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    Canonfire :: View topic - Whatever Happened to Living Greyhawk Deities v2.1?
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    Whatever Happened to Living Greyhawk Deities v2.1?
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    Tue Sep 20, 2011 6:52 pm  
    Whatever Happened to Living Greyhawk Deities v2.1?

    Waaaay back in March 2nd 2005, the Living Greyhawk guys issued out LG Deities 2.0 detailing out the game info for the various deities found in Greyhawk. However, it was lacking a lot of fluff and descriptions, but promised that "Version 2.1 will be released in a few days" and that "It will include additional deity descriptions not completed for this version, but it will
    not contain any new rules content."

    By the end of 3.5 in 2008, v2.1 was still MIA (just as it is still). I know that some of the old LGC personalities show up here, so I was just wondering if any of you know the skinny on whatever happened to v2.1?
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    Thu Oct 20, 2011 8:11 am  

    Pardon me for browsing the forums a bit belatedly ...
    I have often wondered the same thing. I wondered who it was supposed to be issued from, and why it never made it. I've basically. Surmised that they decided that the 2.0 was sufficient and decided to leave it there. Else, that the statement was never removed from the original draft, and that the version we have actually is the2.1 version.
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    Fri Nov 13, 2020 10:37 am  

    Only nine years late, but to keep my thoughts for the future:
    My speculation back then was, that they didn't have the rights to republish most of the older descriptions to the more obscure deities of that setting. So they kept it that way... At least all the names were spelt out! Razz
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