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    Captain Aelfrick of the Verbobonc Lancers

    Captain Aelfrick of the Verbobonc Lancers

    Aelfrick is young for such a responsible command as the Verbobonc Lancers are the best troops of Verbobonc. His is a distant relation of the Viscount but that has not earned him any undue respect or authority. In his youth Aelfrick's family was killed and their manor sacked by an invading band of brigands from thwe Pomarj. Aelfrick helped to track them down and annihiate them in their stronghold deep in the peninsula. Since that time he has lead a life of combat and adventure and is an experienced and cunning warrior. With his acquired treasure he rebuilt his family's estate and joined joined the Verbobonc Guard as a noble officer. His ability saw him to leadership within the guard and more recently a command within the Lancers.

    The life of Verbobonc Lancer is not comfortable, safe or easy. They patrol the borders of the Viscounty, often pursuing enemies of Verbobonc far afield. They are found more often riding an endless circuit of the villages and towns than the city and sleep in the saddle or on the cold ground with a thick horse blanket for bedding than beneath a roof and in a real bed. Aelfrick thrives in the Lancers and his troopers would follow him anywhere.

    Aelfrick has acquired several items of magic in his adventures but none so powerful as his Spear of Heartseeking. On a natural d20 the spear has a chance of instantly killing a foe. This chance 25% + 5% for every experience level the wielder is greater than the foe (or equivalent HD). The Spear will return to the wielders hand 2 combat rounds after it is thrown regardless of whether it kills its target or not. A unremarkable appearing brass ring must be worn by the wielder of the Spear for its enchantments to work.

    Posted: 01-21-2021 12:52 pm
    Item - The Cube of Light and Dark

    Item - The Cube of Light and Dark

    The Suel Imperium was vastly powerful. Today the greatest wizards and wielders of magic are pale shadows of that distant past. Though the Imperium is long gone still many items and a few places remain. The Sea of Dust, what was once the heartland of the Imperium, holds many secrets, many items which have been lost for millenia.

    Sometime expeditions manage to return from the Sea of Dust and one such brought back many treasures. The Cube of Light and dark is one such. It was taken to the Grey College in the City of Greyhawk to be studied and from there, it and many other items, were stolen.

    The Cube of Light and Dark is a black square stone about the size of half a loaf of bread. It cannot be touched by hand as a force keeps anyone about half a foot away from the sides. If the stone is caught between two hands it will begin to spin and cracks of white light will appear. From these cracks a white smoke and a black cloud will appear and swirl around the wielder as if it was a cloak or cloth being whipped by a stormwind.

    The wielder gains a strong protection from magic and divine power. They have the ability to cast both light and darkness spells. They can open a portal to the Plane of Shadows and summon creatures to serve them from the plane. They can banish such creatures that they encounter with the power from the white smoke. 

    Wielding the cube takes a toll one the user and they will suffer a loss of hit points and strength. The cube can be used 1 hour for each point of constitution the character possess but if they wield it below 10 points of constitution they must roll a d6 and on a natural 1 or a roll higer than their consatitution they are drawn into the Plane of Shadows.

    Once a character wields the cube half their hair will turn a ghostly white.

    Posted: 01-20-2021 06:37 pm
    Cities of Greyhawk - Verbobonc Part 7 - Bakluni House

    Cities of Greyhawk - Verbobonc Part 7 - Bakluni House

    Set near the west wall of Verbobonc Bakluni House is part tavern and part embassy for all interests of the people of the west, though mainly Bakluni. It is only a small building (pictured in center) run by a Baklunish merchant named Aqa Zarif. While he handles trade his bodyguard, Zeev, is a Baklunish spy. Both work for another merchant/spymaster Korath the Bald who runs the Baklunish interests in the City of Greyhawk.

    Two of the House's dancing girls are actually trained assassins.




    Posted: 01-14-2021 04:35 am
    Inkeri of the Hela'sons

     Inkeri of the Hela'sons

    The druidess Inkeri is a northern woman from the land the Snow Barbarians but she wanders the lands of the Viscounty of Verbobonc and neighboring Celene. As a druidess of the Old Faith she is welcome across the land though less so in the City of Verbobonc than in the countryside. Her companion is an owl and with it she can see and hear all that it can see and hear. While she is hardly defenseless in her own self the animals of the wild will protect her with their lives.

    She has been seen in company with the Ragged King, a bandit/beggar who wanders the viscounty and surrounding lands demanding donations from any wealthy man or women he encounters. Jaroo Ashstaff, the druid of Hommlet, has welcomed her to his grove, the gnomes of the Kron Hills will doff their caps when she passes and she is welcome among the elves of Celene.

    Recently she has been seen near the aband

    Posted: 12-31-2020 11:34 pm
    Viscount Wilfrick of Verbobonc

    Viscount Wilfrick of Verbobonc

    Wilfrick is an aging by vigorous warrior. He has seen the viscounty through two risings of the Temple of Elemental Evil and the fortunes of the viscounty seem to be on the rise. 

    He is pictured here returning from a patrol with a large force of Verbobonc Lancers. He rides a fiery warhorse named Terror that only he can handle.

    Wilfrick's only daughter Helena is soon to be married to prince Thrommel of Veluna and the viscount will be naming an heir to the viscounty soon from among his nephews and nieces.  

    Posted: 12-31-2020 12:20 am
    Magda's Divinations

    Magda's Divinations

    The Rhennee are well respected among the dockworkers and river merchants of Verbobonc. Their barges are continualy coming and going up and down the river and their goods and coins are welcome as well as the contraband they smuggle and fence with the criminal merchants of the city. One of the most respected of the Rhennee is Magda the Diviner. Her barge is perhaps the most often found tied to the docks of Verbobonc and her spells, potions and predictions are sought after by rich and poor, mercenaries and sailors, adventurers and even the Viscount himself.

    Magda is a Rhennee woman in her mid-thirties. A user of magic skilled in divination. With her cat familiar, Pyotyr, beside her she has read the fortunes of hundreds of the town's citizens and and hundreds of other visitors to Verbobonc.

    She is also a young clan leader of the Rhennee and the boss of the Rhennee smugglers who ply the river.

    Posted: 12-29-2020 10:09 pm
    The Tower of Eldorath

    The Tower of Eldorath

    Before the Suel or the Flan there were the elves. The Celene of today is a small facet of what was once a priceless gem in the crown of the elven empire of the Flannaess. Eldorath's tower sits on what is the northern edge of the Pomarj but was then Celene.

    Eldorath was a powerful elven mage. How or if he died is not known but his tower was found abandoned as if all its inhabitants had simply walked away. In the centuries since that time the tower has been looted, reinhabited and abandoned many times.

    There is a great power to be found and the old stones but its strange curse has kept the tower empty for many years. Now it is in the possession of the mage Talberth and he offers gold and magical rewards for any who will brave the tower, clear it of whatever guards, wards or monstrous inhabitants might occupy its rooms from deepest cellar to its broken battlements.

    Posted: 12-27-2020 10:49 pm
    Verbobonc Lancers on patrol in the Kron Hills

    A patrol of Verbobonc Lancers crossing a gnome built bridge into the Kron Hills. These patrols have become much less frequent as the gnomes have begun patrolling and setting guard outposts. This is one of the many small bridges that crosses the deep ravines within the hills. Many now have a small stone tower built nearby. The gnome patrols are on small ponies and do not go beyond the hills while the Verbobonc Lancers are all human mounted on light warhorses. They keep shortbows cased on their saddles and are armored in studded leather with steel caps with lonswords sheathed on their saddles. Officers tend to be veteran warriors armored in chain or plate with weapons of their own preference. They average between twenty and thirty men per patrol.

    Posted: 12-27-2020 07:25 pm
    Cities of Greyhawk - Verbobonc Part Six - The Wayward Inn

    The Wayward Inn - Verbobonc

    One of the largests public taverns in Verbobonc the Wayward in is older than the city and its foundation stones are older than the castle. In the distant past the first building of stone on the spot was a storage house where grain was kept for a small settlement of Flannish farmers. A wooden pallisade surrounded the town and stone buildings were easily constructed from the rise where the castle would eventualy be constructed. When the Suel drove the Flan from the area a fortified waystation was built on the spot and when the castle was built the waystation became an Inn.

    Original called the Waystation Inn the name changed over the years and its original name and use is long forgotten. Today the Inn and several nearby buildings are owned by the Shirewood family. The family also  owns a small manor near ther castle and the eastern riverwall where the elder Shirewoods retire when their working days are past and the eldest son or daughter takes over the running on the Inn.

    Adelaide Shirewood runs the Inn from her apartment on the 2nd floor. Her husband is a fair smith and runs the stables and the yard. Their three daughters help to run the Inn with the help of the extended family.

    The Shirewoods employ a small group of a dozen toughs to keep order in the Inn. The leader is a experienced warrior who sometimes acts as a local guide and sometimes takes on adventures of his own. He is registered with the local Mercenaries Guild and will be recommended by them as a guide or henchman. These toughs live in the house immediately across the street from the Inn.

    Unbeknowest to any but the Shirewood family there is a secret tunnel beneath the Inn that leads beyond the city walls to the north and another east that opens up near the river. The Shirewoods are heavily involved with Cult of Elemental Evil and run a counterfitting operation. False gold and debased coinage flows from the Inn and out to ships on the river or to couriers operating north of the city. They have no link to other members of the Elemental Evil cult and their contacts are from beyond Verbobonc.

    Posted: 12-27-2020 02:41 pm
    Cities of Greyhawk - Verbobonc Part 5 - The Wayward Inn Maps

    Posted: 12-26-2020 10:43 pm
    Cities of Greyhawk - Verbobonc Part 4 The Guilds Part 2

    Cities of Greyhawk - Verbobonc Part 4 The Guilds Part 2

    Painters, Spacklers & Sculptors Society - This mid-sized guild related to the Builder's Association has grown recently with the expansion of the towns around the city and improvements to buildings within the city itself. There is also a Society of Art and some of the sculptors have dual membership, but it is a much smaller Guild. Verbobonc was a very practical garrison and mercantile city but in the last two years a good deal of trade has come up and down the river and from the mines in the Kron Hills leading to a rise in the genral wealth and fortune of the citizens. The rather plain and functioning work of the sculptors has lead to a more artistic (and expensive) series of works among the wealthy merchants. This guild controls one tower along the north wall next to those controlled by the Builders Association.

    Society of Art - A very small guild with an old mansion for its meeting hall. It is near the center of the city where the newer mansions of the wealthy have risen. They control no towers and even their apprentice membership does not belong to the city Militia. One of their senior members is a young Wizard, but reasonably powerful. He specializes in the creation of Golems and is a trained sculptor.

    The Mapmakers Guild - Another relatively small guild. Their apprentice members are part of the City Militia but they do not control a tower. There hall is both meeting place and archive with workshops attached. It is located near the Mercenaries Guild and sees much commerce from the adventurous members. The Viscount has several members of the Mapmakers Guild on his staff.

    The Bakers, Brewers and Cooks Union - This is a large guild which mans two of the towers along the north wall. The Brewers are mainly dwarves and they have grwon in number in recent years. Verbobonc Stout has become a popular brand and a Dwarven Ale and Whiskey are both decent sellers locally and up and down the river. The number of Inns and taverns has been fixed at 21 within the city but there is a boom in the nearby towns and at many of the crossroads around the city. Lately the Ragged King has been charging a tithe on any spirits that leave the city and the brewers are ready to hire mercenaries to hunt him down since the Viscount seems unable to stop him.

    The Taverner amd Innkeeper Circle - This is a group of the 21 Inn and Tavern owners of Verbobonc. The Viscount's law only allows for these 21 which causes most guild halls to function as taverns and guilds for their members, families and associates. Each in is responsible for providing food and drink to each of the guild controlled taverns but they man no towers themselves. Their employees are exempt from serving in te City Militia but are responsible for keep order within their own premises. Each tavern or inn commands a small force of thugs, bouncers and barmen to deal with trouble.

    The Carter and Driver Guild - Is a large guild linked to the Dockworkers Union. Most carted goods are headed toward the docks or away from them. They control one tower near the citadel where the largest stables are, both the Viscount's military stables and the large private stables near the Mill Gate. This guild has many members of the secret Thieves Guild but the Guild Master is kept unaware of this.

    Posted: 12-25-2020 03:06 pm
    Cities of Greyhawk - Verbobonc Part 3 The Guilds Part1

    Cities of Greyhawk - Verbobonc Part 3 The Guilds Part1

    Verbobonc -  The Guilds

    As with most cities in the Flanaess the Guilds are important factor in the running of the city. In Verbobonc they also provide the manpower to patrol the walls and towers. The city has few gates and many towers. While the guardsmen watch the gates, guildsmen man the towers and the corresponding areas of the town by these towers is the headquarters of each guild.

    From the largest to the smallest each Guild in Verbobonc has its own hall. It is unsurprising that the Dockworkers Union is the largest Guild in Verbobonc and their members man the three towers adjacent to the docks Goldsmith and Jewlers Guild is both the weathliest and smallest Guild and does not man any towers though its younger members still belong to the city Militia.

    The Guilds of Verbobonc

    The Alchemist Society - This is a small guild only its younger members train with the militia. Non-clerical healers also belong to this guild and there is a good deal of herb and nature lore combined with more magical brewinhg of potions and elixirs. Both Druids and Magic-Users are members. It has a hall the size of a large house near the southern gate (called the Mill Gate). Many of the guild members dwell in small villages or secluded dwellings beyond the city. 

    Builders Association - Nearly the size of the Dockworkers Union. They man the two northernmost towers and the tower facing the river above the wetsern gate (Called The Dock Gate). Engineers, Carpenters, Masons, and such belong to this Guild. With the growth in the city and viscounty after the defeat of the Temple of Elemental Evil this Guild is growing in size and importance as well. A large number of their memberships is busy constructing the fortification in the Village of Hommlet as well as rebuilding the town of Nulb. A small retinue is also at work rebuilding a small fortification called the Moat House for a band of adventurers.

    The Dockworkers Union - The largest Guild in the city. They are the only Guild to maintain a watch beyond the walls. Their members patrol the docks day and night as well as man the walls and towers overlooking the docks. The Guards man the Dock Gate. They maintain a large Hall and Guild members and their families live in the area near the Docks inside the walls. While there is no official Thieves Guild in Verbobonc the Dockworkers Union is the unofficial yet very real Thieves Guild in the city. The Viscount is aware of this and it is up to the Dockworkers to maintain order and discipline among the city Thieves and punish unlicensed Thieves. Begging is not permitted in Verbobonc and a war of sorts is being waged by a vagabond called the Ragged King along the highways of the Viscounty. 

    The Mercenaries Guild - The Guild size varies. It maintains a hall and barracks large enough to accomindate 100 with a large stable as well as a smithy and armory. Adventurers, hirelings, men-at-arms, caravan guards, even minor magicians and expert treasure finders (thieves) belong to this guild. Its is 25 gold to join and 10  gold for a months membership after joining which provides a stable for a mount and one meal for member and member's horse per day for 1 month. Guildmembers are not under the command of the Militia but act as Auxiliaries for the Guard in case of emergency. They man no towers and are not entirely trusted by the Viscount. There is no official Assassins Guild in Verbobonc but the Mercenaries Guild has a contact from the City of Greyhawk guild and contracts can be taken through her if the correct paswords are known.

    Weaponsmith & Armorers Guild - This is a surprisingly large Guild. They man the west towers below the west gate (Called The Gnome Gate) one of which is a large corner tower. Their hall is near this section of wall but they have small smithies and armories near each gate at the Guard barracks and in the Citadel itself.

    End Part 1

    Posted: 12-24-2020 09:33 pm
    Cities of Greyhawk - Verbobonc - Part 2

    Cities of Greyhawk - Verbobonc Part 2

    Provided is a crude map of Verbobonc's walls and castle. It was a costly endevor for Veluna to construct the walls around the city taking thousands of laborers and several years to build. Verbobonc was a garrison city and a good deal of its 100 acres of interior space were military stables and barracks as well as smithies, kitchens, armorers, and such like buildings that went into supplying a large military force. Still there was room left over for merchants and warehouses, a small monastary and a large temple to Rao as well as several open spaces for grazing and public assembly.

    At first the many towers were manned by guardsmen but as time went by, and the area which made up the viscounty both expanded and quited, the need for so many professional guardsmen diminished and Verbobonc did what so many other older cities had done; the turned over the watch on the walls to the various guilds within the city.

    There are several strong guilds within the city and each is responsible for manning or womanning one or more of the various towers. Each guild sends all their able members to train among the city militia and from age 12 to 45 they are responsible to spend their assigned time in one of the towers and walking their stretch of the wall.

    The gates of the city are manned by guardsmen from the castle. The guards man the gates in shift spending no more than a week at a time living in the gatehouses. Most guardsmen have private quarters within the city with husbands, wives and family and Gate  and Citadel duty is slightly honerous, though there are actually  few complaints.

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    Lady Graysteel of Verbobonc

    Lady Graysteel of Verbobonc

    She is the daughter of Viscount Wilifred's youngest sister and most likely to inherit the Viscountship of Verbobonc upon his death (May it be Far-off).  The line of Viscounts began with adventurers who defeated the ancient Suel-Lich who inhabited the ruined castle of Verbobonc. Wilifred himself was a dutiful son and commanded the Verbobonc cavalry which maintained the peace throughout the viscounty but he was himself not an adventurer. His sister was and her many children, few now are left. Lady Graysteel is the most successful and experienced of those children and Wilifred envies her the life of adventure he denied himself.

    Lady Katherine Graysteel, Kat to her family and friends, hovers between 8th and 9th level in my `1st edition AD&D campaign. Your mileage may vary. She is brave and daring with a surprising number of friends and fellow adventurers still alive. It was her party that braved the ruins of the Temple of Elemental Evil, freed Prince Thrommel and looted The Orb of Golden Death called Yellowskull from the Temple.

    Yellowskull is what saved the adventurers from Zuggtmoy but it is also what is allowing Zuggtmoy to unknowingly influence Lady Graysteel's actions. The process is slow but Lady Graysteel has possessed Yellowskull for over two years and the corruption has already taken hold.

    Zuggtmoy is aware that Lady Graysteel may soon be made heir to Verbobonc and at the time when Wilifred announces his decision her plans to take over the viscounty will be set in motion. Already a cult of her followers have settled amid the bristling and growing town and several members of the town Guard, Guild-Militia and Cavalry or part of the cult.

    Lady Graysteel we are enchanted plate armor and bears a sword of exceptional power. It is intelligent and can speak. It detects magic within a 10ft radius but cannot tell what type just sees it as a type of lightning-blue radiance. Its name is Decay and its blade is notched and rusted. On a natural 20 it will cause a non-magical item, armor, shield or weapon of its opponent to rot, rust or waste away in 3 combat rounds.

    Lady Graysteel is completely unaware of the influence Yellowskull has over her through Zuggtmoy, Unless she is directly under control her nature (alignment) is not evil and her actions and thoughts are her own. 

    Posted: 12-23-2020 11:17 am
    Cities of Greyhawk - Verbobonc - Part 1

    Cities of Greyhawk - Verbobonc

    Verbobonc, like most cities across the Flanaess, began as a fort built by the Suel Imperium. Its nearness to the Elves of Celene kept it as a fortified outpost and after the end of the Imperium it went through a period of abandonement with the castle on the stone outcrop overlooking the port becoming a haunted, monster-infested ruin.

    A band of adventurers from Veluna cleared the castle centuries ago and began its refurbishment. The current Viscount Wilifred a descendent of two of that original band.

    Now, two years after the expeditions and decimations of the forces dwelling in the ruins of  the Temple of Elemental Evil, Verbobonc is on the rise, a growing and active city. The Viscount has kept the interior population in check as werll as he is able and the area around the walls clear but already several thousand people have taken up residence nearby and two small towns have developed on opposite sides of the walled city. Inside the walls the population of fighting age dwellers has risen to over 15,000 while another 7,000 now dwell in towns, villages, and small holdings within 3 miles of the walls.


    Wilifred is aging but still a strong warrior and a force to be reckoned with. His sole child, Helena, is due to be married to Prince Thrommel of Veluna. The Prince, on his release from the Temple of Elemental Evil, found his way to Verbobonc and instantly fell in love with Wilifred's daughter Helena. It was a tragedy for the Prince as he was betrothed to the Princes Jolene of Furyondy and he left Verbobonc without realizing that in the years of his captivity Jolene had released him from his betrothal and married another, much to the Prince's rejoicing.

    If Wilifred has only Helena for child he does not lack in family. His court is filled with poorer relations and currently he debates on which of his nephews or nieces will take control  the Viscounty upon his death. Currently there are three contenders; Sir Eger who commands the Verbobonc Guard, Sir Grahame who is a warrior-priest of Rao and lately from Veluna and Lady Graysteel who is a famed adventureress continuing the family tradition of the founders of the line of Viscounts. It was she and her band who freed Prince Thrommel. Most bets are on Lady Graysteel to become the next Viscountess.

    Posted: 12-22-2020 10:48 pm
    Setting Night Below in Greyhawk Part 1 -Verbobonc


    The adventure begins at the Wayfaring Inn - Verbobonc.

    {I'm integrating the T1-4, A1-4, GDQ1-7 modules into Night Below. I've used Night Below to fill out the super-modules before but never the reverse. I'm setting the start of the campaign a few years after the events of T1-4 so the familiar locals of T1-4 will have changed. The Temple is till a nexus of evil but it is just starting to draw evil creatures and humans again. It will be much lower level and in keeping with the events of the Night Below rather than the supermodule.

    Some parts of the Night Below are altered to fit the Greyhawk setting but the Haranshire area fits nicely into the lands around Verbobonc, The Kron Hills, Hommlett etc... Verbobonc is a great place to begind the adventure and a good place for players to return to when they need a city to resupply, recruit, seek help, etc... So I will be detailing parts of Verbobonc. The Night Below uses the small town of Milborne as the first detailed area of the adventure and for me Milborne makes a good Nulb from T1-4 so Milborne is now Nulb. Part of the described setting in Night Below and area of hills and mines; perfect for the Kron Hills.

    The Temple is a handy local for an expanded headquarters for the kidnapping gang. Brokenspire Keep is akin to the Moat House in T1. A small fortification used by the Temple but abandoned and not suffering the same damage that the Moat House suffered.

    Night Below begins the first adventure book as the Evils of Haranshire but in this conversion think of it as the Evils  of Verbobonc.}

    The Wayfaring Inn - Verbobonc

    Posted: 12-21-2020 09:05 pm
    Mother Screng of Nulb
    Posted: 12-20-2020 05:22 pm
    Where the Bandits Are - Wormhall Part 4 The River Tower Part 3

    The River Tower Part 3 - The Sea Caves

    Basement 1

    1. This large area is partly natural cave and partly worked stone. The floor has been leveled while some of the areas of wall and ceiling have been cut to form a smooth section or a higher roof. The roof is between 9 and 10 feet from the ground. At one point wooden walls and partitions existed but they have long since been removed and only knotches cut into the wall show where they once stood.

    At the north end is a 30ft curve of wall and this is where Rex lairs with 3 female gnolls. These females fight as males but are generally unarmored and armed with longswords. If there is time they will don studded leather armor and grab shields as well. At the very least they are never without knives. The area is thick with carpets and rugs. an iron chest and two small chests contain Rex's treasure. The iron chest has several books on tactics and on strategy. It also contains a pouch with a small amount of gems and jewlery. A wooden box in the chest has 6 vials of healing potion. The smaller wooden chest has some platinum coins, a larger amount of gold and several gold bars. The larger chest has silver and copper coins.

    The west wall below area 2 is lined with barrels boxes containing supplies for the tower, mostly food, but also lumber, firewood, oil, arrows, some spare suits of leather armor, etc... There is a goodly amount of stuff. It has been arranged into sections of similar good and is surprisingly orderly.

    2. This is the ladder up to the 1st floor of the tower.

    3. This is a deep pool. There is an iron grill across the top. A 5x5 section can be pulled aside but it is normally locked and bolted shut.

    4. These are wide stairs going down to Basmment Level 2

    Basement 2

    This entire cave has been widened and shaped to hold a dock and a large iron caged area. The cages are normally filled with slaves waiting to be shipped to the Horned Society (10-20 Humans and Elves on average). The Gnolls choose 1 or 2 of the fatest and take them to their cage in the tower.

    1. There are 4 Gnolls on guard here at all times. One will head for the tower as soon as a boat is spotted entering the sea cave. Rex always comes to meet the boats and to accept payment for the slaves from the agents of the Horned Society or to see the offloading of another shipment of slaves.

    2. Stairs going up to Basement Level 1

    3. A series of iron cages. Half the area is a single large cage but the other hald is made up of smaller 10x10 cages to hold special prisoners.

    4. If boat is docked this is where it will be.

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    Hommlet Church of Saint Cuthbert visible in distance

    Posted: 12-19-2020 07:47 pm
    Where the Bandits Are - Wormhall Part 3 The River Tower Part 2

    The River Tower Part 2

    The Gnolls -
    Around 50 Gnolls inhabit the tower. They are all armed with longbows. Their armor varies between leather, studded leather and chain. Sone use large shields and all use one-handed weapons, longswords, battle-Axes, flails and maces prefered. There is a distinct order of authority from their pack leader to the last follower but none of these gnolls is a runt or weakling.

    Rex is their pack leader and he is head and shoulders above the intelligence and ability of the others. He was something of an experimemt by a Wizard who resides in the Rift Canyon. He is bigger, stronger and most importantly stronger than your common gnoll. He wears enchanted plate armor and carries a two-handed sword can that break unchanted armor and weapons on a natural 20.

    `The River Tower 2nd Floor

    1. Murder Holes line the floor. A large barrel of oil is in each corner of this area. The Gnolls will break open one of the barrels and let oil pour onto intruders beneath. The floor is sloped so that the oil will pool in the center and empty through the holes. A torch applied to the oil will send a stream of flame down to ignite any soaked beneath and the pool below. The Gnolls havent need to use this before and are unaware that the burning oil will ignite the inner door but not the portcullis. The outer portcullis is meant to be dropped in place after intruders have gained entrance hopefully trapping them in the hall below. The mehanism for raising and lower both sets of portculli are in this area.

    2. This area is similar to the first floor area 2 but the crossholes for archers are set lower and there is no step below them,

    3. Steps going down to first floor

    4. Steps going up to third floor.

    The River Tower 3rd Floor

    1. This is a crenalated balcony. A Gnoll watchman is always on guard here, though often asleep.

    2. This area is similar to second floor area 2.

    3. Stairs going down to second floor.

    4. A ladder going to a trap door in the roof.

    The River Tower Roof

    1. A trap door and ladder going down to the 3rd floor

    2. The roof is peaked and sharply angled except for a small walkway around the outer edge that allows access to the four small guard towers. The roof is kept slick with tar and is sheeted in metal. It has enchantment to rersist it from heat and flame. Landing on the roof is extremely difficult.

    3. A small guard tower. Each has a stout door and archer crossholes in the two walls facing out from the tower. Extra quiversd of arrows are kept in these rooms and a gnoll occupies each one. The duty is boring and the are often asleep.

    Posted: 12-19-2020 06:23 pm
    Wormhall Part 2 The River Tower

    Wormhall Part 2 The River Tower

    The River is Constructed on a small, rough island of rock that sits in the middle of the Ritensa River between Wormhall Port and the lands of the Horned society.

    1st Floor

    1. These are the main doors. A path leads down from them to a small quay where a single medium boat can tie up and offload goods. There is a small crane for offloading bulky items.

    The entrance doors are thick and stout with a metal portculus that can be lowered in front of them.

