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    The Dreamer-Minstrel and Others - Quasi Deities of Oerth
    Posted on Wed, September 18, 2002 by Dogadmin
    MerricB writes "Those that wander the Flanaess should be aware of the great of the land. This article introduces both players and DMs to a number of notable personages from Cirrem's World of Greyhawk, but adaptable for use in your campaigns.

    Author: MerricB

    The Dreamer-Minstrel and others - Quasi Deities of Oerth

    by MerricB

    Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.


    Armor Class: -3
    Move: 15"
    Hit Points: 180
    No. of Attacks: 3/2 or 5/2 (see below)
    Damage/Attack: by weapon
    Special Attacks: see below
    Special Defenses: see below
    Magic Resistance: 80%
    Size: M (5'9" tall)
    Alignment: Neutral (Chaotic)
    Worshipper's Alignment: N/A
    Symbol: N/A
    Plane: Prime Material
    Cleric/Druid: nil
    Fighter/Paladin/Ranger: 8th level Fighter
    Magic-User/Illusionist: 12th level Magic-user/9th level Illusionist
    Thief/Assassin: 9th level Thief
    Monk: nil
    Bard: 23rd level Bard
    Psionic Ability: VI
    Attack/Defense modes: nil/nil
    S 17 I 19 W 16 D 17 C 16 Ch 18 Co 15

    Cirrem is the Master Bard of the Flanaess, and is occasionally known as the Dreamer-Minstrel. He appears as a slender young man with shoulder-length brown hair, blue eyes, and is generally clad in clothes of black, green and silver. Rather than spend much time with the Bardic Colleges, he instead prefers to roam the realm, taking up positions in the courts of the land in order to hear new stories and compose new songs. As a rule, he travels in disguise. He will take the position of court-bard in a kingdom, but leave after a year or two. His music is welcomed in almost every land, including the Great Kingdom, but not in the lands of Iuz.

    His primary weapon is Mavverral, an intelligent longsword +4 (int 17, ego 22, True Neutral, speech & telepathy, detects magic & alignment, with the power to change into an Instrument of the Bards - an Ollamh Harp). Mavverral will attempt to protect its master should aught befall him. When doing so, it may act as a sword of dancing, and play itself in harp form (with all the commensurate magical abilities available to itself).

    Cirrem is hesitant about directly giving advice, but will if pressed to. If he does so, he will generally move on immediately. More likely it is that he will swap stores with those he meets, the stories he tells often being of some relevance to the listener's situation.

    When he travels, he clads himself in a set of elfin chainmail +5, but does not use a shield, preferring to leave both hands free. Instead, he will fight with Mavverral in his right hand and a dagger +4 in his left, assuming he is not using his bardic singing powers. He receives no penalties to hit whilst fighting in this fashion, and the elfin chain does not hinder his spell-casting.

    Cirrem will generally be encountered alone (80% chance), the remainder of the time he will be in the company of Neeraum Yar, Heward, or Shamaron (assume equal probabilites of being with each personality).


    Armor Class: -5
    Move: 12"
    Hit Points: 165
    No. of Attacks: 3
    Damage/Attack: by weapon
    Special Attacks: see below
    Special Defenses: see below
    Magic Resistance: 50%
    Size: M (6'3" tall)
    Alignment: Lawful Evil (Neutral)
    Worshipper's Alignment: N/A
    Symbol: N/A
    Plane: Alternate Prime Material (see below)
    Cleric/Druid: 9th level Cleric
    Fighter/Paladin/Ranger: nil
    Magic-User/Illusionist: 18th level Magic-user
    Thief/Assassin: 12th level Thief
    Monk: nil
    Bard: nil
    Psionic Ability: VI
    Attack/Defense modes: nil/nil
    S 17 I 19 W 17 D 18 C 18 Ch 12 Co 8

    Kaviyd has been referred to as a "demi-goblin necromancer", but in truth he is much more than that. Kaviyd is of some unknown humanoid race, appearing as a large man with black hair and eyes, and bony ridges on his forehead.

