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    Postfest IX(Brewfest 2008): Giant Slayers of the Lost Lands
    Posted on Fri, January 30, 2009 by LordCeb
    EileenProphetofIstus writes "The sun had just disappeared below the great pines looming before Redmod Dumple and his companions. Peering out from the shadows, the dwarf gripped his warhammer, his hands sliding back and forth around the leather grip as beads of perspiration fell from his helm and ran down his face. Redmod looked over at his companions and saw mixed expressions of fear and astonishment. Never had the party seen such a lair, the wooden palisade was monstrous in proportions; for they had finally found the Steading of the Hill Giant.

    In the year 576 CY, the good lands of Geoff and Sterich were brutally invaded by hill, frost, and fire giants descending from the peaks of the Jotens, Crystalmist, and Hellfurnaces Mountains. A brave group of adventurers led by a dwarf named Redmod Dumple, fought valiantly against these invaders, attacking key locations such as the Steading of the Hill Giant Chief, The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl, and the Hall of the Fire Giant King. After defeating these significant locales, the adventurers learned that drow elves were organizing and supporting the giant attacks. These tales are now known as the legendary stories of Against the Giants and The Descent into the Depths of the Earth.

    When the giants and drow were defeated, only a few adventurers returned to the surface world, one of them being Redmod Dumple. Soon after the lands were liberated from the invaders, stories began appearing throughout the country sides depicting the exploits of this courageous dwarf; as such, Redmod Dumple was given a new name by the bards, Redmod the Giant Slayer.

    With his new title and the honor of protecting his homeland, Redmod began teaching others the art of giant slaying. Training was available to all who were brave enough to answer his challenge. Thus began the Giant Slayers of the Lost Lands.

    Though more than twenty years has passed since Redmod fought the giants, the passage of time as allowed him to train countless adventurers, who in turn have taught students of their own.†With their renowned expertise in giant slaying, many of Redmodís pupils have taken their skills to other lands throughout the Flanaess. These skills have been developed and shaped to fit the unique terrains and giant kind faced in various lands in order to maximize the effectiveness of the giant slayer. With all this, the Giant Slayers of the Lost Lands has become one of the most famous organizations throughout the Flanaess.


    The World of Greyhawk is filled with giants and such a land is in demand of those that possess the skill and courage to eradicate such monsters. These experienced individuals come from similar backgrounds, most of which suffered from the cruelty of such giant kind. These heroes have become self-motivated, brave, and above all, have learned the art of giant slaying in order to protect their homelands and to champion those who would also suffer fates similar to theirs.

    Giant Slayers generally rely on light armor and special combat techniques which are designed to bring about the demise of such creatures as quickly as possible. Working with others, they utilize their skills and knowledge to lead attacks against giants and vanquish their hated foes.

    Giant Slayers of the Lost Lands may have previous training from any character class, though barbarians, fighters, and rangers certainly make up the majority of these individuals. Those with spell casting abilities may become effective giant slayers as a result of the unique class abilities.

    Hit Dice:Giant Slayers of the Lost Lands receive a d10 hit die for each experience level attained.


    To qualify to become a Giant Slayer of the Lost Lands, characters must fulfill the following criteria:

    ††††††You must have a base attack bonus of +4 or higher

    ††††††You need at least 3 ranks in the Knowledge (Giant Lore) skill as well as have the Speak Language (Giant) skill. This may be taken in replace of a bonus racial language.

    ††††††You must have at one time victimized by giants in order to develop such a strong hatred for these creatures. This life changing moment may be the result of being captured and enslaved by giants, watching oneís home town be over ridden by such creatures, watching loved ones die by their hands, or some similar moment of tragedy.

    ††††††In order to be accepted into the organization you must slay a particular giant selected by members of the giant slayer organization. Proof of success must come in the form of the giantís head or be witnessed by a good standing member of the organization.

    ††††††You must take the Vow of Courage.


    To become a join and train to become a Giant Slayers of the Lost Lands, you must meet the first three requirements above. You may then attend a yearly meeting of the Giant Slayers of the Lost Lands and request an audience with the senior member present. This individual shall listen to your request and determine if it has any merit and if so, a quest of courage will be called for.

    The quest of courage requires you to kill a specific giant chosen by the senior member. Information pertaining to the giantís background and exploits as well as approximate location is then given unto you. Reaching the giantís location and defeat of any companions may be accepted by party members of the applicant or the aid of a Giant Slayer of the Lost Lands of your choosing. The giant specifically designated to you must be slain by you alone.

    Upon completion of the class requirements, you will become a member of the Giant Slayers of the Lost Lands. A ceremony called the Right of Passage will be held in your honor. During this ceremony you must take the Vow of Courage and be awarded a heraldic coat of arms indicating your status within the organization. Worked into the coat of arms is the symbol of the Giant Slayers of the Lost Lands. The design consisting of a triangular shaped shield with a hill giant on the bottom, a frost giant on the upper left, and a fire giant in the upper right. In the center is the characterís unique personal symbol. The background is always blood red.