    The doors themselves are damp and swollen from the spray of the river crashing against the rocks and even magical fire will have a difficult time setting them ablaze. The tower is constructed of thick stone. It radiates faintly of evil if detected for as it was raised by devils summoned by the Hierarchs of the Horned Society.

    The roof of this passage is lined with murder holes in the cealing.

    The interior doors are thick and a second portculus can be lowered in place before them. These doors, while stout, have no special resistance to fire.

    2. The interior of the 1st floor is filthy. The floor is covered in dirty hay, cracked bones, and cloth scraps pushed into piles. At least 10 gnolls can be found here at any given time.

    The stone walls are all pierced with loopholes for archers. The ceiling is 10ft high and there is a small step before each loophole which is set 6ft above the ground giving the archers on the 1st floor the ability to fire down a little on those outside without the ability for the loopholes to be used against those inside. There are pegs on the wall by the loopholes to hold quivers of arrows.

    There are weapon racks on each wall and quivers full of longbow arrows at hand.

    3. Stairs going up to Level 2

    4. A trapdoor leading down to the Basement

    5. A metal cage usually contain a captive or two. The gnolls have a taste for fresh meat.

    To be continued

    Posted: 12-18-2020 07:17 pm
    Where the Bandits Are - Wormhall - Part 1

    2. Wormhall -

    Leader - Baron Oltagg Ftr/Thf 4th/9th
    Troops - Cav 150, Inf 400, Gnolls 100
    Population - 9,000

    Wormhall gets its name from the ancient fortified manor on the banks of the Ritensa River. There is a town and small port on the river. An out-cropping of rock in the center of the stream holds a small fortified tower. The Baron keeps a contingent of 50 Gnoll archers in the fortress. Their longbows tipped with tarred arrows waiting to be ignited are a fearsome deterent to any attacks across the river by the Horned Society.

    Baron Oltagg maintains the appearance of a cultured gentleman but is actually under the control of thew Horned Society. He supplies them with slaves purchased from other Bandit Kingdoms or taken as captives in the endless border fighting. He maintains logging camps and exports lumber up the river but also uses his camps to raid the Fellreev Forest attacking Sylvan Elves for the most part.

    Wormhall of Wormhall is actually in a decent state of repair. 100 of the Baron's infantry are based in the Manor. and 50 of his cavalry. There is a gnoll tribe that serves Oltagg based in the cave system within the forest to the north. He maintains two small forts along the border with his fellow Bandit Kings with his remaing cavalry and infantry split evenly between the two.

    The bulk of the population, 5,000 people, live in the town and farms around the manor. The rest are split between forest camps and small farming villages.

    Posted: 12-17-2020 12:35 pm
    Adventure Seed - The Deer Hunters

    The Fruztii Shaman Vainamo leads a band of hunters dressed in enchanted Deer Cloaks and carrying Bone Lances as the look over a herd of deer. They are actually waiting to ambush a party of Schnai hunters who are stalking the herd.

    Vainamo is a man of middle years. He has never sworn oath to the Schnai and has commanded a small rebel force against them. He is a Shaman (A priest/magic-user in my home campaign) of at least 9th level. He has a large number of followers but they never congregate in groups larger than 30. He is popular among the Fruztii except for the King and his loyalists, but his warbands tend to consist of Rangers, Druids, Shamans, and Fighting Men.

    In my home campaign the Fruztii have no single class priests but have a Shaman (priest/magic user) hierachery. Both Shamans and Druids follow nature gods. The Raven or Crow God, the Fox, The Ice Queen, the 4 Winds, the Thunder God.

    NEW Magic Items

    Deer Cloak

    The Deer Cloak allows the wearer to be seen as a Stag and appears so to all the senses including leaving tracks of a large Stag. If the wearer attacks he will suddenly appear as someone in the Deer Cloak only to transform back into the appearance of a stag 3 turns after the last combat action. While wearing the cloak the wearers speed is increased and they gain resistance to cold.

    Bone Spear

    This spear is magically transformed from the antler of a stag. It has the ability to slay a deer with a single hit. It is balanced for throwing. The Bone Spear is -3 to hit against metal armor but +3 to hit against leather armor, hide or no armor. It inflicts 1d12+1d8+1d4 damage.

    Vainamo is a wanted man. There is a large reward for him dead or alive. He is also a charismatic and successful leader. He accepts men from all nations in his band except for Schnai.

    Posted: 12-17-2020 03:17 am
    Where the Bandits Are - Warfields Part 1

    Bandit Kingdoms


    Leader - Guardian General Hok (Ftr 11)
    Troops - Cavalry 300, Infantry 500
    Population - 12,000

    Warfields is one of the most stable and strongest of the Bandit Kingdoms. It maintains a peaceful yet wary existence with the Shield Lands and has not proven a thorn in the side to the Horned Society worthy of exerting the forces needed to destroy it.

    Guardian General Hok was once a common soldier in the Shield Lands. He served the previous lord of Warfields till he overthrew him and seized the leadership for himself. Since then he has trained his followers and bloodied them against the encrouchment of his neighbors and tribes of demi-humans. But the real strength of Warfields is the old castle that overlooks the Ritensa River. Hok has reinforced it and with his dwarven architect Gralon turned it into a formidable citadel for its size.

    Warfields the castle and port-town are the main population center for Hok's territory. Over 10,000 people occupy the port with a small scattering of demi-humans (mostly Dwarves). The Horned Society deals with Baron Oltagg of Wormhall but the merchants from the Shield Lands and beyond find it safer to base themselves in Warfields. In any case Hok applies a small tithe on all goods sailing up the river on the way to Critwall.

    The rest of the Warfields population is generally close to the castle in small fortified farming towns and cattle ranches. Hok's cavalry spends most of their time patrolling the area around the herds and ranches while there are two small fortifications that watch the border with Wormhall to the North and Tangles to the East.

    Guardian General Hok

    Posted: 12-16-2020 07:40 am
    Qaabil of Ekbir

    Qaabil of Ekbir is young to be so powerful a magician as well as a scholar of ancient Suel enchantments. He has walked the Sea of Dust and returned, but now he is an exile from his own land. The Caliph has ordered his death and now Qaabil finds himself dwelling in the City of Greyhawk and hiring mercenaries for his own protection.

    The young mage is hiring more than mercenaries. He is assembling a powerful group of adventurers for a grand expedition. Some say he seeks to return to the Sea of Dust, others that he has found the location of the fabled lost city of the Suss Forest. There are rumors he seeks to find a tomb of a long dead sorceror in the Vast Swamp. Whereever he intends to go he seems to be taking a small army with him.

    Posted: 12-15-2020 09:02 pm
    Painting - Inn of the Welcome Wench - Hommlet

    While travellers use he main entrance and large common room the Hommlet locals use a side entrance to a smaller room. During the summer tables and benches outside this side door are favored. By sunset the farmers and locals have normally returned home for their supper and dark sees them sleeping early since their day begins before the crack of dawn.

    Posted: 12-15-2020 03:58 pm
    Painting - A Street in Hommlet

    Module T1 has always been one of my favorites and the starting point for at least two campaigns set in Greyhawk each of which lasted more than 5 years. This painting captures the feeling that the old blue and white map always inspired me to picture in my mind's eye.

    Posted: 12-15-2020 06:21 am
    Adventure Seed - The Halfling's Dream

    Whether it is a magic pipe or some ability of the Halfling Twigg Twiggham of Twigghome the smoke which hovers about him is said to show the dreams of those who sit near. Twigg himself sees nothing in the smoke and the idle thoughts of the farmers and craftsmen who normally sit in the common room of the Golden Harvest, the largest Tavern in Twigghome, show little but the slow and peaceful life of this large Halfling community nestled in the Duchy of Urnst. Yet the Golden Harvest and Twigg now see visitors from across the Flanaess seeking answers in the pipesmoke to questions which haunt their days and nights.

    Twigg is an unemposing Halfling of moderate wealth and great indolence, but in his youth he was an adventurer and a thief of experience if not renown. Twigghome is a typical speciman of a prosperous Halfling community if larger than most as it is home to over 2,000 (A large portion of the Duchy's Halfling population). There is an organized militia and a stone fortress with several retired adventurers in residence. They are well able to defend themselves if need arises.

    Posted: 12-15-2020 05:17 am
    Adventure Seed - Sentinels of Yesterday

    Deep within the Adri Forest there is a place that humanity does not go. Something is changing there, something very old is returning and the Flanaess will not be the same.

    For a time longer than the memory of humanity the Elves have kept guard over this place they call Bitterness. Guardians, the Elven Sentinals, have watched over this land since before the Suel Imperium, before the migrations of the Flan and the Oerid. A time when the Adri stretched unbroken across the north, when the Kingdoms of the Dwarves held all the mountains and the Elves ruled forest and plain.

    The Adri is now no place for Elves of this day, the pathways twist and twist and wind till they take you places that once were or will be or never happened. The forest is growing and yet is no larger than its present borders. It is growing inside, vast and dark; trackless and wild.

    From the long march of time the Sentinels of Yesterday are appearing and neither Elf or Human know how to stop them.

    Posted: 12-14-2020 03:20 am
    Sargent Karag

    Sargent Karag commands a detachment of Shieldlanders who wage an endless war against the Horned Society. The Knight-Errant who originally led the company was slain along with his squires when the were ambushed by a devil-lead band of Hobgoblins. The company's Chaplin banished the devil before he himself was slain and out of the nearly 300 men only 72 fought their way clear.

    Karag wears the typical helm and chain coat of his company and carries the large kite-shield which belonged to Sir Tindus, his slain commander. The Shield bears some enchantment which drove back the Horned Societies summoned devils during the ambush. Karag also carries Sir Tindus' longsword, but does not use it. Instead he favors and ancient curved war axe that has been in Karag's family for geenrations.

    The company numbers some 112 men at the moment. New recruits arrive steadily but the losses to the Horned Society whittle down the command with almost every encounter. A noble replacement for their commander is rumored to be due shortly but so far no one has matarialized.

    Posted: 12-13-2020 03:46 pm
    Alarak Son of Chaos

    The bastard son of Emirikol was a promising student at Grey College studying the geography of the Flanaess when his father made his famous ride of slaughter and destruction. It was only a day later when Alarak was dismissed and thrown from the college and his small set of rooms above the Four Pots, a less than salubrious inn frequented by students and members of the Cartographers Guild.

    A crowd gathered at the eviction and then became a mob. Alarak found himself fleeing for his life. He was nearly caught at the Bridge of Entwined Hearts and barely made it through the Guarding Gate and out of ther city.

    Alarak has received some training as both a fighter and magician but lacks experience in either profession. He is out on his own but is well versed in cartography and knows the Flanaess as well as maps could educate and as little as one who has never ventured beyond the walls of the City of Greyhawk.

    Posted: 12-13-2020 04:30 am
    Handsome Hartlak

    Handsome is a Half-Orc fighter/thief pirate captain. His ship, the Saucy Sue, plies the waters of the Tilva Strait. His crew is a mixed lot but most are Half-Orcs like Handsome. His base is some unknown island where Orcs and Half-Orcs make up most of the population and the only pirates allowed to make use of the port are Half-Orcs like handsome and all having some relation with the island.

    Two of the earrings Handsome wears are enchanted. One provides him with limited protection from normal missiles and the other allows him to transform into a sea-lion. Handsome can't swim so he is particularly fond of that earring. He wears two enchanted daggers on his chest, Fang and Tooth. Both can be thrown and Tooth will return to his hand after a melee round while Fang causes bleeding wounds that need a priestly touch to quench. The sword across his back is a demon-touched longsword. Its name is a secret known only to handsome. He can some 1d3 Hellhounds to fight for him once per day and the sword radiates evil and howls increasing Handsome's chance to hit and lowering his attackers chances to strike him.

    Posted: 12-12-2020 05:15 pm
    Yljari Half-Elven

    Yljari is the Elector of the Elves in the Yeomanry. He is actually only a quarter human and three-quarters High Elven but to the other High Elves his human grandmother taints his elven heritage.The High Elves who make up over 80% of the Yeomanry elven population follow Prince Vallinen without question so Yljari is merely a spokesmen for the Prince rather than having his own voice in the Yeomanry council. The other elves in the Yeomanry follow Yljari and he is their voice to the Prince.

    There is a strong desire among the High Elves to depart the Yeomanry for other elven realms especially the Duchy of Ulek where many of their kindred dwell. The Duke of Ulek traditionally holds his realm in the name of the Prince, but the days of the ancient High Elven kingdom have long passed and the High Elves of Ulek see their Duke as the real leader of all High Elves and themselves as the last small remnant of their kingdom (although this is disputed by the High Elves of Veluna and those of  Geoff where a small High Elven woodland fortress  survived from the days of the old kingdom. The Geoffish elves have also gained a great deal of independence since the giant invasion and see their Forest Lord as the real leader of the High Elves). Little credence is given to the "Lord of the High Elves" of the Quagflow Valley even though he commands a large population of High Elves.

    Yljari is a powerful magician and one time adventurer. His wife, Sana, is a half-elven cleric originally from Veluna. His is extremely loyal to the Yeomanry and should the High Elves he and the other 20% of the elven population  would remain.

    Posted: 12-12-2020 05:49 am
    Vallinen High Elf Fighter-Mage

    Vallinen is the High Elven prince of the elves living in and around the Yeomanry. He is not the Elector who represents the elves among the council but is instead the hereditary ruler of the several thousand elves (of all types including half-elves). The dwell along the Javan, and have their greatest dwelling in the west of the Dreadwood with some living in the Little Hills. The High Elves here are a fragment of a mighty elven kingdom of old but they possess few of their ancient treasures and none of the great strength in arms that they once commanded.

    The prince keeps his people united, but without him most would leave this land and travel east toward the lands with greater number of elves.

    Posted: 12-11-2020 09:41 am
    Kalman Laughingstaff

    Kalman hails originally from Bissel but has crossed the length and breadth of the Flanaess many times in his life as an adventurer. Somewhere in his adventures he acquired his staff and his patronym. He is of middling height and middling age, a wizard of more power than most but still searching tombs and ruins for items of power. It is said he seeks a lost city hidden in the depths of some forest and protected by terrible guardians.

    His staff is named Praytextatus and has a vile sense of humor, laughing in an evil cackle during the most inopportune and unfortunate moments. It finds death or maiming to be hilarious. The staff speaks an ancient form of Suel, as does Kalman, but has also learned the Common Tongue.

    Posted: 12-11-2020 08:47 am
    The Minotaur - Graxus

    Minotaurs are magical creations but from a time so long ago that their origin is lost. Attempts to recreate them result in many near misses such as Hinchcliffe's Ram-Men but the original Man-Bull is elusive and perhaps god-protected. They breed true and even cross-breed true in that the product of a union of Minotaur and Human, Demi-Human or Humanoid is Minotaur.

    They will  use weapons, and prefer them over bare hands.  They can even be trained to wear armor. Luckily they prefer seclusion and the dark. The males tend to be solitary though a family group will have several females and a continuous litter of ever present young. The young males will be pushed out at an early age and most dont survive, which helps to keep the number of minotaurs down. A strong leader might have a half-dozen followers (making an adult tribe of 30-40 with the females of the species). Female Minotaurs are slightly smaller than males but much more aggressive when protecting their young, more intelligent and have a social order amongst themselves.

    Graxus is rather typical of his breed, large, immensely strong, not overly bright with a mean streak a mile wide. He is the bodyguard of Keller the Lender, a financier to the Guildmasters of the City of Dyvers.

    Posted: 12-10-2020 05:50 pm
    Adventure Seed - The Mines of Sterich Part 1

    The Mines of Sterich

    Iron is in the hills of Sterich and war rages throughout the Flanaess. While Sterich has many smiths the great weapon and armorers of Greyhawk are the Dwarves of Ulek. The ore is smelted and the iron travels east to the Rushmoors and the branch of the Lort or south down the Javan till it fills the holds of merchant ships of the Sea Princes ending in Gryrax and the furnaces of the dwarven smiths. The journey is long and proven dangerous. 

    Sterich is recruiting guards of  all sorts and advneturers of all types to watch over the great caravans and raft flotillas which leave their land each week. Inside Sterich companies of Halberders and Light Calvary protect the wagons but beyond the borders hired men are rewarded greatly to safeguard this bulky treasure.  

    Posted: 12-10-2020 01:46 pm
    Adventure Seed - The Kobold Menace

    The wizard Kazimierz guarded by three stout warriors, Bede, Witus, and Teofil battle a force of invading kobolds bSeneath the streets of Istivin. This tribe of kobolds is from deep within the underoerth and have been driven out of their home by Umber Hulks. These kobolds are unnaturally smart and are more like a society of small humans. There are magicians, clerics, thieves an fighters and most warriors are equivalent to 1st level fighters with a smattering of higher level veterans and a few even higher level heroes within their ranks.

    The Umber Hulks are forcing many UnderOerth creatures to flee, and a nest of Ankhegs is on the heels of the Kobolds along with smaller flocks of Grell and Carrion Crawlers.

    The people of Istivin are in for a struggle that they may not win.

    Posted: 12-10-2020 08:58 am
    Cardboard Hero 1-9 Crossbowman

    Noth is a mercenary but originally he was a guardsman from Furyondy. He wears a full robe of chainmail and wields a heavy crossbow. He carries a longsword for close combat.

    He is a member of the Mercenary Guild in the City of Greyhawk as well as several other cities if he happens to have business in them.

    Posted: 12-10-2020 02:17 am
    Blackmoor Land of a Thousand Witches - Czylle

    The frozen land of Blackmoor, choked with mists and twilight. Few travel to that far world and few tales have returned. The great bard of Greyhawk has returned from a long sojourn there where it is said he found the City of the Gods. Silvertongue the Bard  found strange and powerful forces at work in Blackmoor but he also found allies in a society of witches that are the hidden strength of that land.

    Czylle commands the elements. Lightning dances at her willl. She would be a leader in any other land but the society of witches has no leaders. All are equal in their ranks once they have begun the first mastery of their art till they take their kast breath on this Oerth. She goes gloved and cloaked in grey and her eyes burn with an inner fire. She looks far beyond this plane into worlds beyond and one day she will step beyond this Oerth and perhaps not return.

    Posted: 12-09-2020 10:03 am
    Drow Warrior Gyr'On

    After the invasion of Geoff when terror stalked the land the true leaders behind the giants apppered. The Drow Warrior-Lord Gyr'On riding upon a Nightmare prowled the wilds of Geoff hunting down those who'd fled and those who still fought. His story and that of a Geoff ranger are intertwined around that of the half-elven maid Fion have become legendary among those who have taken the land back.

    Posted: 12-09-2020 08:03 am
    Gar Hill-Giant Mutation Giant-Killer

    After the fall of the giants, when they were at last driven from Geoff, a great scouring of the hills occurred and many a Hill Giant Clan and steading fell. The monsters were forced further ito the mountains to escape and their ancestral homes were abandoned. The bones of human, demi-human and giant litter the heights and valleys and little mercy was shown to any.

    The mage Talberth had seen many a friend and companion lost during the years of the invasion and after and he had  hatred for giants that stripped his humanity from his soul. When he discovered a hidden creche of Hill Giant young he would have had no second thought to exterminating the mewling babes but a darker idea came upon him. He would raise these young, experiment upon them till he created a creature who would be the bane of giants. Gar and his kind were the result.

    Much bigger and stronger than a normal hill giant Gar is what Talberth calls a Giant-Killer. They are semi-intelligent magical creations but have manged to breed true. Unfortunately while they do have an unreasoning instinctual hatred of all other giants they have no regard for humans, demi-humans, animals or monstrous creatures either, all are food for their anger and the gnawing hunger that their size and heightened metabolism demand. They are clawed and fanged and tend to disdain weapons. They can craft simple fur clothing and scavenge better gear from giants and humanoids. They are wary creatures, hunt at night and prefer to ambush rather than confront directly though they will fight like rats if cornered.

    Posted: 12-09-2020 07:32 am
    Cardboard Hero - 1-8 The Archer

    These are my favorite of the card stand-ups. (I recommend taping a penny or washer to the bottom for weight and stability).  I love plastic miniatures but these are easier to store and much lighter than plastic (and loads lighter than metal).If you are a poor painter such as myself they are in color and the detail is nice (at least with the Steve Jackson versions. You can geta bunch of print on your own onlie, but I don't have the links.

    The Archer was a particular favorite of mine. Sometimes an NPC, Henchman or player character. More of a guardsman than a hunter or ranger (though I've used this for a ranger mini several times.

    As an NPC he is Jorn of the Yeomanry. He is a farmer and militia leader. Young but one of the picked twelve-twelve men of his province

    Posted: 12-08-2020 03:17 am
    Adventure Seed - The Displaced Displacers

    The Displaced Displacers

    The Displacer Beast is not native to Oerth. Hidden among the Barrier Peaks is wreckage of a space vessel transporting exotic animals from a wide range of planets. The Displacer Beast was one such creature. Unfortunately the automatic systems, robots and andoids which survived the crash are old, damaged and without guidance.

    Inside the ship are cloning banks which can spawn thousands and thousands of any creature in the ships collection. Something has caused the automatic systems to begin a steady cloning of Displacer Beasts. In an effort to control the number of such of creatures the android supervisor has begun removing them from the ship by use of a warp transfer, This transportation system is funneling the beasts to a point on the shore of Lake Quag in Perrinland. The local militia with the help of some heavy horse guards has been able to keep the beasts from escaping the area but a local fishing village and a nearby town have had to be evacuated and the beasts are still appearing with alarming regularity. A large reward has been posted for any who can track down the source of this menace and put an end to the Displacer Beast plague.

    Posted: 12-07-2020 07:49 am
    The Blue Wolves Company

    Many of Stonefists Blue Wolves are descended from tribesmen of Rovers of the Barrens. The Stonefisters winged horsemen are the elite cavalry of the Hold. Several companies exist, the Blue Wolves just being one of many. Rover mercenary horsemen are often employed as scouts and scavengers by these elite forces.

    Posted: 12-07-2020 02:41 am
    Orcs of the Fanged Sun

    One of the leading Orcish tribes from the Land of Iuz. They are bit more organized and disciplined than some of their wilder brethren. They still fight in a mob but follow their tribal banners and their chieftains are commanded by evil Humans or intelligent Demonic creatures summoned by Iuz.

    Posted: 12-06-2020 11:44 pm
    Monster - Stone Scarab

    Stone Scarabs are a magical creation of Baklunish wizards. They are similar in construction to Stone Golems but are generally much smaller and have many more enchantments and abilities. The smallest are no more than 3 inches long and are most often the eyes of the wizard allowing him to see and sense (according to the strength of enchantment) all that is around the scarab. They are easily destroyed in that they have obly a single hit poinnt but still  require the kind of spells or enchanted weapons that would damage a Stone Golem or larger Scarab. Some smaller Scarabs contain poison and can pass on a single dose that causes damage or unconsciousness or some such effect.

    The largest Stone Scarabs have been reported to be the size of wagons possessing great powers and strength while the most common are about three feet long and low to the ground like a dog and enchanted to fight or protect.

    Posted: 12-06-2020 07:29 am
    Cadwyr, Garem and Mahel

    Three adventurers returning to Geoff after the Invasion of Giants.

    Many adventurers came to Geoff during the years after the Invasion, but a number of native born returned home to aid their coutry during its plight. Here are Cadwyr the Sorcerer, Mahel devotee of Saint Cuthbert and the Ranger Garem crossing the frontier into the disputed lands. Garem sees signs of recent monstrous passage through the hill country.

    Posted: 12-06-2020 07:12 am
    Lyosha the Blade

    Lyosha is a mercenary warrior and oftentimes bandit who has made his way down to the City of Greyhawk from his native Stonefist. He always said he is a descendent of the terrible tyrant Vlek, but since Vlek is said to have had over 600 children most Stonefisters can honestly say that Vlek is an ancester.

    He is skilled at two weapon fighting and has come across several enchanted blades. He is best known for his singular magical item, the cod-piece of gonad protection.

    Posted: 12-06-2020 06:57 am
    Zsolt and Kata

    One of the many calamities of the giant invasion of Geoff was a plague of undead that swept across the unoccuppied lands. It is believed that so may unburied and unconsecrated dead were the cause but some adventurers blame an ancient Suel tomb that had been discovered during the occupation and awakened by rebels attempting to use it as a base.

    The ranger-maid Kata and the wild barbarian Zsolt, both natives of Bissel, are said to have found the Suel tomb and ended the incursion of undead

    Posted: 12-05-2020 07:46 am
    Red Lion of Furyondy

    The Red Lion is a knight of Furyondy, a powerful warrior with a following of a hundred-men-at-arms, several squires, a band of archer/rangers and  a train of waggoneers with supplies. He is a small army unto himself and said to be only andwerable to the king.

    Posted: 12-05-2020 06:04 am
    Aspect of Iuz

    Upon his release from the imprisonment of Zagig a vast vision of Iuz as the great king appeared above his northern lands. It is in this form that he is often seen upon his throne.

    Posted: 12-04-2020 11:00 pm
    Master, Journeyman Apprentice

    The magician Muddock his journeyman Grigg and the apprentice Froggly. Muddock in his youth served as a naval wizard upon the Nyr Dyv but never had a liking for it. When he set off on his own he avoided the water and eventually settled near Verbobonc and the northern spur of the Gnarley Forest

    Posted: 12-04-2020 07:53 pm
    Hugo Claydog of Hommlet

    Hugo is a newcommer to Hommlet. He, like many others, came to work on the rising tower and castle and stayed as after roving his worth. He works as a hunter and forester and spends little time in Hommlet itself. He is actually a ranger of some skill and serves the druid and the Old Faith. He is likely to be recommended as a guide to any adventurers new to the area.

    Posted: 12-04-2020 05:26 am
    Azagba - Warrior Chief of the Hepmonland Forest Hunter Tribe

    Azagba leads several allied tribes of Hepmonland natives. His weapons and armor are enchanted by tribal shamans or relics passed down from his forefathers. His people are along the northern coast and have the greatest contact with people from thre Flanaess.

    Posted: 12-03-2020 10:45 pm
    Baron Ambrus of Blackmoor and his Half-Shedu Mount Gyozo

     The nyaterious land of Blackmoor is in no way made less so by the appearance of Baron Ambrus flying near the southrn borders upon his mount Gyozo, a half-Shedu (some say half Manticore). The pair are accompanied by a half-dozen giardsmen on Gryphons and often stop to converse with merchant men and travellers who make the long trip to the forbidding northern land.

    Posted: 12-03-2020 08:16 pm
    Albrecht the Bearded and his Imp Familiar Xertur

    Albrecht,seen here casting a minor spell to protect himself from incoming missles, was an adventurer of some repute from the County of Sunndi, but suffered a complete personality change as the sole survivor to an expedition to the Vast Swamp.

    After disappearing for a nuber of years he was reported as having established a small stronghold amid the Orc tribes of the Pomarj accompanied now by an Imp familiar named Xertur of unsavory repute.

    Posted: 12-03-2020 05:14 am
    Adventure Seed - A Knife In The Dark

    The mists rise each night upon the streets of Greyhawk. From the docks and the Selintan, from the surrounding swamps where the Ery appears from beneath the Cairn Hills, from the steaming sewers and grates where the refuse both living and dead flow beneath the streets, the mists rise. With the mists comes death, death in the form of The Knife, the killer who takes eyes and hearts and souls, who paints the streets and alleys with blood and cannot be caught.

    The Knife haunts Old Town. The bodies he leaves behind are truly lifeless and souless. No priestly spells, no magic, no divination can pierce the mists and the cloud that hides the killer.

