Available for Download: Best of the AOL Greyhawk Folders
Date: Wed, October 17, 2001
Topic: Canonfire!

Pried from the hoards of the Canonfire Daemons, the compiled material from the old AOL Greyhawk boards has been made available as .PDF files in the Downloads Section at last. Grab them while you can, before the Canonfire Daemons reclaim their missing prizes...or read on, and learn what lore is contained within them, gleaned from the sages of times gone by.

Best of Greyhawk, vol. 1

Notes from Roger Moore - A variety of posts made by Mr. Moore, sharing his thoughts on the nature of the setting and secrets to be found in the World of Greyhawk.

Druids in Greyhawk - Discussion on the Grand Druid, druidic groups, nature priests, and how they all relate to the gods of the world.

Greyhawk Chronology - Attempts to pin a date on some of the old classic modules, including the popular Temple of Elemental Evil and Against the Giants series.

Best of Greyhawk, vol. 2

Posted Messages from TSR's Roger Moore & Posted Messages from TSR's Roger Moore, part II- More of the thoughts of former Greyhawk designer Roger Moore are revealed.

Vision of Celene - QSamantha's view on this reclusive kingdom of elves.

Lost Gods of Greyhawk - Savant and Designer Iquander reveals the existance of gods long forgotten and buried in obscure books, some of which have made it into Canon, some of which still languish in obscurity...

Keoland - A discussion on the nature and character of the slumbering giant of the Sheldomar Valley.

Best of Greyhawk, vol. 3

Knightly Orders - Thoughts and ideas on the numbers and organizations of knights, with Furyondy as the example.

Ket - NiteScreed's version of this long forgotten land, filled with shadows of the past and political trickery.

The Plague Years - The infameous campaign setup by Aria13 that introuduced gunpowder to the Flanaess in the aftermath of a deadly plague released by the elves which devestated the subcontinent.

Greyhawk Renaissance - QSamantha's version of the Flanaess, in which technology inches foreward, even as the great nations of the subcontinent deal with a variety of problems.

Heraldry in the Flanaess - A discussion on heraldry and military decorations, and their use in the Flanaess.

Best of Greyhawk, vol. 4

The Fourth Continent: An Overview of Anakeri - Tamerlain's expansion beyond the known confines of the Flanaess, parts of which are reflected in his infameous timeine in the first Oerth Journal.

History of the Bright Desert - A discussion on the deserts southeast of Greyhawk City, and an attempt to reconcile Vecna's reputed involvement in their creation with the information found in Rary the Traitor.

The Great Kingdom: Noble Politics in the Kingdom of Aerdy - An overview of QSamantha's version of the government and politics of Aerdy prior to the chaos of the Greyhawk Wars.

The Great Kingdom: the Flanmi River, the Thelly River, and Coach Routes of the Kingdom of Aerdy - A valuable series of articles by QSamantha on travel and trade through the lands of Old Aerdy, as well as the Water Witches and their spells.

St. Cuthbert, Heironeous, and Trithereon - Notes and discussion about three of Greyhawk's vocal and militant gods and their mortal followers.

Revising the Cleric: Suggestions for Oerthian Clerics - Using St. Cuthbert as an example on how to make the clerics of Greyhawk's gods less generic.

Best of Greyhawk, vol. 5

The City of Hardby I & The City of Hardby II - Two different views of the female-ruled city dominated by the Ogilarchs of Greyhawk City. One by QSamantha, the other by the Savant Iquander.

Joramy - A Faiths & Avatars writeup for the Goddess of Fire, Volcanoes, Anger, and Quarrels.

The City of Dyvers - QSamantha's view on this Renissance city of the Flanaess.

Oerth's Dwarves - The culture, history, politics, and society of the Dwur, written by MBDrapier.

Instant Greyhawk Campaigns - An essy by Aria13 on how to get a Greyhawk campaign started, using the classics modules. Could be quite invaluable to those looking to start up a new 'Hawk campaign.

Starting in Saltmarsh - Savant Iquander's introduction to a campaign starting in the sleepy town of Saltmarsh, located in the south of Keoland.

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