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    Treatise on the Monkish Orders of the Flanaess: Pt. 2 of 3
    Posted on Thu, November 04, 2004 by Farcluun
    Dethand writes "Part 2 of 3 in a series of looks at the monkish orders of the Flanaess, this time a look into the valiant Champions of the Silver Bolt.

    Monkish Orders of the Flanaess pt. 2 of 3
    By: Dethand
    Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.

    Champions of the Silver Bolt

    Before the sacking of the Shield Lands by the minions of the Old One, the Temple of Amphebese sequestered many champions of Good and Order, many of whom perished defending the temple when the Shield Lands fell.
    Some of the clerics and champions of Amphebese rallied to other lands, remembering the sad fate of their glorious temple and vowing to rebuild it anew or avenge its destruction. Of those that escaped perhaps the most unusual is the Champions of the Silver Bolt, an order little known outside of Amphebese; a group of monkish holy warriors following the ethos of Heironeous, taking the symbol of the fist curled around a lightning bolt as a symbol of their pursuit of physical prowess and perfection. These blue robed followers of Heironeous embrace the traditions of eastern Bakluni monks from the teachings and experiences Terik Dejal, the elder of their order to whom it is rumored found the Holy Cup of Al’Akbar.
    Terik Dejal, a young paladin of Heironeous, who if tales are true, received visions of the Cup and Talisman, and in CY 503 set out to the western lands with several champions of the temple. He would return until three years later, alone and weathered by his ordeal, although he did not bear the fabled Cup and Talisman to Amphebese, he returned with three disciples and something he claimed greater, knowledge of a purer way of fighting that made oneself into a living weapon to be wielded by the Invincible One against Evil itself.
    His tales chronicled in the Roll of Honor at Amphebese detail his tests and travails, in which Terik, alone and near death found a small monastery in the mountains and was brung back to health by the healers of the remote monastery, in return he began to learn their estoterical teachings and began to understand his visions. His tales are far too numerous to detail herein, but his return to Amphebese heralded a new chapter in the heroes of Amphebese as he and his disciples, despite the initial distrust of fighting unarmed and unarmored, Terik and his disciples began to garner respect among the members of the Temple through their devotion and zeal and eventually founded a small sect within the temple itself.
    Terik died in CY 553 fighting a mysterious intruder to the sanctum of Amphebese but his followers carried on his traditions and teachings. Before the fall of Amphebese they traversed far and wide, questing for artifacts of good, aiding good aligned adventurers and spreading the teachings of Heironeous through their martial prowess and devotion.

    The Champions of Silver Bolt practice a form a martial art they call the Sundering Bolt which embodies precise lighting quick blows to fell a foe as well as disable them efficiently without needless flourish or posturing. They see their way as pure and honorable as their bodies are weapons wielded in the service of the Arch-Paladin to smite down his enemies with nothing but faith and discipline to confront the enemies of Good, but, they do on occasion use staves and sometimes bear swords as befitting a believer in the Arch-Paladin and His ways.
    The Champions espouse a philosophy of self denial to strengthen their resolve and maintain their purity of purpose, seeing themselves as a living weapon they keep themselves pure and ready, like any well honed blade kept ready for battle.
    Despite the martial emphasis the Champions of the Silver Bolt are ready to protect and help any worthy folk in need, often giving generously in tithing to good deities and causes, in both coin and toil, heedless of stations or the tasks asked of them. Indeed, many people fleeing the destruction of the Shield Lands have the Champions to thank for helping rebuild their lives and homes in new places. They also chronicle deeds of noble personages and maintain a lineage of deeds of great heroes and battles against Evil and their personal integrity makes them valued as witnesses of such events, earning themselves a place with many as faultless observers and advocates in such matters.

    After the fall of the Shield Lands in CY 583 the questing monks away from Amphebese were able to carry on the traditions and teachings of their order, as they travel in a group of three consisting of a master, a fully pledged disciple and a learner. Many quickly resettled to Furyondy to aid that state against the forces of the Old One with a vow to rebuild Amphebese from the ruins in the Shield Lands while helping others in the Eternal Crusade.
    Because of this many consider the loss of Amphebese a tragic turn of events a boon to those opposing the Old One, as these azure clad monks bearing the blazon of the Silver Fist and Bolt maintain a never ending battle hold back the tide of darkness and return hope to a shattered land.
    The Champions have few bases from which they operate, gathering at shrines and temples of Heironeous, the Elder Almos Monk 15 maintains a council of the higher level masters at the Grand Temple of the Invisible One at Chendl, along with several paladins and clerics from the Shield Lands that fled the destruction of Amphebese, several notables from the Roll of Honor may be found wandering the Marklands: Yarm the Pure Cleric5/Monk 6, a converted cleric of Heironeous, Paulir Jemain Monk 8/Paladin 2, a fallen noble who joined the monastic order after a indiscretion in his house and Larai the Swift Monk 8, a half elf woman warrior who fled the Temple right before its destruction.
    Despite their cloistered lifestyle and disdain for politics the Champions of the Silver Fist call for unceasing warfare against throughout the Marklands and as far as Greyhawk, Keoland, Urnst and Nyrond and use their deeds and reputation to rally others to the cause of the Great Northern Crusade wherever their quests and travels may bring them.

    Treatise on the Monkish Orders of the Flanaess: Pt. 1 of 3

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    Re: Treatise on the Monkish Orders of the Flanaess: Pt. 2 of 3 (Score: 1)
    by abysslin ( on Thu, November 04, 2004
    (User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
    About time we got part2, Dethand. Nice work!

    Re: Treatise on the Monkish Orders of the Flanaess: Pt. 2 of 3 (Score: 1)
    by Dethand ( on Thu, November 04, 2004
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Yeah..well what can I say? Thanks :P


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