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    Please HELP ME! [Info about Kelanen]
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    Joined: Feb 05, 2004
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    Thu Feb 05, 2004 12:21 pm  
    Please HELP ME! [Info about Kelanen]

    Hi to all!
    I am searching all the net for info about Kelanen!I am searching also
    a picture of the Kelanen holy siymbol that is mentioned in LGJ#03,but i don't find anything!Do you have it or do you know where do i find it?Please tell me!All other info about Kelanen are very welcome.
    Thanx ALOT!
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    Thu Feb 05, 2004 1:19 pm  

    Hi Zephir,

    Here is what I could find. I might have more if you need it. As far as his holy symbol is concerned, I don't recall ever seeing a picture of it but it is just 9 swords forming a circle pointing outwards.

    The Prince of Swords

    Hero-deity, Common worship
    Patron of those who lived by the sword
    Symbol Nine swords arranged in a starburst  
    Alignment Neutral  
    Crusader Alignment N, LN, NG, NE, CN  
    Plane Unknown (likely an ethereal demi-plane)  
    Worshippers Swordmasters, warriors, mercenaries, some thieves and blacksmiths, any who make their living by the sword  
    Race Any  
    Sex Any  
    Attributes Strength 11, Dexterity 13, Constitution 11, Wisdom 13 -2
    Proficiency Groups Warrior, General (not Priest)  
    Bonus Proficiency Sword lore 3
    Preferred Weapon Any sword (one favored type of sword must be picked at level 1)  
    Allowed Weapons Any sword or short blade, quarterstaff 5
    Armor Studded leather or lighter armors, enchanted or elven chain mail, no shield -8
    Primary Sphere N/A  
    Major Spheres All, Combat, Healing 25
    Minor Spheres Elemental (earth), Guardian 6
    Additional Spells Cloak of Bravery/Fear (4th level), Free Action (4th level), Remove/Cause Fear (1st level), Zone of Truth (2nd level) 2
      Pupils: at 9th level, the crusader attracts 1d6 1st level students in the sword (75% fighters, 20% crusaders of Kelanen, 5% rogues). For each level a pupil gains, there is a 5% chance that they strike out on their own. Each time the crusader gains an additional level, 0-2 (1d3 - 1) additional students are gained. 5
      Multiple attacks, THACO and hit points as fighter 40
    1st level Expertise in chosen sword 2
    3rd level Specialization in chosen sword 4
    5th level Expertise in all other swords
    2 (base) * 3 (broad group) - 2 (5th level) = 4 1
    7th level Mastery in chosen sword 8
    9th level Specialization in all other swords
    4 (base) * 3 (broad group) - 4 (7 levels after level 3) = 8 8
    11th level High mastery in chosen sword 8
    14th level Grand mastery in chosen sword 8
      Reduced spell casting (1 less spell of each spell level, maximum level is still level 4) -10
      Reduced spell ability: maximum casting ability is reached at level 9 (3 first and second level spells, 2 third level spells, 1 fourth level spell)
    -2 * 5 (10th-15th level lost) = -10 -10
      Observance: two hours of each day must be spent in training (for every two hours missed, one level of specialization is lost. Lost hours may be made up, 2 hours per 1 extra hour of practice) -5
      +15% experience cost -10
    Raiment Gray/blue-gray (preferred), head usually bare or cloaked  
    Animal N/A  
    Holy Days The first Earthday of any month or festival (spent in meditation and training)  
    Kelanen's crusaders are closer to fighters than to priests, but lay claim to modest spellcasting abilities (up to 4th level spells)
    Kelanen has a significant temple on Jetsom Isle
    The sword lore proficiency is similar to ancient history (and uses the same ratings). It consists of knowledge of famous swords, weaponsmiths, and swordsmen, both ancient and contemporary. As a hero-deity, Kelanen's crusaders are based on 80 points, rather than the standard 120
    Kelanen's origins are cloaked in mystery -- it is nearly certain that he was once mortal, and ascended to the divine by right of his sublime mastery of the blade. Oeridian records hint that Kelanen was once a soldier and armsmaster during the great eastward migration. The Flan also lay claim to him, as a champion against the Oerdian influx. What is certain is that Kelanen fought on both sides of the Flan/Oeridian struggle, and was instrumental in forging a lasting peace in what is now Nyrond. Kelanen then departed from the pages of history -- but not from the affairs of man.