    The class skills are as follows:

    Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Heal (Wis), Hide (Dex), Knowledge (Giant Lore) (Int), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Speak Language (Int), and Spot (Wis).

    Level 1:Attack bonus +1 normally +3 against giants; Saving Throws: Fort +0, Ref +2 normally, +3 against giant rock throwing, Will +0; Track

    Level 2:Attack bonus +2 normally +4 against giants; Saving Throws: Fort +0, Ref +3 normally, +4 against giant rock throwing, Will +0; Regional Ability

    Level 3:Attack bonus +3 normally +5 against giants; Saving Throws: Fort +0, Ref +3 normally, +4 against giant rock throwing, Will +1; Inspiring Words

    Level 4:Attack bonus +4 normally +6 against giants; Saving Throws: Fort +1, Ref +4 normally, +5 against giant rock throwing, Will +1; Taunting

    Level 5:Attack bonus +5 normally +7 against giants; Saving Throws: Fort +1, Ref +4 normally, +5 against giant rock throwing, Will +1; Hated Species

    Level 6:Attack bonus +6 normally +8 against giants; Saving Throws: Fort +1, Ref +5 normally, +6 against giant rock throwing, Will +2; Detect Ambush

    Level 7:Attack bonus +7 normally +9 against giants; Saving Throws: Fort +2, Ref +5 normally, +6 against giant rock throwing, Will +2; Lair Knowledge

    Level 8:Attack bonus +8 normally +10 against giants; Saving Throws: Fort +2, Ref +6 normally, +7 against giant rock throwing, Will +2; Instill Fear

    Level 9:Attack bonus +9 normally +11 against giants; Saving Throws: Fort +2, Ref +6 normally, +7 against giant rock throwing, Will +3; Lead Attack

    Level 10:Attack bonus +10 normally +12 against giants; Saving Throws: Fort +2, Ref +7 normally, +8 against giant rock throwing, Will +3; Anticipate Giant Attack


    The class features for the Giant Slayers of the Lost Lands are as follows:

    Track:You receive the track feat at 1stlevel. Giant tracks are easier to identify and follow than others and when tracking such creatures the DC is reduced by 5. If you already possess the track feat, you acquire 1 additional rank in the ability.

    Regional Ability:Each region of Giant Slayers of the Lost Lands has its own special ability unique to that territory. You have acquired that ability. The exact nature of the talent is dependent upon where you learned to slay giants. See regional abilities below.

    Inspiring Words:When battling giants you offer inspiring words be it advice or encouragement to your companions within 20 feet. The following round, the individual increases their chance to hit by +2 for 4 rounds plus your Cha. modifier (always a minimum of 1 round regardless of Cha. modifier).

    Taunt:You are skilled in aggravating your giant opponent, taunting it with insults. This is a free action. The following round, the giant makes a Will saving throw to avoid becoming so aggravated that it makes mistakes in combat, suffering a -4 in battle against the giant slayer. The ability lasts for 1d4+1 rounds ad may be repeated until the giant succeeds in their Will saving throw. The DC of the Will saving throw equals 10 + Giant Slayer character level + charisma modifier.

    Hated Species:Battle experience has created a hatred for a specific giant species. Select one type of giant and gain a +2 attack bonus (including spells requiring a touch attack), and +4 damage bonus (this modifier applies to damage inflicted by spells as well).

    Detect Ambush:Your knowledge of giants allows you to locate a giant ambush in advance. When falling prey to such an attack (surprise situation) you receive a +4 bonus to spot or listen checks.

    Lair Knowledge:Upon entering a giant lair, you can anticipate the layout design thereby understanding what lies ahead. This enables you to determine the locations of guards, treasure, pets, and where various types of rooms lie, such as sleeping quarters, kitchen, dens, and the like. Successful determination of such detail requires a +4 Int check against a DC of 15. (DMís should use the Against the Giants module series to help determine giant lair layouts).

    Instill Fear:When facing off in melee combat against one giant, you show such hatred and fierceness that your opponent must make a Will saving throw DC 10 + Giant Slayer character level + Cha modifier, or take the defensive in battle. A failed Will roll indicates the giant employs the ďFighting Defensively as a Standard ActionĒ on page 140 of the Players Guide.

    Lead Attack:Your presence raises the morale of your companions while fighting giants. With your battle experience those within 50í increase their attack by +2 for the duration of the fight.

    Anticipate Giant Attack:Your extensive giant experience allows you to anticipate organized giant attacks upon familiar settlements 2-3 weeks in advance. With this ability, you are able to determine the species and properly estimate the number of giants which would be involved in the raid. You are able to determine their place of origin as well as route of travel towards the settlement. To determine any of these factors, you must make a Knowledge (giant lore) skill check against a DC of 15 for familiar giants and terrain or in dealing with unfamiliar giants and terrain, the DC becomes 20.


