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    Greyhawk Adventures by Level - New Listings
    Posted on Wed, April 27, 2005 by Dongul
    Braggi writes "This article is intended as an update for the "Greyhawk Adventures by Level" index which I submitted in 2004. The index is located on the main page of the site, under the Special Features heading.

    The updates are from different sources that were not available to me at the time the index was first created. Any notes on the adventures will be included for clarity. All of the updated material comes from back issues of Dungeon magazine, as I am able to track them down. I still do not have all of them, but there is more then enough to do a substantial update. Also note that in the index I assigned each adventure an old-style letter code. This was to fit it in with a map set which is still under construction here at Canonfire!. This update will omit those codes for brevity and to keep the original accurate to the map set.

    Greyhawk Adventures by Level - New Listings
    By: Braggi
    Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.

    The listing follows this format: Adventure title, Dungeon issue number, Oerth location, recommended party levels, game edition and comments (if any).

    1. The House of Brothers
    Dungeon #6
    Central Jotun Mountains and the Yeomanry
    Levels 6 to 10
    1st Edition
    A giant-based adventure which is recommended as an add-on or expansion to the GDQ series or the Queen of the Spiders super module.

    2. Last of the Iron House
    Dungeon #39
    Elredd on the Wild Coast
    Levels 2 to 4.
    1st Edition
    This adventure was published with placement information for both Greyhawk and Toril.

    3. The Land of Men with Tails
    Dungeon #56
    Sharba, near the western edge of Lake Opotleotle and the Chhuthle River, Hepmonaland
    Levels 5 to 7
    2nd Edition
    Although there is no placement information given in the adventure specific to Greyhawk, it is the third adventure in a series set in a jungle location by the same author. The previous two adventures mentioned that they would fit best in either the Amedio or Hepmonaland. I placed these three by locating Oerth geography, which was as close as possible to the original given in the adventures. This was necessary since the adventures all saw print long before the Scarlet Brotherhood sourcebook was published.

    4. Kingdom of the Ghouls
    Dungeon #70
    Crystalmist and Hellfurnace Underdark
    Levels 9 to 15
    2nd Edition
    This could easily be added in as a side adventure for PC's in the D series of adventures, by having one of the unexplored branches of the Descent into the Depths of the Earth hex map lead to it.

    5. Ex Keraptis Cum Amore (From Keraptis with Love)
    Dungeon #77
    The Melted Fane located at the easternmost point of the Burning Cliffs in the Barren Wastes
    Levels 8 to 12
    2nd Edition
    Written as an add-on to the White Plume Mountain and Return to White Plume Mountain adventures or it can be run as a stand alone module that explores one of Keraptis' other stronghold locations.

    6. To Walk Beneath the Waves
    Dungeon #77
    Village of Rawnis on the Keoland Coast
    Levels 3 to 5
    2nd Edition
    The adventure adds a new coastal village to Keoland.

    7. Sarfion's Collection
    Dungeon #80
    City of Hardby
    Levels 7 to 10
    2nd Edition
    A side trek set in Hardby.

    8. Demonclaw
    Dungeon #84
    Small island near Wragby and the mouth of the Nesser River on the Nyrond Coast of Relmor Bay.
    Level 5, scalable
    3rd Edition

    9. The Dying of the Light
    Dungeon #84
    Northern Lortmil Mountains
    Level 10, scalable
    3rd Edition
    Although the placement information is a bit sketchy in the adventure, the village of Briarwood (which is the starting location) could fit well in Bissel or any of the northern Ulek states. My personal preference is the Duchy of Ulek.

    10. Armistice
    Dungeon #84
    Central Griff Mountains, between the Pale and the Fruztii
    Level 7, scalable
    3rd Edition

    11. Kambrinex's Machinations
    Dungeon #91
    Northern Hestmark Highlands near Sundii/Great Kingdom Border
    Level 8, Scalable
    3rd Edition
    This module has specific terrain information but no actual country names mentioned. Since the adventure is connected to the Belching Vortex of Leuk-O, I would place it in the Hestmarks, based on the Living Greyhawk Journal (Volume 1, page 6) entry mentioning the Vortex's location. the adventure could also fit nicely in the Sea Prince territories near the edge of the Helfurnace range by Lake Spendlowe.

