Thu Apr 12, 2018 2:19 pm  
State of Canonfire! Facebook Page

Hello All,

Canonfire! Facebook Group Update!

We continue to grow our membership, as of this post we now have 339 members and we welcomed 37 of those this week!

I added Greyhawk Resources to our group title because we were not showing up in the searches for Greyhawk in Facebook, we now show up as the #4 FB Group in a list of a lot of Groups. I have also added tags and started using #greyhawk, #worldofgreyhawk, #canonfire in my official posts to make them more visible.

I continue to post a Spotlight On Canonfire! (the website) post every Wednesday highlighting a section, article, or forum post here. This week's post was on The Best of AOL Folders in the downloads page.

If you have something you believe should be the focus of a Spotlight post, please let me know and I can put it in the queue.

We are starting to get varied and interesting original posts from the members beyond the stuff I am posting.

There are a lot (and I do mean a lot) of Greyhawk Facebook groups out there. Several dwarf ours (something I aim to fix in the next few months) and a lot of others are small or fallow.

I hope you can join us and help spark the conversation.