    Kaviyd has a passion for discovering how things work, and from his underground complex creates portals to various worlds, into which he lures unsuspecting travellers.

    These travellers are subjected to a number of tests - some may test their intelligence, combat skills, or ability to work together. The unlucky ones are transported to Kaviyd's laboratory where he will kill them (painlessly, he maintains) and investigate how their bodies are put together.

    Kaviyd is a fearsome opponent, wielding both a long sword +4 of life stealing and a dagger of sharpness. He wears bracers of defense AC 2 and a ring of protection +3. In battle, he is also prone to use a strangely shaped wand of lightning of unusual power (8d6 damage). More deadly are his iron golems, a group of at least four of which he can summon to him. Kaviyd is rarely without a rod of resurrection with a linked contingency spell to activate it on the (unlikely) event of his death.

    It is said that some individuals may be lucky enough to receive gifts of knowledge or magic from Kaviyd, but the truth of this is uncertain.

    As noted above, Kaviyd is from an alternate Prime Material Plane; however his underground home frequently manifests an entrance into the Flanaess, from where he has taken many subjects.


    Armor Class: -2
    Move: 12"
    Hit Points: 91
    No. of Attacks: 1
    Damage/Attack: by weapon
    Special Attacks: see below
    Special Defenses: see below
    Magic Resistance: Standard (see below)
    Size: M (5'11" tall)
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Worshipper's Alignment: N/A
    Symbol: N/A
    Plane: Prime Material
    Cleric/Druid: 14th level Cleric
    Fighter/Paladin/Ranger: 6th level Ranger
    Magic-User/Illusionist: 21st level Magic-user
    Thief/Assassin: nil
    Monk: nil
    Bard: nil
    Psionic Ability: VI
    Attack/Defense modes: nil/nil
    S 15 I 19 W 18 D 16 C 15 Ch 18 Co 11

    Neeraum Yar has tread the lands of Greyhawk for many years, so many in fact that just now some folk are beginning to hear of the Quiet Wanderer and the seemingly endless loops by which he walks the Flanaess. Some scholars of extensive means and many understudies have begun cataloging his endeavors across the lands, but such work is toilsome and deemed trite by many. So unobtrusive have been his victories that even his name is the subject of conjecture. One sage in the Free City who has endeavored to record all of Neeraum's exploits, Chaderick by name, has asserted that the Quiet Wanderer's name is indeed spelled Neeruam Yar, while others speculate that the name itself is an abberation of his original Olman name, long lost to the mists of time.

    Regardless of name, Neeraum's appearance has not changed since his first recorded encounter with civilization some two hundred sixty-seven years past. An androgynous figure clad in a plain brown robe with the cowl drawn up to cover the face, within which no one has ever claimed to have been able to look upon the visage, he is never far from his sturdy bronzewood walking staff.

    On the rare occasion Neeraum has been forced into melee, he has put his few items of power to good use. A witness of one event has provided information that seems to avow that the Quiet Wanderer wears Bracers of Defense of no less quality than AC2, as well a derivation on the Ring of Boccob that provides near complete resistance to the effects of mortal magic. This ring flashes whenever magic is wielded against him, thus belying both its own presence and that of even the most discreet wizardry. Evidence also points to the trademark staff as a Staff of Power.

    As mentioned before, Neeraum Yar is not the typical hero of myth. His chief endeavor is to free villages from minor blights and incursions that greater heroes may routinely overlook. He especially hates goblins and their kin, but also has taken strides to rid the Flanaess of disease and ignorance (which he has referred to on occasion as a "disease of the mind"). Little is known of the Quiet Wanderer's past, though his actions seem to indicate that he has no small knowledge of astrology and alchemy, and he certainly has a penchant for educating those whom he has aided in order to prevent history from repeating itself. Soft spoken, few would accuse him of proseletyzing, but Neeraum rarely leaves before he is convinced that he will not be needed again.

