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    The Origins of Kyuss
    Posted on Tue, May 07, 2002 by Dogadmin
    basiliv writes "Ancient High Priest, Demigod, the diseased Sons of Kyuss, the Wormcrawl Fissue...but what other knowledge have you of this corrupt creature?

    Author: basiliv

    The Origins of Kyuss

    by basiliv. Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.

    In a time long passed, before the Twin Cataclysms, the gods of the Flannae were more widely revered than today. Rather than hiding in fell caverns to perform their dark rituals, the priesthoods of evil deities held the ears of emperors, the eyes of their nations, and the thoughts of all.

    It was into such a wicked clergy that a young man began his legendary career of perversion. His early days in service of the Reaper are practically unknown, but records indicate he dealt extensively with the Ur-Flan. As he rose in power in the priesthood, he learned many dark and ancient rites which sparked his hunger for knowledge. This hunger allowed him to grow until he led the priesthood of his time, always seeking to increase its influence. There is much speculation regarding visits to the Causeway of Fiends, the Fading Lands of the east, and other powerfully evil locales, but the only journey which ultimately mattered is known with a certainty: the voyage across the Azure. Jealous of the treasures, secrets, and powers of the southern jungles, the high priest began sending groups of Nerull’s Faithful to investigate and pillage what they could. When lesser clerics failed to return, the high priest decided to investigate the matter personally. After recruiting allied priests of Incabulous, Nerull’s Chosen and his entourage took to the sea.

    The details of the group’s southward journey remain a mystery, but it is quite apparent that the high priest learned much from the followers of the Decayed One. Weeks later the group sent word north: they had reached the Amedio Jungle, and were beginning to contact the locals.

    No further communications were ever received. All that is known is that the local Olman records describe the high priest in great detail. He is recorded as having forged a new alliance with the local witch, having purchased the honor with a gift of several walking corpses dressed in the same foreign garb as the priest.

    Here the records become even more sporadic. The witch and priest apparently traveled quite a bit, as evidenced by their ultimate destination of Matreyus, the Storm Lake, but what occurred there is unknown. Upon their arrival the pair disappeared, though the priest appeared years later during the mysterious Storm of Unknowing. The figure described in the latter account was a warped and distorted personage, horrid in visage and wielding a visible aura of power, but certain details confirm that this was undeniably the high priest.

    There are various accounts of the rituals performed during the storm, for at that time the Olman city of Elatalhui was still a powerful resident of the Lake’s southern shore. Unfortunately, each account is vastly different, with most resounding of hysterics. What is known is that a new form of undead appeared on Oerth that night, and a new name was given to the High Priest: Quicocox, which is Olman for “Diseased”.

    After this point history is guesswork at best. The former High Priest now went by his Olman name, and the Flannae corruption “Kyuss” is first recorded in the records of the Ur-Flan around 1273 F.C. Tales indicate he traveled the Flanaess over, but these could be rumors traveling faster than the being. It is widely accepted that the foul Wormcrawl Fissure was the dwelling place of Kyuss for centuries, even taking its name from the evil being. The cleft is certainly home to many forms of putrid mutants, creatures which would have made Kyuss proud. Included among these are the most powerful Sons ever encountered.

    It has been generations since Kyuss was last seen upon the face of Oerik; presumably he is occupied with the pursuit of divine growth. His handiwork shows up in the most troublesome of places and circumstances, proving that Kyuss (or Istus) has a sense of humor as dark and twisted as his creations.

    Note: Olman"
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