    Posted: 12-02-2020 07:18 pm
    Bhionn the Half-Drow

    During the giant's invasion of Geoff it was found that the Drow were actually the masterminds behind the attacks. Many slaves were taken to the underoerth to serve the Drow and Bhionn's mother was one such captive. A Drow matron raised several of the resulting half-breeds and Bhionn became a sorceress in the service of Elemntal Evil in opposition to Lolth. She has no difficulty with sunlight though her unnaturally pale flesh shows the heritage of her Drow father.

    Posted: 12-02-2020 02:55 am
    Agis-Snel the Sage

    Soothsayers are easy to find but an honest and trustworthy Sage of experience and ability is a rare treasure. As Agis-Snel says, "A good Sage is not cheap and a cheap Sage is not good. Agis is very good indeed and very expensive. He also keeps secrets at no extra charge.

    Snel was born in Verbobonc but apprenticed to a Scholar in the City of Greyhawk. It was there amid the ancient tomes and current bustle of the city that he learned his craft and gained his reputation. An older man now, he has returned to Verbobonc and practices a limited consultation for high fees, but is said to bbe worth every copper he charges by his sueviving customers.

    Posted: 12-01-2020 10:31 pm
    The God-Queen Neferu of Zeif

    Before the Rain of Colorless Fire and the Invoked Devestation laid waste to the Suel and the Baklunish, there was a mighty dynasty in the west  The ruling families were of great power and were worshipped as Gods but they were a divided lot and warred upon each other as the warred upon their chief rival the Suel Imperium. One of the lesser members of this dynastic family was Neferu. Her father ruled over the province of Zeif while she reined as the queen of air and fire in the great temple. The Invoked Devastation buried temple and turned the green land around it to Djinn cursed sand. Only recently have the doors to the inner chamber been found and opened and it is said Neferu walks again, much to the concern of Zeif's Sultan.

    Posted: 12-01-2020 09:49 pm
    Sentinels of Bitterness

    In the depths of the Suss forest are the overgrown and weed choked ruins of a Suloise city lost but not entirely forgotten. The foundations of that city are not Suel but Olven. The Suel, merciless conquerors destroyed the Olven city, old beyond the reckoning of human years, and built their own city on top of it, but the protectors of the elves lived on even in death and death is what they brought to the Suel.

    The Sentinels still roam the ruins and encountering one of these fearful guardians does not end well for most explorers,

    Posted: 12-01-2020 06:41 pm
    Ringfinger the Mage

    Ringfinger has taken enough lip from this magic mouth.

    His family were mild nobility from Rel Astra but fled to the Grandwood Forest and he was raised among the Freefolk. From childhood his life was one of adventure, He became apprentice to a mage known for the crafting of minor items of magical power and spent years assisting in the enchantment of rings. He wears three enchanted rings upon each finger, each balanced in their magick to not interfere with the power of each other. As Ringfingers own power grew so did the enchantments he cast upon the rings he crafted. One allows him to fall as a feather, another to disintegrate matter, another to send a bolt of lightning, another to render himself invisible should the need arise. It is said he has crafted rings for all the spells he has learned but only he knows if that is true.

    Posted: 12-01-2020 06:21 pm
    Hinchcliffe the Wizard

    Hinchcliffe has always had a thing for hats but very poor taste. He was a promising student of the Grey College in the City of Greyhawk and chose the life of an adventurer rather than as an academic. he and his companions were monstrously successful in their adventures and Hinchcliffe retired to a ruined tower in the foothills of the Griff mountains to pursue experiments in the creation of monsters and creatures of the flesh. He is best known for his Ram-Men that have helped him carve out a smal domain among the monstrous north of that region though the location of his tower and the ever growing dungeons beneath is known only to a few.

    Posted: 11-30-2020 02:53 pm
    Hinchcliffe's Band - Ram-Man

    The wizard Hunchcliffe is a proud alumni of the Grey College and an experimentor in mutations. The Ram-Man were his most successful experiments. These 3hd monsters are as intelligent as most peasants but more tractable. They disdain armor (mainly because Hinchcliffe hasn't bought them any and favor shields. Their flesh is tough and resiliant giving them a natural AC6 with shield it is AC5. Thery have a 50% resistance to magic and are immune to charm and mind control, Hinchcliffe has armed them with axes, morningstars and spears (which they throw fairly well). The are voracious eaters. So far they have all proven sterile and are only produced in the flesh-vats beneath the hidden hill Hinchcliffe calls home.

    Posted: 11-30-2020 11:19 am
    Weems Half-Elven

     Weems Half-Elven

    Weems was born and bred in the City of Greyhawk. His mother was an elven maiden, enslaved, who caught the eye of a master thief who stole her and rescued her from the hiring market (a half truth as a good amount of those hired end up nearly as slaves and the rest are simply slaves no matter what piece of parchment their owners hold which may say differently). From his father he learned the thieving skills and his an excellent burgler, lockpicker and disarmer of traps. He has a fondness for Druid's Weed, a mild hallucinogen which he smokes in dreamy melancholy lethargy

    Posted: 11-30-2020 10:41 am


    Snakelegs is one of the brood of Snakebiter Chieftain of the Snakebiter tribe. This large orc tribe numbers close to a thousand and are the largest and most powerful tribe in the  high northern hills of the Principality of Ulek.

    Snakelegs is amazingly strong and wields an ancient orcish stone mace. It adds 4 points to a orcs strength and is a + 2 to hit +6 to damage. Snakelegs wields a necklace of Ogre teeth that act as an amulet of +2 protection +4 versus Ogres. His Hide armor is normal smelly badly cured wild boar while his shield causes a -1 to hit to any enemy viewing it.

    Posted: 11-30-2020 09:46 am

    In the Pomarj hills a gathering of Goblin shamans from many tribes has occurred and a supreme shaman has been chosen. Mi'Kraw once of the small, and now extinct, Blisterfoot tribe. He has power beyond the reckoning of any Goblin wielding his spells as a 9th level cleric. His skull totem allows him to raise zombies and animate skeletons. Ghouls fear him and obey his commands while stroner undead are loathe to challenge him or remain in nthe resence of his skull totem. He bears a sword called 'Frostblade" which is +3 to hit and damage and on a natural 20 causes 2d6 ice damage extra. He wears several protective chatrms and amulets and the skull of a demon as a helmet. The demon skull protects him from charms and fire damage.

    Posted: 11-28-2020 03:51 am
    Krellk & Slather

    Krellk is a Goblin chieftain of a large tribeof Wolf-riding goblins that raid along the Wild Coast. Aided by their viscious steed-allies they are a force to be recogened with even among the orcs and smaller Gnoll tribes of the area. Killk and his riders have slain many a human and even the occasional ogre due to their unnusual ferocity and tactics. All of Killk's goblins have become proficient with the short bow and will only close after their arrows have heavily cut down the numbers of their foes or wounded them.Krillk uses his mobility and numbers to very good effect, always scouting and patrolling while withdrawing if the odds are not i  his favor.

    Posted: 11-27-2020 11:46 pm


    Groth is a sub-chieftain from an Orcish tribe in Drachensgrab Hills. Dark things are afoot in the hills and Groth's tribe, The Blooddrinkers, has come under the influence of an unsavory necromancer. Under the tutelage of the necromancers fighter guardsmen Groth is now a 5th level fighter. He wears a suit of +2 Banded Mail, carries a shield that gives his followers +1 to hit if they are within a 30ft radius of  Groth while he carries the shield openly on his arm and a -1 to hit to all enemies withina 30ft radiusne.. His mace is an unholy weapon that causes an extra d6 damage to clerics and paladins and is +2 to hit and damage 

    Posted: 11-27-2020 10:30 pm
    Z'Lee and Ketch

    Z'lee and Ketch come from a small tribe of lizardmen who share a community with the people of Saltmarsh, a prosperous port-town that has benifited enormously from this alliance. The pair had barely grown their first legs when adventurers raided their caves and only the actions of a druidess in the party saved the tribe and the town of Saltmarsh from disaster. The tribe, called 'Yellow-bellies' by humans not of the community, has grown very large and Z'lee and Ketch led an expedition in search of a possible colony site. The pair have been half-raised by humans and adventurers in particular and both possess the skills of low-level rangers rather than just those of lizardmen their age.

    Posted: 11-27-2020 08:38 pm

    Khelaret is of Madame Sartenna's 'Ladies'. She is of half-elven blood and Sartenna's second apprentice. She is more inclined to witchcraft than necromancy and having skills in both has proven helpful to Madame Sartenna.

    Posted: 11-27-2020 07:43 pm
    Madame Sartenna

    Madame Sartenna runs a very expensive and exclusive brothel in the Nobles Quarter of the City of Greyhawk. unbenowest to the outside world she is aa powerful necromancer and her six ladies of the night are apprentices. Not all who enter the doors of her establishment leave. In the sewers beneath her mansion are a growing number of undead. While she calls herself Rima Sartenna now her real name is Aggleroot Wortstinger.

    Posted: 11-27-2020 03:21 am
    Thorolf of Nydam

    Thorolf is the Helmsman of the warleader Bovine's ship Blackwolf. On land he is always at Bovine's side and his horn sounds the summoning of the warband and at sea it calls to the other ships at night or when the fog has fallen (which it always does when approaching the Ghostland). He is a doughty warrior and hero in his own right and was once a sworn companion of Bovine's younger brother who fell in battle many seasons before.

    It is said that his horn instills fear in men not of the north and that at sea it can be heard by any of Bovine's followers even if they be leagues apart. Thorolfs cloak is that of a bear and gives him strengeth, his belt is fashioned with the skull of a tusked troll and while wearing it wounds heal quickly even if they would be a mortal blow. His chestplate is from a Southron warleader and Thorolf's axe is called Oxkiller which causes terrible wounds and can split a man from head to groin.

    Posted: 11-27-2020 03:02 am
    Skirnir the Bootless

    Skirnir is a young warrior of renown who follows the warleader Bovine the Bloody. Some call him a hero and he has several raids under his belt but he is from tribes of the nearer East rather than the more frigid and mountainous North as are most of the men in Bovine's warband. It is said that when he appeared among the Northern towns he had worn out the boots he appeared in crossing through a wild and uninhabited, at least by humans, land that spanned the long miles between those of North and North-East. The title 'Bootless' was bestowed upon him and many a horn's worth of blood was spilled in the honor-square fighting over this unwelcome sobriquet. Now he is only called 'Bootless' when he is beyond hearing and much less often.

    His prowess is well recognized and he is always in the forefront of combat, but his temperament is not that of a leader and his achievements not quite that of those who are deemed heroes among Bovine's warband. That may change this season of raids. Already he possesses several items of note; An enchanted torque of silver that is said to protect his flesh as a suit of chain as well as a silver emblem that is said to do the same that was taken from a Southron warrior. His great axe is the work of Dwarves and is said to aid the strength he puts behind his blows so much so that he can split a shield in a single strike.

    Posted: 11-26-2020 08:21 pm
    Erik One-Eye

    Erik One-Eye

    Once he was Erik Red-Beard till a Southron's sword got in under his helm and took his left-eye with it. Now he is marked as one of the Raven King's chosen. Few warriors last long with one eye removed and Erik doesn't intend to stay in the land of the first-life longer than he need be.

    Once he lead a warband himself but now he is one of the dozen or so heroes who accompanies Bovine on his raids west and south. He seeks the promise of the Raven King, a glorious death in battle. He disdains the use of a helm but still keeps himself armored, not seeking a gut-wound just a quick death he can see, when it comes for him.

    Now he is first into a fray with no desire to stand amid a shield wall or worry that he will be struck down from his blind side. After all such a death is the promise of such a wound. He should already be dead but the Chooser has marked him so that all will know he had earned his place in the second life among the chosen heroes already. Erik is impatient to join his brethren.

    Posted: 11-26-2020 04:15 pm
    Bovine the Bloody

    Bovine the Bloody

    This dour warrior from the north is relatively young to command the respect and leadership of his warband. Personally he has over 180 men and women sworn to him, 3 longships worth, but as many as 8 longships have accompanied him on his southern raids. His crews are well experienced and doughty warriors but there is always a leavening of new warriors to replace those lost during raiding season. At least 30 of  his followers, normally 10 per ship, will be raw recruits between the ages 14 and 16 while another 60 or so will have only 1 or 2 raiding seasons under their belt.

    Of the remaining 90 or so men Bovine has two ship-leaders and a half-dozen heroes of his own standing while the bulk of the men are experienced warriors between the ages of 18-30 with a few greying oldesters in their 30's who somehow have not been chosen by the Raven King to swell his ranks in the next life.

    While most of his men are normal axe and sword wielding warriors, a small group are priests of the bear-cult. These men disdain the use of armor and weapons and some take on the form of monstrous bears in battle. It is said that normal weapons do them no lasting harm or even recoil from their flesh. A number of skalds also accompany Bovine's small host. These poet-magician-priests are said to be in service of the Raven King and practice healing arts, enchantments, wizardry and even martial skills though not to the same degree as those purely wielding spear, axe or sword.

    A small contingent of bowmen are aboard each ship. It is not a favored weapon of war among northerners but Bovine has among his ranks a renowned bowman from the west of the Island of Ghosts and he has trained those among Bovine's followers in the way of the Longbow. About a score of these warriors are bowmen and half-a-dozen of those coming on their first raid are apprenticed.

    Among these warriors about 1/3 are swordwomen. They sale aboard a single longship and fight as a single group. They are lead by Hodra, Bovine's wife, and she is one of his two Ship-leaders. While skalds are all male, there are 3 Sedkona among Hodra's ship. These wise-woman carry staves that they use in battle both as a physical weapon but also as an item imbued with magical power. There are also a group of swordswomen, perhaps a dozen among the three-score, who know the ways of the Vol, a healing art that is similar to that practiced among the Skalds.

    The heroes who follow Bovine are from various clans and tribes in the north but there are 3 dark-skinned warriors, a father and two sons, who journeyed on some quest to the far north, a wild red-haired warrior from the mountains in the north of the Ghost Land. a skald from the western islands, and even a warrior from the old empire in the southern lands who wears strange green-bronze armor and seems to know every weapon created by man.

    Posted: 11-26-2020 09:01 am
    The Stone Heads of Messerschmidt

    In the great city-state of Ptolemides magic and those who wield it are as much artists as they are scholars or mystics and perhaps no one was greater at his craft than the mad sculptor-magician Messerschmidt. During his day the College of Wizards was a powerful organization and they held sway over all branches of the mystical field of study in a way that has not been seen again since.

    Messerschmidt was a genius, but he had little truck with his fellow practitioners and this cost him dearly. The elders of College would not brook insolence let alone the complete disregard that Messerschmidt held them in and in a single much regretted night they smashed his studies, slew his wives and myriad children and thought to destroy the artist-wizard himself, but Messerschmidt had transported himself away to a nearby quarry to view the soul in the stone he sought for his next work. When he returned his tower was a burned out abattoir.

    Over the next year Messerschmidt decimated the College of Wizards. The elders, staff and many of its students became the 'work' of the sculptor and instead of rendering stone into works of art and magic he rendered magicians into stone and artifacts of power.

    There are dozens of these stone heads still in existence. They are the souls of mighty dweomencrafters frozen into paroxysms of emotion. Each alone benefits its possessor, acting as guardians most often, voicing alarms, summoning spells and creatures as they might have in life. The more that are brought together the more powerful they become.

    A single head will act as a magic mouth unless the name of the magician whose soul is trapped within the stone is known. Then the head will be able to cast a single first level spell as if it were a first level magic-user. If the possessor of the head is also a magic-user they themselves will be granted the casting of an extra 1st level spell at 1st level once per day if they are within 100feet of the head.

    With every extra stone head in possession the level and ability of the heads and the possessor increases by one. Two stone heads act as a single 2nd level mage and grant the same to the possessor of the heads within the 100 foot radius of this enchantment's reach. Through the years there has been a constant struggle to gain as many of these stone heads as possible. Many have been lost though whether they actually be destroyed is not known.

    It is rumored that each head possesses unique abilities as well as curses and the number of heads is rumored to grow if used too often or if too many are gathered together. A wizard may possess twelve of these stone heads only for his apprentices to find thirteen come morning and no master to be found.

    Posted: 11-26-2020 08:50 am
    The Horned Helms of Toszar Khan

    Toszar Khan is the name the Wildmen of the North give to a Shaman-King from their distant past. The people of the more civilized Southlands know little of him. He ruled a vast empire and united the North from the Shores of the Ice seas and the blue-painted savages that now inhabit the northern highlands of the isle of Ghosts to the endless eastern plains of ice and snow that the Reindeer People drift across in their colorful and luxurious caravans and whose command of the elements keeps them safe from their dangerous cousins and outlanders who would ravage them.

    That Toszar Khan ruled a vast city of stone older than the memory of man is undisputed. The broken towers and weed-choked streets can be found half-sunken into the Ice Marsh close to the edge of the great north wall the Southerns built to stem the tide of northern raids.  Toszar Khan raised the city from the marsh, supported its foundations of the backs of summoned elementals of stone and earth, and at his death by the sword of the hero Culen Fairhair it sank once again into its chilly slumber.

    But during the time of the shaman-king the old chieftains were dragged from their barrows and adorned with the horned helms of Toszar Khan. These were his warleaders, his strongest guardians and the greatest shame of his people who honored the dead and their dead heroes most of all.

    Three of these helmed corpses have survived the death of the shaman-king. Most often they can be found in the old city of stone Zar-Kelen within the broken ziggurat where Toszar Khan was slain, but they often travel to and dwell within their own violated barrows to the north and east of the city.

    Once their had been a score of the helmed servants but now only three remain.

    The Bear, the oldest of the three. His helm is topped with the skull of a bear and his face masked by a cross of bronze, His body is marked with the old symbols of his achievements and power. He was a shaman-king himself and he wields unholy magic as well as martial power. His helm not only animates his cold, dead flesh (as it all the helms will do) it allows him to summon the spirits of dead beasts to fight for  and serve him,

    The Corpse-King, he is seen here between his fellows. The youngest and one of the last chieftains who was honored with a barrow before the old ways were abandoned during the years of the great plague and the burning of the dead began. His flesh is unmarked, though a sickly cold green-blue with the dark-slime that runs through his body instead of blood same as his brethren, and his helm is graven with the markings from the old pre-human foundations of the city, and his face masked by the bronzed breast-bones of a man. He is the most skilled with weapons of his brethren fighting with a southern longsword in one hand and a short-sword from the old southern empire in the other. He can summon all those he kills to fight for him though their bodies rot quickly and within a week collapse into a pile of putrid flesh and bones. Animals detest him and flee from him. Animal dead will attack him on sight unless controlled by his brethren.

    The Ram. His fleshed is inscribed with the marks of a chain. Once he was enslaved by the Southerns and fought in their arena of death. Somehow he returned to the north and claimed leadership among the outlaws and bandits of the northern mountains. His helm has the skull of a ram upon it and he can summon the elementals of earth and stone to serve him. His resting place was a barrow of stone at the foot of the first mountain in the north and it is rumored that great treasures were buried within him but deep within the mountains roots, protected by all those The Ram defeated in combat, from the south to the shaggy mountain tribesmen of the far north to great beasts and monsters that few other encountered and lived to tell the tale.

    Posted: 11-26-2020 08:34 am

    Amaris - Half-Elf -Cleric/Ranger Str 13/ Wis 17/ Dex 17

    Amaris was brought up on the outskirts of Greyhawk with no memory of her parents. She was found wandering along the edges of the Gnarley Forest by a hunter and was raised among his own large brood of children. Her Half-elven heritage was readily apparent but whether it was her mother or her father who was the human was unknown. The elves of Celene and their kin would not acknowledge her and no one in the area north and east of the Gnarley knew where she had come from.

    Her adopted father Calder at first took no more interest in her than his other numerous children but soon her natural ability at woodscraft and her skill with the bow made her his constant companion. With Calder's son Jerek and his daughter Caren, both older than Amaris, he hunted up and down the east of the Gnarley and sold his pelts, smoked meats and exotic catches to buyers in the City of Greyhawk itself. It was there that Amaris became devotee of the Wandering God Fharlanghn.

    For many years Amaris wandered the Gnarly Forest and the Welkwood increasing her skills as a ranger and practicing her faith among those that needed the God's bounty. She became a companion to a Half-Elf druid who had a grove in the northern Welkwood but on his death at the hands of a group of mercenaries in the service of the Elder Elemental God she began to devote herself to hunting all such down.

    While Amaris will still help those in need, especially wanderers, she is now found more often on quests involving the death of cultist, brigands and rogues or the despoiling of their places of power or worship. She turns to her bow more often than her prayers to Fharlanghn and is much distrusting and wary than her younger self would ever have imagined.

    Posted: 11-26-2020 08:02 am

    Ch'lvendn - M-U Lvl 9 H.P. 27 AC: (10)

    Ch'lvendn was born on the rolling hills of the northern plains beyond the city of Uzuldaroum near the Lake of Rust. She traveled with her people the Barovoz who cross the empty places between the northern cities in long caravans protected by their horsemen, their shamans and their wielders of magic (who are all female among the Barovoz). Her mother was a powerful figure in the council of the Three Elders who lead them and her daughter inherited much of her mother's ability but none of her desire to stay among the people.

    When Ch'lvendn was old enough to become a journeywoman among the practitioners of magic she disappeared from the Barovoz during a quest to the ruins of once great Commoriom  and traveled south and east increasing her skill, finding adventure and making a small name for herself among the cities and people of the more populous and less cold south.

    Currently she has a small residence in the City-State of Ptolemides but she is not often found at home. She is no longer the teenage girl riding fearlessly away from all that she once knew, but her desire for power, treasure and adventure is still as strong.

    Posted: 11-26-2020 07:58 am


    She was born in the depths of the Abyss, skin of alabaster and hair like living fire, delicate and supple as a willow, her eyes blazing with the flames of her birth and her wings, stretched and formed of flesh as of a serpent, showed her Daemonic origin. Her creator, Veles, was with her in that moment when those ruby eyes awoke to the pain and delight of new life and she felt the hunger of her empty soul.

    Veles filled her and left within her the seed of knowledge. She lived a thousand lifetimes in a clouded breath. Felt death and love, fulfillment and longing and with a soft, sharp cry was possessed by such lore that the sages of earth would lease their souls to attain.

    She fell to her knees and drew her serpent-skinned wings about herself and though she could not sleep or dream she closed her eyes and found herself shivering naked amid a landscape of ice and freezing stone. There was a small chain of silver-coated iron about her ankle, silver so that it would not sear her flawless skin, and a collar of the same about her throat. Her eyes looked on all this in wonder and her mind drank in the new world around her so different from the place of her birth, the fire that gave no light or darkness which nourished her. This bright cold world was a torment and she wept.

    She knew of time but had not experienced it till the light began to dim and the cold became a thousand knives that cut at her, but the darkness, the darkness was very sweet. When the light was gone she unfolded her wings, shook them and broke a shell of ice which had formed about her. She could not fly and although she had never flown knew that flight called to her as Veles had called to her, but the chain of iron and silver bound her to the stone and she could find no release.

    Charybides stood and stretched her wings till they scraped against the cold walls of rock at her sides. She stood like the daughter of a God stepping from the bleeding cavity of his skull or a vision from the heart of a shell rising from the ocean deeps. Hers was a grace that no mortal could ever duplicate.

    The chain sounded in a small chorus, its links had been adorned with bells and they pealed with tiny voices as she moved. A deeper louder fuller bell gonged in the distance. Charybides stopped, not in fear as she knew fear only as an idea, and listened. From a point beyond where she was there came the deep bell and a rumble that she could feel through the soles of her feet making the tiny bells of her chains cry out in small voices in response.

    The light had not returned and she could see, not as a mortal sees, but in the way that fire sees. She watched the darkness blaze with colors that moved and danced and flowed like the crashing of waves.

    To be continued...

    Posted: 11-26-2020 05:09 am
    The Island Fortress of Boyan the Wizard Part 1


    The Island Fortress of Boyan the Wizard Part 1

    Before the time of man there were the Gods. Perun the Thunderer was the strongest and Veles the Snake was his brother. They split the world and chose the realms that they would rule. The contest they fought over this choice raised mountains in ash and fire, caused storms that drained the sea and floods that swept the Earth bare. While Perun was the stronger Veles was smarter, crafty and skilled with magic.

    The struggle went on for ages and they created allies from the seeds of life to be found. The early Lizard Kings and their beasts aided them, but while they were the first children of Veles many were swayed by the raw power of Perun and betrayed their divine father. As the strife continued and the ages passed all manner of bird, beast and finally man were created.

    The northern top of the world was carved from the earth and moved to a place beyond time. It became a gateway to other places, other times and other possibilities.  It became a place of legend. It became Hyperborea.


    Boyan the Wizard is a servant of Veles. He has ruled the northern islands for countless years, but it has been years longer since he was last seen. Still the people of the islands have been under his rulership for all the years that he has been gone. Boyan's fortress is set upon one of a cluster of small islands near the northern coast. His ships and flying beasts kept the farmers and fisherman of the towns and villages under check, collected the tithes in slaves and treasure, and recruited boys to become soldiers in the wizard's service.

    Then the storm came and with the crash of lightening, the lash of torrential rain, the wind that broke walls, uprooted trees and foundered ships, the secret worshipers of Perun rose up and struck against the servants of Boyan and regained their freedom.

    For long weeks the last of the wizard's servants were hunted down, but to everyone's surprise there has been no sign of the wizard or his steward and the council of apprentices who rule in the name of the wizard. Finally an expedition has been put together; warriors, clerics of Perun and the hidden Gods, magicians (who are not entirely trusted) and even thieves from Debent, largest of the towns formerly under the sway of the Boyan. With a small ship and crew who will take them to the wizard's fortress and then retreat to the safety of the nearby islands to prepare a camp and wait for a signal to return, this adventurous group will set out to explore the fortress and report back on what they find.

    This is an open ended adventure for 5 to 10 characters levels 4 to 6. A well balanced party is recommended. (Welcome to the 1st draft). 

    Posted: 11-26-2020 04:06 am
    Gizurr - Berserker - Northman

    Gizurr - Berserker - Northman

    -Ftr 6th Lvl - HP 56 (94 when Berserk) - AC 9 (4 when Berserk) +1 To hit (+3 to Hit/ +3 Dmg when Berserk). Immune to all spells and effects which attempt to slow, bind, charm, transmute or render unconscious while Berserk.

    Gizuur lives in the hills above the fjord. He has been blessed by the Raven God with the red strength that comes from the old blood of bears. He is a sworn man to Rolfr and accompanies him on raids or when called upon at the settlement around the Fjord. When not raiding or fighting for Rolfr he works as a miner in the old caves and sells the red iron ore to the local smiths.

    Once per day he can choose to go berserk (see Note). As a berserk wearing armor or even clothing is difficult as his muscles increase in size and he can split seams or cause damage to himself from the leather straps or chain links. He chooses to wear no shirt and only a loose kilt-like wrap of animal fur around his loins. For a weapon he wields an old axe called "Skull-Splitter" which can split a man from pate to breast bone on a natural '20' (double-damage on a save versus death magic otherwise an instant kill). Only those in a Berserk state can wield 'Skull-Splitter' properly and it is considered a holy weapon blessed by the

    Raven King.

    Note: Those blessed by the Raven King can go into a wild state called Berserking once per day. They can summon this state in a single combat round and it will last for 2 combat for every point of their constitution.

    Their strength becomes exceptional and they are at +3 to Hit and +3 to Damage. Their AC becomes AC4 unless they are wearing armor of some sort which raises them to AC6 till it is removed. Many berserkers fight in the nude and at the very least fight bare-chested. Wearing metal armor causes 2HP of damage per combat round and leather armor will split and fall from their arms and chest.

