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    Spindrift isles
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    Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:51 pm  
    Spindrift isles

    by Gaetano “Grendelwulf” LeFavi

    These mysterious isles and seascape offer the Dungeon Master and Players a tantalizing new milieu to explore! Waterborne adventures, aquatic races and creatures, renegades and pirates, and tales of temples and ancient gods provide new challenges and journeys to experience. This entire region has scarcely been given many published details (except by its own original creator, Len Lakofka) thus providing a great opportunity for a DM to make it their own.

    We would be remiss if we forgot to mention the connection of the Spindrifts with two of the most famous magic-users that the World of Greyhawk has ever seen; Lendore and Leomund. Lendore the Arch-Mage, for whom the southernmost Isle of Lendore is named, founded the settlements upon the isle and ruled there for a time. The second, perhaps of slightly more renown, is none other than Leomund the Mage whose spells have spread to worlds other than Oerth!

    The Spindrifts are located nearly a hundred leagues east of the Medegian coast and are surrounded by beautiful and deceptively peaceful waters. To the northwest are the waters of the Spindrift Sound, where sailing ships and their crews have clashed in countless bloody confrontations. To the southwest and farther south are the Aerdi and Oljatt Seas. These blue-green waters welcome many seafarers, as do the many creatures lurking beneath the deep waves. To the north and eastward, lies the Solnor Ocean. It reportedly stretches for a thousand leagues, possibly more. Rumors tell of some ships reaching new distant lands and returning with many strange wonders.

    Lords and clergy of Olvenkind are known to populate the three northern islands of the Spindrifts. It is said five elven wizards govern these areas. Many ships from the Sea Barons and Lordship of the Isles have ventured there but have never returned! There has been little contact with the these strongly reclusive demi-humans. In contrast, the fourth and southernmost island, Lendore Isle, has maintained communication and trade with the outside island chains and the nearby continent of Oerik. The Council of Seven, residing in the capital city of Lo Reltarma, is said to pay “tithes” to the Lordship of the Isles and the Sea Barons to ensure Lendore vessels may travel unmolested in the open waters. A curious note regarding the religion of the ancient gods of the Suloise occurs in that their worship thrives amongst the isle’s inhabitants. How this came to be so, particularly as it is so far from the fallen Suel Empire, is unknown and subject to much speculation by scholars.

    Country Specific Resources:
    – L1 The Secret of Bone Hill (1981) – module adventure
    – L2 The Assassin’s Knot (1983) – module adventure
    – L3 Deep Dwarven Delve (1999) – module adventure (originally released in TSR’s 25th Silver Anniversary Set)
    – L4 Devilspawn (2010) – module adventure
    – L4C The Lendore Isle Companion – campaign supplement
    – L5A The Kroten Campaign Guide (2010) – campaign supplement
    – L5B The Kroten Adventures (2010) – adventures
    – L5C The Kroten Campaign Companion – campaign supplement
    – Dragon #052 (1981) – Adding Depth to the Flanaess
    – Dragon #086 (1984) – Presenting the Suel Pantheon: Lendore, Norebo
    – Dragon #087 (1985) – Gods of the Suel Pantheon: Kord, Phaulkon
    – Dragon #088 (1985) – Gods of the Suel Pantheon: Syrul, Fortubo, Wee Jas
    – Dragon #089 (1985) – Gods of the Suel Pantheon: Pyremius, Beltar, Llerg
    – Dragon #090 (1985) – Gods of the Suel Pantheon: Phyton, Xerbo, Osprem
    – Dragon #092 (1985) – Gods of the Suel Pantheon: Lydia, Bralm, Jascar
    – Dragon #116 (1986) – Maritime Adventures; High Seas; Ships; Fore and Aft in Fantasy Gaming (recommended & used by Len Lakofka for his own Lendore Isles campaigns)
    – Dungeon #071 (1998) – Priestly Secrets – an AD&D Greyhawk adventure on Lendore Isle

