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PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2020 5:22 pm    Post subject: Sea Barons

by Sean "Ket Onwall" W

DMs and players seeking to engage in high seas adventure need look no further than the Dominion of the Sea Barons, found at the far eastern edge of the known Flanaess. Once a vassal to the Great Kingdom, this chain of islands was established to provide the Overking a large naval presence, and while no longer bearing fealty to the crown, the Sea Barons still boast one of the largest and most organized flotillas in the world.

While traditional ‘dungeon delving’ and ‘political intrigue’ certainly exist, the location and climate of the islands lends itself well to seafaring conflict. Whether it is fending off incursions by raiders from the Thillonrian Peninsula, skirmishes with naval forces of their chief rival to the south, Lordship of the Isles, investigating the unpopulated Serpent Isle – rumored to be inhabited by nagas and other deadly snake creatures, or delving beneath the waves to investigate an ancient tribe of Sahuagin or the legendary Sinking Isle, these islands provide a rich environment both above and below the waves.

The Dominion of the Sea Barons is a feudal society comprised of five large islands. From largest to smallest they are Asperdi, Oakenisle, Fairisle, Leastisle, and Serpent Isle. There is a sixth island, known as the Sinking Isle that occasionally rises near Asperdi, within the Bay of Gates. Although each island is ruled by its own baron, all except Leastisle pay fealty to the Lord High Admiral of Asperdi. Leastisle succumbed to marauders in 584 CY, and while the current barons keep a watchful eye, other things have taken priority of the lords, leaving the rule of Leastisle in anarchy.

The islands were settled long ago by the Flan; later the Suel settled the southern islands while the Oeridian settled north. There are, however, older ruins that predate even the elves. Agriculture is present in the form of bananas, fruits, sugar, etc., but the vast majority of commerce is driven by the massive shipping industry – and not a few privateers as well. Slavery is legal, so conscientious characters may find themselves at odds with the local constabulary if they don’t take care.

Country specific resources:
The Scarlet Brotherhood
Dragon #204 - A Strange Alliance (p.52)
Dragon #206 – The Sea Barons (p. 34)
WGS1 and 2 – Five Shall Be One / WGS2 – Howl in the North (Barbarians)
L1 – Secret of Bone Hill (Lendore Isles)

Adventures in this country include:
- Serving aboard naval, merchant or privateer vessels.
- Contending with raiding parties from the northern barbarian tribes.
- Reclaiming Leastisle from marauders
- Investigating the mysterious, ancient ruins of Serpent Isle
- Investigating the underdark beneath Tar Hill, rumored to hold a portal to the Cauldron of Night
- Natural and unnatural weather events threatening the islands.

Adventures in nearby areas include:
- Underwater adventures with Sea Elves, Sahuagin and other deadly denizens.
- Traveling East into uncharted waters
- Adventuring within the Lendore Isles to the South or the Barbarian strongholds to the north.
- Frequent hostilities with coastal shipping rivals.