    Neeraum is encountered alone half the time (50% chance), the remainder of the time he is in the company of Shamaron, Tenser or Cirrem. (equal probabilities of each).


    Armor Class: 3
    Move: 18"
    Hit Points: 75
    No. of Attacks: 1
    Damage/Attack: by weapon
    Special Attacks: see below
    Special Defenses: see below
    Magic Resistance: Standard
    Size: M (6'3" tall)
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Worshipper's Alignment: N/A
    Symbol: N/A
    Plane: Prime Material
    Cleric/Druid: nil
    Fighter/Paladin/Ranger: nil
    Magic-User/Illusionist: 12th level Illusionist
    Thief/Assassin: 10th level Assassin
    Monk: nil
    Bard: nil
    Psionic Ability: VI
    Attack/Defense modes: nil/nil
    S 16 I 18 W 16 D 18 C 17 Ch 13 Co 12

    Reivax is normally clad in a hooded robe (to conceal his Githzerai facial features) His robe is of a blue/black color not unlike the midnight sky of a full moon, and is enchanted to +3 protection besides. His preferred weapon is a serpentine dagger crafted from a black, sheenless metal. The weapon is magical and confers a +2 to both hit and damage. He also possesses a blowgun: a 3-foot, hollowed shaft of bone through which he blows poison tipped darts up to a distance of 45 feet. When executing a planned assassination, Reivax will coat the blade of his dagger with toxin. Reivax is a master of poisons, both insinuitive and inhaled. He has skill in extracting venoms from snakes and various fishes, and will pay large amounts for such venomous creatures. Due to ingesting miniature amounts of various poisons over the years, Reivax has a +10 to saving throws vs. any poison.

    Historically, numerous assassinations of key political leaders have been attributed to Reivax. Because in so many cases the significance of a particular murder is not immediately apparent, it is believed that the elusive Reivax answers to a higher authority than can be found in this world.

    He is never seen during daylight hours. The dark of night and the deserted back alleys of Greyhawk are as much home to Reivax as the guarded bedrooms and secret meeting rooms of marked political leaders.

    Reivax has perfected the art of murder by combining poisons, illusion and incredibly quick reflexes. His real purpose in this world is as a "tool" used by unnamed powers, not all of whom are free to meddle in human, elven or dwarven affairs. While Reivax is entirely mortal, his value to these powers is such that any threat to Reivax's person would be treated with importance, possibly by divine intervention.

    It is rumored that Reivax has, of late, been training an apprentice. A replacement, perhaps? While rumors mention that the apprentice is no less than his half-drow daughter, there are others who mutter under their breath that Reivax could not possibly father a child.

    Reivax is always encountered alone.


    Armor Class: -18
    Move: 18"
    Hit Points: 293
    No. of Attacks: 3
    Damage/Attack: by weapon
    Special Attacks: see below
    Special Defenses: see below
    Magic Resistance: 50%
    Size: M (4'11" tall)
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Worshipper's Alignment: Any Good
    Symbol: An Unicorn holding a Shield
    Plane: Prime Material
    Cleric/Druid: nil
    Fighter/Paladin/Ranger: 30th level Fighter
    Magic-User/Illusionist: 27th level Magic-User
    Thief/Assassin: nil
    Monk: nil
    Bard: nil
    Psionic Ability: I or VI
    Attack/Defense modes: all/all
    S 22 I 24 W 25 D 25 C 22 Ch 18 Co 19

    Shamaron, like Kelanen, the Prince of Swords, is one of those rare individuals who may or may not be a true deity. As a servant of Ehlonna, she has wandered the land now for many years, fighting evil and destroyers of the forests (which she loves). Her motto is "Deeds, not Words", and there are many villians which have learnt the truth of that over the years. Her origin is unknown (though it is obvious she is of Grey Elven background), but it is rumored that she saw the Rain of Colourless Fire, and from it conceived a great hatred of that sort of magic.

