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    New (in a way)
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    Apprentice Greytalker

    Joined: Sep 10, 2011
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    From: Minnesota, USA

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    Sat Sep 10, 2011 12:15 pm  
    New (in a way)

    I have been role-playing since way before I care to remember and me and my group, who have been together since we were all in 5th grade, have played most systems and when 4th ed. came out flocked to that. Although there are things I enjoy about the system, it infuriated me on many levels, so waxing poetic, I made the decision that I am going to go back to 1e. I must also add that I am going back to Greyhawk, which is what brings me here. I hope I am not just trying to relive my much younger days (yes, back to the early 80's) but I want a simple system that doesn't just feel like a paper version of a modern computer RPG.

    So, to stay in line with my thinking I am going back to Greyhawk circa the original timeline, what is that CY 576?

    Thoughts, tips, whatever. Also good resources on this site for additional materials.
    Grandmaster Greytalker

    Joined: Nov 07, 2004
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    From: Mt. Smolderac

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    Sat Sep 10, 2011 12:43 pm  

    Good to have you aboard. I ran a few different GH campaign before my current one, all starting in 576, until my latest (4e) which I have starting in 580. So you're not alone in going back to the beginning. Smile
    Apprentice Greytalker

    Joined: Sep 10, 2011
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    From: Minnesota, USA

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    Sat Sep 10, 2011 1:00 pm  

    Awesome! I should also note, that i will be making modifications to 1e that I like from all of the newer editions and some other games that I like, not a total throwback.
    Apprentice Greytalker

    Joined: Aug 01, 2011
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    Sat Sep 10, 2011 1:22 pm  

    Well I hope you enjoy your stay here, and your time with Greyhawk. Crystaltears who you will see posting things on here as well is sort of the same way as far as disliking 4th edition. I'm a fan of it myself, but I never get to play it hehe.

    Hope you enjoy your new games with 1st edition! And again welcome!

    Joined: Sep 09, 2009
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    From: SW WA state (Highvale)

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    Sat Sep 10, 2011 1:57 pm  

    Greetings, "Newbie" Cawdmorris! Feel free to introduce yourself on the Welcome forum. There's a long-running list written by DarkHerald that people are using and it's a good way to post your info. I myself am new to posting (only going on 2+ wks now, but it seems longer given my numerous posts) but have perused the forums for several yrs.

    I started my campaigns near the 576 CY timeline, too, using the original World of Greyhawk boxed set. However, with the advent of the Greyhawk Wars and From the Ashes, I convinced my DM and main player to bump it up a year or two. Our games were numerous and taking a LONG time, and I told him we'd BOTH be old men...or dead... before the Wars occurred and our PCs could participate. He agreed, so we are nearing the time when Iuz dons his "Vatun" ruse. It'll still be another 'game' year or so before our characters would be involved, but it's a lot closer than it was initially.

    For the record, what it's worth, I lean more to the 2e than 1e format, but admit that I am a shameless tinkerer and steal and borrow what I like from whatever edition, as well as introducing 'house rules' too. I'm constantly inquiring about people's interpretations of rules; hence, my numerous posts. Wink

    Welcome to the "Family!"

    Grandmaster Greytalker

    Joined: Jul 10, 2003
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    From: New Jersey

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    Sat Sep 10, 2011 5:58 pm  


    Welcome to the boards! All editions and rule sets are welcome here as you'll see as you peruse the forums. As Lanthorn has stated we have a Welcome to Grey Hawk section where you can introduce yourself. In the Feature section you'll see the Greytalk Chat Now (with Java) that will link you to our chats. Thursday nights are the big nights but you can find us there throughout the week.

    Look forward to seeing more of you on the boards.



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    Joined: Oct 06, 2008
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    From: South-Central Pennsylvania

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    Sun Sep 11, 2011 7:48 am  

    <span class="postbody">Hail and well met, Cawdmorris!

    As has been mentioned, this post really should be in the Welcome to Greyhawk forum. But my internet connection is really wonky for the last few days, so I'll wait for Cebrion to more it there.

    You will find that there are many enthusiast here who are 'expert' at mixing, matching and interpolating their own version of each and every edition and can give you plenty of advice and suggestions with regard to that.

    You will also find the Greyhawk wiki -- located in the top left hand corner of the Front Page -- to be of great help. Our members Rasgon and Robbastard -- with a little help from others -- have done a wonderful job of supplying each and everyone of us with tons of canonical information and details concerning almost every Greyhawk topic imaginable.

    We eagerly look forward to you're sharing details of your gaming groups adventures within the World of Greyhawk, as well as to your comments, opinions and contributions to Canonfire!

    So look around and dive right in. Oh! A word of caution though; when responding to a post, look at the date of the last post in that thread. You don't want to respond to an older post as though it were still &quot;living.&quot; But DO respond to it by all means! Your &quot;new&quot; comment may well cause a spark and bring that particular thread back to &quot;life!&quot;

    So again, Welcome to Canonfire!
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