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Item - The Dancing Jesters Boots of Charm and Pain

Item - The Dancing Jesters Boots of Charm and Pain

Created by Tasha early in her mastery of magic the boots are a powerful item and yet also something of a failure as far as the Sorceress was concerned.

The boots are bright yellow with red trim and silver bells. They must be worn as a pair for the dweomer to take effect. They will stretch or shrink to fit any sized foot but if removed theyy appear to be fit for any normal-sized human's foot.

Perhpas Tasha tried too many enchantments on a single item but the Boots allow several enhancements to take effect and several affects to be forced upon the wearer. The first and most noticiable is pain. The Boots are alway too small. They pinch and are uncomfortable to wear causing an armor class and to hit penalty when worn (-1/-1 in AD&D). They have a 5% chance of causing spells to fail at casting and Dexterity reduction (-2 in AD&D) any resulting penalty or loss of bonuses is commulative with the armor/to hit reduction. Most of these penalties are the results of the uncontrollable dancing the wearer must do in stressful situations such as combat.

The wearer also has the choice to dance skillfully whenever they like. This includes any form of dance they may know.

The main benefit of ther Boots is their ability to Charm Humans and Demi-Humans as per the spell (cast as if 8th level in AD&D) three times per day. The wearer must dance continuously while this charm is in effect of the power is broken.

Currently only one pair of these is known to exist in the possession of the wizard Ryel of Dyvers.