     Berserkers gain HP equal to their maximum for both their level and their constitution bonus with a 10HP bonus. Thus a 6th level fighter with 18 constitution would have 94HP while berserk. If a berserker is injured beyond his natural HP he will collapse after leaving the berserk state, if he is injured to a point more than 10HP below his natural HP he will die immediately upon leaving the berserk state.

    While in a berserk state the berserker is immune to all spells and effects magical that would cause him to be bound, lose consciousness, be hasted or slowed, charmed, or transmuted. He is immune to natural poison, pain, or injuries that would render him unconscious.

    Once all enemies are dead a berserker will turn on his friends and most save versus spells to keep them for every combat round that the berserk state is in effect. A berserker cannot control the length of his berserk state (2xConstitution in combat rounds) and must remain berserk for the entire duration. Once a Berserker has left his berserk state he will be at -4 to Hit and -4 damage till he has rested for at least 12 hours.

    Posted: 11-26-2020 02:24 am
    Them Bones

    Them Bones

    Jarrod the Carver was a warrior-mage from the land of the Narve, a mountainous country north of the One Hundred Cities. He was known for his love of chance and his wondrous magical creations and of those creations his dice are perhaps the most famous and sought after. He is said to have made a hundred sets of each kind and scattered them across the world. Each of the die was crafted from the bones of some animal or person. Many have similar effects, such as simply summoning that particular animal (his six-sided die of the Owlbear is particularly popular and legendary), but others are unique, some trivial, some beautiful and some horrific.

    Here are some of his dice.

    1) The Die of Flowers

    This pyramid shaped object has four sides with an intricate carving of a flower on each face. It appears to be made of stone but has no weight to it and if thrown will float in the air about ten feet from he who threw it and rise to the caster's eye-level. The effect of the die occurs in the same segment it has been cast, lasts for 1d4 rounds and afterwards the die drops gently to the ground.

    The first face of the die causes a storm of flowers to flow from it in a cone shape that will fill a ten foot high, ten foot wide and thirty foot long (10x10x30) area away from the caster of the die. This cloud of flowers will disrupt the casting of spells, normal and shouted conversations as the flowers tend to get in people's mouths if they are trying to speak, and ranged combat as they completely obscure everything in the area of the cloud. Melee combat is considered Blind Combat with an extra -2 penalty to hit for anyone in the cloud as the flying flowers are distracting even to anyone with an ability to fight blinded. Firing into the area of effect is also at negative modifier (-6 to hit) as all objects in the area of effect are completely obscured even to those looking toward them from outside the cloud of flowers. The torn petals remain as a colorful carpet after the spell has been cast, but they are simply a common variety though quite edible.

    2) The Dice of Caltrops (and Jarrod's Bag of Dice)

    Another pyramid shaped die of which several are normally available at the same time. The reason for this is Jarrod's Bag of Dice (see item 3.). A Die of Caltrops shows an icon of from one to four caltrops on its faces and when cast (or thrown, which is the safer method) it will spread out a layer of caltrops (either the small kind used against man-sized creatures or the large kind used against horse-sized creatures depending on the type of Die possessed. The die that produces the human-sized caltrops is smooth green while the horse-sized come from a die that is mottled red and blue). The layer will be from a ten to forty foot area centered around the cast Die. The caster of the die can walk through this field of caltrops without risk as long as he is in possession of  the Dice Bag which spawned the Die (see item 3) but otherwise he will suffer the same damage as anyone else caught within a section covered in the caltrops.

    Unlike normal caltrops which sit and hope for someone to step on them Jarrod's caltrops are more proactive. Anyone stepping into a 10 foot by 10 foot area will find caltrops underfoot no matter where or how carefully they step. Passing through the area causes 2d4 damage and reduces movement by 50% for 1d6 combat rounds unless the damage is somehow healed. Each time someone passes again through a 10x10 section of Jarrod's caltrops they must roll again for damage and add another 1d4 of combat rounds of movement speed reduction to their original total.

    The caltrops from the Die have a chameleon ability that allows them to blend in with their surroundings rendering them effectively invisible. They do radiate magic and they will appear to any type of detect trap spell. These caltrops cannot be swept aside or regathered and remain in the area they originally covered unless disspelled.

    3)  Jarrod's Bag of Dice

    In the creation of his dice Jarrod realized that some must be crafted so that in the casting of the die the effect would consume the die itself. In order to free himself of the necessity of recrafting these useful objects each time he used them Jarrod created one of his most powerful, remarkable and temperamental magic items. The Bag of Dice is a semi-sentient magic item the least of which (for there are many species of them) is highly valued and sought after. Each Bag of Dice has both an intelligence and an ego. They can speak, but only to their possessor's who they tend to adopt as pets though some treat more like servants. Bag's of Dice must be fed. At least one spell must be fed to them each day or a magical effect or a physical magic item. They have limited ability of movement (hunching and crawling like an inchworm) and the more powerful and intelligent have learned to cast spells of their own (especially after consuming scrolls, potions and various magic items). For all the trouble that they can be and cause, the rewards of possessing one of these Bag's of Dice are immediate and obvious as they birth magic dice the way a chicken lays eggs. A Bag of Dice can 'lay' one magic die per week. These dice will be found within the interior of the bag though once removed they can be stored anywhere. The Dice have a sense of the Dice Bag and using a magic Die without possessing the Bag which spawned it will impose some risk upon the caster of the Die. The normal limit of how many unconsumed Dice children a Bag will spawn before becoming reproductively inactive in an even dozen (the Bag will create 12 Dice and if they are unused, stop producing more, if 1 Die is used it will produce 1 more. This amount is called a 'carton'. Only 1 carton of Dice may exist at one time per Bag).  

    Posted: 11-26-2020 01:45 am
    The Daemon Tells His Tale

    The Daemon Tells His Tale

    By Jason Zavoda

    Your world is cold and plain as the skin of a virgin stretched on a drying rack. What I can tell you of the places beyond thought and behind reality would make you cry tears of blood, make you scream till your throat was stripped raw, pleasure you beyond pain and understanding.

    Can you see the colors of death? Can you taste the sublime flavors of damnation or hear the unending chorus of those trapped between the veil of life and the curtain of eternity? You would have me rip a handful of threads from the weave of fate and place them in your grasp though each strand would flay your soul. Truly I would laugh at such a sight and bask in the radiance of your torment.

    Would you sail with me on the boat of dreams past the boundary of the sane? Take bleeding wings sewn with the severed silver thread that binds your spirit safe to Earth?

    The mystic heavens have no place for mortal travelers. To hear of what far fabled lands reside beyond the birth of the moon and the far reaches of the outer dark will set you on a path that will forever take you from the world of man.

    There is no safety in words. They will not shield you from the horror of the empty dark. The words are a doorway, a gate to fear and wonder, that once opened can never be closed.

    I will tell you of places unreachable filled with the nameless and the unimaginable from which there is no return.

    Posted: 11-26-2020 12:34 am

    Rolfr - HouseKarl - Northman

    - Ftr 7th Lvl HP72 AC(9) {0 in +3 Chain Shirt} [-1 with +1 Shield]

    RuneHelm - The runes for clear vision are inscribed on Rolfr's helm. The helm itself is dwarf-forged steel but the enchantment is good skaldish work. Wearing the helm allows Rolfr to see through fog and minor spells that would alter perception (up to 3rd level and thereafter giving him a +3 save against higher level spells where allowed). He also gains a +3 save against attacks that would cause blindness and increases his general eyesight by 20ft as well as allowing him to see that much greater in dim light or moon light. These runes were crafted only for Rolfr and the helm is only well crafted steel to anyone else.

    Arrowcatcher - This shield gives a +1 bonus to armor class but it also draws any normal arrows, slingstones or darts to be attracted to it and bounce off harmlessly. Enchanted projectiles are unaffected.

    Silk-Metal - This chain shirt was crafted by an elvish people beholding to Rolfr's kin. It is a family heirloom and will be ransomed if seized in battle. If not ransomed then it will be the object if quests and bounty to have it returned. It provides a +3 bonus to armor class and has the texture of silk against the skin of the wearer as well as weighing only as much as a shirt of the same material.

    Drawn Blood - is a bastard sword of elven origin but altered by a Northern songsmith of the Eastern lands. It bears an enchantment that allows it a +2 bonus to hit but the songsmith made sure that any wounds would bleed for an addition 1d6 damage with a 20% chance that the wounded would swoon from blood loss and suffer a -2 AC and -2 to Hit penalty for the next round of combat.

    The Green Cloak - Allows Roflr to ignore enchantments that might slow or trap him.

    The Red Pants - these pants absorb 1 HP of damage for every damage dealing attack against Rolfr. If an attack only causes 1 HP damage then Rolfr is unharmed.

    Posted: 11-25-2020 07:04 pm
    A Noise That Seemed Afraid Of Silence

    A Noise That Seemed Afraid Of Silence

    Beyond the coasts of Sange is an island in the Sea of Twilight. The sea itself is a place of beauty and terror, but the island, which has no name, is a place of ending. When the people of Sange weary of all things they seek this island for there is no true ending in Sange only life followed by life.

    The Sea of Twilight can only be sailed by Death and finding Death in Sange is a hard thing. To kill a man or a woman, an animal or thing is possible but death lasts only an instant and the spirit of those of Sange who are killed flies free like a gleam of silver moonlight before it is gone to find life again.

    The spirit of the dead must be caught in a cage of mirrors baited with a dream; A dream of power, of love, anger, tears, betrayal, revenge or remorse. The cage is capped with the frozen eye of a mage and the breath of despair. Then the body of the dead will be at the command of the holder of the cage and the journey to the island can begin.

    There is a fear that has come to Sange. Dreams have become nightmares and the land, though always hard and often cruel, has lost the wonder, pleasure and enchantment that made unending life a joy instead of a wearisome burden or horrific punishment. The soothsayers, the oracles and the prophets speak of the island on the Sea of Twilight and say that only there can the answer to this curse be found.

    Someone or some group of someones must make this journey, find Death to sail the ship, cross the Sea of Twilight and walk upon the island from which no one has returned. Great dreamers are called to this quest from all of Sange, dreamers brave and strong, of the mind and arm, heart and spirit before the darkness which has settled upon the land has ended every song, silenced every voice, broken the spirits of those who have lived a thousand lives and made Sange into a prison of nightmare and torment.

    Posted: 11-25-2020 04:21 am
    Minstrel Tales - The Bold Hommlet Farmer

    Minstrel Tales - The Bold Hommlet Farmer

    The Bold Hommlet Farmer

    Here is a ditty that is about a small village on the road north to Verbobonc. In the inns and taverns of the area a quick gulp of ale is normally taken at the end of each chorus.

    One evening of late into Hommlet I strayed
    and bound for Verbobonc I was making me way
    At the Welcome Wench some time I delayed
    For to wet me auld whistle with Keoish

    To Hommlet, To Hommlet,
    To Hommlet I strayed
    To Hommlet, To Hommlet
    To Hommlet I strayed
    The road to Verbobonc was dry as a bone
    The road to Verbobonc
    Was dry as a bone

    I scarcely had travelled a mile of the road
    When I heard a dispute in a farmer's abode
    There stood a bandit, an ill looking toad
    And the wife of a bold Hommlet farmer


    "You're a robber" the bold farmer's wife she replied
    "You're as bad as a goblin with whom you abide
    But the men of Burne's Badgers will put down your pride
    They'll be here like lightning in front of a storm


    I spaded me fist and I picked up me stick
    and behind that foul bandit like a mouse I did trip
    Then with all my strength I gave him a lick
    and the bold farmer's wife was adoring
    (Loosely adapted from 'The Bold Tenant Farmer')

    Posted: 11-24-2020 07:58 pm
    Lost Library of Q'Sh - Tradesman's Entrance - Part 1

    Lost Library of Q'Sh - Tradesman's Entrance

    Part 1

    The area around the Lost Library of Q'Sh is wilderness with the once nearby towns and villages long abandoned and swallowed by forest. The road to and from the library was once wide, well paved and maintained but the trees have claimed the once open track as they have claimed worked fields and town squares. Time and the elements and the gnawing roots of trees have not been kind to the works of man.

    The library itself was made of sterner stuff, carved from a wide plateau of rock and descending untold depths into the earth, the work was at the hands of dwarven craftsmen, miners and masons; built as a repository of knowledge for the ages not just the life of a man or even a civilization.

    If only those protecting the library had been as enduring as stone.

    The Tradesman's Entrance -

    The Forest

    The area surrounding the Tradesman's entrance to the library is in a long narrow, heavily-wooded valley. The roadway that once marched evenly down the valley floor, raised above a fast flowing stream, has long since disappeared and the stream is now the only direct path to the wide southern gateway.

    The valley forest is strangely empty of any large animal life except for a pair of giant-weasels that hunt by day and a patrol of kobolds who check their traps for small game by night.

    If the players approach by day they may discover the tracks of a brown bear leading into the valley. A fresh trail can be found broken through the underbrush and in a small clearing near a recently uprooted tree is the scene of a desperate battle. A large brown bear lies dead atop the body of a giant-weasel. A second weasel is tangled amid the roots of the upturned tree. A small 1hp brown bear cub sits forlornly by its mother's body while the body of a dead cub is resting where the weasel dropped it; in the deep depression left by the roots of the tree.

    The bear cub is very young and will bond with anyone feeding it. If abandoned the cub will attempt to follow the party. If cared for the cub could become a faithful animal companion, but keeping it alive as it is a 1HP AC9 creature could prove challenging.

    The Stream

    Once an icy-cold and fast flowing water that ran beside the raised roadway; the valley stream has become a slow and shallow flow of water skirting tumbled rocks as it leads toward the southern entrance of the library. To the west the valley wall rises higher as the water flows south ending in the pool at Area 1). before curving along the outer wall heading east and disappearing into a crevice and into the dungeons below.

    Movement along the stream is not difficult but the bed is filled with loose stone and combat for anyone standing in the stream-bed is at -1 to hit.

    The east forested bank of the stream is about ten-feet above the shallow water. During the spring storms flood waters will raise the stream from mere inches to a height that will easily overflow the ten-foot banks. The bank has been worn down in several places where kobolds have beaten down animal paths that reached the stream.

    If the valley is entered at night there is a chance of encountering the kobold patrol or the group gathering small prey from their series of traps. (During the day it is possible to find the kobolds' traps which are simple wire snares).

    A. Patrol

    The kobold patrol consists of one sub-leader of 4hp AC5 (suit of homemade leather armor) armed with a barbed throwing spear dmg 1d4 (+ 1hp dmg to remove unless save under Dex is made) and a dagger he uses as a short sword dmg 1d4+1 (due to strength).

    8 2hp AC7 kobolds armed with 1d4 damage stabbing spears.

    The leader has a small belt pouch with a round gold sphere (if examined it will be revealed as the head of a small statue that radiates magic faintly).

    The Trap Gatherers.

    The trap gatherers consist of 12 kobolds that will split off into six groups of two. One kobold will be 2hp AC7 the other 1hp. The 2hp kobold has a stabbing spear 1d4 dmg and the other kobold is unarmed and will run away if attacked (or if any strangers are encountered). If forced to fight the 1hp kobolds can only inflict 1hp dmg.

    Raising the Alarm

    Both the Patrol and the Trap Gathers will try to race back to their warrens (1a-1e) and raise the alarm about intruders rather than to stay and fight. If a single adventurer is encountered the Patrol leader might try to swarm them but will still send one member of his patrol back to the warrens. 

    Posted: 11-24-2020 06:28 pm
    UnderOerth map location C-19 - South-West Tunnel

    Underoerth map location C-19 - South-West Tunnel

    Heading west the tunnel branches into three before entering this location.  

    The south-west tunnel is of double the normal width and heads downward. Signs of recent travel as well as maintenance are visible.

    A dwarf might recognize the work of supporting columns as well as the drainage and ventilation shafts being of dwarvish work. A successful search for secret doors 10 yards down the south-west passage will reveal a locked hidden doorway. The lock is also of fine workmanship and is at -10% to pick for non-dwarves.  The room inside is 20feet from the door to the back wall and 40feet long following the south-west tunnel. The wall separating the room from the tunnel is an even foot-and-a-half thick.

    Inside the room, whose ceiling is only 6feet, are a half-a-dozen bunks of dwarven size showing recent occupation. Chests at the foot of each bunk contain only blankets for the bunks, but each has a false bottom. Inside each hidden compartment are 1d6 healing potions, a week's worth of iron rations, a one gallon water canteen, a +2 dagger that is of dwarven workmanship but like drowic weaponry will disenchant and crumble if exposed to sunlight or taken to the upper world for more than a month.

    A cloak and weapon rack is against one wall, but everything is sized for dwarves. Two of the half dozen picks in the weapon rack are enchanted and allow the wielder to tunnel through 20feet of rock as if it were stone once a day if the rune of activation, engraved on pock-head, is touched and the activation word, "spelunker", and "gravy" is spoken in the dialect of 'Deep Dwarven'.  There are also various shovels, hammer, chisels, coils of rope and masonry tools contained in the rack. There are 3 cloaks, dwarven sized, that give +2 armor class if the wearer is beneath the earth and near stone.  

    The door can be secured on the inside with an iron crossbar and there are two hidden holes at dwarven eye-level for looking out into the passage.

    Posted: 11-24-2020 04:15 am
    The Guardsmen of Ptolemides

    The Guardsmen of Ptolemides

    The lost and ancient city of Ptolemides sits on the coast of an ocean that has no name beneath strange stars which sing eerily in the darkness for those who have the fate to hear them. Long ago, it is said, the Hellenic fleet that came upon this land, discovered a vast ruined city on whose foundation they built temples and homes, but others say that Ptolemides has always been as it is now, taken complete to the last stone from their homeland, but all agree that the shifting skies and mist shrouded land, the cold waters of the ocean, are not and will never be 'home'.

    Those who guard the gates and walls of the city, those who walk the streets or stand against the peoples and creatures which approach the environs of Ptolemides bear the arms and armor of the Hellenes from long ago, but over the years, how many is not known as time flows strangely in the land around Ptolemides, they have become a mixed group of Hellene and wanderer, conquered or barbarian outsiders.

    The traditional arms of Ptolemides guardians is a full helm with cheek and noseguard; a breastplate of steel and shield of embossed wood and leather with a bronze edge. An armored skirt is worn and greaves that protect from ankle to knee. The ancient short-spear suitable for thrusting or throwing and a short-sword are the normal armaments for a Ptolemides guardsman. Some short-bows are still in use but the crossbow was introduced to the city in past years and the guardsmen took to its use immediately, both light and heavy cross bows are used,.

    The basic patrol group is a 'Hand' of five guardsmen. One experienced guard in charge with one veteran and a mix of three green recruits or city reserves. The green recruits gain experience in the city and once they become veterans join the patrols that march or ride outside the walls if needed. Reserve guardsmen serve for several weeks a year as their work permits but a good excuse is needed if they don't answer a summons to duty.

    Green recruits are chosen at the age of 16 (men and women) and may serve as guardsmen all their useful lives. Those who are trained as reserves also begin their training and selection at age 16 but are generally not called upon past the age 40. Both male and female Hellenes serve in the guard and are trained as reserves.

    Posted: 11-24-2020 04:07 am
    Muskethulhu - Die Akademie der Blinden

    Die Akademie der Blinden

    Terrible things happened during the great war; the creation of the Stahlköpfe was one of them. After the death of the East German King Maximilian and the destruction of the green stone talisman, the aptly named Der Grüne Stern, which had protected the powerful among the Holy Roman Empire for millennia, a study was made of the fragments; inside was found a map of silver wire. Prince Rudolph, soon to crowned king of the East Germans, oldest son of Maximilian, enlisted the aid of the feared magister-alchemist Anselmus Boëtius de Boodt.

    Driven from the Celtoi lands and cast out from his own Belgai clan de Boodt wandered for years in the far north among the Nords, then to the Witch-lands of the east among the Suomalainen and the Zavoloshka. Where he went next is unknown but one day he appeared in Praha and soon his fame and skills became legendary. Rudolph was a dabbler in the occult and in his own palatial mansion within the city was home to alchemists and magicians, priests of many gods, cultists, madmen, mathematicians, artists and philosophers; de Boodt became his mentor and most trusted advisor.

    Researching the green stone of the shattered amulet de Boodt discovered the map and deciphered its meaning. A path through the silvered land of moonlight led to Ultima Thule, the fabled land of the far north which de Boodt had searched for during his wanderings. First the ship was crafted that could sail the moonlight and then the expedition. Rudolph set aside his throne in favor of his brother Mathias and journeyed north with de Boodt and a company of explorers, men of learning, men of power, and warriors.

    The ship sailed on the night of the new moon and returned on the last beams as it waxed, but years had passed for Rudolph, de Boodt and their company. Men had died, Rudolph had become 'transformed', strange and inhuman followers returned with them, the first of the Stahlköpfe, and soon after, on the outskirts of Praha, Die Akademie der Blinden was formed.

    Within the hold of Rudolph's Mond Schiff were crates filled with a metal that appeared as silver but was stronger than steel. From this metal close-fitting helms were made that could never be removed. They were crafted like a long skull-cap that poured back over the neck and down over the forehead over the bridge of the nose and covering both eyes of the wearer. In the place of eyes were carved fragments of green stone. These were the Stahlkopfe. They could see what was not meant to be seen. They saw beyond the dark, beyond life, beyond a veil that hides what should not be and in seeing they became blind to all that makes a man not a monster.

    Die Akademie der Blinden produces these monsters to serve the Emperor, the East German king, but first and foremost to serve Rudolph and de Boodt. It is said that when a Stahlkopfe dies the helm melts away like moonlight and the body transforms. It is only then that another recruit is summoned to Der Akademie der Blinden and another Stahlkopfe is created to serve.

    Posted: 11-24-2020 02:35 am
    Muskethulhu - Az Ehes Kastély

    Az Ehes Kastély

    Much of the fighting in the great war occurred in Magyarország. Some places within that vast kingdom have not recovered, may never recover. One such place is Az Ehes Kastely. This palace was built on the remains of an earlier castle, a dark and evil place once the home of an evil prince whose battle with the Persian and their Turkic nomad allies is renowned to this day for the terror and inhuman acts of both sides.

    Unknown to all but the prince were the sunless caverns beneath the castle and the relics of a bygone age when hideous creatures slipped past the veil of creation from the cold empty spaces between the stars and crawled across the earth; Relics and shadows and things that only the dank and reeking corruptions of stone and fungus warped and tainted by the presence of these elder and unwholesome beings could succor. The prince's mind, drained of humanity, twisted by evil and mad beyond hope still balked at the very hint of that which lurked within the black void of these primordial depths, but at the last, when the walls of his great keep were crumbling from the fire the Persians lit about them and shattering from the great stones thrown from the massive siege engines which had broken the outer walls, the prince opened a small door within the caverns and within his mind and the Evők a Lélek were freed.

    No Persian or Turk ever returned home from that siege. No Magyar warrior survived to tell the tale. Haunted dreams of the villagers who had fled to the stone jungle of the hills and ravines about the prince's castle gave a vivid picture of the empty husks of men that stumbled beneath the keep and among the siege line and tents of the invaders.

    As the centuries passed first a Magyar clan-chief, then a royal lord returned to the site of the castle. The Persians had fallen back to ancient borders in their ancient home; their Turkic nomad allies now settled in a kingdom in its own right, the southern pass had become secluded and disused. The lord removed the crumbled stone, built a palace upon the foundations of the keep, dragged away the rubble of the outer walls to flatten the space for lawn and garden. And then the great war began. Once more Turkish horsemen discovered the old abandoned trails to the north and the roar of cannon and musket shattered the peace as assuredly as the stones of the past had shattered the walls. As the great armies clashed a door never fully closed opened within the caverns beneath the palace and the Evők a Lélek returned.

    The starved and desiccated bodies of the dead, Magyar and Turk, were found throughout the area. The nightmares returned to the villagers in their old hideaways among the hills. In the years since few come to Az Ehes Kastély and it is said that even fewer return.

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    Muskethulhu Roheisen Festung

     Roheisen Festung

    At the mouth of the Vistula River, surrounded by the wildling tribes of the Old Faith stands Roheisen Festung home to the Rotes Eisen Brüderlichkeit, a once proud knightly order, now an organization of violence, terror and evil that has seldom been matched in history. Blood drenches their walls and the ground around their massive fortress-monastery where unspeakable rites and demonical tortures are a daily occurrence.

    From their walls ride the armored men and mounts festooned with the shriveled hands of their victims, dried blood and dark rust etched into their flesh and plate. A blight comes from the ground about the fortress. Man and beast fall to the Red Death, the plants and trees writhe as if in pain, bloated worms, some as big as an ox, move through the soaked earth and the susurrations of a thousand thousand bloated flies is never ending.

    Those who fall to the blight will eventually find their way to the Roheisen Festung and swell the growing numbers of the Rotes Eisen Brüderlichkeit.

    Posted: 11-23-2020 08:34 pm
    Muskethulhu - Der Palast des Herzogs Weiss

    Der Palast des Herzogs Weiss

    Herzog Rupert Von Whilhelm of the Holy Roman Empire is said to be the most cunning and evil man in all the Germanies. His rise to power was accompanied by the great war between Gaeliqa, his own Holy Roman Empire, and the endless plains of the Rus and Magyars to the east. To the south the Hellenes, Persian Empire, and Thothland joined in. Even the Five Kingdoms of Hind, The Great Han Empire and Nippon were drawn into what has become known as the World War. Some say it was the assassination of the East German King Franz that began the war, his body torn apart in a sealed chamber within his schloss, the shattered remains of his pendant Der Grüne Stern scattered about the limbs and disemboweled torso of the king.

    According to Dame Petite-Colline and known only to certain of her subordinates within the  Enquêteur-Alchimiste Société and the Emperor himself, it was Rupert who summoned That Which Comes from Shadows and through the sacrifice of King Franz's wife and children caused the king to destroy Der Grune Stern which protected him.

    Rupert's power has increased dramatically and what evil he plans within his palace none have been able to divine.

    Posted: 11-23-2020 06:19 pm
    Muskethulhu - La Cour du Labyrinthe d'eau

     La Cour du Labyrinthe d'eau

    Home to the noted scholar and alienest Etienne Quatre-Etoiles there is said to be no finer collection of strange and ancient tomes within the Empire of Gaeliqa. The water-maze, which gives the vast mansion its name, contains a spring which never dries at its center, though finding one's way to the heart is a spiritual undertaking as well as physically and mentally challenging. Anyone attempting to plumb the depth of the maze must first navigate the fountains and pools to find its entrance which only appears on the first night of a new moon or the last night of the waning moon. Fasting and soul-cleansing are first taken within the Chapelle de la Lune and possession of the Clé d'Argent is required to unlock the gate.

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    Muskethulhu - Chateau de l


    The Chateau de l'ours, center for Musketeer activity in the Bois de Chèvre Noir region. Dame Petite-Colline is the mysterious figure who is in charge of the Enquêteur-Alchimiste Société whose members partner with the Musketeers in their battle with the diabolique and heretical forces which infest Gaeliqa as well as the sorcerous encroachments of Albion, the Land of Ghosts, from across the Little Sea.  

    Posted: 11-21-2020 02:53 pm
    Appendix Z - M. John Harrison

    Appendiz Z - M. John Harrison

    I could say who he writes like, but really he only writes like himself. I'm sorry to say I've only read his Virconium stories and only his first two books of that series multiple times (especially The Pastel City) but this is a fantastic and richly imaginative series both beautiful and sad and hopeful with the thought that humanity could have reached the heights from which it fell. I could tell you of The Pastel City and Virconium but I will not. You need to have the pleasure of reading them for yourself and seeing the great and magical and technologically wondrous remains of mankind (man and woman if not as entirely human as we would call ourselves now and still basically human with our flaws and desires) for yourself.

