half-elves and half-orcs make up the rest of the population. The Suel brought with them their history, culture and, most importantly, ancient artifacts from the empire that was destroyed. The Duchy of Urnst is predominately of Good and Neutral alignments, tensions are strained with Greyhawk and Nyrond but still peaceful. Surrounding areas are envious of the plentiful resources that enrich the Duchy and which also ensure that the Duchy has the funding to defend itself from potential conquest.

Any kind of adventure can be had within this area whether it is in a forest (Celedon Forest), Great Lake (Nyr Dyv), The Nesser River, and underground adventures in the Abbor Alz. Unlike Keoland, another successor state of the Suel Empire, where magic use was forbidden for centuries unless you were part of the Silent Ones, magic use has always been open and free to use in the Duchy of Urnst. Thus opening the possibility of greater innovation and progress with the knowledge taken from the fallen Suel Empire millennia ago.

Great inspiration for this area can be found in: The Lord of the Rings books and movies, The Hobbit book and movies.

Country specific resources:
Maure Castle adventure in Dungeon #112
The Doomgrinder module

Adventures in the country include:
-Artifacts of the Past: What artifacts were saved from the original Suel Kingdom? How many and where are they all located? Is someone hunting the artifacts to destroy the history of the Suel?
-Doomgrinder: A massive juggernaut is about to be let loose and destroy everything in its path. Can your party stop this from happening?
-Espionage and Intrigue: Someone is attempting to drive a wedge between Greyhawk / Nyrond and the Duchy of Urnst to start a war. Who would be behind this and what do they have to gain?
-Explore the Nyr Dyv and the Nesser River: Smuggling has been discovered on the Nry Dyv and those individuals are using the Nesser River to ferry their goods to the Azure Sea.
-Abbor-Alz: Mining of the natural resources is very profitable and producing riches for the Duchy. Sometimes you can dig too deep, the dwarves say. What did the miners uncover? What did the riches of the Duchy draw the attention of?
-The Bright Desert: Rary the Traitor has been seen in the Bright Desert and has cause for concern for the Duchy of Urnst.
-Celadon Forest: The only place in the Flanaess with an "organized" Ranger School; the Stalwart Pines. The forest is split between Urnst and Nyrond, where Urnst works with the elves, treants and other sylvan creatures whereas the Nyrond side is almost at a civil war due to Nyronds logging practices.

Adventures in nearby areas include:
-Abbor-Alz will provide adventures in hills and small mountains area along with interactions with dwarves and gnomes.
-Nesser River will provide adventures on a major river that drains the Nyr Dyv and empties out into the Azure Sea.
-Celadon Forest will provide adventures in a forest setting with elves, treants and other sylvan creatures.
-Nyr Dyv will provide adventures on a very large and deep lake.
-The Bright Desert will provide adventures with a desert setting with a short excursion south of the Duchy.
-Greyhawk City, located just west of the Duchy and which can provide adventures in a large urban city setting, is the center piece of the world of Greyhawk.