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    The Tomb of Aelfflaed the Beautiful
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    Thu Jul 09, 2020 1:10 pm  
    The Tomb of Aelfflaed the Beautiful

    As far as I can tell, all of the parts of this dungeon (by Jason Zavoda, I believe) are posted on GreyhawkOnline except Part 1. They are not exactly easy to find (I ended up locating them via the search Cairn Hills Beautiful).

    I'm trying to concoct a composite elven chronology for home use, and I'm wondering if Jason or anyone else have developed the legend surrounding this dungeon. There's a great, horrific story incorporated into the adventure location, but it's all piecemeal via the locations and mostly derived by inference.

    My big question is what year did the Flan-elven battle depicted in the tomb occur? My best guess would be 2906 OC/CY -1557 when Celene fields an army against Vecna's Ur-Flan as part of the 400 Years War (according to Oerth Journal #1).

    It would be great to get the history behind this location all together. I was quite taken by the statement "The story of Aelfflead is still told among the Elves of Celene and inspires a strong dislike for humans Flan or not." I would love to actually have that story so NPCs in my campaign could tell it!
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    Thu Jul 09, 2020 3:29 pm  

    Project - Cairn Hills - The Tomb of Aelfflaed the Beautiful

    (Map from random dungeon creator watabou)

    The Cairn Hills are home to hundreds perhaps thousands of tombs and barrows reaching back into the distant past of the Flanaess. Many of them have been discovered and emptied but the valleys between the low hills still hide much to be discovered.

    This tomb is untouched and therefore still holds treasure but it also contains dangers and protections for those who would rob it.

    The surrounding area is home to bandits, gnolls, ogre's and trolls. A nest of manticores is nearby.

    All rooms are of stone with ceilings 8 feet at the walls rising to 15 feet at the center. The walls are carved from dense blocks of a light grey stone. Each block weighs in excess of 500lbs. The roof is made from a darker stone and seems to have been melded together somehow. A faint trace of magic still lingers.

    There is no light in the dungeon. The players will need to provide a light source if the cannot see in the dark.

    1. Entranceway.

    The outer door is covered with dirt and rubble but a recent storm causeed a slide and the upper poprtion of the doorway is revealed. There is a ward set into the door formed from the armbones and skull of an ancient Flan warrior. If it is touched it will say in ancient Flan "The curse of living death is upon this grave." The skull will then emit an eery laugh and collapse into dust. The door will split and fall to rubble. When the door collapses air is sucked into the room as if into a vacuum.

    A set of stairs leads down 30 feet to the room.

    At the center of the room is a small chariot. It is exquisitely made (elvish workmanship) it is inlaid with silver but the wood is dried and fragile. A figure is chained inside the chariot. An ancient Flan warrior dried and desicated. It has three +1 Javilins and a longsword of equally ancient design. When the first player steps into the room it will begin throwing javilins at them. After it is out of javilins it will attack with its sword. The chain holding it to rotting chariot will easly break free and allow it to pursue the players though it will not leave the room.

    Attached to a peg inside the chariot is a whip that causes wounds to bleed for extra damage and can dismount a rider 10% of the time after a succesful hit.

    End Part 1
    Journeyman Greytalker

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    Fri Jul 10, 2020 10:25 am  

    Thanks for the missing piece, Jason! Did you have any thoughts on the chronological issue above? did you develop the legend at all for your home use?
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