Mon Oct 24, 2005 12:18 am  
A letter from the Mordent Cartographers Society

Mordent Cartographers Society calling all brave explorers!

The MCS is offering a generous reward to those who volunteer to join an expedition to the county of Staunton,
which has recently resurfaced in our Land of Mists after more than 20 years.

Those willing to undertake on this perilous adventure,
sharpen your swords
and clean your muskets,
for on the sixt day after St. Hala’s Eve,
at The Poisoned Apple in Ungrad
your destiny awaits!

Ivid Flamemantle, Current Chairman of the Cartographers Society of Mordent

For more information on the The Last Days of Staunton Bluffs, click HERE.
"Rise, O artist, from thy slumbers - hasten from thy couch unworthy;
Forge from gold the Moon for Northland - forge anew the Sun from silver..."