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    Free City of Altimira
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    Thu Jul 30, 2020 5:31 pm  
    Free City of Altimira

    by Jay "Lord Gosumba" Scott

    Campaigning in the Free City of Altimira can lead to a variety of adventures, including general combat, political intrigue, subterfuge, or for hire specific missions of retrieval. Founded originally by three Knights of Ulek with a land grant approval by the Count of Ulek, Altimira is self-governed, but pays a nominal tribute to the County in honor of the original Grant. The City is bordered by the Southern Lortmils to the west, the Jewel River and Suss Forest to the east, and a small river valley running north & south. Devoid of inhabitants until its founding, the area holds a wondrous natural grove of cumquat trees; this is noted on the Heraldry of the City. Altimira has grown to 6,500 inhabitants, as it provides vital protection for the trade routes between Courwood and the northern Prinicipality of Ulek. Altimira elects a Mayor every four years to run day to day city operations, but the city itself may be considered a major Order of Ulek stronghold. There are five large castle holdings within the city gates. A 10 foot thick stone wall encircles the entire city, with two major entrances; one to the northwest and one to the south.

    Country specific resources:
    Video: Gabbin’ at Lord Peak’s Haven #59 – The Free City of Altimira

    Adventures in this city include:
    -Joining and accepting missions posted at the Altimira Adventurers’ Guild Hall.
    -Seeking out rumors at the various Inns and Establishments including Vinyamar Gardens, The Violet-eyed Lady, or the Salty Dog.
    -Allying with the Order of Ulek to combat evils including Humanoids of the Suss, Assassins of the Dark Brotherhood, or factions of Iuz, Erythnul, or the Earth Dragon
    -Fighting against the current Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild, Lord Drarius the Deposed, who bans all Halflings and Gnomes from the Guild.
    -Solving the enigmatic mystery of the “Boogeyman” of Altimira
    -Joining and working missions for the legendary Altimira Bounty Hunters Guild, who are revered to always capture their quarry.

    Adventures in nearby areas include:
    -A new “Cult” has appeared recently in the Suss Forest to the southeast. Humans have begun following someone or something only known as “The Son”.
    -Assistance to inhabitants of the County of Ulek and the northern Principality of Ulek against banditry, humanoids, and a reported Underdark connection somewhere in the area.
    -Working jointly with the Celene Suss Forest Knights Watch to maintain a presence against incursions from The Suss Forest along the southern border of Celene.
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    Sun Aug 09, 2020 1:26 pm  

    First pass complete.
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)
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