Sat Mar 10, 2018 7:25 pm  
The Agitoric Ocean

I have seen a common theory here that the Titanic Ocean and the Agitoric Ocean in the Gord books are the same thing stemming from the appearance of 'the Ocean of Storms' on the Dragon Annual 1 map. I believe this theory is wrong.

A close study of the Dragon article accompanying the map reveals the existence of typographical errors in relation to the naming of that expanse of water and that in fact it is also called the Sea of Storms, a sister sea to the Sea of Thunder.

So what does Agitoric mean?

'Agito-' means "I move" and '-toric' means torus-shaped, the shape the ocean would need to be to encompass its two aforementioned turbulent seas and encircle the small island of Polaria.

The Ocean placed thus is of course situated between Gonduria and West Oerik depending on which of several directions you may choose to travel from Gonduria on the globe to Western Oerik.