    12. Vanity
    Dungeon #93
    The Barrier Peaks near Bissel
    Level 5, scalable
    3rd Edition

    13. The Storm Lord's Keep
    Dungeon #93
    Juncture of the Sulhaut and Crystalmist Mountains, in a cloud castle
    Level 21, scalable
    3rd Edition
    This adventure is massive and high level, reprising the G series and the Against the Giants "last hurrah" of late 2nd Edition.

    14. Lust
    Dungeon #95
    Edge of the Dim forest, near the Bissel/Gran March Border
    Level 4, scalable
    3rd Edition

    15. Provincial Prior Cause
    Dungeon #95
    An island hermitage on the Ratik coastline.
    Level 1, scalable
    3rd Edition
    The adventure mentions the Ratik coast but doesn't give any relation to major landmarks or cities. It's probable that it would be located reasonably close to the city of Marner.

    16. Beyond the Light of Reason
    Dungeon #96
    Village of Rutherton in Northern Tenh
    Level 1, Scalable
    3rd Edition

    17. Heart of the Iron God
    Dungeon #97
    Any Coastal Area
    Level 13, scalable
    3rd Edition

    18. Gluttony
    Dungeon #98
    Southern Bissel Farmlands
    Level 4, Scalable
    3rd Edition

    19. Quadrupartite
    Dungeon #99
    Starts in the city of Shiboleth, Gran March
    Level 14, Scalable
    3rd Edition

    20. Fish Story
    Dungeon #99
    A tributary of the Franz River, near the Urnst/Nyrond Border
    Level 5, Scalable
    3rd Edition

    21. Glacial Inferno
    Dungeon #103
    Volcanic Cavern in the Abbor Alz, near the Urnst border.
    Level 7
    3rd Edition

    22. Racing the Snake
    Dungeon #105
    Town of Polvar in Ket and the Southern Yatils
    Level 6, Scalable
    3rd Edition

    23. Tammeraut's Fate
    Dungeon #106
    Firewatch Island, Southern Nyrond Coast of the Relmor Bay
    Level 6, Scalable
    3rd Edition

    24. Strike on the Rabid Dawn
    Dungeon #111
    City of Hardby and aboard a ship.
    Level 15, Scalable
    3rd Edition

    25. Maure Castle
    Dungeon #112
    Abbor Alz at the Western Edge of Urnst
    Level 12, Scalable
    3rd Edition
    Reprises and expands the first edition adventure WG5 Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure, set in Castle Maure.

    26. Raiders of the Black Ice
    Dungeon #115
    North-Eastern Edge of Blackmoor and the South-Eastern Edge of The Land of Black Ice
    Level 1 to 5, Scalable
    3rd Edition
    A fascinating adventure set in a rarely detailed part of Oerth.

    27. Touch of the Abyss
    Dungeon #117
    City of Istvin in Sterich
    Level 11, Scalable
    3rd Edition

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    Re: Greyhawk Adventures by Level - New Listings (Score: 1)
    by mortellan on Wed, April 27, 2005
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    For editors:

    5. Ex Keraptis ***** Amore (From Keraptis with love)

    Seems the filter got a dirty word ;)

    Re: Greyhawk Adventures by Level - New Listings (Score: 1)
    by Amaril on Wed, May 25, 2005
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Here's a few more off the top of my head.

    Cradle of Madness
    Dungeon #87
    City of Greyhawk and Cairn Hills
    Level 6, Scalable
    3rd Edition

    Shadow of the Abyss
    Dungeon #118
    City of Istvin in Sterich
    Level 11, Scalable
    3rd Edition

    Wrath of the Abyss
    Dungeon #119
    City of Istvin in Sterich
    Level 12, Scalable
    3rd Edition

    Lost Temple of Demogorgon
    Dungeon #120
    Level 14
    3rd Edition

    Fiendís Embrace
    Dungeon #121
    Cold Marshes
    Level 4
    3rd Edition

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