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I wrote a Primer for the region of Blackmoor, expanded from this original postcard:
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Dungeon adventures set in Blackmoor:

Raiders of the Black Ice #115
Ex-Keraptis cum Amore #77
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Fan based resources:

GS1 The Williamsfort Gazetteer
GS2 The Sweetwater Gazetteer
GS3 Castle Newgate Gazeteere
GS4 Noble House of Zvenzen, with Additional Material by Dave Arneson
Oerth Journal #5, The ArchBarony of Blackmoor
Oerth Journal #6, Tales from the Green Dragon Inn; Robilar Remembers
The Blackmoor Rampart newsletter
Blackmoor Living World Players Book, Chimerae Hobby Group

Check out The Expedition to the Land of Black Ice from the Canonfire Forums
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By Tim “Enoch Pratt” O’Donnell and Dan "Aldarron" Boggs

Campaigning in Blackmoor is for a DM who want to explore a dark and ravaged land. Rumors persist of a great technocratic civilization long before the Twin Cataclysms of the Invoked Devastation and the Rain of Colorless Fire. Mysterious and remote, Blackmoor is a weird and ravaged enclave in the far north of central Flanaess. The land varies from windswept volcanic plains and steppes to marshlands, thick forests and rivers fed by rushing meltwater from the land of Black Ice. In modern times it is surmised that Blackmoor hosts an unknown source of powerful magic, often known as Oerthmagic. The population of Blackmoor is dwindling, with only a few underbaronies in the environs.

Following a period historians refer to as the Mage Wars,a mysterious evil power commonly known as the Egg of Coot, launched multiple invasions against the Archbarony, but was consistently repulsed, until in 541 CY, the Egg finally overran Blackmoor and now rules all but the small portion remaining in the hands of the current ArchBaron, who clings to power in near exile at the tiny outpost of Dantredun in the volcanic wastelands to the west.

Country specific resources:
First Fantasy Campaign - (Arneson’s Blackmoor campaign notes in the Greyhawk setting), Adventures in Blackmoor (DA1), The Blackmoor Campaign Sourcebook, The Riders of Hak, Clock and Steam, Blackmoor Living World Players Book

Adventures in this country include:
- Weird technomancy and lost civilizations in The Temple of the Frog, The City of the Gods and The Clockwork Fortress (DNG#126)
- Caravan slave raiders & dragon infested wilderness; The Garbage Pits of Despair (DW#42,43)
- Dark mysteries in elven forests in The Redwood Scar
- Classic dungeon crawls in The Dungeons of Castle Blackmoor and The Lost Dungeon of Tonisborg

Adventures in nearby areas include:
- Possible interaction with the Tiger Nomads, the Wolf Nomads and The Rovers of the Barrens
- Intrigues within the Empire of Iuz and the Duchy of Tenh
- Adventures in various forests, including, the Burneal, the Vesve, and the Fellreev
- Adventures in the Cold Marshes
- Adventures in the Land of Black Ice
- Adventures in the cold undersea kingdoms of Blackmoor Bay and the Icy Sea

With a land as remote and open as Blackmoor and the Land of Black Ice, there would certainly be as yet unknown, seekers of power and solitude waiting to be discovered by intrepid adventurers. Who knows what mysterious cabals of mages or covens of witches an enterprising DM might create?

Blackmoor was the campaign setting created by Dave Arneson, and placed on the same continent as Gary Gygax’s Greyhawk. The World of Greyhawk version is not just an homage to the co-creator of our beloved game, but a land rife with many mysterious adventuring possibilities.