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    County of Ulek
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    Thu Jul 30, 2020 5:34 pm  
    County of Ulek

    by Jay "Lord Gosumba" Scott

    Campaigning within The County of Ulek can lead to multiple types of adventures, including combative, financial, investigative, or discovery. This area allows for adventuring opportunities in a realm based in a Demi-human culture; in this case, Halflings and Gnomes of the Flanaess.

    The lands of the County will remain stable irrespective of the timeframe of your Campaign (pre-Greyhawk Wars, post-Greyhawk Wars, and alternate timelines). In addition, the realm borders long standing lands such as Keoland and the Duchy of Ulek, so trade routes and commerce should be regarded as important topics. Examples of this would be mining in the southern Lortmil Mountains.

    The County of Ulek is described in the Glossography as “cosmopolitan”, yet there are very little towns, villages, and cities actually detailed. This allows for a great amount of development as your adventuring continues into a full-fledged Campaign setting.

    Country specific resources:

    Adventures in this country include:
    -Working on behalf of the Count of Ulek to combat banditry and keep trade routes to Celene, Keoland, and the Duchy of Ulek clear, including the Druids’ Defile.
    -Allying with the Order of Ulek and the Free City of Altmira to combat evils, including Humanoids of the Suss Forest & Pomarj, Assassins of the Dark Brotherhood, or factions of Iuz, Erythnul, Nerull, and the Earth Dragon
    -Seeking out hidden enclaves and forgotten mining locations in the Lortmil Mountains
    -Dealing with threats or ancient evils that are remnants from the Hateful Wars
    C7: In Gnomine Septum – Casl Entertainment
    C15: Squaring the Circle – Casl Entertainment

    Adventures in nearby areas include:
    - Hidden Temple of Erythnul, Vortext Magazine #8, 1993
    -Original Slavers Series: A1-4; fighting against the original Slave Lords of Highport and the Pomarj
    -Slavers Reference, Orcish Wild Coast: Pages 62-81; Fighting the Cult of the Earth Dragon throughout the area and their main City of Kalen Lekos in the Pomarj
    -Joint assistance working with the Duchy & Principality of Ulek, Keoland, and the Free City of Altimira

    Associated Video References:
    Video: Gabbin’ at Lord Peak’s Haven #70 – The Ulek States & the Lortmil Mountains
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)

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    Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:59 pm  

    Fan-based resources:

    Oerth Journal #2 = Lortmil mountains
    Oerth Journal #33 = Lortmils; Dwur kingdoms of the Lortmils
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)
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