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Postcard: County of Urnst
Claims rolling plains and an extensive road network, inherited from the Great Kingdom, leaves little wilderness to be explored. Following the Greyhawk Wars, it has become a regional breadbasket and banker. Nyrondese; swarm over its borders, seeking better circumstances. Subsequently; the neglected forts on the stone road, have been repaired. Generous loans; extended to Rel Mord, prevents its total collapse. Meanwhile; a squadron of warships on the Nyr Dyv, strives to restrain piratical activities.

Elsewhere; Shield Lands and Tenh, troubles the charitable court. Occasionally; a mysterious vessel will slip into Bright Sentry, laden with foodstuffs. Nowadays; a trickle of supplies is smuggled into Redspan via the Artonsamay, to sustain the liberation campaign against the Iuzites and Stoneholders. Graciously; Countess Belissica, hosts Duke Ehyeh III of Tenh-in-exile, but refuses to be shamed into that morass.

Country specific resources:
From The Ashes (Box Set)
Iuz the Evil
Trouble at Trigol (Module)

Adventures in this country include:
- Old Lord of Brotton, refuses to collect the elevated taxes demanded by Radigast City...
- Rotting infestation has struck the shipyard of Brampton...
- Countess Belissica, encourages cooperation between Palish “faithful flan” and Duke Ehyeh III...
- Moneylenders, counsel a repayment schedule for the Nyrondese...

Adventures in nearby areas include:
- Pirates of Redhand, imperil merchant shipping on the Nyr Dyv...
- A blackmail letter threatens to expose bribes to the bandit leaders on the Artonsamay River...
- Furyondy, proposes a joint naval assault on Admundfort...
- Rel Mord; requests funds for an upcoming offensive into the Almorian borderlands...
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Fan based resources

Oerth Journal #1 = Radigast city (County of Urnst)
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by Chris "Cthaeh" and Jim "Seguilia"

Welcome to Urnst! Not the Duchy! Come to the County and dwell in peace. There are many reasons DMs and players would venture into our County.

County of Urnst is ideally suited for DMs wanting to set their campaign in an area with a stable, good-aligned government with wild adventure on every border. To the west, the Nyr Drv the lake of unknown depths holds plenty of opportunity for aquatic adventure. The Nesser, Franz and Artonsamay all offer river adventures. Opportunity for urban adventure and political intrigue abound in Radigast City, Trigol and Ventor. The neighboring countries, which include the Duchy of Urnst, Nyrond, Theocracy of the Pale, and The Bandit Kingdoms, give a DM plenty of side quest material.

The County is ruled by a Countess who is rumored to have an extremely comprehensive spy network that keeps her informed of what the neighboring countries are planning. This spy network is allegedly supported by the Rhennee barge folk who assist the Countess in exchange for special considerations.

Country specific resources:
"Saga of Old City" A Gord novel, TSR 9025
"Sorcerous Societies of the Flanaess" by Gary Holian. Oerth Journal 1(3)
URC1-00 - County of Urnst Gazetteer (Living Greyhawk) and eight seasons of LG Adventures

Adventures in the country include:
- In Urnst, the table is the adventure! Sausages, beer, and safety from monsters offers the opportunity for interesting roleplaying suituations.
- The Goodmonth Attloi County Fairs at Caporna have, 15,000+ attendees every year - after a full month of partying only the hardy survives!
- Radigast City, the capital, gives the County control of most major trade routes to Nyrond and realms to the south. The characters can be involved in protecting the trade routes.
- Countess Belissica Gellor is the leader of the County. Her Noble Brilliancy is allied with the Rhennee Barge folk. They act as her spies and naval allies. The Rhennee are a major naval force on the Nyr Dyv. Your players could sign up with the Rhennee to complete spy missions for the Countess.
- Learn to use illusion at the Sorcerous Union in Radigast City. Featuring one of the preeminent schools of illusion in the Flanaess. An essential stop for advancing illusionists. Must be seen to be believed (or disbelieved)!

Adventures in nearby areas include:
- Maure Castle in the Duchy of Urnst aka El Raja Key
- Doomgrinder in the Duchy of Urnst – change Our world forever!
- Frolic in the Celadon Forest
- Spelunk in the Abbor Alz
- Artifacts of the Past located in the nearby wilderness: What artifacts were saved from the original Suel Kingdom? How many and where are they all located? Is someone hunting the artifacts to destroy the history of the Suel?
- The Bright Desert: Rary the Traitor has been seen in the Bright Desert and has cause for concern for the County of Urnst.
- Bandit Kingdoms, explore the great Rift Canyon