    Divine matters now occupy most of Kelanen's attention, though he occasionally sallies forth from his stronghold to train promising mortals and to strike blows for the cause of Balance. He is allied with many of the active powers of Neutrality, including Rexfelis, Mordenkainen, Basiliv, and the Mad Archmage.

    Kelanen has many worshippers (nearly all who live by the blade pray to him on occasion), but few true priests. His most dedicated worshippers gather in small shrines or monasteries, honing their skills towards unknown ends. These monasteries each have a handful of true crusaders of Kelanen, with the majority of the acolytes being normal fighters.
    Dragon #71, Greyhawk's World (original source)
    Glossography of the World of Greyhawk, pp. 36-37
    Treasures of Greyhawk, pp. 51-59
    Rhineglade the Dreamcaster
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    Thu Feb 05, 2004 4:13 pm  

    2nd ed. module Slavers has the symbol. I don't have access to scanner now, but if there is nothing on the symbol in a day or two, I'll scan and put it up somewhere.
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    Joined: Sep 21, 2003
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    From: Naperville, IL

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    Thu Feb 05, 2004 6:17 pm  

    I also found this information in the Greyhawk Glossography (1983):

    Kelanen, The Prince of Swords
    AC: -5
    Move: 18"
    Hit Points: 159
    # of Atks: 2
    Dmg/Atk: by sword type
    Special Atk: see below
    Special Def: see below
    Magic Resistance: 100%
    Size: M (6' tall)
    Alignment: Neutral
    Worshiper's ALign: Nay
    Symbol: Nine swords in a starburst
    Plane: See below
    Cleric/Druid: Nil
    Fighter: 20th level fighter
    Magic-User: 5th level Magic-user/5th level Illusionist
    Thief: 10th level thief-acrobat
    Monk: nil
    Bard: nil
    Assassin: nil
    Psionic Ability: VI
    Atk/Def Modes: nil/nil
    STR: 18/00 I: 17 W:15 D:21 C:18 CH:19

    Kelanen, Sword Lord, is one of the very powerful individuals who might, or might not, be a true deity. Thus he is known as a 'Hero-Deity,' and some who live by the sword pay him homage.

    Although his true form is commanding, Kelanen usually takes the guise of a beggar, thief, mercenary, or rogue. In any of these disguises he will appear to be unremarkable, sometimes young, sometimes of middle years. He has the power to Alter Self at will, so Kelanen seldom appears in the same form twice, except when he chooses to show his true form. Each of his forms always bears a scar on face or neck- for the reason which will be revealed later. In any form, Kelanen prefers garments of gray or blue-gray and ornaments of silver or platinum.

    The true form of Kelanen is that of a youngish, quite handsome man, fair of complexion with silvery-gray eyes and coal-black hair. It is said that he was once as comely as any deity, but in order to become the Prince of Swords, Kelanen had to undergo a series of challenges and tests which resulted in his disfigurement. His visage bears a long, silvery scar from eye to chin on the right side of his face. Those who know of the Sword Lord recognize Kelanen immediately when this mark is revealed. His form is slender and sinewy, his height just under 6 feet. He is unnaturally quick and fleet due to enchantments placed upon him.

    Kelanen wears Elfin Chain and a Ring of Protection +5. He employs few other protections.

    The sword is Kelanen's only weapon. He is expert with any form of blade, from short to two-handed, cutlass to scimitar. His expertise is such that any sword he wields is equal to a +3 magical weapon. He is able to use a bastard sword to full effect (as used with both hands) in either hand while the other wields another sword. Kelanen has two special swords which are never far from his person. These weapons are:

    Swiftdoom: Bastard sword +6, amde of Glassteeled adamantite. Upon command this weapon will become a Flaming Brand as well. When not aflame, Swiftdoom is impossible to parry and always strikes first. It has a vampiric power which restores 1 hit point lost by Kelanen for every 6 points of damage it inflicts on his adversaries. This weapon is endowed with 17 intelligence and has an ego of 25, yet it never seeks to do aught but its master's will. It speaks eight languages and has the following powers: read languages, read magic, teleportation, detect invisible objects, detect illusion and detect magic. The Special Purpose of Swiftdoom is to preserve the Prince of Swords, so the weapon adds 2 to Kelanen's saving throws and reduces damage sustained by -1 per die. Swiftdoom is of absolute neutral alignment.

