Wed Jul 13, 2005 1:50 am  
Greyhawk NWN project: help needed

I have a module I'd like to develop that is centred on Rinloru.

As a precursor to that, I've worked on a smaller module to see if I can do it.

The problem is that I don't have a PC, and the NWN Aurora toolset doesn't work on Mac. I can edit an already built module, but not build one from scratch.

So I need a partner to do the hard work of building a module based on my work. I've pretty much got the module finished, just need it to be built in NWN.

I'm not interested in people who 'will have a crack' at it or are willing to learn. No offense, but those types of people rarely last long, especially when they realize just how much work is involved. I'd rather get no responses than a response that ends up in a month or two of wasted effort.

So, please, only people who can seriously commit to a project like this should apply. The pre-cursor module is essentially a testing ground to see if a) we can work together as a team, and b) we both have what it takes to get a project finished.
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