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    Whispers of war (Update)
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    Mon May 04, 2015 7:46 pm  
    Whispers of war (Update)

    Hello Intrepid Greyhawkers!

    I thought I'd stop by and update you all on my Online Pathfinder Greyhawk game set in Nyrond.
    We're four sessions in, the party is firmly 2nd verging on 3rd level. Two players had to drop due to real life concerns but two dear friends from England are now involved so we're still at 6 characters. We have:

    A Pureblooded Suel Ninja (I felt the flavor fit the Suel)
    A Pureblooded Suel Gunslinger using the Crossbow sniper Archetype.
    A Kitsune Rogue (Yeah her character is way far away from her original home but doesn't know anything about that)
    A half-elf Courtesan Bard (A la Inara from Firefly)
    A drow Sorceress
    and an Oread Priest

    They are all survivors of the Serpent Purge of Rel Mord. The Violet Serpents were the premiere thieves guild in the city, so powerful (Or so they thought) to be able to pick the next king. They were wrong and now the survivors of the guild are considered Traitors of the Crown to be shot on sight. THey are all marked with an Oroborus style mark on their arms that is magical enough to resist tampering.

    Through the last three adventures the party managed to obtain documents and gear that will allow them to impersonate priests and priestesses of Wenta. They are opening an old Abbey that was closed down before the first Ahlissan attack on old Almor. The Abbey is near Narsel Mandred. Their intention is to become war profiteers smuggling stuff via the Wentan brewery barrels.

    Ahlissa is once more attempting to take Narsel Mandred but Nyrond and the combined forces of four churches are holding them off.

    The Kitsune is taking the role of both Abbess Dian Ardred (A former noblewoman of a major family in House Cranden) AND Valiant Breile Morwen a Paladin of Mayaheine. I had thought the Bard would take one role but the player is often distracted during play so the Kitsune's player has double duty by choice of the rest of the party.

    As it stands right now they're hoping to stay under the radar of the powers that be to make their money... Silly players!

    Right now the forces of Nyrond and those of Ahlissa are evenly matched. There are however wild cards... Three:

    Mylshaeras, the Hidden City
    Adrendax the Dragon of Whispers
    The Orcish Hordes

    The first is a hidden land/domain of elves within the Adri forest (My own creation). They have remained neutral and unwilling to interfere in the deeds of men. Phobos, an Incubi in service to Malcanthet has kept the elves from looking to closely at the issues of men for many decades now but recently he has been unmasked by a servitor of Graz'zt and the elves are mobilizing for war for the first time in generations. Graz'zt wants war, bloody chaotic war so his agents can remove key people allowing his minions to rise up and save the day rebuilding the Great Kingdom but in service to him.

    Lorana Kath, a Death Knight and Hextorian Priestess is attempting to conquer enough land and people in Hextor's name that he will be able to free her from the Demogorgon's control. She suspects the Elves have been stirred so has made a deal with the Dragon, paying him whatever he wanted and now he brings his rune giant hord into the fray.

    The True Wild card are the Orcs. They're in the battle already but as always are unruly and often ruining the Hextorian's tactics as much as aiding them. What they need besides more is a focus... The servants of Lady Kath may have found it. They've heard rumors that a infamous Orcish relic the Alkarg may be hidden in the area. IF one of her minions had that, they could rally the orc tribes into a deadly force.. if.

    Sprinkle into this Suel gods, agents both good and evil and otherwise, spies spying on spies... etc... and you have the Setting. Now with the party already on the edge thanks to the mark they can't get rid of, what will they do when elements of the above events begin happening right in front of them?


    The two Suels, They're of the same house... That they've told me. Me being the devious evil DM that I am have to ask myself 'What House Should It be?" and my thoughts turn to a certain castle in the lands of Urnst, of a certain woman who the creator of that lovely mythos told me still lives... Neither of the characters are arcane in any way but who's to say? Eluvia Maure had some children.... Heh.

    The Kitsune... She is far too curious for her own good. She's already expressed interest in infiltrating the church of Pelor because the name of one of their bright and shining young heroes, Valtyra Paran, has struck a cord of memory for our Kitsune and like a bright shiny penny rolling down the street she will follow it RIGHT down the rabbit hole.. Heh Heh.

    The Drow and the Oread... Their players are very pro-active. Capable of taking a little and running with it to make alot... They are also avid fans of Planescape... I think its time for a taste of the Ancient Brethren. Something moves in the dark places, something that bothers the Brethren and if something bothers the Brethren... can calamity and ruin be far behind?

    The last of my party the Bard vexes me the most. Her player's RL events keeps her presence low and very distracted. I don't want to keep her out of things but when she's a half-hour or so late for each session (She tells me before hand so it's not a surprise) it makes it difficult to get her mixed in. I have notions but only that, nothing formed to even be an idea..

    ON this I could use your help oh mighty Greyhawkers! Cast forth your ideas and let me hear so that I may partake!

    also general thoughts would be nice too :)
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    Sun May 24, 2015 1:25 pm  

    How do you get around Drow being feared and attacked on sight by surface dwellers?
    Apprentice Greytalker

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    Mon Jun 22, 2015 5:35 pm  

    Well currently she has a hat of disguise to deal with that fact.
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