    Shamaron is known as The Guardian because, like Neeraum Yar, she will often protect places under siege from evil magics. She is an implacable foe of Iuz, and it is said that she was instrumental in trapping him beneath Greyhawk Castle. For the last few years, she has been reported generally in the vicinity of the Great Kingdom. It is not known if she is aware of Iuz's recent release.

    Shamaron typically carries a goodly amount of magical items to help her on her journeys, of which this list is typical:

    Bracers of Defence, AC 2
    Cloak of Protection +5
    Ring of Protection +6/+1 to saves
    Ring of Wizardry (doubles 1st thru 3rd level spells)
    Boots of Striding & Springing
    Staff of the Magi
    Robe of the Archmagi
    Girdle of Storm Giant Strength
    Crystalflame (+5 longsword/+10 vs. CE beings)
    The Adamantite Torque (+2 to AC/saves, immunity to vorpal/severance attacks & psionics)
    Necklace of Adaptation
    Scarab of Protection
    Zagyg's Spell Component Case

    Followers of Shamaron are generally of elven backgrounds, and those who protect their homelands. Only a few shrines to her are extant, but are more common in the Vesve Forest which is under siege from the evil demi-god Iuz. Shamaron is a deadly force in battle, and a true friend to those she considers worthy. She is encountered alone 70% of the time, the remainder of the time she may be found in the company of Neeraum Yar, Cirrem or Zagyg (equal probabilities of each).


    Little is known of this name. A recent expedition into the dungeons of Castle Greyhawk met with total disaster, with only one member of the party returning alive to the surface, and that one mad and raving. Before he died, despite all the care the priest of Pelor could give him, he uttered this name, blaming it for all of their misfortunes.

    Exactly what it portends is uncertain, but no expedition to find out more has yet met with success.

    Note: quasi-deity, Cirrem, Kaviyd, Neeraum Yar, Reivax, Shamaron, Y'ttik Zeniv "
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    Re: The Dreamer-Minstrel and others - Quasi Deities of Oerth (Score: 1)
    by grodog on Wed, September 18, 2002
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    So Merric---

    Who are Maureen, Ray, Xavier, Kitty, etc.? Your players? I like the anagram play :-)


    Re: The Dreamer-Minstrel and others - Quasi Deities of Oerth (Score: 1)
    by MerricB on Wed, September 18, 2002
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Actually, they're people on the Unlimited Adventures mailing list, who helped me with my GHR project. (Unlimited Adventures is the SSI computer game that allows you to create your own 1E computer games using the Gold Box system).

    Maureen & Ray Dyer have converted many old classics of AD&D for the UA system, including a truly memorable conversion of the Temple of Elemental Evil.

    The Realm by Maureen & Ray Dyer

    Xavier = Anthony Xavier Hughes, who created the item hacking program I used.

    Kitty = Vixen Kitty, the pen name of a certain drowic female who's given much support. :)

    Shameron is the PC of Dan Autery, one of the greats of the FRUA community, who was EIC of the UANL for more issues than I like to think of, and is one of the nicest people I've met online - alas, we've not heard from him for over a year.

    Kaviyd is the pen name of David Knott, king among UA hackers, and creator of UAshell, without which none of my changes to the program could have been made.

    When I was designing the GHR hack (GHR=Greyhawk Realms, btw), I decided to include the names of these people in special items (e.g. Boots of Shamaron, Rod of Kaviyd, etc.) and requested some of them to create the description of some personage in Greyhawk; others I wrote up myself.

    The results are what you see in this article, which I originally released in UANL #26, back a couple of years ago. Looking around for further Greyhawk material to submit to Canonfire, I thought it might be appropriate, and certainly some of the characters have some strong adventure ideas tied to them.

    In my personal Greyhawk campaign, as yet no PC has met one of these personages; Cirrem can be found in my uncompleted short story "The Portal and the Golem", which is definitely set in my current campaign.

    The Portal & the Golem

    Shamaron is almost certainly venerated around the area of the village of Skytree, where my campaign was once set.

    The Village of Skytree

    And though I've yet to use Kaviyd, I really should... :)



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