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    Fallcrest/Nentir Vale
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    Mon Dec 15, 2008 2:07 pm  
    Fallcrest/Nentir Vale

    I been trying to work in that starter area in the 4th ed. DMG into WoG.

    Need a good getting started in 4ed and WoG spot.

    The DMG details a town (fallcrest), a few villages and a starter dungeon for DMs and players to get started and use the 4th ed. rules.

    After looking through the LGG the best place I think I can find to place this area is Knuri in Bone March.

    now Knuri has a population of 13,000 and fallcrest 1300 but I can easily say not every building is depicted on the town map and lots of folks live outside the town.

    Both knuri and fallcrest are isolated area's far from civilization and if you squint real hard and pivot the DMG map they kinda look alike.

    Fit the dwarf town of hammerfast a little farther up in the Blemu hills near the teasar torrent. Place the barony of Harkenwold near the adri forest. Put the village of winterhaven on the harp river side of the blemu hills. Put a small bog about where the harp river enters the Adri Forest and call it the witchlight fens...

    The starter boxed set has a simple "dungeon" placed in harkenwold. The Dmg has that starter adventure near fallcrest. I think the keep on the shadowfell is placed near winterhaven.

    Has anyone else placed Fallcrest/Nentir Vale in WoG? Where else is a good spot for it?
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    Mon Dec 15, 2008 3:08 pm  

    Knurl sounds as good a place as any i the geographical feutres are similar enough to those in the Fallcrest entry/adventure. But, who says you have to replace Knurl with Fallcrest? Each hex on the Greyhawk map is *30 miles across*, so you could instead put Fallcrest within a hex or two of Knurl and just say it's a smaller town a day and a half away from Knurl. That way you get a smaller town astmosphere which also gives you a more out in the wilderness and away from the big city feel, but you still have that bigger city nearby for PCs to visit.
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    Tue Mar 16, 2010 8:21 am  

    I was thinking about this myself I was thinking of putting it south of the Bone March, between the Flinty Hills and Blemu Hills, which would put it quite near to Knurl.
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    Mon Aug 15, 2011 5:01 pm  

    I placed it in the Sheldomar Valley. You've all the essential geographical features to make it work.

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    Fri Oct 28, 2011 7:06 am  

    On Oerth I would put Nentir Vale in northern Tenh, in the southern Theocracy of the Pale, in northern Perrenland, in northern Ekbir, in the North Kingdom next to the Bone March, or in the Bone March.

    Nentir Vale in the DMG is a lowland area between the Cairngorn peaks and the Dawnforge Mountains. To the north is the Winterbole Forest and to the south is the Harken Forest. The whole area is about a hundred miles wide from east to west, and about fifty miles from north to south (approximately three hexes by a little more than one hex, on most maps of the Flanaess). It's a mostly unsettled border region. The largest local town is the dwarven town of Hammerfast, and any larger cities are separated from Nentir Vale by the Harken Forest.

    In the DMG Nentir Vale map, the Vale lies to the east of a place called the "Stonemarch, home to dangerous humanoids and giants." In Greyhawk, the obvious equivalent is the Bone March, which (like the Stonemarch) overrun by orcs, ogres, and such. An advantage of putting Nentir Vale near the Bone March is that this land, recently overrun by evil humanoids, neatly explains why Nentir Vale has so many once-civilized ruins in it. Gardmore Abbey, Kalton Manor, the Keep on the Shadowfell, Raven Roost, Fastormel, and the Temple of Yellow Skulls might have all been intact until the Bone March was taken over by evil humanoids in 561 CY, who later left when there was nothing left to destroy, leaving the people of Nentir Vale the last thirty years (assuming a campaign in 591 CY) to semi-rebuild. Instead of being between the Cairngorn Peaks and the Dawnforge Mountains, then, it could be between the Flinty Hills and Blemu Hills north of Knurl (in which case the Nentir River is the Harp River), or between the Blemu Hills and Blemu Uplands (the hills that are the source of the Teesar Torrent; the Nentir River would be the Teesar Torrent in this case, which would require some map adjustments) between the Bone March and North Kingdom.

    If it's in the southern Pale, the Dawnforge Mountains are the Rakers and the Harken Forest is the Gamboge Forest. The Gamboge Forest is also the equivalent of the Stonemarch, since it has orcs and ogres in it anyway. The Nentir River can just be assumed to be too small to appear on the map, and you could just continue to call it the Nentir River. You'd probably have to ignore the bit about "Tigerclan nomads." There isn't any particular reason for a lot of ruins in the southern Pale other than the gradual decline of the Great Kingdom in the last few centuries, and the general hazards of living in a D&D world.

    If it's in northern Tenh, the Cairngorn Peaks are the Bluff Hills (which fit the description very closely) and the Dawnforge Mountains are the Griff Mountains (which also fit pretty well). The Nentir River is the Zumker River, and you'd have to add a forest to cut it off from the major city Nevond Nevend (which isn't a big problem, I don't think). The recent invasion by the Hold of Stonefist could be the reason there are so many ruins, but it might work better if you set it several decades later if you don't want it all to be very recently destroyed. The Tigerclan nomads would be Rovers of the Barrens.

    If it's in Perrenland, you could put it west of the Sepia Uplands (which would be the equivalent of the Dawnforge Mountains, where Hammerfast would go). The advantage here is the "Tigerclan nomads" who come to Nenlast to trade could be Wolf Nomads. You could put Nentir Vale further to the west and have the Tigerclan nomads be Tiger Nomads, but then you're in Baklunish territory and the generally European feel of Nentir Vale should probably be swapped for more of an Asian feel instead. Either way, the ruins could all be the result of the Relentless Horde invading the area in the 300s CY, which cut off the Archbarony of Blackmoor to the north from the Quaglands, which were at the time a province of the Great Kingdom. The northern, isolated frontier feel is right for Nentir Vale.

    If you continue through the Dawnforge Mountains along the Trade Road, in the 4e setting you eventually end up in the ruins of Vor Rukoth, which was formerly a city of Bael Turath until it was overrun by devils. Vor Rukoth could fit pretty well in the Bone March, in the Blemu Uplands at the edge of the Solnor Ocean. You could also probably fit it in the Yatil Mountains at the edge of Lake Quag if you end up putting Nentir Vale south of the lands of the Tiger Nomads. In the other positions, it doesn't really fit as well, and you'd probably have to ignore that connection unless you instead ignore the fact that Vor Rukoth is supposed to be at the edge of a sea. Or you could put Vor Rukoth in the Underdark and have the Midnight Sea be a subterranean sea, which would be fine as far as I can tell. Bael Turath could be an ancient devil-worshiping Flan kingdom pretty much anywhere in the Flanaess.

    The Kingdom of Nerath is the Great Kingdom of Aerdy in nearly all of these locations, unless you put south of the lands of the Tiger Nomads, in which case it's the Caliphate of Ekbir (or, I guess, the Sultanate of Zeif or even the Baklunish Imperium).
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