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    Snow barbarians
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    Mon Aug 03, 2020 5:40 am  
    Snow barbarians

    by David Leonard

    DMs who wish a campaign where the characters are Viking raiders will find this an idea spot. The Schnai are the most evil of the barbaric nations and this country is ideal for campaigns centered on reavers in longboats raiding the southern lands. This land is almost the most political of all the barbaric nations.

    There are fiords and Jarls and beserkers, with longships and combat. The Schnai, yearn for a return to the glory days of Rhizia. The strongest, and most populace, of the Barbarian states, they have held sway over their brethren for years. In truth, the Schnai were never the fiercest (the Fruztii) or the most adventurous (the Cruski); they were the most sly, the most cunning, and the most calculating. There is intrigue in the court of Soull, with the Scarlet Brotherhood in attendance and in the Halls of the Jarls.

    Great inspiration for this area can be found in: Beowulf, the Kalevala, Nibelungenlied, The Last King (TV), Vikings (TV), The Eagle (film), The 13th Warrior movie.

    Country specific resources:
    Dragon magazine #57
    WGS1 The Five Shall Be One; WGS2 Howl From the North

    Adventures in the country include:
    - Forest adventures in the Spikey Forest. Winter wolves and sable firs.
    - Mountain adventures (Underdark adventures) in the Corusks and Griff mountains (alternate placement of G1-3). Dragons. Remorhaz. Yeti.
    - Intrigue in Glot. Scarlet Brotherhood agents!
    - Fey fading lands.
    - Ruins of the Ur-Flan from the time of Keraptis.

    Adventures in nearby areas include:
    - WGS1 The Five Shall Be One; WGS2 Howl From the North; The Sharm’s Dark Song, Dungeon #87; Raiders of the Black Ice, Dungeon #115; The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga; C13 From His Cold, Dead Hands, by Carlos Lising, casl Entertainment, 2019
    - Adventures in nearby Ratik.
    - Expeditions to Skrellingshald (Tostencha)
    - Arctic adventures in the Taival Tundra; Big Seal Bay (outer doors of ancient dwarven clanholds); The Land of Black Ice, and the Zeai Clan (Sea Barbarians) upon the Icy Sea.
    - Forest adventures in the Hraak Forest.
    - Adventures upon the Solnor. Clashes or trade with the Sea Barons, the Bone March and beyond.
    - The Scarlet Brotherhood, invitation to the Kingdom of Shar, Tivenot Peninsula); Exploration of the far south (Hepmonoland).
    - The search for and discovery of Fireland, and the arrival of a ship from Fireland.
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)
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    Sun Aug 09, 2020 10:49 am  

    First pass complete.
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)
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    Sat Aug 28, 2021 9:18 am  

    I wrote a larger Primer for the Snow Barbarians, also known as the Schnai, expanded from this original postcard:[/url]
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