    Various areas of the Flanaess are particularly populated and threatened by giants. In each region a special class ability feature is learned which assists the individual in their crusade against giants. These abilities may be used only against the giants of your region. Regional abilities are as follows:

    Frost, Ice, and Snow Barbarians, Bon March, Corusks Mountains, Rakers Mountains, Blemu Hills, Flinty Hills:The primary giant species encountered in these regions are frost, hill, and stone. As a giant slayer of this area you battle with such ferocity that when you take damage from your giant kin opponent, a +1 bonus is applied to all your attacks for every 20 points they have inflicted upon you.

    Lands of Iuz, Howling Hills:The majority of giants encountered in these regions are hill giants in service of Iuz and his troops. Your hatred extends to these giants and you acquire a +1 attack, damage and saving throw bonus for every 2 levels you have in the Giant Slayer of the Lost Lands prestige class.†

    The Pomarj, Abbor-Alz Hills and Mountains, Cairn Hills, Drachensgrab Hills:Hill giants are the primary specie living within these areas. The giant slayers of these lands are especially good at preparing ambushes against their giant foes. A successful Knowledge (giant lore) skill check against a DC of 15 allows you to select an appropriate ambush location providing itís at least 1 mile from the giantís lair. If successful, you encounter giants after 1d12 hours of waiting (this is in addition to normal chances of encounters). Your Hide and Move silently skill checks receive a +4 bonus when preparing the ambush. After one encounter with giants the ambush location must be moved to at least 5 miles away.

    Spine Ridge Hills:Hill giants are most likely to be found in the Spine Ridge Hills. Your training enables you to utilize the disarm combat option (page 155 of the Players Guide) with greater ease. The character is not subject to an attack of opportunity and the giant receives only half his size bonus when making their opposed roll to prevent the disarming. Each time this technique is tried against a particular giant, the character imposes a cumulative -2 penalty to their own opposed die roll due to the giant learning from the experience. Most Giant Slayers of the Lost Lands utilize two handed weapons because of this regional ability.

    Lost Lands (Geoff and Sterich), The Kingdom of Keoland, The Yeomanry, Dim Forest, Hornwood Forest, Oytwood Forest, Barrier Peaks Mountains, Clatspur Mountains, Crystalmist Mountains, Hellfurnaces Mountains, Jotens Mountains, Salhaut Mountains, Ullsprue Mountains, Stark Mounds, and Tors Hills:This huge region covers the most of the western quarter of the Flanaess. It is here that the Giant Slayers of the Lost Lands originated. The majority of giants which reside here are fire, frost, hill, and stone. Giants in these lands tend to live in clans and reside in caves and fortifications which reflect a more organized culture. You are used to fighting several giants at once and they do not gain any flanking bonus (see page 153 of the Players Guide). In addition, you retain any Dex bonus against such opponents because of your unique combat style of giant fighting.


    Once a year, on Planting Day 1, each region holds a meeting in which all members are expected to attend. The location is always the same and is usually a famous tavern, church, or well known location in the wilderness. Here, as many members as possible gather and discuss their exploits of the past year. The activity of the giants within their region is discussed in detail and plans are laid to foil any giant actions. In addition, giant related events of other regions are spoken of at these meetings and if necessary, members are dispatched to other regions to assist their fellow kin. At each meeting, the Vow of Courage is renewed for each member as they speak in unison. In times of great threat, additional gatherings may be called to deal with matters at hand.

    The meetings may be very serious and organized or quickly become little more than excuses for drunken behavior depending upon the exact nature of the members attending. Giant Slayers residing from other regions will attend a meeting of another location if they are unable to reach their own area. In such cases, they are treated with considerable respect and honored throughout the night. If the tone of the meeting fails to meet the expectations of these guests, they often retire early for the night.


    The vow of courage is renewed at each meeting held by giant slayers. The oath is often spoken by the character prior to entering battle with giants. The Vow of Courage is as follows:

    In times of peril

    In times of mourning

    When giants invade the lands of others

    I shall uphold the Vow of Courage

    I shall put aside my personal needs and safety

    By my hands no giant shall live to conquer

    By my blade I proclaim no giant shall flee

    It is my sworn duty to rid the land of such vile creatures

    That the innocent and weak shall not suffer

    For I am a Giant Slayer of the Lost Lands

    And I have spoken the Vow of Courage


    Whenever a comrade of the giant slayer is killed, a burial or cremation usually takes place. In such cases a member of the organization will speak the following words which is called the Vow or Remembrance

    My fallen comrade (insert name and title of the deceased)

    I (name and title of giant slayer) lay witness to your acts of bravery

    For this day you lay down your life for those you have sworn to protect

    Your courage shall carry your memory

    Your honor be my guide

    For this I speak the Vow of Remembrance

    May your soul find peace this day


    Your reputation supersedes you as a Giant Slayer of the Lost Lands. Upon reaching 5thlevel in this class, you develop a reputation where certain giants may wish to prove themselves worthy by defeating such a legendary giant slayer. Expect to be hunted down by specific individuals and perhaps even small bands who seek the glory of slaying you. Such encounters occur at the DMís discretion but are likely to happen at least once a year.

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