    Mr. Harrison is still writing and has his own blog lucky enough for us.


    A Storm of Wings (1980)

    A Young Man's Journey to Viriconium (1985)

    Variant Title: A Young Man's Journey to London (1985)

    The Adventures of Jerry Cornelius (Parts 9 & 10) (1993) with Michael Moorcock and Mal Dean and Richard Glyn Jones [only as by Michael Moorcock and M. John Harrison and Mal Dean and R. Glyn Jones ]

    Anima (2005)

    Baa Baa Blocksheep (1968)

    The Bait Principle (1970)

    Black Houses (1998)

    The Causeway (1971)

    The Centauri Device (1974)

    Coming from Behind (1973)

    The Committed Men (1971)

    The Course of the Heart (1992)

    The Dancer from the Dance (1985)

    The Dead (1992) with Simon Ings

    The East (1996)

    Egnaro (1981)

    Empty (1995)

    Empty Space (2012)

    Entertaining Angels Unawares (2002)

    Events Witnessed From a City (1975)

    The Floating Nun (Excerpt from The Committed Men) (1970)

    Forever (1989) also appeared as:

    Variant Title: The Horse of Iron and How We Can Know It and Be Changed by It Forever (1989)

    GIFCO (1992)

    The Gift (1988)

    The Golden Cat (1998) with Jane Johnson [only as by Gabriel King ]

    The Good Detective (2007)

    The Great God Pan (1988)

    Green Five Renegade (1969)

    Guilty! (1971)

    I Did It (1996)

    The Ice Monkey (1980)

    The Ice Monkey and Other Stories (1983)

    In Autotelia (2012)

    In Viriconium (1982) Variant Title: The Floating Gods (1983)

    The Incalling (1978)

    Isobel Avens Returns to Stepney in the Spring (1994)

    Keep Smiling with Great Minutes (2008)

    The Knot Garden (2000) with Jane Johnson [only as by Gabriel King ]

    The Lamia and Lord Cromis (1971)

    Variant Title: The Lamia & Lord Cromis (2000)

    Lamia Mutable (1972)

    Variant Title: The Bringer with the Window (1972)

    Light (2002)

    London Melancholy (1969)

    The Lords of Misrule (1984)

    The Luck in the Head (1984)

    The Macbeth Expiation (1968)

    The Machine in Shaft Ten (1972) [only as by Joyce Churchill ]

    The Machine in Shaft Ten and Other Stories (1975)

    Marina (1966)

    The Neon Heart Murders (2000)

    The New Rays (1982)

    Nonesuch (2002) with Jane Johnson [only as by Gabriel King ]

    The Nostalgia Story (1970)

    Nova Swing (2006)

    Old Women (1984)

    The Orgasm Band (1975)

    Parietal Games: Critical Writings by and on M. John Harrison (2005) with Mark Bould and Michelle Reid

    The Pastel City (1971)

    Pearlant (2012)

    The Quarry (1983)

    Ring of Pain (1971)

    The Rio Brain (1996) with Simon Ings

    Running Down (1975)

    Science & The Arts (1999)

    Settling the World (1975)

    Seven Guesses of the Heart (1996)

    Signs of Life (1997)

    Small Heirlooms (1987)

    Strange Great Sins (1983)

    Suicide Coast (1999)

    Things That Never Happen (2002)

    Tourism (2004) also appeared as:

    Variant Title: Tourists (2004)

    Travel Arrangements (2000)

    Two Extracts from a New Book (2006)

    Viriconium (1988)

    Viriconium Knights (1981)

    Viriconium Nights (1984)

    Visions of Monad (1968)

    The Wild Road (1997) with Jane Johnson [only as by Gabriel King ]

    'The Wolf That Follows' (1974)


    Absorbing the Miraculous (1974)

    The Adventures of Jerry Cornelius: The English Assassin (1980) with Richard Glyn Jones and Mal Dean and Michael Moorcock [only as by Michael Moorcock and M. John Harrison and Malcolm Dean and Richard Glyn Jones ]

    The Answer Is Chicago (1969)

    Author's Introduction (Things That Never Happen) (2002)

    Author's Note (The Floating Gods) (1983)

    Author's Note (Viriconium Nights) (1984)

    Big Brother Is Twenty-One (1970) [only as by Joyce Churchill ]

    The Black Glak (1972)

    Breakthrough (1987)

    By Tennyson Out of Disney (1971)

    Coming to Life (1975)

    Essay: A Literature of Comfort (1971)

    Filling Us Up (1973)

    Introduction (334) (1976)

    Introduction (The Chrysalids) (2000)

    Introduction (The Golden Barge) (1979)

    Introduction (The Tain) (2002)

    Introduction (The Vaccinator) (1999)

    Letter (Foundation #33) (1985)

    Notes from the Ivory Basement (1979)

    Paperbag (1969) [only as by Joyce Churchill ]

    The Problem of Sympathy (1972)

    The Profession of Fiction (1989)

    The Profession of Science Fiction

    The Rape of the Possible (1987)

    Read This (NYRSF, October 1994) (1994)

    Read This (NYRSF, September 1997) (1997)

    Sweet Analytics (1975)

    To the Stars and Beyond on the Fabulous Anti-Syntax Drive (1973)

    Trouble at t'White House (1969)

    Why I Write Space Opera (2003)

    Vorwort (Die Triffids) (2012)


    A Raging Calm (1969) by Stan Barstow

    Alph (1973) by Charles Eric Maine

    The Chalk Giants (1975) by Keith Roberts

    Crybaby of the Western World (1969) by John Leonard

    Dance of the Dwarfs (1969) by Geoffrey Household

    Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (1969) by Philip K. Dick

    Escape from Kathmandu (1990) by Kim Stanley Robinson

    Excalibur (1975) by Sanders Anne Laubenthal

    Floating Opera (1969) by John Barth

    The Folk of the Air (1987) by Peter S. Beagle

    The Getting Into Death (1975) by Thomas M. Disch

    Guzman Go Home (1969) by Alan Sillitoe

    Heathern (1990) by Jack Womack

    Ipomoea (1973) by John Rackham

    King Queen Knave (1969) by Vladimir Nabokov

    Kiteworld (1985) by Keith Roberts

    Masque of a Savage Mandarin (1975) by Philip Robinson

    Mirror Image (1973) by Michael G. Coney

    The New Apocrypha (1975) by John Sladek

    O-Zone (1987) by Paul Theroux

    The Paradise Motel (1990) by Eric McCormack

    Port of Saints (1981) by William S. Burroughs

    Preserve and Protect (1969) by Allen Drury

    Pstalemate (1973) by Lester del Rey

    Restoree (1969) by Anne McCaffrey

    The Sheep Look Up (1975) by John Brunner

    Solar Lottery (1968) by Philip K. Dick (co-reviewed with Robert Meadley ) [only as by R. G. Meadley and M. John Harrison ]

    The Ticket That Exploded (1969) by William Burroughs

    To Ride Pegasus (1975) by Anne McCaffrey

    The Universe Makers (1973) by Donald A. Wollheim

    Posted: 11-21-2020 02:02 am
    Appendix Z - Keith Taylor

    Appendix Z - Keith Taylor

    A combination of Historical, Sword and Sorcery, his Bard series (5 books) is an enjoyable take on the bard of history and the bard of more popular fancy. I don't know if he is a gamer, but the series is wonderful inspiration for gamers. I can recommend the first three books in the series. I stopped reading somewhere shortly after starting book 4 (and can't remember why) and only recently picked up book 5.

    He has a long list of short stories but the work is a bit too recent for me (I've never read any of the newer Weird Tales magazines or caught the work he did in the 70's).



    Bard II The First Long Ship

    Bard III The Wild Sea

    Bard IV Ravens' Gathering

    Bard V Felimid's Homecoming

    The Sorcerer's Sacred Isle

    The Cauldron of Plenty

    Search for the Starblade


    Lances of Nengesdul

    The Tower of Death (with Andrew J. Offutt)

    When Death Birds Fly (with Andrew J. Offutt)

    Short Story

    "A Spear in the Night"

    "The Archpriest's Potion"

    "The Atheling's Wife" (as Dennis More)

    "At the Edge of the Sea"

    "The Bath-house"

    "The Brotherhood of Britain"

    "Buried Silver" (as Dennis More)

    "The Castles of Testing"

    "The Company of the Gods"

    "The Conqueror of Vectis"

    "Corpse's Wrath"

    "Daggers and a Serpent"

    "The Demon Cat"

    "Dragon Hunter"

    "The Emerald Scarab"

    "Emissaries of Doom"

    "The Favour of a Tyrant"

    "The Forest of Andred" (as Dennis More)

    "Fugitives in Winter" (as Dennis More)

    "The Harvest of Malice"

    "Haunted Shadows"

    "The Haunting of Mara"

    "Hungry Grass"

    "The Lady and the Demon" (with Paul Collins)


    "The Lost Ship"

    "Men from the Plain of Lir"

    "On Skellig Michael" (as Dennis More)

    "The Ordeal Stone"


    "The Scribe of a Hundred Lies"

    "Sir Lionel in Tournament of Rogues"

    "Spears of the Sea-Wolves"

    "Spirit Places"

    "Sunchosen" (as Cadmus Evans)

    "Tournament of Rogues"

    "The Unlawful Hunter"

    "The Walking Walls of Rome"

    "What Are You When the Moon Shall Rise?"

    "Where Silence Rules"

    "The White Doe"

    Posted: 11-21-2020 01:59 am
    Appendix Z - Karl Edward Wagner

    Appendix Z - Karl Edward Wagner

    If there is reincarnation then Robert E. Howard was reborn as this man. Wagner was a hell of a writer. His Kane books fall somewhere beside Howard's Conan, somewhere down a dark and twisted version of Earth and Hyperborea where man is just the latest and far from the most powerful occupier of the planet, where raw strength, intelligence and determination follow a nightmare path of sorcery and death.

    As much as I love the Kane stories it was reading two of his Weird Tales style anthologies that I came to appreciate the talent and versatility of Wagner. Pulp stories, Lovecraftian stories, horror and adventure and just damn weird stories.

    If I were to pick one story I'd say Bloodstone. For me it is the best of the Kane tales and Kane strikes a deeper chord for me than any of the others, but honestly, it is hard to go wrong with his work. Some shines out a bit more, like 'Sticks' but these are good stories from a great writer.


    Red Harvest

    Songs of the Damned


    .220 Swift

    A Walk on the Wild Side

    An Awareness of Angels

    At First Just Ghostly

    Beyond Any Measure

    Blue Lady, Come Back

    Brushed Away

    But You'll Never Follow Me

    Cedar Lane

    The Coming of Ghor

    The Dark Muse

    Deep in the Depths of the Acme Warehouse

    Did They Get You to Trade?

    The Education of Gergy-doo-doo

    Endless Night

    Exorcisms and Ecstasies

    A Fair Cop

    Final Cut

    The Gothic Touch


    Hell Creek

    I’ve Come to Talk With You Again

    In a Lonely Place

    In the Lair of Yslsl

    In the Middle of a Snow Dream

    In the Pines

    In the Wake of the Night

    Into Whose Hands

    Killer (with David Drake)

    The Kind Men Like


    Legion from the Shadows

    Little Lessons in Gardening

    Locked Away

    More Sinned Against

    Neither Brute Nor Human

    Old Loves

    One Paris Night

    The Other Woman as by "Kent Allard"


    The Picture of Jonathan Collins

    Plan 10 From Inner Space

    Prince of the Punks

    The River of Night’s Dreaming

    The Road of Kings

    Satan’s Gun


    Sing a Last Song of Valdese

    The Slug



    The Treasure of Lynortis

    Two Suns Setting


    Unthreatened by the Morning Light

    Walk on the Wild Side

    Where the Summer Ends

    Why Not You and I?


    Darkness Weaves

    Death Angel's Shadow


    Dark Crusade

    Night Winds

    The Book of Kane

    Gods in Darkness

    Midnight Sun: The Complete Stories of Kane 

    Posted: 11-20-2020 07:14 pm
    Appendix Z - Howard Pyle

    Appendix Z - Howard Pyle 

    Both illustrator and writer, Pyle was an amazing artist. So far I have only read three of his books, but his Merry Adventures of Robin Hood was probably the first non-children's book I ever read. For me it is the best of books and I've managed to hang onto that copy of it all my life. Men of Iron comes a close second. They made a rather enjoyable light movie out of it with Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, but as with most Hollywood versions it has little to do with the book. The book has much more grit to it and much less pastel costumes and jumping about and tin plate armor suits. For the rest of his work I remember the Arthurian Legends vaguely but favorably (though I am not a big fan of the Arthurian tales).

    Pyle is definitely the sword of sword and sorcery and his illustrations are some of the best I've ever seen.

    A Modern Aladdin

    Arthurian Legends

    The Garden Behind the Moon

    The Ghost of Captain Brand

    Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates

    Men of Iron

    The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

    Otto of the Silver Hand

    Pepper and Salt

    The Price of Blood

    Rejected of Men

    The Rose of Paradise

    The Ruby of Kishmoor

    Stolen Treasure

    The Story of Jack Ballister's Fortunes

    Twilight Land

    Within the Capes

    The Wonder Clock, with his sister Katharine Pyle

    Posted: 11-20-2020 06:53 pm
    Appendix Z - Harold Lamb

    Appendix Z - Harold Lamb

    His histories and biographies are some of the most enjoyable I've ever read, but Lamb was also a writer of adventure fiction. His Cossack and Viking stories put him in the realm of Howard, or more correctly, Howard took the realm of Lamb's work and used it to help build a world of his own. Though Lamb's tales were not sword and sorcery, he proved that the sword could be more than enough to enthrall a reader and show what an exciting and adventurous world this could be.


    A Garden to the Eastward

    The Curved Saber


    The Grand Cham

    The House of the Falcon


    Marching Sands

    The Mighty Manslayer

    Nur Mahal

    Omar Khayyam

    Riders of the Steppes

    The Sea of the Ravens

    The Skull of Shirzad Mir

    Swords from the Desert

    Swords from the East

    Swords from the Sea

    Swords from the West

    Swords of the Steppes

    The Three Palladins

    Warriors of the Steppes

    White Falcon

    Wolf of the Steppes


    Alexander of Macedon: The Journey to World's End

    Babur the Tiger: First of the Great Moguls


    Chief of the Cossacks

    The City and the Tsar

    Constantinople: Birth of an Empire

    The Crusades

    Cyrus the Great

    The Earth Shakers

    The Flame of Islam

    Genghis Khan: The Emperor of All Men

    Genghis Khan and the Mongol Horde

    Hannibal: One Man Against Rome

    Iron Men and Saints

    The March of Muscovy

    The March of the Barbarians

    New Found World: How North America Was Discovered and Explored

    Suleiman the Magnificent


    Theodora and the Emperor

    Posted: 11-19-2020 08:15 pm
    Appendix Z - M. R. James

    Appendix Z - M. R. James

    He writes frightening ghost and horror stories. I think he is the scariest ghost story writer I've come across. His work doesn't fit into the 'weird' as much as it does into the 'horror', but not the more modern blood and atrocities kind of horror. His is the kind of horror that can make you want to look under the bed, or maybe, not want to look under the bed. The kind of story that dreaming about can wake you up in the middle of the night and turn the light on. You read his story and you think about locking the door and maybe wedging a chair up under the handle or you begin to regret that shutterless big glass window in your room. This man is definitely a master.

    A Neighbour's Landmark

    A Night in King's College Chapel

    A School Story

    A View from a Hill

    A Vignette

    A Warning to the Curious

    After Dark in the Playing Fields

    An Episode of Cathedral History

    An Evening's Entertainment

    The Ash-tree

    Canon Alberic's Scrap-book

    Casting the Runes

    Count Magnus

    The Diary of Mr Poynter

    The Experiment

    The Fenstanton Witch

    The Game of Bear (unfinished)

    John Humphreys (unfinished)

    Lost Hearts

    The Malice of Inanimate Objects

    Marcilly-le-Hayer (draft)

    Martin's Close

    Merfield House (unfinished)

    The Mezzotint

    Mr Humphreys and His Inheritance

    Number 13

    "Oh, Whistle, and I'll Come to You, My Lad


    The Residence at Whitminster

    The Rose Garden

    Speaker Lenthall's Tomb (incomplete)

    The Stalls of Barchester Cathedral

    The Story of a Disappearance and an Appearance

    There Was a Man Dwelt by a Churchyard

    The Tractate Middoth

    The Treasure of Abbot Thomas

    Two Doctors

    The Uncommon Prayer-book

    Wailing Well

    Posted: 11-18-2020 04:03 pm
    Appendix Z - William Hope Hodgson

    Appendix Z - William Hope Hodgson

    He is a terrifying writer. More so I think than CAS whose prose is more like poetry and equal to Lovecraft at his most frightening. Another spiritual father of the Weird Tales writers, his 'Boats of the Glen Carrig', Nightlands, House on the Borderlands, and The Ghost Pirates set their own standards for strange and disturbing fiction. Each of these 4 novels takes a different tack on horror though all done with Hodgson's talent and imagination.

    His major works are available free on kindle and I believe his complete works are $1.99 (though they are all public domain so free versions may be available).

    (Sam Gafford posts a wonderful WHH blog on wordpress that is well worth reading).

    Note: This a wiki list so take it with a grain of salt as far as completeness or accuracy.


    The Boats of the "Glen Carrig" (1907)

    The House on the Borderland (1908)

    The Ghost Pirates (1909)

    The Night Land (1912)

    Short Stories

    "The Goddess of Death" (1904)

    "Terror of the Water-Tank" (1907)

    "Bullion" (1911)

    "The Mystery of the Water-Logged Ship" (1911)

    "The Ghosts of the Glen Doon" (1911)

    "Mr. Jock Danplank" (1912 )

    "The Mystery of Captain Chappel" (1917 )

    "The Home-Coming of Captain Dan" (1918 )

    "Merciful Plunder" (1925)

    "The Haunting of the Lady Shannon" (1975)

    "The Heathen's Revenge" (1988)

    "A Tropical Horror" (1905)

    "The Voice in the Night" (1907)

    "The Derelict" (1912)

    "Eloi Eloi Lama Sabachthani" ("The Baumoff Explosive" 1919)

    "The Shamraken Homeward-Bounder"

    "Out of the Storm"

    "The Albatross"

    "The 'Prentices' Mutiny"

    "The Island of the Crossbones"

    "The Stone Ship"

    "The Regeneration of Captain Bully Keller"

    "The Mystery of Missing Ships"

    "We Two and Bully Dunkan"

    "The Haunted Pampero"

    "The Real Thing: 'S.O.S.'"

    "Jack Grey, Second Mate"

    "The Smugglers"

    "In the Wailing Gully"

    "The Girl with the Grey Eyes"

    "Kind, Kind and Gentle Is She"

    "A Timely Escape"

    "The Homecoming of Captain Dan"

    "On the Bridge"

    "Through the Vortex of a Cyclone"

    "A Fight with a Submarine"

    "In the Danger Zone"

    "Old Golly"

    "Demons of the Sea"

    "The Wild Man of the Sea"

    "The Habitants of Middle Islet"

    "The Riven Night"

    "The Heaving of the Log"

    "The Sharks of the St. Elmo"


    "By the Lee"

    "The Captain of the Onion Boat"

    "The Sea-Horses"

    "The Valley of Lost Children"

    "Date 1965: Modern Warfare"

    "My House Shall Be Called the House of Prayer"

    "Judge Barclay's Wife"

    "How the Honorable Billy Darrell Raided the Wind"

    "The Friendship of Monsieur Jeynois"

    "The Inn of the Black Crow"

    "What Happened in the Thunderbolt"

    "How Sir Jerrold Treyn Dealt with the Dutch in Caunston Cove"

    "Jem Binney and the Safe at Lockwood Hall"

    "Diamond Cut Diamond with a Vengeance"

    "The Room of Fear"

    "The Promise"

    Sargasso Sea stories

    "From the Tideless Sea Part One"

    "The Mystery of the Derelict"

    "The Thing in the Weeds"

    "The Finding of the Graiken"

    "The Call in the Dawn" ("The Voice in the Dawn")

    Carnacki stories

    "The Thing Invisible"

    "The Gateway of the Monster"

    "The House Among the Laurels"

    "The Whistling Room"

    "The Searcher of the End House"

    "The Horse of the Invisible"

    "The Haunted Jarvee"

    "The Find"

    "The Hog"

    Captain Jat stories

    "The Island of the Ud"

    "The Adventure of the Headland"

    Captain Gault stories

    "Contraband of War"

    "The Diamond Spy"

    "The Red Herring"

    "The Case of the Chinese Curio Dealer"

    "The Drum of Saccharine"

    "From Information Received"

    "The German Spy"

    "The Problem of the Pearls"

    "The Painted Lady"

    "The Adventure of the Garter"

    "My Lady's Jewels"

    "Trading with the Enemy"

    "The Plans of the Reefing Bi-Plane"

    D.C.O. Cargunka stories

    "The Bells of the Laughing Sally"

    "The Adventure with the Claim Jumpers"

    Selected short story collections

    Carnacki, the Ghost-Finder

    Men of the Deep Waters

    The Luck of the Strong

    Captain Gault, Being the Exceedingly Private Log of a Sea-Captain

    Carnacki, the Ghost-Finder


    "Amanda Panda"

    "Beyond the Dawning"

    "Billy Ben"

    "Bring Out Your Dead"

    "The Calling of the Sea"

    "Down the Long Coasts"

    "Eight Bells"

    "Grey Seas are Dreaming of My Death"

    "The Hell! Oo! Chaunty"

    "I Come Again"

    "I Have Borne My Lord a Son"


    "Little Garments"


    "Madre Mia"


    "The Morning Lands"

    "My Babe, My Babe"


    "The Night Wind"

    "O Parent Sea"

    "The Pirates"

    "The Place of Storms"


    "The Ship"

    "The Sobbing of the Freshwater"

    "The Song of the Great Bull Whale"

    "Song of the Ship"

    "Speak Well of the Dead"


    "Thou Living Sea"

    "To My Father"

    "The Voice of the Ocean"

    "Shoon of the Dead"

    "Who Make Their Bed in Deep Waters"

    Poetry collections

    The Calling of the Sea

    The Voice of the Ocean

    Poems of the Sea

    The Lost Poetry of William Hope Hodgson 

    Posted: 11-17-2020 11:44 pm
    Appendix Z - E.R. Eddison

    Appendix Z - E. R. Eddison

    When people speak of High Fantasy they most often speak of Tolkien, but while Tolkien's highly detailed work may fall under that category it is E.R. Eddison who should be the example of it. His work is a grand affair with a style and prose that reflects an otherworldly look at knights and empires, champions and villains, with a taste of Spencer and Malory and a bizarre surreal romance about tragic and eternal forces of Love. His books are rich and lush with the stories told more as legends and fables with an account of great wrongs and great deeds more than they do as novels of people or portrayals of life, even fantastic lives. I find his books filled with a treasure trove of ideas rather than rich characters and story, but well worth the reading.

    The Worm Ouroboros

    Mistress of Mistresses

    A Fish Dinner in Memison

    The Mezentian Gate


    Egil's Saga.

    Styrbiorn the Strong 

    Posted: 11-17-2020 11:37 pm
    Appendix Z - A. Merritt

    Appendix Z - A. Merritt

    A. Merritt stands out as one of the most imaginative yet solidly based writers of weird and mysterious fiction. His main characters were often heroes, but they were men from the modern world (at least the modern world of the early 20th century). His stories are adventures, but the places these adventures occur, the societies, people and things that are encountered are as strange and compelling as any thought out by Lovecraft or CAS, and his heroes as brave as any written of by Howard. To me he seems overlooked, even more so than CAS, and yet his stories encompass enough in detail and provide inspiration for worlds undreamed.

    (This bibliography is snagged mostly from wikipedia so I need to double-check its accuracy).


    The Moon Pool (fix-up, 1919)

    (The Moon Pool (1918) + Conquest of the Moon Pool (1919))

    The Metal Monster (1920)

    The Ship of Ishtar (1924)

    Seven Footprints to Satan (1927)

    The Face in the Abyss (fix-up, 1931))

    (The Face in the Abyss (1923) + The Snake Mother (1930))

    Dwellers in the Mirage (1932)

    Burn Witch Burn! (1932)

    Creep, Shadow! (1934)

    Short Stories

    Through The Dragon Glass (1917)

    The People Of The Pit (1918)

    Three Lines Of Old French (1919)

    Prologue (The Metal Monster, 1920)

    The Pool Of The Stone God (as W. Fenimore, 1923)

    The Woman Of The Wood (1926)

    The Women of the Wood (earlier version of The Woman Of The Wood, 1949)

    The Drone (aka The Drone Man, 1934)

    The Rhythm of the Spheres (original a chapter called The Last Poet And The Robots (aka The Last Poet & the Wrongness of Space) in the 1934 round robin novel titled Cosmos, revised in 1936 as a stand-alone work)

    The Whelming Of Cherkis (excerpt from The Metal Monster, 1946)

    When Old Gods Wake (fragment, 1948)

    The White Road (fragment, 1949)

    The Fox Woman (incomplete, 1949)

    Pilgrimage, or, Obi Giese (1985)

    Bootleg and Witches (fragment, 1985)

    The Devil in the Heart (outline, 1985)

    The Dwellers in the Mirage (original ending of the novel with same name, 1985)

    Short story collections

    The Fox Woman and Other Stories (1949)


    Song for Wood Horns (aka The Wind Trail, 1910)

    The Silver Birches (1940)

    Old Trinity Churchyard (5 A. M. Spring) (1941)

    Sylvane - The Silver Birches (1973)

    In the Cathedral (1974)

    2000 (The Triple Cities) (1985)

    Song for Wood Horn... (1985)

    Silvane—The Silver Birches (1985)

    Madonna (1985)

    The Ladies of the Walnut Tree (A Legend of Tuscany) (fragments, 1985)

    Court of the Moon (fragment, 1985)

    The Birth of Art (1985)

    L'envoi to Life (1985)

    Screens (1985)

    Sir Barnabas (1985)

    In the Subway (1985)

    Runes (1985)

    Eheu Fugaces . . . (1985)

    A Song for Christmas (1985)

    Comic Ragtime Tune (1985)

    Behold the Night He Cometh (1985)

    You Looked at Me (1985)

    Dream Song (1985)

    Castle of Dreams (1985)

    I Wonder Why? (1985)

    My Heart and I (1985)

    Think of Me (1985)

    The Ballad of the Cub (1985)

    Piddling Pete (1985)

    The Winged Flames (1985)


    The Challenge from Beyond (round robyn short story, with C.L. Moore, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, and Frank Belknap Long, 1935)

    Cosmos (round robin novel, chapter 11, 1932–34)

    The Fox Woman and the Blue Pagoda (novel, Hannes Bok fused Merritt's unfinished story with his own conclusion, 1946)

    The Black Wheel (novel, first seven chapters written by Merritt, completed by Hannes Bok, 1947)


    A. Merritt on Modern Witchcraft (1932)

    Concerning “Burn, Witch, Burn” (1932)

    Letter (Weird Tales, November 1935) (1935)

    Man and the Universe (1940)

    A. Merritt (1940)

    How We Found Circe (1942)

    A Tribute (1942)

    Letter to Mr. Louis De Casanova, July 23, 1931 (1985)

    Letters and Correspondence (1985)

    An Autobiography of A. Merritt (1985) with Walter Wentz

    A. Merritt—His Life and Times (1985) with Jack Chapman Miske

    What is Fantasy? (1985)

    Background of "Dwellers in the Mirage" (1985)

    Background of "Burn, Witch, Burn" (1985)

    Background of "Creep, Shadow!" (1985)

    A. Merritt's Own Selected Credo (1985)

    Posted: 11-17-2020 04:48 pm
    Appendix Z Algernon Blackwood

    Appendix Z Algernon Blackwood

    Blackwood is one of Lovecraft and CAS' literary fathers. I had heard of him long before I ever read any of his works and his writing did not disappoint. His short story 'The Willows' is a pre-mythos tale and perhaps one directly linked to Lovecraft's development of the elder horror or CAS touch of the wondrous and the macabre. Blackwood can take the mundane and drag it into darkness; into a realm of disturbing horror and otherness. His work is a great example of how to take a 'mundane' fantasy adventure and twist it into something much stranger and grander and frightening.

