Greyhawk Adapts Part 1: Adventures from Dragon Magazine
Date: Tue, June 09, 2020
Topic: Adventures & Modules

There is a wealth of adventuring just waiting to be tapped in the 1E & 2E Dragon and Dungeon magazines. Given hereafter are listings of the Dragon Magazine adventures with party levels, location suggestions, adaptations ideas and module codes for reference.

Part 1 of 4.

DRA Series – 1E-2E Greyhawk Compatible Dragon Magazine Adventures

Drawn from the pages of Dragon Magazine Issues #32 to Annual #2.

Note: A number of the placement descriptions mention towns, village or other locations created in the Living Greyhawk campaign. If you do not use this information or do not have access to it, feel free to change whatever you like to suit your campaign.

Dragon #32
DRA1 - Fell Pass
Party Level:
5th and up

Could be used for or inserted into any major mountain pass in the Flanaess that connects two realms. I.E.:

·          Corusk Mountains: Shining Ice Pass (Schnai – Cruski)
·          Crystalmist Mountains: Southern Pass (Yeomanry – Sea Princes)
·          Griff Mountains: Bluefang-Kelten Pass (Fruztii – Stonefist)
·          Griff Mountains: Rockegg Pass (Tenh – Stonefist)
·          Lortmil Mountains: Trail of Tears (Duchy of Ulek - Celene)
·          Lortmil Mountains: Silver Path Pass (County of Ulek - Celene)
·          Raker Mountains: Kalmar Pass (Ratik – Bone March)
·          Sulhaut Mountains: Pass of the Clenched Fist (Dry Steppes - Sea of Dust)
·          Yatil Mountains: Griffin Strike Pass (Ket - Perrenland)

Dragon #34
DRA2 - Doomkeep
Party Level:

Duchy of Tenh, as an abandoned gleaming spire keep. Note that the player map found as treasure will have to be altered to fit Oerth’s geography.

Dragon #37
DRA3 - The Pit of The Oracle
Party Level:

Nyrond, Duchy of Womtham. Change the city of Narrion to Arndulath town. Place Loch Lakan due north of the town on the edge of the Gamboge Forest. Relocate the dungeon entrances/exits at overland areas B and C to the Flinty Hills.

Dragon #41
DRA4 - The Halls of Beol-Dur
Party Level:
8th and up

Can be located in any mountain range on Oerth, but would fit especially well into the Hellfurnaces near Melkot and the Sea Princes.

Dragon #46
DRA5 - The Temple of Poseidon
Party Level:

Can be placed in any seacoast location but would work particularly well near Onnwal or Idee. Poseidon could easily be changed to Procan from the Greyhawk pantheon, but is not limited just to this deity. Other possibilities include Osprem, Akwamon or Xerbo.

Dragon #50
DRA6 - The Chapel of Silence
Party Level:

Will work in any central or eastern Flanaess realm bordered by a mountain range. Would fit especially well in Veluna, Bissel, Gran March, Geoff, Sterich, The Pale or Tenh. Change the Dark God to Tharizdun, Nerull or Orcus. The original deities worshipped by the chapel could be any of good alignment, as appropriate to the geographical location of the dungeon.

Dragon #53
DRA7 - The Garden of Nefaron
Party Level:

·          Location 1: Best fits in western Bissel. Change the town of Nefaron to Orlane, the Great Forest to the southern Dim Forest and the Neverending Marshes to the Rushmoors.
·          Location 2: The village of Haven in southern Keoland, with the Dreadwood and the Hool Marshes as substitutes for the forest and marsh in the adventure.

Dragon #57
DRA8 - The Wandering Trees
Party Level:

Can be set deep within any sizable deciduous forest near a set of hills in the Flanaess. Particularly good locations include:

·          Where the Banner Hills join the Bramblewood.
·          Where the northwestern Vesve Forest meets the Sepia Uplands.
·          Where the Gamboge or Adri Forest joins the Flinty Hills.
·          Where either the Rieuwood or Menowood join the Hollow highlands.
·          Where the Lofthills join the Loftwood.
·          Where the Lortmil Hills join the Suss Forest.

Dragon #61
DRA9 - Quest for the Midas Orb
Party Level:

Northern Nyrond, County Gamboge, in the Gamboge Forest north of Greenplane Town. Change the god Kalsones to Zilchus. Adapt the background story of the adventure to fit the early history of the Kingdom.

Dragon #63
DRA10 - Chagmat
Party Level:

Northwestern Veluna, with the town of Byr becoming either the village of Curtain Hill or Swan Hill. Little Boy Mountain is located in the nearby Yatils.

Dragon #70
DRA11 - Mechica
Party Level:

Southwestern Amedio Jungle, where it borders the Hellfurnaces. Best fit would be on the edge of the Free Lands of Hucanuea, with Lake Taxcoco and environs located just inside the Hellfurnace range.

Dragon #73
DRA12 - Forest of Doom
Party Level:

·          Location 1: Near Pitchfield in the County of Sunndi, with forested portion in the central Rieuwood. In this case, the drow are from the city of Lloigoria located in the Glorioles.

·          Location 2: Near Beetu in the Duchy of Urnst, with the forested portion of the adventure set in the south-central Celadon Forest. Here, the drow are an exploratory party from the submerged city of Chantelolth under the Wooly Bay.