    Adventures in this country include:
    – Greyhawk Adventures (1988) – Diver Down – adventure can be played near Spindrifts
    – World of Greyhawk Glossography (1983) – The Jungle of Lost Ships – adventure can be played near Spindrifts
    – Several villages are being attacked by bands of orcs in the company of bugbears and ogres.
    – Groups of trolls and stranger beasts are roaming the foothills near the Trollheim Mountains.
    – Aquatic elves in the northern Spindrifts have begun interfering with the Lendore human fishermen. The locals are growing restless and are considering an open conflict if some peaceful resolution cannot be found.
    – An ancient crypt has been discovered and is believed to contain a holy relic of the Suel gods.

    Adventures in nearby areas include:
    – The seafaring nations of the Lordship of the Isles and the Sea Barons both desire to expand their holdings by acquiring the Spindrifts. However, the elves dwelling therein feel otherwise and will capture and imprison any adventurers so bold as to enter their domain.
    – Buccaneers and pirates are interfering with travel and trade between Eastern Oerik and the Spindrifts.
    – A group of wizards are searching for a 'lost sanctuary' reportedly belonging to Leomund the Mage.

    This oceanic setting is one which brings forth images of swashbucklers and seaside towns. Yet the isles contain more mysteries. There are people here, living on the edge of the known world. They have made these isles their home regardless of the many dangers that swim around them and lurk among them. Intrigue and adventure awaits for all who dare tread upon the Spindrifts' shores.
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)

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    Thu Dec 03, 2020 4:07 pm  

    Fan-based resources:

    Available for free download at
    – Oerth Journal #10 (1999) – Leomund’s Life
    – Oerth Journal #11 (2000) – A History and Timeline of the Suloise
    - Oerth Journal #27 = Lendore Isles, the City of Glass

    Available for free download at
    – Footprints #05 (2005) – The Nystul and Lendore Isle Campaign
    – Footprints #05 (2005) – Suel Gods Table
    – Footprints #06 (2005) – The Clergy of Phaulkon
    – Footprints #08 (2006) – Wandering Monsters: Dragonsnake
    – Footprints #08 (2006) – Wandering Monsters: Gnarly Tree
    – Footprints #09 (2006) – The Church of Osprem
    – Footprints #09 (2006) – Leomund’s Wondrous Rings
    – Footprints #12 (2008) – Leomund’s Silken Squares
    – Footprints #14 (2009) – Monsters: Ghoulstirge
    – Footprints #14 (2009) – Nolzur of Lendor
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)
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    Mon Mar 08, 2021 8:49 am  

    One more:

    Skech wrote:
    ... An 11 page web enhancement for WoTC's 3.0 "Song and Silence", by David Noonan, John D. Rateliff, and Penny Williams, titled "The Hand of the Highwayman."

    "Song of the Highwayman":

    is set after the Elven takeover of most of Lendore Isle. It is revealed that tiny Restenford retains its independence.

    EDIT: Added link to "Hand of the Highwayman".
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    From: Tennessee, between Ft. Campbell & APSU

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    Mon Mar 08, 2021 9:44 am  

    Just fan sources, but...

    A different take on the fate of Restenford:

    ...where Restenford is conquered and the inhabitants flee. I assume that the author of this version just wasn't aware of "Hand of the Highwayman", but possibly, this is a different line? Grella is explicitly named as the daughter of the assassinated Grellus, not Andrella. Did she change her name for some reason? Or is she a different daughter? Fairwind was killed right after Grellus, so by a different woman? Or was there an unnamed baby in between module L1 and module L2? Maybe Grellus had a daughter long before becoming Baron Restenford by a different aristocrat elsewhere on the island? If they stayed in touch, it might have made things interesting with Fairwind and Andrella.

    I don't agree with everything here, either:

    ...but it's still worth a look, I think. The author does observe that all might not be well between Grellus and his family:

    EDIT: I forgot. Len Lakofka actually commented on this blog starting 2017.
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