    Sureguard: Broadsword +6, also of Glassteeled adamantite. This weapon is also a Frostbrand type sword. It will perform as a Defender. It will Dance for three rounds if Kelanen wills it. Sureguard is impossible to parry, and its own defensive power is always available to Kelanen. The weapon is endowed with 17 intelligence and has an ego of 19, speaks six languages and has the following powers: read languages, read magic, telepathy, duo-dimension (at 17th level), detect evil/good, detect secret doors, and detect traps. Sureguard has no special purpose, but it faithfully serves Kelanen in all respects.

    It is reputed that Kelanen has no friends or confidants other than his two swords. It is certain that he is 90% likely to be able to Summon either, one attempt per day being possible.

    When armed with any sword, Kelanen has the following "to hit" and damage bonuses: +6 total "to hit" and +9 total on damage.

    The special powers of Kelanen are:

    Charm Sword: If the opponent bears a sword with an ego, it will recognize the Sword Lord and refuse to harm him.

    Immunity to Special Powers: Although Kelanen can be harmed by swords, nothin other than the normal effects of the blade can affect him. Thus cold, flame, magical pluses, or magical powers of swords have no action upon Kelanen. A Vorpal Blade, for example, will not sever Kelanen's head under any circumstances.

    Multiplication: When Kelanen bears a non-intelligent, non-magic sword, he is able to cause it to duplicate itself. After one round of combat, a second sword, exactly like the one Kelanen wields, will materialize in the air and combat his enemies as if Kelanen himself were using the weapon. This duplication continues each round until as many as nine such swords fight against Kelanen's foes. One the 11th round, and each round thereafter, one disappears until none remain. This power can be used but once per day.

    Sword Blessing: Kelanen can Bless any sword any sword so that it gains a magical +1 ("to hit" and damage) for 10 rounds. He can do so for as many as 20 blades per day. The effect adds to weapons which are already enchanted.

    Sword Control: Unless the wielder of a sword is successful in a saving throw vs Spell, Kelanen can cause that individual's sword to turn against its wielder and strike that individual rather than Kelanen or his allies. This power is employable in addition to normal attacks by Kelanen. It can be used but once per turn, twice per day.

    Sword Summoning: In addition to the command of his two personal swords, Kelanen is able to Summon any sword in sight if it is not in the possession of some individual, i.e., in hand or worn. This he can do but once per day.

    Kelanen has a stronghold in an extra-dimensional partial plane. He usually travels on the Prime Material Plane, however, be it Oerth or another parallel world, seeking adventure and engaging in actions of warlike sort which promote the balance of neutrality.

    (This description is obviously 1st edition.)
    Rhineglade the Dreamcaster
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    Fri Feb 06, 2004 6:12 am  

    Very very thanx to all!!!
    Thanx for the help!
    If you find other issues about Kelanen let me know and,
    if there isn't a problem,you make me very happy if you
    could scan the Kelanen symbol!
    Thanx again!

    ->It's true that Kelanen is the only that had beaten Kas?
    Adept Greytalker

    Joined: Jun 29, 2001
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    Fri Feb 06, 2004 2:20 pm  

    Hey yall,
    I'll leave this thread as is, but in the future, please refrain from wholesale verbatim posting from published Greyhawk material. Said material is wholly owned by Wotc/Hasbro, and Canonfire! does not have a license (or even an informal arrangement) allowing us to reproduce it. To avoid a messy legal situation or hard feelings at WotC's legal department which could lead to Cease and Desist orders which would effectively kill this site, we have adopted the policy of not reproducing copyrighted material without the express consent of the author/owner.

    Small snippets are fine to document a point, but we need to avoid posting large chunks and images. If in doubt, please ask one of the site admins or forum moderators before posting.

    What would Raxivort do?<br />
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    Fri Feb 06, 2004 2:57 pm  


    Sorry Rich,

    Didn't even think about that. Am I bad? Embarassed
    Rhineglade the Dreamcaster
    Member of the Indigo Order
    Emissary of Hyerune
    Adept Greytalker

    Joined: Jun 29, 2001
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    Fri Feb 06, 2004 3:24 pm  

    No big deal.

    Just letting everyone know for future reference so we don't get a shady reputation as the place to ::wink wink:: get the greyhawk material ::wink wink::
    What would Raxivort do?<br />
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