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    The Secret Orders of Xan-Yae
    Posted on Wed, September 12, 2001 by Toran
    MerricB writes "Secrets from within the Inner Temple of Xan-Yae! The Quest for Zuoken! And more! Revelations from Cirrem the Dreamer-Minstrel.

    Author: MerricB

    The Secret Orders of Xan-Yae

    by MerricB (
    Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.

    The Church of Xan-Yae, despite its recent activities in the City of Greyhawk, is a mystery to most of the dwellers of the Flanaess. Its initiates often appear to follow a completely different way of life than normal people, eating differently, moving differently, and most important of all, looking at the world in a different way than you or I.

    This is because the initiates of Xan-Yae believe in perfecting themselves in all ways - mind, body and soul - and creating a perfect balance between these aspects of themselves. This is quite different to a devotee of Kord, who seeks only to perfect the body. The true initiate of Xan-Yae wants it all, and will go to what appears unreasonable lengths to attain it.

    There are schisms within the faith on this subject, of course. Most believe that all aspects of perfection must be attained together, in balance with one another. A minority believe that perfecting one aspect first will aid in bringing the rest into harmony. It seems likely that Xanetia, the High Priestess in Greyhawk who was assassinated, followed this latter belief.

    Apart from seeking a balance within themselves, certain dedicated adepts become members of the Order of Shadow Dancers. This order draws much strength from the demi-plane of Shadow, which of course is a balance between the light and dark. The members of this order seem strange even to lesser initiates of Xan-Yae, but none can doubt their loyalty to the goddess. It was whispered to me that the High Adepts of the Shadow Dancer order trade their material bodies for shadowstuff, and become that being we know as the shade, but I have not been able to confirm this beyond doubt.

    (3E Rules note: Xan-Yae monks may freely multi-class with the Shadow Dancer prestige class, and its BAB should be considered to add to the monks unarmed attack BAB for purposes of determining additional attacks).

    The schismatic Greyhawk faith, in addition to attracting a number of rogues who found the faith of Xan-Yae suited their needs, also began sponsoring an archery competion in league with the Church of Ehlonna. My sources within the temple tell me this is at least partly due to an old adventuring friendship between High Priestess Xanetia and a high-ranking devotee of Ehlonna. In any case, certain members of the Greyhawk faith incorporated archery into their methods of attaining perfection, believing that it provided a new method of bringing their mind and body into harmony.

    This belief has seen a resurgence with the ascension of Yahlos to the High Priesthood in the City of Greyhawk, and the recruitment of Starlin Farr (a master archer, known by Yahlos to be the assassin of Xanetia, but unwittingly, for he was tricked by agents of Iuz).

    One effect of this has been the formation of the Order of the Bow. Starlin Farr is its head, though often absent as he pursues dangerous quests to prove his atonement and to further the goals of the faith. From my observations of Master Starlin, I would say he has the blessing of the Lady upon him, but it is always possible that another power is watching over him.

    (3E rules note: the Order of the Bow Initiate is a prestige class from Sword & Fist; it is only available to members of the faiths of Xan-Yae, Hextor or Ehlonna, though there may be odd exceptions).

    I have learnt through my contacts in the church that the seeress Xelia has received a vision of Zuoken, the missing servant of the Lady, chained and blinded in some deep dungeon. As a result, Starlin Farr has been charged with the responsibility of finding the lost demi-god, although I am unsure of how many leads he has to go on.

    It seems unlikely that Master Starlin will attempt this quest alone, and may seek aid from within the City of Greyhawk - whether his old adventuring party or a new one has not yet reached my ears.

    Note: Greyhawk City, Xan-Yae"
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    Re: The Secret Orders of Xan-Yae (Score: 1)
    by Man-of-the-Cranes on Fri, March 22, 2002
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    It sounds likely that you support the theory that Zuoken's disappearence is attributed to the fact that he remains a prisoner in Zagyg's dungeons beneath CG, a theory others have discussed in the past. I would be curious to know what you, or others, believe the consequences of his escape/release could be.

    Also in the first article you stated that Xanetia died from an illness and that it was her subordinate who was assasinated at the climax of the archery competition - yet here you mention that Xanetia was in fact assasinated. Was there more to her illness than was at first believed?

    Also, I am sure you mentioned this but I forget. Is this based on your own gaming, it sounds like it has been drawn from a solid tabletop background.

    Man of the Cranes

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