    "= short story"

    "Keeping His Promise"

    "The House of the Past" [1904]

    "The Empty House" [1906]

    "The Listener" [1907]

    "Max Hensig" [1907]

    "The Willows" [1907]

    "Ancient Sorceries" [1908]

    John Silence: A Physician Extraordinary (1908)

    A Psychical Invasion (1908)

    "The Kit-Bag" [Dec. 1908]

    "Secret Worship" [1908]

    The Education of Uncle Paul (1909)

    Jimbo (1909)

    The Human Chord (1910)

    "Perspective" [1910]

    "The Wendigo" [1910]

    The Centaur (1911)

    "The Glamour of the Snow" [1912]

    "The Man Whom the Trees Loved" [1912]

    "The Transfer" [1912]

    A Prisoner in Fairyland (1913)

    "Ancient Lights" [1914]

    "Accessory Before the Fact" [1914]

    "An Egyptian Hornet" [1915]

    The Extra Day (1915)

    Julius Levallon (1916)

    The Wave (1916)

    "A Victim of Higher Space" [1917]

    The Garden of Survival (1918)

    The Promise of Air (1918)

    The Bright Messenger (1921)

    Ancient Sorceries: And Other Weird Stories (1927)

    Dudley and Gilderoy (1929)

    The Fruit Stoners (1934)
    Posted: 11-17-2020 12:04 pm
    Appendix Z - Arthur Machen

    Along with Algernon Blackwood, Arthur Machen is one of the spiritual fathers of both Lovecraft and CAS. His work is a combination of horror and mysticism. His prose is 19th century with a taste of victorian gothic. His ideas are bizzare and twisted like an opium induced dream or a hashish eaters nightmare. I personally found some of his work boring but other stories were fantastic. The Hill of Dreams, The House of Souls, The Great God Pan, should be on every weird tales to read list.

    Eleusinia (1881) poem

    The Anatomy of Tobacco (1884) non-fiction (as " Leolinus Siluriensis" )

    Chronicles of Clemendy (1888) " a volume of tales in the medieval pattern"

    The Great God Pan and The Inmost Light (1894) supernatural stories

    The Three Imposters (1895) episode novel; picaresque romance, terror

    Hieroglyphics (1902) about literature

    Dr. Stiggins (1906) about theology

    The House of Souls (1906) supernatural stories (The White People, The

    Great God Pan, and The Inmost Light

    The Hill of Dreams (1907) mystical novel (written 1895-97)

    The Bowmen, and Other Legends of the War (1915) short stories

    (includes "The Angel of Mons" )

    The Great Return (1915) the return to Wales of the Holy Grail

    The Terror (1917) novella -- animals revolt against humans

    The Secret Glory (1922) attacked British public education

    Far Off Things (1922) autobiography

    Things Near and Far (1923) autobiography

    Strange Roads (1923) nonfiction

    The London Adventure (1924) autobiography

    Dog and Duck (1924) miscellany

    The Shining Pyramid (1924) supernatural stories

    Ornaments in Jade (1924) short prose pieces bordering on fantasy or horror

    The Canning Wonder (1925) about the Elizabeth Canning case

    Notes and Queries (1926) nonfiction

    Dreads and Drolls (1926) nonfiction

    Translation, Casanova's Memoirs (1930, 12 vol.)

    Children of the Pool (1936) supernatural stories

    The Cosy Room (1936) supernatural stories

    The Green Round (1936) supernatural novel

    Tales of Horror and the Supernatural (1948)

    Eleusinia and Beneath the Barley (Necronomicon Press, 1988) poem and essay

    Posted: 11-17-2020 01:40 am
    Thieves' World - Shadows of Sanctuary - Named Characters By Story

    Thieves' World - Shadows of Sanctuary - Named Characters By Story




    Looking For Satan:

    Aerie (f)


    Bauchle Meyne



    Lythande (f)

    Quartz (f)


    Wess (f) [Westerly]



    Cappen Varra


    Enas Yorl

    Hanse Shadowspawn


    Ils [Deity]



    Minsy zithyk (f)

    Mradhon Vis

    Peruz [Bird]

    Shalpa [Deity]

    Shipri [Deity]

    Sjekso Kinzan

    A Gift In Parting:



    Haron (f)






    Panit [Old Man]

    Purple Mage



    The Vivisectionest:

    Allestina [Deity]


    Cudget Swearoath


    Hanse Shadowspawn

    Harmocohl Dripnose

    Ils [Deity]





    Lirain (f)






    Shalpa [Deity]

    Stulwig Northborn

    Tempus [Thales]

    Thorfir [Deity]

    Vashanka [Deity]


    The Rhinoceros and the Unicorn:


    Cappen Varra

    Danlis (f)

    Dyareela [Deity]

    Enas Yorl

    Eshi [Deity]


    Gilla (f)

    Jarveena (f)



    Molin Torchholder


    Rosanda (f)

    Sabellia [Deity]


    Savankala [Deity]

    Valira (f)

    Zorra (f)

    Then Azyuna Danced:

    Azyuna [Deity]

    Cime (f)




    Molin Torchholder

    Rosanda (f)

    Savankala [Deity]

    Soylalha (f)      


    Vashanka [Deity]


    A Man and His God:

    Abarsis [Stepson]

    Azyuna [Deity]

    Cime (f)

    Hanse Shadowspawn







    Myrtis (f)

    One-Thumb [Lastel]



    Tempus [Riddler]

    Two Thumbs

    Veshanka [Deity]


    Posted: 11-16-2020 10:42 am
    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 18

    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 18

    Location 16).

    The southern door is locked and bolted. The door itself is of very sturdy construction but is heavily scarred by claw marks which have dug deep furrows in the wood of the other side Location (15.2). The lock can be picked in a normal way but three heavy bolts lock it closed as well. Destroying the door will be loud but shouldn't take a great deal of time with an axe. Swords and blunt weapons will take longer and piercing weapons will be ineffectual.

    The room itself is large and sumptuously decorated. Large carpets and skins are spread across the floor. A massively big bed is against the north wall (big enough for 5) and the east part of the room has a table that can seat 20. There are several dressers against the south wall to the west of the door. Nothing seems to be disturbed except the bed linen is crumpled and the heavy cover blanket made from the skins of several white tigers is pulled to one side and partially under the bed.

    NOTE: The contents of this room are extremely valuable but only to the right buyer. Most would get only a fraction of their value in the shops or from the merchants of hammlets, towns and even small cities. Only in larger cities would the characters be likely to find buyers and the merchants which sell such items are likely to offer very little to the characters, while the characters are unlikely to move in the upper class circles where they would find the buyers themselves. These are all high quality items, but many are bulky or delicate and are easily damaged and destroyed. It is also unlikely that the characters would recognize the real quality of what they are looking at. In general they are likely to get only 2 or 3 times the value of a normal item for such things as plates, goblets, clothes or rugs, if even that.

    In each corner of the room are 2 non-functioning Manikens. They are armed with longsword and trunchion and wear half-plate. Each is 16hp and AC3 in their armor, but require activation to respond in any way.

    The dressers (4 of them) contain expensive clothing and shoes cut for someone short and slim. The clothes are ornate and heavily decorated but masculine. Selling them outside of a large city might be difficult, but in a larger more civilized area they might go for more than scrap cloth prices. Hidden at the back of dresser #3 is a secret compartment. Inside the compartment is a locked iron door. It is spelled closed with both a Wizard Lock and Hold Portal spell. If a knock spell is used (twice) the door to the metal compartment will pop open and a thick steel plate will drop just behind the opening door. A small catch located in another secret compartment in dresser #4 must be pushed into place and a knob in a secret compartment in dresser #2 pulled out to stop the plate from falling. Once the plate has fallen it will need to be raised by some means (such as knocking down the stone wall around it, but otherwise it is jammed shut.

    Inside the spelled-shut compartment is a small box. If it is removed without first pushing in a metal bar in a 3rd secret compartment in dresser #1, a guillotine-like blade slams down. This trap will cause 1d12 Dmg and sever any unprotected non-metallic item which moved the small box. This blade must be removed to access the interior of the compartment and the mechanism is set to drop a wedge in place so that it cannot be lifted. A saving throw will drop the damage by half and save the item or appendage from being severed.

    The small box is wooden and the top lifts off. Inside is a still beating, warm and meaty heart.

    On the south wall east of the south door is a cabinet. Inside are plates, very fragile and valuable, as well as knives, forks and spoons of silver, enough for 25 people. There is a carving set with the handles made from the bones of a hill giant. Crystal goblets are in the upper cabinet. The plates and goblets are fragile but only valuable in a large city; otherwise they are hard to sell and the silver worth only its value in the weight of metal.

    The three large carpets are very fine, but the quality makes them hard to sell in a town what they might sell for in a city. The large fur rugs are the pelts of several griffons sewn together. The work is exquisite.

    The cover sheet across the huge bed is made from the fur of albino bears. If the characters pull at the blanket it first appears to be stuck under the bed. Peeking under the bed will just show the wadded up end of the huge fur blanket. A strong pull by a combined 18+ strength will draw the blanket from under the bed and with it will come a short man dressed in red silk pajamas. He will immediately shout for the players to "leave!" and attack with a short sword. The blade is very fine, +2 to hit and enchanted to leave a scar that will not fade even with magical healing where it strikes. This Delmondo the justice of the library. It was he who passed sentence upon those caught committing crimes within the upper levels of the library and he who commanded the Maniken guards. In his left hand he holds a small box with a button and a dial. Currently the dial is set all the way to attack-kill and he will push the button as soon as he is pulled from under the bed. The 8 Manikens will immediately activate. 5 will respond to attack the characters. 2 will attack the other Manikens and 1 will attack Delmondo.

    While Delmondo appears to be a living man, he is actually an advanced form of Maniken and Man combined. The real Delmondo died long ago but he was such an effective judge and security officer that his body was hollowed out and filled with the enchanted cloth of the Manikens. His brain was encased in a crystal skull that is impervious to damage and his heart was removed and placed in a small box; stored in the secret compartment in the back of dresser #3. Delmondo can be truly killed only when his heart is destroyed. He is a Ftr3, 24hp, AC6 due to Dex and regenerates at 1hp per combat round. If he is completely destroyed his skull will survive. It will turn to a blue gaseous form and reappear under the bed in this location only to reform again in Delmondo. He does not leaves this room and unless drawn out from under the bed or if anyone finds the secret compartments within the dressers he will remain under the bed.

    The door to the north leading to Location (18.) is unlocked but it can be locked and barred though the key is missing.

    The ventilation shafts run across the ceiling of this room on the east and west with small grated openings obscured by cobwebs.

    Posted: 11-16-2020 04:21 am
    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 17

    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 17

    Location 15.1) NOTE:

    The ventilation shafts for this room run around the upper edges and have grilled openings at the top center of the east and west walls. The Little Green Men keep an eye on this area but find the Manikens disturbing so they do not enter.

    Location 15.2).

    This short passage is lined with destroyed Manikens. Something shredded them and tossed their cloth and wood bodies about to lie mangled across the floor. One Maniken is functioning intermittently. It is at (6) hp and missing one arm, but it will rise up slowly out of the pile of Maniken parts and bow slowly to the characters. Then remain still till the characters have passed and will then seek to follow the first character it sees and act as their guardian. It will only attack if that character is attached or threatened. It will not attempt to defend itself and if the players attack it the maniken will be at AC10 for that attack even though it is normally AC5.  The damaged maniken can regain 4hp if its rewrapped in the best lengths of cloth from the destroyed manikens but its right arm is destroyed for good (unless it is rebuilt and re-enchanted) and it cannot be repaired past 10hp.

    Location 15.3).

    Inside this room are two splintered benches, an overturned and broken cabinet, two wooden chests with their tops smashed in and a table on its side with the uppermost legs missing. There is old dried blood on most on the floor and fragments.

    As the characters enter this room they will hear the moaning and experience the sudden chill that they probably experienced before. The dried blood is swept up in a small but powerful twist of wind which sprang from nowhere and while it moans across the walls of the room the dried blood begins to form into a face; a grinning fanged and hairy face (if the players have any reason to know, the face is that of a carnivorous ape). If allowed to from the face will give the characters and evil, leering grin, stick out its tongue and in an earsplitting shriek explode into a cloud of dried blood.

    Sifting through this room of debris will take some time as the floor is also covered in torn paper and sharply splintered wooden fragments. Some coins are scattered about (12sp and 17cp), a whip and a shirt sword. Under the cabinet will be found the skeleton of an arm in dull red torn from a jacket as the arm was torn from the body. Near the skeletal hand is a round jewel that glows (in reality it is crystal powersource [The Little Green would be profoundly delighted in recovering the jewel.] which can be used to power several devices such as the control stick for the manikens.).

    The door to the east has been torn violently from its hinges and is on the floor of the corridor outside.

    The height of this room is 15ft as are most halls and rooms on the 1st floor of the library. The ventilation shaft has an opening near the south-east corner, obscured by cobwebs, and a Machine-Spider and Little Green Man are 75% likely to be observing this room. As with all Little Green Men this one will flee if the slightest sign of detection is given by the characters.

    Posted: 11-16-2020 02:59 am
    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 16

    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 16

    Location 15.1)

    This passage is framed around Location (15). and other than the 10ft section which connects the fractured secret door from that location to the northern door which leads to Location (15.2) it is 5ft higher than the other floors on t Map (A1). A set of short stairs to the east and west of the secret door lead to this raised area.

    On each corner of the room is a manikin made of wood and covered in cloth. There are 4 total and they wear a red uniform with black piping down the legs and black colors. Each carries a truncheon at their belt and a bag of 20 crossbow quarrels (light). In their hands are light crossbows. Currently they are inactive. When the library was constructed they acted as bailiffs who assisted the security force with those who committed crimes within the library.


    Frequency: Uncommon

    No. Appearing: 1-4

    Armor Class: 5

    Move: 12"

    Hit Dice: 2

    % in Lair: N/A

    Treasure Type: N/A

    No. Attacks: 1 bludgeon or by Weapon Type

    Damage/Attack: Bludgeon 1d6 or By Weapon Type

    Special Attack: Nil

    Special Defenses: Immune to piercing weapons. Blunt Weapons do 1/4 Dmg.  Any spell requiring a sentient victim such as charm or sleep has no effect on a maniken. Note: Fire does double damage to manikins.

    Magic Resistance: 10%

    Intelligence: Non

    Alignment: N/A

    Size: M

    Language: Manikins can understand only languages that were added to them during their construction.

    Description:  Manikens appear as normal humans in regard to size and shape, but their 'flesh' is simply painted cloth. They are normally dressed in uniforms. They may be armored.

    Ecology: Maniken's are magical constructs formed from a skeleton of wood with enchanted cloth carefully wrapped around them in the appearance of flesh. They can be constructed to respond to simple commands but have no intelligence or sapience of their own. Though they require a skilled mage to enchant they are relatively cheap and easy to be constructed and are normally built 4 at a time. Their greatest weakness is fire.

    Around the walls facing Location (15.) are hidden firing slots about 5ft from the floor [10ft from the floor of Location (15.)]. If activated the manikins last command was to fire upon moving creatures within Location (15.). They have 90% cover if attacked from Location (15.).

    4 Manikens. 12hp, 2HD, AC5 1 attack. Light Crossbow (20 bolts). or 1 attack Club (their truncheon).

    The north door to the room has a massive lock but is relatively easy to open and anyone attempting to pick the lock gets a 10% bonus.

    The door to the east Leading to Location (15.3) has no lock.

    Posted: 11-16-2020 02:16 am
    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 15

    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 15

    Location 15).

    The southern door to this room is locked. It is thick and bound with iron, but the wood is rotted and a good shove will break the entire thing to fragments. The west, east and south walls are lined with benches. There is a metal cage at the center of the room facing a small dais with a large overturned table resting against the secret door.

    The cage is large and heavy and bolted to the floor. It has a small door on its south face. The bones of some large creatures are inside scattered about. If they are removed it will be found that they are from several creatures. The bones are polished smooth and the ends are carved and notched. There are a dozen long bones from legs and forearms as well as 2 pairs of hands that have been wired together with silver wire and one huge, jawless skull.

    If the bones are examined it will be noticed that they fit easily together and form a kind of arbor such as might be found at the entrance to a garden. To assemble the bones correctly the characters must roll lower than their Wisdom on a d20 with a -6 modifier (a character with 6 Wisdom would have no chance to assemble the bones). It takes 3 turns to assemble and characters can make an attempt once per hour.

    Once assembled the skull fits nicely at the top held between the skeletal hands. When it has all been clicked into place it forms a freestanding arch. Between the spaces of the arch the air becomes still and black; the smell of damp earth pervades the room and a slight cold wind comes from the opening.

    The assembled bones form a gate and the gate leads to a point 5 miles from the south entrance to the library. The area is in a small ravine cut by a cold river. The river descends from a waterfall 30 yards to the northwest and runs into a 50ft high wall of stone to the south-east. No matter when the gate is entered it exits at midnight of the following day. The gate is one way. Once through there is no return. There is an old narrow path that leads up the high walls of the ravine, but it has not been used in a long, long while.

    The gate of bones will fall to pieces 30 minutes after being assembled. They can be gathered and carried by two M sized creatures or 1 L sized especially if they can be lashed together, bagged or boxed. The loose bones are difficult to carry. The gate will always lead to the ravine. Characters who enter the gate on the same day before the stroke of midnight will find themselves appearing one after the other at exactly the coming midnight, but should one character step through the gate 1 minute after the will not appear in the ravine till the midnight of the next day.

    The secret door to the north is cracked. The corner of the large table has gouged a mark down the wall and was moved or thrown with such force that it dislodged the door from its frame. To open the door will require it to be removed, broken in or dismantled.

    Posted: 11-14-2020 03:36 pm
    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 14

    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 14

    The missing Location (8.1) and Location (14.1)

    Location 8.1)

    A wheel and pulley system to open the secret door on the south wall. The wood is rotting and the chain rusty. The pulley lifts a counterweight in the wall by turning a wheel with the chain wrapped around it. Triggering the latch to the secret door drops the counterweight and the secret door raises up into the ceiling very quickly. If the secret door is opened the pulley will need a combined strength of 24 to raises the counterweight. 2 M sized creatures can work the handles at one time. The counterweight will rise 3/4 of the way inside the wall before the rotted wooden drum of the pulley shatters and the chain goes flying loose like a flail while the counterweight comes down with a crash. A second chain which is inside the wall and connects the pulley to the secret door will also snap, dropping the secret door into place and wedging it shut. Anyone within 10ft of the wheel and chain must make a saving through versus Dex or receive 1d12 Dmg.

    Location 14.1).

    This large open room is black with ancient dried blood. There are manacles bolted into the wall. A careful examination will reveal that these are not uniformly at the same height or distance between each other and the iron rods driven between the stone blocks have cracked some of the stones. The manacles are crude workmanship.

    A large tree stump is set at the southern end of the room and its surface is also covered in dried blood. It is also chipped and scarred by innumerable cuts of some bladed weapon of device.

    A cold wind whistles down the corridor from the east and moans around this room if the characters enter it. The characters will need to make a saving throw versus fear. Those that fail the save will find themselves growing more and more nauseous while in this 30x30 space and will need to leave or vomit till they begin to dry heave. If they do not leave after that they will start sweating and faint for 1d4 combat rounds. This save will need to me made by anyone entering this room as well as each time they leave and reenter even if the passed a previous save.

    The wooden stump is extraordinarily heavy, but if it is removed from the room, or any attempt is made to damage it, the stump will begin to shake; roots will sprout from its lower half. In one combat round 6 8ft long roots will have grown and begin waving about. If unmolested they will move the stump back into the room walking on the roots like tentacular legs. If the stump is attacked it will defend itself with the root-limbs. It will follow attackers into Location (14.) or down the eastern corridor for 60ft before turning back toward the open room.

    The stump is AC8 with 50hp, each limb is 2HD, 16hp, AC5 1 attack, 1d10Dmg. Both stump and limbs are immune to arrows and piercing weapons. They take half damage from blunt weapons. Fire attacks cause double damage unless the stump saves as a wood item. The stump will interpose its limbs between itself and attackers making it hard to melee with the stump itself. Destroyed limbs will take 2 combat rounds to regrow.

    If the stump is destroyed the area will be cleansed of fear and any characters who participated in its destruction will be healed 1d8 immediately and find that a golden aura glows about them, illuminating a 20ft radius and giving them a +1 to their savings throws and AC for 24 hours. 

    Posted: 11-13-2020 11:14 am
    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 13

    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 13

    14). The southern door is locked and constructed out of thick wood reinforced with iron bands. There is an iron grill over a small opening about 5ft up from the door and at its center. The opening is only about 1ft square and an iron plate which can be slid aside is latched in place on the other side of the door in Location (8.1).

    The hall is very dusty and cobwebs line the ceiling arched about 15ft overhead. A Little Green Man riding a Machine-Spider will be lurking in the small air duct that opens onto this hall from the air-shaft which connects the halls and rooms in this Location. These ventilation tunnels run near the ceiling and are connected with all Locations which mention ventilation shafts unless otherwise noted.

    See Location (13.) for the Little Green Man's actions if discovered. (Note: This is will be the same Little Green Man from Location (13.) unless something has happened to him.). If something has happened a second Little Green Man and his Machine Spider will be dispatched to investigate but he will be very wary and will deploy a set of tiny remote sensors that appear to be normal houseflys but are instead devices which the Little Green Man can direct and which allow him to see and hear (in dark or light) everything within an unobstructed 60ft radius. The Servo-Flys can be self-destructed on command by the Little Green Man (he wears the device that sends the command on the wrist of his silver gauntlet.). The Servo-Fly has no hp or attack capabilities. The can be easily destroyed but they are tiny, fast and agile.

    The northern opening is a portal blocked by iron bars. The mechanism for lifting the bars is not in this Location, but the gate can be lifted with a combined strength of 40 and the bars bent normally.

    14a). The door is slightly recessed into the wall. It's composed of iron and is extremely heavy. There is a hinged opening at the bottom but only big enough to slide a bowl inside. A grilled opening is set at face level in the door and is covered by a metal plate that can be pushed aside and latched open or when shut latched closed. If the grill is opened and a light shined inside it will reveal a small room with two cots but only one is occupied; a withered body in a robe lying atop one of the beds.

    If the door is opened (it is locked by a normal lock and can be picked but trying to break open the door will create a great deal of noise) the body on the bed will open its mouth and begin to moan, its mouth will continue to open till its lower jaw cracks and falls off. At this point the body will attempt to rise. First one leg which lifts will shatter, then both arms, and its other leg, and its head will fall to the floor and explode in small puff of dust. The chest and lower will body will all tip over and collapse inward. Nothing will be left but dust. Examination of the room will reveal shackles attached to both beds but no keys to release. There are 4 sets of shackles with only a 1ft and 1/2 chain between the cuffs. There is no key but if opened they will lock automatically if shut.

    14b). This room is almost identical to Location (14a) except that instead of a body on the bed, the beds are both overturned and broken. Beneath the rubble is a pile of left arms (9 of them). They have long ago withered and been stripped of almost all flesh. There is a rathole in the east wall, but if examined it reveals that it is clogged with spiderwebs. Someone or thing small enough could enter this passage but they could be no larger than a normal rat. (The tunnel leads through a small warren of dead-ended and collapsed passages for about 30ft then it drops down at a steep angle before emerging into a room in Dungeon Level 1 Location (13.).

    One of the arms has a ring on its pinkie finger. The rotted flesh survived the depredations of the rodents because it was under a piece of broken bed-frame and the ring remained firmly lodged on the otherwise denuded digit. The ring is gold and has a small diamond at its center. It allows the wearer to sense the type of card within a 10ft radius, either in a deck, face-down on a table or held in someone's hand. This function is usable 3 times per day and last for 60 seconds.

    14c). The door to this room is the same as the door at Location (14a). Inside the room is the body of a man curled on his side. If it is quiet enough he can be heard snoring and his chest rises and falls. If there is a loud noise he will awaken, roll over and rub his head. If questioned he will say that his name is Ogon and he has no idea how he got in the cell. He was travelling with a small group, investigating the entrance to some kind of building carved into a mountain. He is from a settlement about 50 miles distant and served as a caravan guard till joining with a few companions to search out wealth, glory and adventure. There is a large bruise on his temple and he wears normal boots, trousers and a padded shirt that normally is worn under chainmail. Ogon can give little information on the Library and has no idea what happened to his companions. His last memory is pulling open a large wooden door and shining a torch into the black passage it revealed, and then nothing.

    Ogon will gladly join the party if asked, and if not he will ask if can join. If rebuffed he will ask to accompany them out of the Library and in the end will simply walk away in the direction of Location (8.1). if attacked he is a Ftr 1, 8hp, AC10, 1 attack, barehanded Dmg 1hp. If killed he has no loot but the clothes on his back. If the characters revisit the cell after at least 24hours have passed they will find Ogon still sleeping in his cell. Unkown to Ogon he was killed some time ago, decades, perhaps longer. He will act as a normal NPC for days, even weeks, or can even be run by as a Player Character, gaining experience and levels like a living human. He will bleed, suffer from wounds and be affected by spells in a normal way, but will have terrible dreams and a very hard time sleeping. Eventually he will stop sleeping altogether and start seeing movement in his peripheral vision, hear voices, then begin seeing ghostly figures.

    After some time his wounds will not close properly though he will regain all his hp, His pallor will change to a greenish-black, all his thick brown hair will fall out. A desire to consume flesh will grow, and even if he is able to hide this, he will turn slowly and irrevocably into a ghoul. If at any point he is killed his form will reappear 24 hours later as the human Ogon sleeping on the bed in his prison cell.

    14d). This room is lined with manicals bolted into the stone wall. In the center of the room is a pile of bodies that decomposed from the top down. Each has had its left arm removed at the shoulder. The top 5 bodies are skeletal, the next 4 are withered hHusks and the bottom body is somehow still covered in a damp and stinking flesh.

    5 (one armed) Skeletons 1 HD 6hp each, AC7, 1 attack, 1hp Dmg

    3 (one armed) Husks 2 HD 9hp each, AC5, 2(3) attacks, Claw 1d6 /Bite 1d10 Dmg


    Frequency: Rare

    No. Appearing: 1-10

    Armor Class: 5

    Move: 12"

    Hit Dice: 2

    % in Lair: N/A

    Treasure Type: N/A

    No. Attacks: 3

    Damage/Attack: Claw/Claw/Bite 1d6/1d6/1d10

    Special Attack: None

    Special Defenses: None

    Magic Resistance: Nil

    Intelligence: Low

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Size: M

    Language: None

    Description:  Husks appear as dry and withered bodies. They are no more than a skeleton wrapped in an armor of flesh turned to a leathery consistency with some fragment of an animating spirit trapped within.

