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    campaign set in early 600's CY
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    Mon Jul 05, 2004 2:43 am  
    campaign set in early 600's CY

    My next campaign is to be set in the early 600's CY, and I'm looking for for any idea of geo-political developpement that might occur in the Flanaess from 591 CY. I've started looking on LG sites and Canonfire but I also want other ideas from DMs running campaign as much as how everyone see the future of Oerth.

    As for myself, I though about seeing Tenh fall to Pale, Geoff been absorb by Keoland as they helped much to reconquered the land, maybe having the Lordship of the Isles kicking off SB and joining the Iron League. Also I want to get rid of Iuz or at least reduce him to a minor vilain for some time. I thought about having Keoland going back to expansionism and having Pomarj a real menace.

    So how do you see the future of Greyhawk?
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    Mon Jul 05, 2004 3:13 pm  

    Tenh's already fallen, it's just who gets the pieces. Red Fisters, Bandits Kings, Palites, Iuzites, etc.

    Given that Iuz is a staple of the world, to the point of "I spit on the Old One" being an epithet, I would caution against removing him as a player. However, if your players are not adventuring in the north, it's not really an issue. He may also be distracted with other plots; finding a great artifact to supply his armies, finding the parts to construct it, internal purges, etc.
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    Thu Aug 12, 2004 7:28 am  

    Iuz has got to go. He was gone once before, imprisoned.

    One of the things I think is very, very wong with GH is the overreliance on Iuz as always available bad guy. He is cliche. I use him as a red herring because players are so willing to see Iuz behind everything.

    So, Iuz is central to the setting, as published. That doesn't make it good or immutable. Does Iuz make GH better or worse for his presence?

    To the extent he dominates other villians, and he does, I would say he makes GH worse. Circa 594CY, the Scarlet Brotherhood is a bad joke - unsuccessful conquers, the secret society everybody now knows about - the Horned Society has potential but it is undeveloped, Turrosh Mak was and is a bad joke. Vecna is a god and can't interfere directly. Ivid is missing in action. Rary is about the only new villain on the block who can be taken seriously and his "villainy" is subject to much speculation.

    Iuz is like the loud, obnoxious party guest who, stinking drunk, won't leave and insists on telling the same story over and over - "And then, I says to Eclavdra, I says, 'Grazzt and Iggwilv can kiss...' wait, where was I, oh yeah! I am destined to conquer the Fleas! No wait, I mean the Flaneass! What!?! No. Don't get started on Vecna! Hey! You got any more Soul Husks in the Fridge? I could go for another."

    Somebody call this guy a cab.

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