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    New overnight healing system
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    Mon Apr 02, 2018 4:53 pm  
    New overnight healing system

    So, I'm going to try this new healing system out for my 2nd ed Greyhawk Campaign. Basically, when you sleep overnight, if you get good rest as described in the ADnD Wilderness Survival Guide (I love those two books!), then you will heal 1d6x10% of your lost hit points. So, you had 33hp and lost 25, leaving you with 8. After rest you roll a 5, regaining 50% of your lost hp or 13. Pretty simple.

    Basically, I have been kicking this around because of a few reasons. Since hp are not fully physical, but a representation of your skill and such, why only get 1 back each day? That really doesn't make sense. So, let people gain a LOT back overnight. Second, it allows clerics to cast more non-healing spells, which they never seem to be able to do. Instead of just being a combat medic, the cleric can start doing more other things.

    What do you think?
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    Wed Apr 04, 2018 1:22 am  

    I think the overnight healing system sounds like a good idea.

    I've been using a injury/strain system I pilfered from a 3rd edition optional rule I read somewhere. Regular damage is strain and represents near misses, exhertion in battle etc. Critical hits are considered injury, real physical wounds. Strain gain be regained by resting for 5 minutes but injury requires magical healing, medical attention or longer term resting (such as overnight). For saving throws against damage (from spells and traps etc) a failed save results in injury damage whereas a successful save is either strain or injury depending on the circumstance. Any other damage, I tend to make a snap decision whether it should be strain or injury based on the circumstances.

    I've found it actually works pretty well, the party receive enough injury damage that they still need plenty of magical healing but the strain system means that a) the clerics can be more than walking cure light wounds dispensers and b) the party aren't constantly resting in the middle of dungeons which allows the story to flow better.

    I've been using a system that overnight rest heals 1hp/character level, the attentions of the Healing nwp can improve that.
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    Wed Apr 04, 2018 4:50 am  

    That's pretty cool. I would have to have like a new chart about Critical Hits, maybe you something from the Arms Law, Claws Law book as a base. I always wanted to do that too!
    I like the idea of using one hit point per level. Don't monsters already get something similar to that? I sort of just heal them and my game if the party leaves and come back later, but I recall there was something about them getting one hit point for hit die? I can't remember exactly.

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    Fri Apr 06, 2018 10:51 am  

    According to the 2e PHB, a character can get up to 3 hp per day of COMPLETE rest. If they rest up to a full week, they add their Con bonus, if any.

    There was an optional rule proposed in "Against the Giants" the Silver Anniversary Edition that allows creatures with high HD to reclaim hit points faster equivalent to their HD per day. For instance, a 12 HD giant could regain 12 hit points per day if it fully rested (equal to the 3 hp for PCs).

    I personally don't mind the current system, but your game, your rules. I've got plenty of 'House Rules' myself (I've been tinkering with that topic as a post for years, but haven't pulled the crossbow string...yet).

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