Fri Feb 24, 2006 11:48 am  
Collector'sCorner Rules and Guidelines

Fellow Canonfire members and guests,

The Collector's Corner forum is a feature of Canonfire for fans of Greyhawk materials to trade, purchase and post notices of legitimate current and out of print Greyhawk and (A)D&D RPG materials. The Staff of Canonfire hopes that you will use this forum to find or trade such items with a few simple rules in mind:

1. Canonfire accepts no responsibility to purchases between its member and guests, those are between the interested parties and as such we cannot monitor or enforce such good faith activites.

2. Canonfire does not condone or tolerate any sort of filesharing or copyright violations of materials of any kind. Such abuse of these forums will not be tolerated.

3. Discussion of .pdf's will only be allowed in the legitimate purchases through an authorized vendor such as: , or , the only legal major sources of RPG .pdf's.
Canonfire Community Supporter and Forum Justicar