    Ecology: Husks are the bodies of humanoids which have been slain in a ritualistic slaughter. Their spirits are chained to the focal point of the ritual be it an item, location, deity, or person. They are the rejected offerings of this ritual; contemptibly weak and ineffectual in comparison with the desired result of the ceremony. Each sacrifice was meant to hold a fragment of some greater power but the Husks are the discarded shells that could not contain the stronger entity. They are abandoned malignant creatures with the desire to kill their only emotion.

    The last body absorbed all the blood and effluvia of the other 9 sacrifices but this was the executioner and not meant to be a sacrifice himself. Something struck him down before the ceremony was completed and he had the bodies of the sacrifices unceremoniously piled on top of him.

     He wears a rusted human-sized chain shirt (serviceable if cleaned) and a crystal medallion around his neck. He has otherwise been stripped of valuables (three fingers have been removed which will be noticed if he is searched. The finger bones can be found scattered on the floor of the cell.). The medallion is in the form of an eye with a red stone at its center. It is not magical but acts as key to Dungeon Level 2 Location (3.). 

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    Thieve's World - Tales From The Vulgar Unicorn -Named Characters By Story

    Thieve's World - Tales From The Vulgar Unicorn -Named Characters By Story


    Hakiem the Storyteller



    Spiders of the Purple Mage:

    Ahloo shik-Mhanukhee


    Benna nus-Katarz


    Handoo (f)

    Igil [Deity]

    Kemren (Purple Mage)

    Kheem (f)

    Lahboo the Tight-Fisted


    Masha zil-Ineel (f)


    Shalpa [Deity]

    Shkeedur sha-Mizl



    Smhee (Rhandhee Ghee)

    Wallu (f)

    Weda Krizhtawn [Deity]


    Alar Hil Aspak

    Alciros Foin

    Dyareela [Deity]




    Heqt [Deity]

    Ils [Deity]

    Kadakithis, Prince (Kitty-Cat)

    Leah (f)



    Sabellia [Deity]

    Samlane (f)

    Samlor Hil San

    Savankala [Deity]

    Sterl (Wizard-Prince)

    The Fruit of Enlibar:


    Calisaro [Deity]


    Enas Yorl




    Illyra (Lyra)

    Jakob, Blind







    Vortheld [Deity]

    The Dream of the Sorceress:

    Alten Stulwig

    Azyuna [Deity]

    Cappen Varra

    Enas Yorl


    Ils [Deity]


    Jutu Stulwig

    Molin Torchholder

    Myrtis (f)

    Nemis (f)



    Savankala [Deity]

    Vashanka [Deity]

    Vashanka's Minion:

    Alain Aspect


    Cime (f)

    Cudget Swearoath


    Hanse Shadowspawn

    Ils [Deity]


    Kadakithis (Prince)

    Tempus (Cle..., Thales)

    Vashanka [Deity]


    Shadow's Pawn:





    Cime (f)

    Cudget Swearoath


    Enos Yorl

    Eshi [Deity]



    Hanse Shadowspawn

    Ils (f)


    Kadakithis (Prince)

    Mignureal (f)

    Molin Torchholder

    Moonflower (f)

    Poker the Cadite



    Rander Rehabilitatus [Deity]



    Tempus (Thales)

    Theba [Deity]

    Tiana [Deity]

    Two Thumbs

    Vashanka [Deity]


    To Guard the Guardians:

    Alten Stulwig






    Moria (f)





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    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 12

    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 12

      11). This long corridor is lit only by a single torch burning at the southern bend. From the northern doorway it is a dim light, but from the western passage it appears only as a small speck. The floor is filthy as are all the floors in the areas infested with orcs and goblins, but the hall shows the marks of items that have been rolled or dragged along its length; barrels, boxes, chains, bodies, etc...

    12). There is a badly concealed secret door here. The orcs use it from time to time and have left marks in the dirt on the floor as well as hand marks where they grab the door's edge. This will be noticed if the hall is searched and the latch to open it, a stone that needs to be pressed, has a big muddy hand print right on top of it. The door opens inwards and reveals a set of a ladder that drops 20ft. At the bottom of the ladder is a small room and a secret door that leads to the grounds outside of the library. The door isn't concealed from the inside, but is cunningly disguised on the outside as well as opening behind bushes that line the outer wall. Anyone searching for this secret door from the outside is at a -3 penalty.

    12.1) This hall leads off to the west. It is filled with cobwebs above but no spiders.  The secret door on the south wall is in a large niche. It is unconcealed from the north but is well designed and hard to detect from the south (-2 penalty when trying to detect from the Location (11.) hall.

    The secret door to the east leading to Location (10.4) is also unconcealed but it cannot be opened from this side. The iron stove in Location (10.4) first needs to be moved aside.

    13). This long dusty hallway appears empty except for normal cobwebs clinging to the ceiling which arches 15ft overhead. What cannot be normally seen is the large spider which moves along the top of the ceiling. If the characters can catch this spider they discover that it is not a spider at all. The helm sized device is a machine covered with the chitin of a large spider. Inside this machine is a tiny driver about 4 inches tall. He is green skinned and clothed in a padded orange suit with silver metal gauntlets and a helm made of glass.

    If the spider is damaged enough to destroy it the driver will be killed, his glass helmet cracked and a thin greenish vapor released. If it is incapacitated the driver will touch a device that will cause the spider-machines to explode. If the machine explodes it will cause 2d10 damage (save versus Dec for 1/2 damage) in a 20ft radius and leave only fragments of the spider-machine. The driver's body will be completely destroyed though the tiny silver-metal gloves may survive the blast.

    A ventilation shaft runs the length of the hall near the ceiling. It connects with most of the passages and rooms deeper on the first floor and down through Dungeon Level 1 and below. It is just big enough for the Machine-Spider to fit through.

    The driver will flee from contact with characters and has no wish to attack. He will defend himself if attacked but only if he cannot flee. If somehow captured the Little Green Man will attempt suicide which he can accomplish merely by taking off his glass helmet or even opening it to the atmosphere. Little Green Men have no language. They are telepathic and possess an amazing will power which can bar telepathic intrusion upon their own thoughts.


    Frequency: Very Rare

    No. Appearing: 1-3

    Armor Class: 1

    Move: 24"

    Hit Dice: 2

    % in Lair: N/A

    Treasure Type: N/A

    No. Attacks: 3

    Damage/Attack: Claw/Claw/Poison Bite 1d4/1d4/1d4+paralyzation

    Special Attack: The Machine-Spider can emit a web as if a Web spell had been cast but with a range of 20ft and a duration of 5 combat rounds. The web will spread over a 10ftx10ftx10ft area. The component is a liquid material inside the machine that turns to a large web like material when released. A normal Machine-Spider has enough of the material component for 5 attacks and can attack once per combat round.

    Special Defenses: None

    Magic Resistance: Nil

    Intelligence: Non

    Alignment: N/A

    Size: S

    Language: None

    Description: A Machine-Spider is a small spider shaped vehicle with an interior enclosed driver's compartment and a skeletal frame. Its exterior is covered in the complete chitin and exterior protrusions of a normal spider of this size.

    Ecology: The Machine-Spider is constructed by the Little Green Men. It is fueled by a tiny crystal engine that can be detonated on command. If a Machine-Spider is heavily damaged a recovery team will be sent to retrieve it. The crystal emits radiation that is unique and can be tracked at any distance by the Little Green Men.

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    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 11

    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 11

    10.3) The north door to this room is missing. Along the east wall is a disfigured mural. Once it showed a scene of a great hall with several people in blue robes gathered around some central object but over time everything except fragments along the lower 2ft of the wall have been destroyed. There are a number of barrels, boxes, broken weapons and rusty or moldy pieces of armor piled in a great heap against the wall.

    This room has become the sleeping quarters for the orcs in Location (10.2) If not on patrol or dicing in that location they will be here sleeping or eating. Normally 3 to 6 orcs can be found in this room.

    Among the debris can be found a rusty but serviceable shirt of chainmail, dwarf-sized and three battle-axes of dwarven make. 1 battle-axe is of exceptional quality, though notched in two places. It is a non-magical +1 weapon, but if a natural 1 is rolled the blade will crack and become useless as a weapon.

    These orcs tend to keep their best possessions on them since they are so often away from this room, but a huge wooden chest in the south-east corner contains valuable bulky items that they all have a share in. It would take 4 orcs to move the thing.

    Inside can be found:

    a). A human head incased in a glass globe. The glass is impenetrable but a voice can be heard coming from inside. Close listening can detect it speaking softly in a language which has not been spoken in a thousand years. If it is set upon a silver base (which is also in the chest) shaped like a large hand the voice becomes louder. If listened to while the moon is in the sky the hand glows with a silver light and the words will become clear and in the language of the listener. The head is telling old sagas of a great war between two city states from the far distant past. Some of the names are familiar but only as place names such as Sidok's Gorge or the Bone Palace; the story itself is unfamiliar. The head tells only this very long tale which takes weeks to tell fully. When it has finished it begins the tale once more. It answers no questions and grants no powers or abilities but it does tell an excellent story.

    b). A stone sword taken from a statue. The arm was removed at the shoulder but not broken. Instead there is a square projection at the point where the shoulder would fit into a body. The arm is 5ft long and weighs nearly 200lbs. The body of to this arm is on dungeon level 1.

    c). Several pyramidal crystals. They are an orange -red color and have a strange feel to them as if composed of flesh rather than crystal. Each will glow with light upon command. They give off an orange glow and if the base is placed against any surface they will stick unless pulled are hit by a strong blow. They can light a 30ft radius and can be stuck anywhere, walls, ceilings, etc... Each is exactly 1ft at its height with a square 1ft base. They do not radiate magic and if damaged will bleed a light red blood. If badly damaged the light goes out and does not return. These lights are actually the larval forms of living creatures and can be found in some profusion on the lower levels of the dungeon.

    d) A collection of dwarf made shields. All are badly damaged but they have a sentimental value to the orcs.

    See Location (10.2) for the stats of any orcs found here.

    10.4). This room serves as both kitchen and larder for the orcs. The door is closed but has no lock and opens with a simple latch. There is a broken area where some lock or handle was smashed away, but so long ago that the wood has worn smooth and looks as stained and scarred with use as the other surfaces.

    Against the south wall is a blood-stained wooden table and an old iron stove is set against the secret door on the west wall. The door opens if the stove is tilted forward all the way to the ground. Anything in the stove would come tumbling out especially since the grate in front is missing. The orcs keep the fire going continually.

    There is a rack of filthy blades above the table. Two huge butchers cleavers, a mallet and a handful of large knives The cleavers would be awkward weapons -1 to hit and 1d4 damage. The three knives can be used as regular knives, though they could use a sharpening.

    Against the north wall are chained three dwarves, two are still living. The legless body of a third dwarf hangs from its wrists above a sticky spill of congealing blood. There are chains enough for 10 people to be bound to the north wall (the orcs are due to receive rations from a hunting party that left the west entrance the previous day and are running a little short on dwarves).

    One of the dwarves has gone quite insane. He is red-faced and pulls continually at his chains. Blood drips from his wrists and if released he will attack anyone in front of him. He is a Ftr 1 8hp, AC10, Dmg 1d4+3 (due to maniacal strength). His companion in chains is Bordain a Ftr2, 16hp (currently 3hp) AC10 - If his companion Afar is killed by the characters he won't be happy about it but he won't hold it against the characters. He is from a dwarven mining community about 40 miles distant and was part of a group of prospectors searching for likely places to mine the area. He was completely unaware of the library or the orc infestation. They were ambushed while searching the area about 5 miles away and dragged here mostly unconscious and has only vague memories of orcs and old chambers where they were dumped before being dragged some more. If freed he will offer his services as a guard till he has paid of his debt to the characters (at least till when he feels he has) then he will set off for his own community to inform them of the fate of his companions and the blood debt they will need to collect from the orcs. If he leaves on good terms with the players they will find the orcs to be gruff but faithful allies.   

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    Thieve's World - The Rat in the Maze - 1

    Thieve's World - The Rat in the Maze - 1

    NOTE: After picking up Thieve's World from my shelf the idea to work out a map of the Maze and flesh out an adventure immediately came to mind. This is a rough draft and rougher maps (and ideas) for such an adventure.

    The Rate in the Maze

    Outside the inn of the Vulgar Unicorn runs the widest street in the warren of slums called the Maze. Before the doors the lights burn, but only bright enough to illuminate the filth and refuse, human and otherwise, that litters the avenue. Few thieves, beggars or common citizens of Sanctuary are desperate enough to steal the crude iron lanterns bolted to the walls outside the inn's old and scarred doors or cross One Thumb, the proprietor. Besides, night is a busy time for the inn. Dark plans are best laid in the dark it is said and inside the burglars, crooks and thieves outnumber the drunks.

    Your group of conspirators has chosen the Vulgar Unicorn to lay your plans. Some of you have never met before and this nefarious pit of drink and despair seems a safer place than any which may lead to betrayal or ambush. Besides the inn sits near the center of the jumble of decaying houses, ruins, tenements and shops where few guardsmen dare go even during the light of day.

    Each of you has been harmed greatly by the Rankan Empire bringing you together tonight to gather what strength you possess to strike a blow against it. Here in Sanctuary the Empire is vulnerable. The capital is far away and few citizens would shed a tear if ever Rankan, including the young prince, suffered a terrible death.

    As your group forms, each giving the Sign, you choose a table in the dark beneath the upper balcony and begin to form your plan.

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    Thieves World - Named Characters By Story

    Thieves World - Named Characters By Story





    Kadakithis, Prince (Kodakithis)




    Sabellia [Deity]

    Savankala [Diety]

    Vashanka [Diety]


    Sentences of Death:


    Dyareela [Deity]

    Enas Yorl

    Jarveena (f)



    The Face of Chaos:

    Cappen Varra



    Illyra (f)

    Jakob, Blind



    Lthande (f)

    Marilla (f)

    Molin Torchholder

    Moonflower (f)

    Sabellia [Deity]

    Savankala [Deity]

    Vashanka [Deity]

    The Gate of Flying Knives:

    Anen of the Harvest [Deity]

    Azyuna [Deity]

    Butterfly (f)

    Cappen Varra

    Danlis (f)


    Enas Yorl

    Eshi the Love Goddess [Deity]

    Hanse Shadowspawn

    Hazroah the High Flamen

    Ills of the Thousand Eyes, Lord of Lords [Deity]

    Illyra (f)

    Jamie the Red

    Light-of-Pearl (f)



    Molin Torchholder

    One Thumb

    Rosanda (f)

    Sabellia Lady of Stars [Deity]

    Savankala the Thunderer [Deity]

    Shalpa Patron of Thieves [Deity]

    Shipri the All-Mother [Deity]

    Thufir the Tutelary of Pilgrims [Deity]

    Vahsanka the Ten-Slayer [Deity]


    A Few Remarks By Furtwan Coinpinch Merchant:

    Furtwan Coinpinch

    Hanse Shadowspawn

    Thumpfoot, Old




    Cudget Swearoath


    Eshi [Deity]



    Hanse Shadowspawn

    Ils [Deity]


    Kadakithis (Kitty-cat)

    Lirain (f)

    Lycansha (f)

    Moonflower (f)




    Sabellia [Deity]

    Savankala [Deity]

    Shive the Changer

    Taya (f)

    Vashanka [Deity]



    The Price of Doing Business:

    Cudget Swearoath



    Hanse Shadowspawn



    Lythande (f)


    Moria (f)


    One -Thumb

    Sabellia [Deity]


    Savankala [Deity]


    Blood Brothers:


    Amoli (f)







    One-Thumb (Lastel)



    Ambutta (f)

    Amoli (f)

    Cylene (f)


    Dylan (f)

    Gelicia (f)

    Irda (f)



    Lythande (f)


    Myrtis (f)



    The Secret of the Blue Star:

    Azunya [Deity]

    Bercy (f)

    Cappen Varra

    Ils [Deity]


    Lythande (f)

    Myrtis (f)

    Rabben the Half-Handed

    Shalpa [Deity]

    Shipri [Deity]

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    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 10

    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 10

    10.2) There are from 6-18 orcs in this room. The number varies because many are often on patrol to the north where one of the forbidden doors to the eastern portion of the library has been opened. They are fairly nervous about this since it had been sealed shut with heavy boards and iron spikes as well as enchanted closed by their shamans. They patrol in groups of three and most use Locations (10.3) and (10,4) as their orc-cave while half-a-dozen of them remain at this location on orders from Gron in Location (10.1).

    This room is surprisingly empty. There is a ventilation shaft in the north-east corner and the orcs keep a fire going beneath it. A round table is near it and six seats made from old wooden chests surround the table.

    There are three large barrels of ale against the north wall. Two are sealed and one is broached and half empty. Anyone looking into the barrel will see something poking above the surface of the ale. If it is pulled out or the barrel emptied the body of a dwarf will be found. He is long since dead and the orcs added his body to give the ale some flavor. A check of the body will find a rusty chain shirt, dwarven sized, a thick leather belt which, if removed, will be inordinarily heavy. A check of the belt will reveal that it can be opened and inside, still dry as the belt was closed very tightly over it, is a map of the area showing an entrance to the library about 1/2 mile from Location (1). The weight comes from 20gp that are spaced around the inside of the belt.

    A bucket is on top of the one barrel and there are wooden flagons on the table or more likely in the hands of the orcs.

    The northern door is barred shut from this side and one orc is always stationed there. Anyone who wants to enter must knock loudly as the orc is usually asleep.

    The eastern and southern doors are missing; both broken apart and used for the fire years ago.

    The orcs in this room play a continual game of dice. As some return from patrol they inevitably sit down to play and take the place of some of the current players. The game has been going on for weeks. The 5 orcs playing (there are room for 6) are a little drunk, but the ale is fairly week and they are slow drinkers so they have no modifiers to their combat abilities. They are pleasantly drunk, enough for an orc to be considered pleasant and are more inclined to take prisoners than to just kill and eat them outright.

    Inside one of the chest they use for chairs is a secret compartment. Once it held two dozen vials, but only 4 remain. Each contains a sluggish green liquid. It is derived from the edible slime which forms on the front steps of the library. In some ways it is alive. If opened it can be poured out but cannot be separated without causing it to wail in pain, flop around in a squishy way and turn to a grey-black sludge which tastes a little like chocolate mousse. If swallowed the slime can heal 2d8 hp damage and causes a mild hallucinogenic prophetic effect allowing the imbiber to see a quick history of the library overlayed in a disturbing way atop the present day. This effect last for 3 hours and the imbiber will be at -3 to hit and damage. What they will see passes before them very quickly. They get an impression of workmen flitting by as the dig these chambers from the base of a mountain that has had its top cut off as if with a knife leaving a plateau. Then people zip back and forth through the rooms in a blur of motion, furnishings and items come and go and finally it all turns into a horrifying mess of blood and terror. Darkness falls over the visions for a long while then creatures begin to fill the rooms and make the library their own. Throughout the experience the feeling of something watching, something which moves through every moment of the vision, alive and aware, creeps into the sense of sight and a sound begins to eat into the silence like teeth gnawing at a fleshless bone. When the hours pass and the visions end the character will retain this sense and every day within the library the feeling of being watched by this unseen thing will grow.

    The 6-18 orcs are 6hp, 1hd, AC6 armed with either mace, bastard sword, or footman's flail. They wear studded armor. Each will have a pouch of 12-36 gold plated teeth and 3d6cp, 2d8sp, 1d6gp on them.

    There are a few unusual items among their possessions.

    a). A broken piece of mirror in a leather pouch. This piece is about palm-sized and cannot be broken or scratched. If it is joined with other pieces they will meld together into a larger indestructible mirror.

    b). A piece of spider's leg, but made of metal. The outer chiten of a spider has been attached to a skeletal metal form. The spider would be about the size of a man's head if the leg is in proportion.

    c). A silver cube with runes on each side. It radiates magic faintly. By holding the cube while casting a spell a mage will immediately relearn that spell. It can be used once a day. Once used all of the runes will fade from the cube only to slowly reappear with one less rune. This cube can allow the casting of spells up to 6th level.  It can be used six times, each time one of the runes completely disappears after use and on the casting of the sixth spell the cube melts into a puddle of mercury.

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    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 9

    10.1) This center room is home to the orc leader in charge of this small portion of the tribe. He lives here with 3 body guards and the shaman assigned to him. The room is stripped bare of all furnishings. An iron stove is in the south-east corner and its ventilation shaft is still connected to the ceiling. The stove has no front grill and the glow of the fire, which constantly burns inside, is the only illumination.

    There is a sleeping pallet and cloth blankets and thickly furred skins against the south wall near the fire. This belongs to Gron the orc leader.

    He keeps a loaded heavy crossbow beside his bed and sheathed longsword under the top skin of his bed. The longsword glows constantly (it glows in the presence of orcs) and is +2 to hit'+2 damage against orcs. It is a named sword called Gutslitter and on a natural '20 will disembowl the orc hit causing double damage and 1d6+6 pts of damage per combat round. A disembowled orc is at -3 to hit. Gron does not normally carry this sword. It is painful for him to hold, but he has found that some of his worst enemies are other members of the growing tribe of the Third Eye.

    Gron has a large wooden chest that is locked by a huge lock. It is impressive looking but it's very size makes it +10% to pick. Otherwise it is much easier to smash the wooden chest than to try to break the lock. The chest contains the following items:

    a). A human skull with the jaw and top of head removed. Gold fills the empty brain cavity turning into a macabre goblet. Gron drinks from this after battle. It heals 1d8hp of damage if the goblet is filled with blood and drained in a single gulp. The blood must belong to a person or creature the imbiber has killed in combat. This can be done once for every opponent killed but their blood must still be, mostly, liquid. (Gron has one of his body-guards carry this if they are outside of the Library or on one of the lower levels.

    b). A bag with 137 gold plated teeth.

    c). A small chest with what Gron thinks are gems but are really just glass from a band of players that they once attacked. They entire box of glass gems is worth 1gp. It is unlikely that the players will know the difference between these fake gems and real ones unless they have experience with valuing jewels or something untoward happens to the gems (like being pounded by a mace).

    d). A small bag with 8pp, 47gp, 39sp

    e) A small wooden box. Inside is a ring made of raw reddish gold with a red gem gripped by the sculpt of two hands. Writing is finely inscripted inside the ring. It will take a Read Magic spell to decipher the writing. It says "Fire, Flare, fire." The ring will give the wearer an immunity to small fires and a +3 save against large or magical fires. If a mage wears the ring and speaks the words inscribed aloud while putting a finger upon the red stone the spell Burning Hands will be cast against who or whatever the wearer wishes as if by a 5th level caster.

    f). A large Dagger that radiates magic but has no special abilities. It is a decent finely crafted dagger and could be enchanted at a latter date.

    g). A small iron box with 997 cp in it. Gron collects them. An examination will reveal that each copper piece is different in some way. Most of the cp's are common, but 131 would bring 1 to 10sp each from a collector and 41 would bring 1 to 10gp. 7 are fairly rare and would bring from 10 to 100gp each, and 1 is extremely rare and worth 1,000gp or more. Unless a character is a collector of rare coins himself these are very likely to be seen as only copper pieces of face value, but at some time the players may be cheated by a dealer out of the value of the coins or spend it an inn only to have a customer spot the rare coin and seek to rob the characters, etc...

    h). This is a rolled cloth that surrounds a small gold statue wearing a crown and with and upraised hand (snapped off). A book is in its other hand. This is the symbol of learning which the characters may recognize. While it has a value of nearly 100gp it is also part of a key that allows access to a secret room deeper in the library.

    i). A canvas sack holding 157sp  with a smaller leather pouch holding 67gp.

    The Shaman has a small tent made of minotaur hide in the north-west corner. The floor before the tent is blackened with the remains of a small fire. Inside the tent is normally found the shaman. The tent is always closed shut when he is inside and hazy with a thick smoke that smells like a burning rug. This smell and haze remain even when the tent is open. Prolonged exposure to this haze makes characters extremely lethargic and gives them an overpowering desire for food. Those affected can consume up to 3 days rations in a single setting. This feeling will wear off after 3 hours but during that time players will be -3to hit and -3 to damage.

    There is a rolled up rug inside the tent and a thick hide of an owlbear on the floor. A leather bag contains several small wooden and ceramic pipes and a large pouch of a green leafy weed that acts the same as the haze if smoked or eaten. Another bag contains a large collection of jerked meat. These strands of meat are surprisingly tasty if eaten but it comes from a number of sources, both animal and sapient. There is the equivalent of 5 days rations worth of the jerked meat.

    Finally there is a small carved ivory cheat. The chest itself is valuable if undamaged. Inside are various components that the Shaman considers necessary to cast his spells.

    In the center of the room there is a rough wooden table. It is a heavy piece of wood, much scarred and marked. Three benches and a chair surround it. Gron's bodyguards take turns sleeping under the table and there are hides and rags piled there. A large box is also under the table and contains various rations including the headless and quartered bodies of two freshly killed kobolds.

    A small box at the bottom of this box of provisions is hidden beneath the rations. It contains the treasury of all three body-guards. Inside are 17pp, 193gp, 390sp, 12 10gp rubies, 13gold rings worth form 1 to 25gp, a gold crown with gems (a worthless prop taken from the strolling player) and a string of 30 pearls (also fake) and a set of 6 worn six-sided dice carved from bone.

    Gron is a 3rd level fighter. 23hp, AC 4 Str 17 Int 11 Dex 12

    He wears a suit of enchanted chainmail +2 that will cause a normal sword-blade to snap a foot off its end if the attack roll against him is a natural '1'. He uses a battle axe in one hand that is non-magical but wickedly crafted and will cause +2 damage. In his other hand he wields a large enchanted dagger that gives a +1 to hit and allows the wielder to use it in their secondary hand with no training in two weapon fighting.

    The three orc bodygyards are 1st level fighters. 8hp each, AC5 they armed with a longsword nonmagical +1 to hit due to quality, A flanged mace, a bastard sword. Each carrier s a pouch with 57, 43 and 41 gold plated teeth.

    The Shaman is a 2nd level cleric/ 1st level magic user. 13hp, AC3. He wears a leather suit made of the skin of orcs that gives his AC3. On his head are the horns of a minotaur and can summon the image of the beast but not the beast itself. It will stamp and below and appear to attack but its form is insubstantial and at best it can cause a distraction or a retreat. It is not illusion and in all senses outside of touch it is real; loud, smelly and a character licked it they would taste minotaur (yuck). It will last till the shaman is killed or he dismisses it. He can call upon the minotaur once a day (this minotaur skin will lack this ability with anyone not a orcish shaman). If the shaman receives enough physical damage to kill him the suit will also be destroyed.

    He bears a staff made from the carved bones of a man (two legs and an arm melded together with the skeletal hand holding a skull at the top of the staff. If hostile creatures approach within a 30ft radius the jaws will open and the skull will begin to laugh and titter in a most unpleasant manner. During combat the staff acts as a +1 to hit/ +3 to hit against humans and the skull will begin to sing. The song is in the common tongue and tells the story of young mercenary who ventured into the library only to be killed and eaten by these orcs. All players within a 50ft radius must save versus charm or become -1 to hit/-1 damage in combat. No human can hold this staff. A human touching it will receive a powerful jolt that causes 1d4 per combat round while they are holding it.

    On his person is a belt with pouches. They have various components to his spells. Around his neck he wears a necklace of ears (from many creatures. They are dried and the Shaman finds them quite nice to snack on.

    If captured or made to talk the shaman's eyes will roll up in his head, he will bite off his own tongue and begin shaking. After a minute he will shudder and die. If some divination is used the Shaman's spirit will merely curse and laugh.

