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PostPosted: Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:51 pm    Post subject: Idee / Naerie

By Artharnthecleric

Idee is a wealthy realm with many demi-humans within its population. The country is surrounded by adventure possibilities which vary greatly depending on when they occur; pre Greyhawk Wars (576 CY), during (582-584 CY), or following Idee being “liberated” by Ahlissa (591 CY).

Prior to the Greyhawk Wars commencing in 582 CY Idee with its allies in the Iron League watches north for invasion from its former overlord, the Great Kingdom. With the Wars it fell to the Scarlet Brotherhood and its population was enslaved with demi-humans persecuted. In 584 CY, Ahlissan forces drove out the Brotherhood and Idee became the Principality of Naerie in the new United Kingdom of Ahlissa.

Country specific resources:

Adventures in this country include:
- Free County (576 CY): Idee provides the usual potential adventures in and around it, especially with the Iron Hills to the north and Menowood to the south. Intrigue and spying with the Great Kingdom and nascent Brotherhood also bubbles away.
- The Resistance (582-584 CY): Undertaking a guerilla war against the Brotherhood with support from nearby Iron League allies as well as locals presents a deadly challenge.
- Ahlissa (591 CY): Rebuilding after the Wars presents opportunities, but restive elements mean the worst of both scenarios above may arise.
- Windmarch (591 CY): Part of the rebuilding is Ahlissa reopening the ancient Aerdi magical trade roads of the Windmarch. Clearing the overgrown and dilapidated roads of bandits and other threats is a job with royal license, and pay.

Adventures in nearby areas include:
- Irongate & Flint Hills: The Iron League humans and dwarves look south warily at Naerie with distrust now. Spying will abound, but the hills also hold the usual possibilities of uncovered treasure and monsters.
- Ahlissa: Ahlissa knows Idee is a fresh memory of freedom for locals, and imperial politics, interference and plots will always abound.
- Sunndi: Idee’s old ally is now surrounded on many sides. While standing strong it doubtless looks to assist freedom fighters in Idee while ensuring plausible deniability. While the Prince looks to prevent such support.
- Menowood & South: The Menowood has long been an unspoiled forest but also a route for possible infiltration from the South, needing hardy warriors to watch. And act. Corrupted treants and werewolf bands lurk.
- Azure Sea: Above the surface the threat of the Brotherhood fleet, their allies in the Orcish Empire of the Pomarj, and pirates generally provide plenty of scope for nautical adventures. Undersea is also always an extra world to explore.

Adventurers seeking a green and peaceful land to base themselves in, to head forth on quests, will be disappointed once the Greyhawk Wars break out. Idee becomes a war zone and occupied land. Then a rebuilding fiefdom with rumblings of discontent on the front line of the next war.