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    Giants in the Flanaess - The South East
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    From: Emigre from Mystara

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    Fri Oct 14, 2022 3:43 pm  
    Giants in the Flanaess - The South East

    Saving for posterity (per the Zavoda Principle) some good posts by @Samwise on Discord overnight:
    The Southeast - Barrier Peaks, Crystalmists, Hellfurnaces, Ulsprues, Sulhaut, and Jotens
    One extended range with many spurs, this is the center of giant settlement in the Flanaess, rivaling the Corusk-Griff-Raker range. It is the only place a titan has been spotted. Whether that is one titan or many is unknown. A single minor reference in the Official History of Uhas Neheli cites the name "Kendar", but whether that is a personal name or title is unknown.
    It is in truth a personal name, and Kendar has long visited the range. His father, a minor titan of hospitality, frequented the area in his youth, and left many storm, cloud, mountain, fire, and frost giant offspring in his passing. Kendar visits these often many times great nieces and nephews, keeping them connected to each other, and keeping himself up to date on family affairs, however distant. A particular event of some years ago left him with a rather distinct dislike of fire giants, and he has spent less time than he used to among the few more neutral families related to him there, something that may have repercussions in the future.
    The storm giants of the range are a single large family, more than half of whom live in a single cloud castle that circles the range.
    The rest are bachelors who prefer to live on their own in isolated mountaintop castles, though they remain in contact with their family as they drift in a long, slow, path around the mountain chain.
    As noted, most all of these giants are related to the titan Kendar, and thus to the majority of Good cloud giants in the region, and they make frequent stops to visit, exchange news, trade, and even foster children for a time to gain greater experience with their often quite distant cousins.
    As a whole, the storm giants avoid the affairs of the little folk and their lesser cousins. A notable exception is the giantess Olgani, who has a considerable loathing of frost giants due to an event some years back, and she is known to arrange for maps to frost giant halls, and sometimes funding, to find its way to would be giant slayers with their grudges to settle. She has even been known to provide more direct assistance to those she sponsors should they get into trouble.
    Most of the cloud giants of the range are of Good disposition and reside in cloud castles, though the travel less than their storm giant cousins, preferring to "anchor" over certain choice vistas for years or decades at a time.
    An outside group, sometimes referred to as the Sakhut, were of quite evil disposition, and are said to have been responsible for the devastation of Geoff before being dealt with. Some little folk still hold a grudge against all cloud giants because of this, something the proud cloud giants understand, but will only tolerate so far before dealing with outsiders seeking vengeance against the wrong giants.
    Evil cloud giants are known in the ranges, though mostly on the fringes, where they often lord it over small realms of hill giants or set themselves up as "advisors" to fire or frost giants, taking wealth in return for minimal service and suggestions of dubious quality.
    Mountain giants are found throughout most of the range except for the Hellfurnaces, where they find the fire giants too bellicose to compete with. They are perhaps most numerous in the Barrier Peaks, from where one will risk a night crossing of the Fals Gap to enter the Yatils or Lortmils.
    Most are content to rule small numbers of hill giants and ogres. A few, as previously noted, are relatives of Kendar, and are significantly less aggressive than their fellows, living in more stable family groups, and keeping their hill giant and ogre underlings on a short leash, content to herd giant goats and sheep instead of hunt men for food.
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    Fri Oct 14, 2022 3:51 pm  

    By "southeast" do you mean west-southwest?
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    Mon Oct 31, 2022 1:42 pm  

    Hi Arthan,

    Great summary, but the area you describe is in the South Western Flanaess not the South East. ;)
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