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    Theocracy of the Pale
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    Mon Aug 10, 2020 6:13 am  
    Theocracy of the Pale

    by William "Giantstomp" Dvorak

    The Theocracy of the Pale is a land dominated by the church of Pholtus, whose priesthood runs the kingdom. This region would be great for campaigns dealing with Orders of Holy Knights serving the church of Pholtus. However, the Kingdom has more of a neutral stance when it comes to foreign policy but is willing to land grab for its benefit when possible. Of course, this does not mean the church cannot send adventures abroad on assignment for them.

    Possible inspirations for adventures in the Theocracy of the Pale are the movies, Kingdom of Heaven, and the TV show Knightfall or the book Dune by Frank Herbert.

    Country specific resources:
    The Fright at Tristor Adventure
    U1 In Search of the Unknown

    Adventures in the country include:
    -The Phostwood is located on the border between the Pale and the Duchy of Tenh. Home to the luminescent Phost trees, players can find adventure helping Tenh rebels or even bandit groups from the Bandit kingdoms fighting against the Iuzians here.
    -The Pale observes only one Deity, Pholtus, and actively suppresses all others. In the Pale even worshiping gods such as Pelor, or St. Cuthbert are considered heretics.
    -Players can discover ready employment battling the Troll King and his minions from the Troll Fens located in the shadow of the Griff Mountains.
    -Deadly humanoids from the Raker Mountains raid the Pale regularly, and players can find adventure beating them back, or rescuing hostages taken in these raids.
    - The Gamboge Forest is usually a peaceful place, but humanoids from the Raker Mountains sometimes raid there. While unclaimed by the Pale and Nyrond, both nations use it as a base for spying on one another.

    Adventures in nearby areas include:
    -The old Duchy of Tenh has several factions fighting for dominance of its land, all of which are recruiting able-bodied adventurers.
    -The besieged County of Knurl in the Bone March hires adventurers to help keep its borders safe from the evil humanoids that dominate the rest of that country.
    -The County of Urnst secretly hires adventurers to take shipments of supplies and rams into the Bandit Kingdoms to support rebels there.

    Officially the Theocracy of the Pale tries to take a neutral stance in politics when it can, but the Theocrat has his spies in neighboring nations gathering information.
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)

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    Wed Aug 12, 2020 10:43 am  

    Fan based resources:

    "Wintershiven" in Oerth Journal #12
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)
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