Sat Mar 28, 2015 1:19 pm  
3.5e ToEE - Seeking Thoughts

I'm DMing a group through ToEE using 3.5e rules; we're playing on-line using the Fantasy Grounds VTT (highly recommended to anyone who finds themselves without a local face-to-face group).

The party is a mix of 4th/5th levels, eight strong. They've penetrated to L2 of the Temple, via the circular staircase by areas 153/246.

After defeating the Minotaur (at the expense of a one shot kill on their Halfling Rogue who failed a Tumble check resulting in a near maximum damage critical hit...), they've stumbled into the combined forces housed in areas 240-244.

Of the eight PCs, only four are still standing after 14 rounds of combat. Two of those are effectively cut off and surrounded at the doorway between 241 and 242; the other two PCs managed to flee a few rounds earlier and are currently holed out by the circular staircase hoping that their remaining two comrades can make a retreat. They're exchanging missile fire with foes currently in room 245 not realizing that a couple of soldiers are sneaking up behind them via the door from 240 into the hallway leading to the stairs.

Complicating matters is a Obscuring Mist which is concealing most of the combatants in melee. This is both helping and hindering the two PCs that are cut off.

The remaining three PCs are unconscious as a result of a combination of wounds and subdual damage.

This game has been going since April 2012 and I'm a little loathe to have it come to an inglorious end (although, I am not opposed to it). So... I'm thinking if the whole group is incapacitated, perhaps they are thrown to the Nodes minus their magical equipment. The group has not located the Skull, although they had stumbled into that area much earlier on via the escape tunnel under the Tower. So, without this, the Nodes are likely an extended death march, especially without magic.

Any other options that anyone can suggest?