    Gron and his bodyguards will easily talk. They are unhappy with the tribe of the Third Eye. They are recent recruits from a smaller tribe charmed by the mage Zuel and merged with his ever growing garrison of orcs. This was several weeks ago and Gron would like out. If the characters appear strong enough and the shaman is killed Gron and his guards can be convinced to actual join the party as rather untrustworthy henchmen who look for the opportunity to steal what they can and escape. He will say that this is but a smaller group of orcs. A much larger force commands the west entrance and watches over a pack of kobolds (who they despise and often eat) guarding the north. The chief dwells down in the dungeons of the library in the floor below in a vast room with ledges all around it. The main garrison is down below as well as the women and children of the tribe. There is a great Shaman and all of the lesser shamans (and there are too many of them for Gron's liking) are now being trained by Zuel or his apprentices. The east of the first floor is dangerous and they don't go there (the doors that connect the east and west portions of the library are marked with warnings).  They haven't explored all of the west section of the library and use only the long halls and a few siderooms to get to the west entrance and the north.

    Posted: 11-10-2020 11:54 am
    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 8

    10). This room is part of a small outpost of orcs. It currently contains 9 orcs but the inhabitants of Locations (10.1) and (10.2) have removed the interior doors in-between these three locations and regularly pass back and forth.

    The eastern door is very strong. It is made of thick wood with iron bands to reinforce it. There was once a mechanical lock but it was broken long ago. Now the door is kept shut by a heavy bar that rests in staples set deeply into the stone wall to either side. The door itself will break before the iron bar is bent or the staples ripped from the wall. There is a small opening in the center of the door at face height. It has a small grill of iron set on the outside of the door to keep anyone from reaching through and an iron plate that can be slid across this opening from the inside and latched shut. It is normally kept shut but not latched.

    An orc will normally be asleep, mostly drunk or half-asleep sitting with his back against the door. Nearby on the north wall a battered chest-piece from a suit of plate is hanging from the wall and an old mace is hanging next to it. If attacked or if intruders are spotted an orc will begin pounding on this chest-piece with the mace. The sound will be heard throughout the 3 areas of Location (10-10.2) and in the surrounding corridors.

    The room gives no hint as to what it once might have been used for. The walls and floors are filthy. A dim light comes from the south-west corner where a small fire burns and what appears to be the limbless body of some small humanoid creature (kobold) roasts on a spit. The smoke makes the room hazy and thick (combat for PCs is at -1 to hit unless the smoke has cleared) and only a small ventilation shaft in the ceiling keeps the place from being dangerous even to the orcs.

    There are bundles of rags and rotting skins against the west wall. If searched they reveal pouches, small bags and sacks containing the possessions of the occupying orcs. Each bag has around 2d20cp, 3d10sp, 4d8gp and a collection of from 4d10 teeth dipped in gold (these represent combat kills, though small creatures such as goblins and kobolds don't count). If any captive is found in possession of these teeth they will have their own teeth pulled from their mouths and crushed with a hammer (their teeth not their heads) a sign that they are unworthy opponents. These teeth are worth only about 10sp and are hard to sell within any of the few nearby settlements.

    Several of the bundles have some notable items.

    a). Under this pile of bedding is a backpack with one of the shoulder straps missing. It is relatively new but stiff with dried blood and other stains. Inside is the skull of a dwarf with most of the flesh gnawed away, but the skull is haunted by the memory of the slain dwarf. If given a respectful ceremony before disposing of it the character or characters will gain +1 to hit/+1 to damage against any of the orcs in the library (unless otherwise noted). If treated with disrespect the spirit will haunt the disrespectful characters and moan and curse them during combat telling them that they are no better than a bunch of dirty orcs themselves and making them -1 to hit/-1 to damage against any combatants in the dungeon unless the spirit can be appeased in some manner.

    b). Atop this pile of stinking skins is a short stabbing spear. It cannot be thrown but is useful in finding the location of mushrooms. It will give off an earthy smell when it is within 50ft of any edible mushrooms and a sweetly sick smell when approaching the poisoness variety. The smell will grow stronger and stronger the nearer they are.

    9 Orcs - 6hp,  1HD, AC6, Studded Leather, Mace or Bastard Sword

    See Location (6 Note) if any are captured or questioned.

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    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 7

    9). The door to this room is a normal wooden door with no lock. It opens toward Location (8.) and has a pull ring on its outer side.

    There is an iron stove, cold and overturned in the south-east corner of the room. The ventilation pipe hangs from the roof (inside the stove is a solid clump of ash which, if smashed apart, reveals a piece of parchment 3/4 burned revealing 1/4 of the 1st level of the dungeon below).

    Against the north wall (marked with a boxed X on the map) is a short but long cabinet. Inside can be found the ancient remains of the rations that the men, now skeletons, ate in life. Once it was home to a nest of rats, now a score of these giant creatures are also nothing but skeletons themselves. They are animated and with the same vicious desire to kill as their once human counterparts. With a wordless squeak they will spring out from the cabinet if opened and, in a flow of bony feet, attack those in the room. They are 1hd-4 creatures with 2hp each and AC of 7 and 1 bite attack that will do 1hp of damage. If the nest of rotted bones and rations is examined 200 cp can be sifted from the debris. But if this is done a trap door beneath the base of the wormridden boards of the cabinet will be discovered dropping down to dungeon level 1.

    The room is lined with 10 beds against the east and 10 against the west walls. These 20 beds are simple bunks with a wooden chest at the end of them. Each has a pillow made of chicken feathers, a thin mattress made of straw on what were once nets of hide straps. These straps have all been gnawed to pieces and the simple mattresses have collapsed through them to the floor. If searched the rag pillows will reveal several items.

    A). A small glass container with a tarry black sludge at the bottom. This sludge is actually a powerful drug. If smoked it will alleviate pain and cause minor hallucinations. There is enough for 5 doses. A pair of normal sheathed throwing daggers and a tinderbox is also in this pillow. The daggers are lightly blackened and have a hard burnt substance on their blades.

    B). This pillow contains a silver locket with an inscription inside saying "Love Potion Loves Her Owlbear." It is a cheap locket with silver plate and is worth only 1sp.

    C). A small flute carved from wood. Value 5cp

    D). A chipped cube of glass. Looking through it will make anything seen through it appear larger. Value 5sp.

    E). This appears to be a small book, an adventure story set in an alternate world, but slipped into the spine is a note in code. If deciphered by mundane or magical means it will say, "Moonset, lower stacks".

    The blankets and rag pillows are moth eaten and torn by small claws with a rank smell of must and decay.

    The 20 trunks at the feet of these beds are all locked with cheap simple locks. +2 bonus modifier to open. They can easily be smashed open with a sharp strike or even kicked off the chest with a bootheel to the hasp. Inside are mostly rotted clothing, belts, boots, but each has some personal gear and a coin pouch. These pouches will contain 3d12cp, 2d10sp, 1d8gp, 25% chance of a ring, locket or pin valued at 3d10gp,

    Some have noteworthy items.

    a). The bottom of this trunk has a trapped (poison needle but the virulence of the poison has diminished with age and not only causes 1d6 damage (rather than death) save for 1/2 damage) secret compartment. Inside this compartment is a shirt and pants of light black cloth, soft black shoes whose soles will an abraded surface that allows the wearer to grip surfaces better (adds a + 5% to attempts at climbing walls or moving across slick surfaces). There is a dried stick of black face paint, a bottle of a dried greenish substance (once a gummy poison that could be coated on blades. It is still faintly poisonous and eating a quantity of it will cause 3d6 damage, save for 1/2 damage), and a sheaf of thin paper with a small dried bottle of ink and a quill pen.

    There are three weapons in the case.

    A set of 12 small throwing knives. These have no grip, just a heavy tang to balance the blade weight. These small knives are a nonmagical +2 to hit and do 1d4 damage.

    A long curved double-edged dagger. The blade is blackened with a runnel down its length (where a gummy poison could be coated without risk of rubbing off when sheathed). It is a non-magical +2 to hit and does 1d6 damage.

    A pair of black gloves with a set of iron spikes at the top and base of the palm. This device makes it easier to climb (+20% bonus) and can be used in weaponless combat to add 1 HP of damage per attack.

    There is also a roll of 4 glass tubes. Each is filled with small grayish glass pellets (5 per vial). If the glass is broken they explode in a 10x10 ft cloud of harmless but opaque grey smoke that will dissipate after 3 combat rounds.

    b). This chest has a smaller box filled with scrolls of an erotic nature. There are 37 scrolls that run in value to the right 'collector' for between 5sp to 10gp each.

    c). Inside this chest there is a small wooden box. It is very old but solidly made. It seems to be filled with very small bones, each with a mark carved upon them (if the writing can be seen at all so minute are the letters). If they bones are removed upon the case the will vibrate slightly and if several are removed near each other they will begin to join together. If the entire box is dumped out they will pull themselves in a set of 6 skeletal mice with a seventh that holds a stringed instrument made of bones. A thin and high music will come from the instrument. The six mouse skeletons will begin to dance around the player. Tiny squeaks will be heard above the music. Slowly the music will grow louder and after another minute or two the dancers will begin to bow to the ground as they dance. They will grovel upon their bony bellies before the music. Any characters within hearing of the music must first save versus charm or begin to dance themselves. Those who succeed in their save must then save versus fear or become paralyzed. This dance will go on for 5 minutes till the charmed characters find themselves groveling on their own stomachs. Then the music will stop and the skeletal mice will search for the box, open its lid, climb inside and fall to pieces. The box and bones are immune to ordinary damage and if the bones are scattered they will return (somehow) to the box by the next rising of the moon. The character which opened the box will find it returned to his possession no matter how he tries to get rid of it. At the waning of the moon he must save versus charm or he will open the box again and dance.

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    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 6

    The Lost Library of Q'Sh

    8). This is a large somewhat 'S' shaped room. The south-western end has two secret doors. The western secret door is described in Location (5). but if the area is not entered from that location the skeletons described will be clustered near the south-western nook. They will react to the approach of characters from the north or through the secret door nearby on the south wall.

    The wide portion if the room running north-south has two long wooden tables with benches against the west wall, a weapons rack, on the east wall, with ten light crossbows (only two have not been rotted by a slow dripping leak that has come down the wall from a large crack in the stone roof) and a score of bolt pouches contain bolts, most of which will fly apart in flinders if anyone attempts to use them as the damp and moisture have rotted them as well.

    There is a larger weapons rack is against the wall near location (8.1)., but it is empty. Against the wall facing the library's portico is wheel and pulley system to raise the counterweight which is dropped when opening the southern secret door.

    The floor of the room is scattered with broken bones and rotted leather armor, sundered shields (four are still serviceable, medium shields) and ten longswords with various degrees of rust (the swords are -2 to hit and damage till they have been resharpened).

    Amid the scattered bones on the floor of this room will be seen a black and dried smear of blood leading to the far eastern end of the room and trailing around the corner.

    The door to the north is thick wood with iron bands and a iron grill work over a small opening at chest height. Peering through grill work and shining a light through or having some type of dark vision reveals Locastion (14). a corridor with doors similar to this one, though details are hard to make out as they are slightly recessed into the walls of the passage.

    8.2). The smear of dried blood ends before the western door which is appears as a normal wooden door with a pull ring. The space before the door is very similar to Location (6.2) with a very large stain of black dried blood across the floor and spattered on the walls. A moment after stepping within 10ft of this area or upon opening the eastern door from the other side, a cold moaning wind will howl down the passage and stir the blood into a dancing black dust devil which will turn into the form of a robed woman. If this form is touched by anyone or anything during this process or after it has solidified it will emit a screeching, wordless howl and collapse into a pile of dried blood. If allowed to form the woman will hold out her hands revealing that all her fingers have been torn or bitten off. She will look at them herself, howl madly and throw herself at the nearest character, whereupon she will burst into a cloud of dried blood, but anyone within a 10ft radius will find themselves drenched with hot fresh blood as if a bucketful of the stuff had been thrown at them. 

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    Dragon #354 Greyhawk References

    Dragon Magazine #354 Index

    Aaron Marander (Human Fighter 13)[NPC]


    Aasimar [MON]


    Abbor-Alz Mountains [MT]


    Aerdy, Kingdom of [KNG]


    Almor [KNG]


    Altar [ITM]


    Ambara (Female Young Adult Gold Dragon)[NPC]


    Angel [MON]


    Arminder Nogg (Champion of Glory)(Male Half-Orc Cleric 5 Heironeous)[NPC]

    31, 32

    Armorer [CLS]


    Arnd of Tdon [NPC]


    Azkava Mor (Paladin)[NPC]


    Baator [NPC]


    Ballista [ITM]


    Bandit [CLS]


    Battle of a Fortnight’s Length [BTL]


    Battleaxe [ITM]

    20, 22, 23, 25, 31

    Battleaxe, Holy +2 [ITM]


    Beloved of the Gods [RUM]


    Belt of Giant Strength [ITM]


    The Blinding Light [RUM]


    Book of Penitence [BK]


    Book of the Code [BK]


    Bright Desert [PLC]


    The Broken Brotherhood [RUM]


    By the  Archpaladin’s Skin [RUM]


    Caralin Arvendis (Male Half-Elf Fighter 3/ Cleric 10)[NPC]


    Chainmail [ITM]

    20, 31

    Cleric [CLS]

    20, 22-24, 31

    Coffer [ITM]


    Coldeven [CAL]


    The Day of Just Rebellion [CAL]


    Demon [MON]


    Deva, Astral [MON]


    Devil [MON]

    30, 32

    Dragon [MON]


    Dragon, Bronze [MON]


    Dragon, Gold [MON]


    Dragon, Silver [MON]


    Dwarf [MON]


    Elf [MON]

    20, 31

    Elf, Half [MON]

    20, 31

    Ferrante (Paladin)[NPC]


    Fharlanghn [DEITY]


    Fields of Glory [PLN]


    Fighter [CLS]

    20, 22, 31

    Flanmi River [RVR]


    For Honor and Valor [RUM]


    Fortnight’s Feast [CAL]


    Gasharin Hefloranis (Male Elf Fighter 8)[NPC]


    Great Kingdom [KNG]


    Greyhawk, City of [TWN]

    23, 31

    Griffon [MON]


    Guard [CLS]

    24, 31

    Heironean Code [PHL]

    22, 24, 26

    Heironeous {Heironious} (The Invincible, The Archpaladin, The Valorous Knight)[DEITY]

    18-20, 22-26, 28, 30-32

    Heironeous, Brotherhood of the Lance Unbroken [ORG]


    Heironeous, Church of [ORG]

    20, 22, 28

    Heironeous, The Copper Crusaders [ORG]


    Heironeous, Cleric of (Glorious, Valorous Host, Hero of the … Rank, Champion of Glory, Knight Gallant, Knight Courageous, Knight Valiant, Knight Champion, Paragon, Paragon-General)[CLS]

    24, 26, 30, 31

    Heironeous, Order of the Shining Sword [ORG]

    24, 25

    Heironeous, Paladin of (Templar)[CLS]


    Heironeous, Sanctum of (City of Greyhawk)[TMP]


    Helena Stanmaer (Female Human Cleric 12 of Fharleanghn)[NPC]


    Hextor [DEITY]

    19, 20, 24, 26, 28, 30

    Human [MON]


    Invulnerable Coat of Arnd [ITM]


    Iuz [DEITY][NPC]

    23, 25, 31

    Kara-Fruit [ITM]


    Karistyne [NPC]


    Karistyne Castle [CTl]


    Katarina (Lady)[NPC]


    King [CLS]


    Knight [CLS]

    24-26, 28

    Knights of the Holy Shielding [ORG]


    Labelas Enoreth (Elven God of Time)[DEITY]


    Longsword [ITM]

    20, 22

    Mace, +3 Disruption [ITM]


    Malchaus (Astral Deva)[MON]


    Manticore [MON]


    May the Axe Grow Great [RUM]


    Mayaheine [DEITY]


    Meersalm [ITM]

    20, 26, 28, 30, 32

    Mercenary [CLS]


    Messenger [CLS]


    Monk [CLS]


    Murlynd [DEITY]


    Nine Hells [PLN]


    Nyr Dyv [RVR]


    Nyrond [KNG]


    Oeridian [PPL]

    20, 28

    Oerth [PLC]


    Onwald Sidney [NPC]


    Orc [LNG]


    Orc [MON]

    31, 32

    Orc, Half- [MON]


    Paladin [CLS]

    19, 20, 22, 24, 28, 30, 31

    Peasant [CLS]


    Pelor [DEITY]


    Pholtus [DEITY]


    Pholtus, Church of [ORG]

    26, 28

    Pit Fiend [MON]


    Pitchfork [ITM]


    Platemail [ITM]

    20, 26

    Ready’reat [CAL]


    Ranger [CLS]


    Rary [NPC]


    Reaping [CAL]


    Red Thunderbolt (+2 Shocking Thundering Battleaxe)[ITM]



    Right Makes Might [RUM]


    Robe [ITM]


    Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia [PLN]


    Sheep [MON]


    Shianne Stotmahanded (Female Elf Wizard 13)[NPC]


    Shield Lands [KNG]

    20, 23, 25, 26, 31

    Soldier [CLS]

    19, 22, 31

    Spy [CLS]


    Statue [ITM]


    Stern Alia [DEITY]

    26, 28

    Stonemason [CLS]


    Tabard [ITM]

    20, 31

    Tattoo [ITM]


    Temple [TMP]

    20, 22, 25, 26, 32

    Undead [MON]


    Valormight [CAL]


    Wealsun [CAL]


    Wolf [MON]


    Wyvern [MON]


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    Fritz Leiber's "Lankhmar" Character Names

    Here is a list of character names from Fritz Leiber's "Lankhmar" or "Fafhrd & Gray Mouser" stories. 

    I urge anyone who has not read Leiber's "Lankhmar" stories to read them and anyone who has read them to re-read them.

    Names compiled from 'Swords and Deviltry' (Hopefully I haven't missed too many)


    Effendrit (Mingol)





    Glavas Rho


    Harrax (Snow Man)


    Hor (Snow Man)

    Hrey (Snow Man)

    Hringorl (Snow Man)





    Karstak Ovartamortes


    Mara (Snow Man)


    Mor (Snow Woman)


    Nalgorn (Snow Man)










    Zax (Mingol)

    The Snow Woman

    Effendrit (Mingol)


    Harrax (Snow Man)


    Hor (Snow Man)

    Hrey (Snow Man)

    Hringorl (Snow Man)

    Mara (Snow Man)

    Mor (Snow Woman)

    Nalgorn (Snow Man)




    Zax (Mingol)

    The Unholy Grail


    Glavas Rho



    Ill Met in Lankhmar







    Karstak Ovartamortes










    2). List compiled from Swords Against Death & Swords in the Mist

















    Kivies (Raven)

    Kooskra (Eagle)



    Larlt (Mingol)

    Lavas Laerk







    Ourph (Mingol)

    Ouwenyis (Mingol)








    Teevs (Mingol)






    Swords Against Death

    The Circle Curse


    The Jewels in the Forest




    Thieves House







    The Bleak Shore

    Larlt (Mingol)

    Ourph (Mingol)

    Ouwenyis (Mingol)

    Teevs (Mingol)

    The Sunken Land

    Lavas Laerk

    Claws From the Night


    Kivies (Raven)

    Kooskra (Eagle)




    The Price of Pain-Ease



    Swords in the Mist

    The Cloud of Hate









    Lean Times in Lankhmar













    Compiled from Swords Against Wizardry


    Bonecracker (Ice Gnome)

    Breakskull (Ice Gnome)




    Eeack (Rat)





    Gibberfat (Ice Gnome)



    Graah (Bear)







    Hrissa (Ice Cat)








    Kruk (Bear)

    Legcruncher (Ice Gnome)





    Scraa (Roach)









    Bonecracker (Ice Gnome)

    Breakskull (Ice Gnome)


    Gibberfat (Ice Gnome)



    Graah (Bear)


    Hrissa (Ice Cat)



    Kruk (Bear)

    Legcruncher (Ice Gnome)


    The Two Best Thieves in Lankhmar













    The Lords of Quarmall



    Eeack (Rat)










    Scraa (Roach)





    Compiled from The Swords of Lankhmar & Swords Against Ice Magic

    (F) = female


    Bimbat (Boarhound)




    Elakeria (F)

    Eesafem (F)

    Fralek (F)

    Freg (F)

    Frix (F)

    Fro (F)

    Gale (F)

    Gara (Deity)

    Glipkerio Kistomerces



    Grig (Rat)


    Grum (F)

    Hilsa (F)


    Hisvet (F)

    Hreest (Rat)

    Hrenlet (F)

    Ivmiss (F)


    Kos (Deity)

    Kreeshkra (Ghoul)(F)



    May (F)

    Mog  (Deity)



    Nattick Numblefingers



    Reetha (F)

    Rill (F)

    Rivis Rightby

    Samanda (F)

    Siss (Rat)

    Skwee (Rat)

    Slenya Akkiba Magus (F)


    Svivomilo (Rat)

    Tchy (Rat)


    The Swords of Lankhmar


    Bimbat (Boarhound)

    Elakeria (F)

    Frix (F)

    Glipkerio Kistomerces

    Grig (Rat)


    Hisvet (F)

    Hreest (Rat)

    Hrenlet (F)

    Kreeshkra (Ghoul)(F)





    Nattick Numblefingers



    Reetha (F)

    Rivis Rightby

    Samanda (F)

    Siss (Rat)

    Skwee (Rat)


    Svivomilo (Rat)

    Tchy (Rat)

    Swords Against Ice Magic

    The Sadness of the Executioner

    Eesafem (F)


    Beauty and the Beasts

    Slenya Akkiba Magus (F)

    Under the Thumb of the Gods

    Fralek (F)

    Freg (F)

    Fro (F)

    Gara (Deity)

    Ivmiss (F)


    Kos (Deity)

    Mog  (Deity)

    The Frost Monstreme

    Afreyt (F)

    Cif (F)









    Titchybi (F)


    Rime Isle




    Gale (F)



    Grum (F)

    Hilsa (F)

    May (F)

    Rill (F)

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    REH's Conan - List of Names and Ethnicities

    Abbreviations of Ethnicities

    Acheron = Ach

    Aesir = Aesir

    Afghul = Afg

    Aquilonian = Aq

    Argossean = Arg

    Bakalah = Bak

    Brythunian = Bry

    Corinthian = Cor

    Dagonian = Dag

    Hyrkanian = Hyr

    Keshan = Kes

    Khauran = Kha

    Kothian = Kot

    Kozaki = Koz

    Kshatriyan = Ksh

    Kushite = Kus

    Kutchemesian = Kut

    Messantian = Mes

    Nemedian = Nem

    Ophirean = Op

    Pelishtim = Pel

    Pict = Pict

    Shemite = Shem

    Stygian = Sty

    Tlazitlans = Tla

    Turanian = Tur

    Vanir = Vanir

    Xuchotlan = Xu

    Yimsha = Yim

    Zamboulan = Zamb

    Zamoran = Zam

    Zingaran = Zin

    Zuagir = Zu


    Xaltotun - Ach


    Gorm - Aesir

    Horsa - Aesir

    Niord - Aesir

    Wulfhere - Aesir


    Yar Afzal - Afg


    Albiona - Aq

    Altaro - Aq

    Arpello - Aq

    Ascalante - Aq

    Athemides - Aq

    Balthus - Aq

    Dion - Aq

    Epemitreus - Aq

    Gromel - Aq

    Hadrathus - Aq

    Namedides - Aq

    Numedides - Aq

    Orastes - Aq

    Pallantides - Aq

    Prosepero - Aq

    Publius - Aq

    Rinaldo - Aq

    Servius Galannus - Aq

    Soractus - Aq

    Thespius - Aq

    Tiberias - Aq

    Trocero - Aq

    Valannus - Aq

    Valeria - Aq

    Valerius - Aq

    Volmana - Aq

    Zelata - Aq


    Bracus - Arg

    Demetrio - Arg

    Galacus - Arg

    Strom - Arg

    Tito - Arg


    Aja - Bak

    Bajujh - Bak


    Aratus - Bry

    Natala - Bry


    Ivanos - Cor

    Muriela - Cor


    Khosatral Khel - Dag

    Yateli - Dag


    Amurath - Hyr


    Gorulga - Kes

    Gwarunga - Kes


    Ivga - Kha

    Krallides - Kha

    Salome - Kha

    Taramis - Kha

    Valrius - Kha


    Almuric - Kot

    Arbanus - Kot

    Constantius - Kot

    Khossus - Kot

    Sergius - Kot

    Shupras - Kot

    Strabonus - Kot

    Taurus - Kot

    Thespides - Kot

    Tsotha-Lanti - Kot

    Vateesa - Kot

    Yasmela - Kot

    Zorathus - Kot


    Olgerd Vladislav - Koz


    Bunda Chand - Ksh

    Chunder Shan - Ksh

    Devi Yasmina - Ksh

    Gitara - Ksh


    Ajaga - Kus

    Ajonga - Kus

    Laranga - Kus

    Shukeli - Kus

    Yasunga - Kus


    Thugra Kohotan (Nathok) - Kut


    Publio - Mes


    Alcemides - Nem

    Amalric - Nem

    Arideus - Nem

    Arus - Nem

    Aztrias Petanius - Nem

    Demetrio - Nem

    Dionus - Nem

    Enaro - Nem

    Kalanthes - Nem

    Kallian Publico - Nem

    Nimed - Nem

    Numa - Nem

    Octavia - Nem

    Posthumo - Nem

    Promero - Nem

    Tarascus - Nem

    Taurus - Nem

    Zenobia - Nem


    Akkutho - Op

    Amalrus - Op

    Khossus - Op

    Livia - Op

    Olivia - Op

    Theteles - Op

    Tina - Op


    Bit-Yakin - Pel


    Zogar Sag - Pict


    Belit - Shem

    Gebal - Shem

    Gilzan - Shem

    Khumbanigasa - Shem

    Servio - Shem

    Zargheba - Shem


    Ctesphon - Sty

    Kutamun - Sty

    Rammon - Sty?

    Tascela - Sty

    Thalis - Sty

    Thoth-Amon - Sty

    Thothmekri - Sty

    Thothmes - Sty

    Thutmekri - Sty

    Tuthamon - Sty

    Yara - Sty?


    Chicmec - Tla

    Olmec - Tla

    Tachic - Tla

    Techotl - Tla

    Tecuhltli - Tla

    Topal - Tla

    Xamec - Tla

    Xecelan - Tla

    Xotalanc - Tla

    Yanath - Tla

    Yasala - Tla

    Zlanath - Tla


    Alafdhal - Tur

    Ghaznavi - Tur

    Jehungir Agha - Tur

    Jelal - Tur

    Jungir Khan - Tur

    Kerim Shah - Tur

    Khosru Khan - Tur

    Yildiz - Tur

    Yezdiderd - Tur


    Bragi - Vanir

    Heimdul - Vanir


    Tolkemec - Xu


    Khemsa - Yim


    Aram Baksha - Zamb

    Ghanara - Zamb

    Nafertari - Zamb

    Totrasmek - Zamb

    Zabibi - Zamb


    Shevatas - Zam


    Belesa - Zin

    Beloso - Zin

    Galbro - Zin

    Gebbrelo - Zin

    Sancha - Zin

    Tranicos - Zin

    Valbroso - Zin

    Valenso - Zin

    Zaporavo - Zin

    Zarono - Zin

    Zingelito - Zin


    Djebal - Zu

    Misc. and Unkown

    Akivasha - ?

    Astreas - ?

    Athicus - ?

    Joka - ?

    Murilo - ?

    N'Gora - Island Kingdoms?

    N'Yaga - Island Kingdoms

    Nabonidus - ?

    Ortho - ?

    Pelias - ?

    Petreus - ?

    Satha - Giant Snake

    Thak - Ape-Man

    Tiberio - ?

    Vathelos - ?<