Fri Dec 07, 2018 4:34 pm  
Luskan, Lortmil Mountains

Does anyone have any information on that Lortmils Mountain village? I see on Anna's map that it is near a mine. Is this a Dwarven settlement?
If so, what is that Dwarven Clans name?
I only know of Clan Rockhammer and after reading the Battle of Emriy Meadows

I know that the Dwarves of the Lormil mountains sent an army to help. 200 Lortmil dwarves.
But which clan was that?
Where was this clan located in the Lortmiles?

Allied army (1700 total) Prince Thrommel IV, Marshal of Furyondy and Veluna. Viscount Wilfrick of Verbobonc. 1200 humans, 200 dwarves, 100 gnomes, 200 elves. Horde of Elemental Evil (@4570 total) Unnamed cultist lieutenants from the Temple of Elemental Evil. 3500 orcs, 550 humans, 500 gnolls, 20 ogres.