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Three Cantons

The Three Cantons

Ruler: Their Honors, the Reeves of New Briar, Falsham, and Umberhill
Government: democratic confederation, franchise limited to Hobniz landowners
Capital: each canton governs itself
Coinage: none/Bisselite coins accepted at full value
Population: 15,000* Hobniz, some humans, few others
Languages: Hobniz, Common
Gods: Merikka, Ehlonna, Ulaa, Obad-Hai **
Resources: pipe-weed, furs

One-hundred-fifty years ago Hobniz migrants from the Quaglands settled in the wilderness northeast of Thornward. After Iggwilv occupied Perrenland, the halfling reeves signed a treaty placing their little country under the protection of the Margrave of Bissel.
Bisselite soldiers stationed at a fort built atop bluffs overlooking the Fals River watch for Ketite incursions while Hobniz militia ward the inland frontier against foes from the Yatil piedmont: xvarts, kobolds, goblins, and bandits.

*The population is set quite low in keeping with WoG boxed set figures. You may wish to double or triple it if you are using the LGG.

** I am not using the Halfling Pantheon but of course you might want to include those gods.