Dragon #75
DRA13 - Can Seapoint Be Saved?
Party Level:

Southwestern Nyrond, County of Eventide. Locate the towns of Seapoint and Riverneck on the coast of Relmor Bay to the west and slightly south of Shantadern Town.

Dragon #78
DRA14 - Citadel by the Sea
Party Level:

·          Location 1: Place the town of Awad and the citadel on the between Optwall and Tinker’s Cove in Ratik. In this case the environs map needs to be rotated about 45 degrees to match the angle of the coastline.
·          Location 2: Archbarony of Blackmoor, on the chunk of seacoast due north of Broomsage Abbey. In this case, Awad is due west of the village of Glendour on the Blackmoor Run, where that road nearly touches the coast.
·          Location 3: Onnwal. Either near the town of Sornhill or further south at Northanchor.
·          Location 4: Great Kingdom, South Province. In this case Awad faces Relmor Bay, being located somewhere on the Lantern Road between Trennenport and Prymp.
·          Location 5: Great Kingdom, North Province. In this case Awad fronts the Solnor Ocean from the coast somewhere between Bellport and the Causeway of Fiends.

Dragon #80
DRA15 - Barnacus, City in Peril
Party Level:

This adventure details an entire city with very specific geographic requirements. Compatible places in the Flanaess include:

·          Location 1: Port Toli, Sea Princes
·          Location 2: Gradsul or Seaton, Kingdom of Keoland
·          Location 3: Nessermouth, Kingdom of Nyrond
·          Location 4: Rel Astra, Great Kingdom
·          Location 5: Lo Reltarma, Lendore Isle
·          Location 6: Admundfort, Shield Lands

Dragon #84
DRA16 - The Twofold Talisman, Part 1 – The Heart of Light
Party Level:

This adventure would fit well in the central Great Kingdom if based from a city such as Jalpa, Torrich, Jenndan, Rel Deven, Delaric or even Rauxes itself (pre-Greyhawk Wars).

Dragon #85
DRA17 - The Twofold Talisman, Part 2 – The Ebon Stone
Party Level:

As above, this adventure would fit well in the central Great Kingdom if based from a city such as Jalpa, Torrich, Jenndan, Rel Deven, Delaric or even Rauxes itself (pre-Greyhawk Wars). Note that the reference to the stronghold being in “mountains nearby” can be avoided easily enough since terrain plays very little role in the adventure. There are certainly enough fallen/ruined strongholds in the central Great Kingdom to allow easy placement of the module’s dungeon.

Dragon #93
DRA18 - The Gypsy Train
Party Level:

This scenario is meant to be a movable encounter with gypsies while on the road between settlements. If the gypsies are replaced with the Rhennee and the caravan is moved into barges on the water, it can be suitably located anywhere the Rhennee travel in the Flanaess.

Dragon #105
DRA19 - Betrayed!
Party Level:

·          Location 1: Ebbernant in Bissel & the Barrier Peaks.
·          Location 2: Enstad in Celene & the Kron Hills spur of the Lortmil Mountains.
·          Location 3: Free City of Melkot and the eastern Crystalmist Mountains.
·          Location 4: Loftwick in the Yeomanry and the Jotuns.
·          Location 5: Mitrik in Veluna, with the mountains being the southern-most spur of the Yatils.
·          Location 6: Molvar in Ket; mountains are the southern Yatils.
·          Location 7: Pitchfield in Sunndi & the Glorioles Mountains.
·          Location 8: Rutherton in Ten & the Griff Mountains.
·          Location 9: Soull in Schnai & the Corusk Mountains.
·          Location 10: Ulek States & the Lortmils; Tringlee in the Duchy or Thunderstrike in the Principality.

Dragon Annual #1
DRA20 - Wyrmsmere
Party Level:

·          Location 1: The northwestern shore of the Nyr Dyv in Furyondy.
·          Location 2: The shore of Fler Bay, (northernmost portion of western Lake Quag), in Perrenland.
·          Location 3: The northwestern shore where the Vesve meets Whyestil Lake.

Dragon Annual #2
DRA21 - Dragonwyr
Party Level:

·          Location 1: The northwestern shore of the Nyr Dyv in Furyondy.
·          Location 2: The shore of Fler Bay, (northernmost portion of western Lake Quag), in Perrenland.
·          Location 3: The northwestern shore where the Vesve meets Whyestil Lake.

End Notes

·          Any Dragon or Dungeon Magazine adventures designed specifically for Greyhawk have already been plotted. See the Greyhawk By Level adventure chart for these listings.
·          There are numerous adventures from both magazines not covered in detail because they do not require retrofitting and can be dropped in “as is” with a minimum of preparation. See Part 4 - “Adventures That Can Fit Anywhere”.
·          Certain adventures have been omitted altogether. These include those designed specifically for other published worlds (I.E. Forgotten Realms, Birthright, Ravenloft, Athas, etc.) or those whose mythology and culture is incompatible due to being based on historical periods on Earth (I.E. ancient Greece or Rome, the Celts, etc.) Additionally, some adventures have been omitted since their premise and/or geography are wildly incompatible with Oerth, making adaptation impossible.

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