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    Dyvers city
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    Sat Aug 01, 2020 8:17 am  
    Dyvers city

    by OblivionSeeker

    The Free and Independent City of Dyvers offers DMs and players ample opportunity for urban exploration, criminal and political intrigue, and conflict with cults and conspiracies. Located at the mouth of the Velverdyva River on the Nyr Dyv’s southwestern shore and also functioning as a major point on the region’s overland east-to-west trade routes, Dyvers lays claim to a great deal of territory in the Gnarley Forest as well, providing adventurers with possibilities ranging from smuggling to thwarting the machinations of Iuzian and Slaver forces, to simple escort missions, to protecting those who exploit the Gnarley’s resources, including the wood necessary to the City’s shipyards.

    Of constant concern are economic and criminal tensions within Dyvers, fueled by decades of refugees pouring in to escape the Elemental Evil hordes, Iuz’s conquests, the ravaging of the Wild Coast by Turrosh Mak, and various other calamities. The infamous Slave Lords have targeted the city’s poor, allegedly receiving assistance from factions within the Thieves’ Alliance—an old and vast criminal network that controls or influences many of the place’s guilds and unions and whose leadership locals sometimes call The Shadow Council, a contrast to the “legitimate” authority of the Gentry, representatives of the old noble families who appoint the city’s Magister.

    Country specific resources:
    Slavers, Sean K. Reynolds and Chris Parmas

    Adventures in this country include:
    - Characters can assist Furyondy, the Shield Lands, etc.
    - A conspiracy by Iuzians to take out the city’s Old Lighthouse.
    - PCs becoming involved in conflicts between Alliance factions and/or among the refugees
    - Evil cultists recruiting from among the city’s desperate and depraved as prelude to some major strike by the city’s enemies
    - Exotic drug hits streets. Possible Slaver conspiracy?
    - Investigations lead to discovery of corruption within the constabulary (Slaver ties?).
    - An associate of the PCs has been accused of a major crime and, if found guilty, will be transformed into a gelatinous cube and deposited in the city’s sewers or catacombs

    Adventures in nearby areas include:
    - An apothecary offers a reward for a rare herb or a craftsman requires an exotic wood growing in a part of the Gnarley sacred to elves and/or the Old Faith
    - Tension between the Gnarley’s inhabitants and the city dwellers
    - Wild fey antics in the Gnarley are interfering with some kind of business, “legitimate” or otherwise, between Dyversians and settlers or woodsmen
    - Discovery of strange subterranean opening in woods
    - PCs hired or volunteer to rescue someone who’s been taken to a secret Slavers’ base
    - Interaction with Rhennee
    - Blockade running or smuggling mission
    - Strange creature or other phenomenon in the Lake of Unknown Depths poses threat to trade
    - Curious events in or near Eastguard. Greyhawk responsible, or someone—something—else?

    It’s an ideal base of operations for adventurers, but ill-suited to campaigns involving high heroics and moral certainty.
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)

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    Sat Aug 15, 2020 7:35 am  

    Fan based resources:

    - The work by various writers and members of the Dyvers Triad during the Living Greyhawk Campaign; see especially the Dyvers Gazetteer and the Free Lands of Dyvers Metaorg Handbook

    - Several articles in early issues of the Oerth Journal. These contradict material found in later works, but nothing prohibits DMs from preferring the “fan” version, or from borrowing elements of different versions to make Dyvers their own unique urban space. OJ#4, OJ#5, OJ#8.
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)
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