Wed Nov 25, 2020 8:02 am  
Virtual Greyhawk Adventures is coming to Gary Con XIII

Lord Gosumba and his Greyhawk-streaming Twitch friends are going to be bringing a host of Virtual Greyhawk Adventures to Gary Con XIII.

Here is what Lord Gosumba just posted on Facebook:
Lord Gosumba on Facebook wrote:
I am honored and excited to announce - Coming to Gary Con XIII: "Virtual Greyhawk Adventures"!!! Our growing Greyhawk community will bring hours of Live Stream content (with TTE signups, so convention participants can play in these games), RPGs featuring Greyhawk content of all editions and eras, and Seminars from greats like Anna Meyer and Gary Holian! Twitch Streamers already scheduled to provide content include:

Also there will be plenty of non-streamed RPG Events, if you would like to play a game from the likes of Allan T. Grohe Jr., Casey Brown, Scott Casper, and our friends from Greyhawk Reborn!

More details of content will be following in the near future! If you wish to join the revival and participate in the growing Virtual Greyhawk Community, please contact me!

The announcement has only just dropped, but is anyone already planning to attend Gary Con XIII? Do you think you would want to watch these shows...or appear in them?
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