Greyhawk Adapts: Adventures from Dungeon Magazine, Part 1
Date: Thu, July 09, 2020
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The continuation the Greyhawk Adapts series on 1E and 2E modules from Dungeon and Dragon magazines. This entry is the first of two covering Dungeon Magazine, drawing adventures from issue #1 to #38 with party levels, location suggestions, adaptations ideas and module codes for reference.

Part 2 of 4

DMA Series - 1E-2E Greyhawk Compatible Dungeon Magazine Adventures

Drawn from the pages of Issues #1 to #38

Note: Some location information is drawn from settlements, geographic features or adventure sites added by various fan sources or the Living Greyhawk Campaign. Map references to the Adventurer's Atlas collection here on Canonofire! are given in the former case and approximate location information is added for clarity in the latter. Entry notations for the Atlas are as follow: AA6, Sea Princes = Adventurer's Atlas, Part 6, Sea Princes map.

As always, feel free to adapt the information in this article to your own campaign or version(s) of Oerth.

Dungeon #1

DMA1 - Dark Tower of Calibar
Party Level: 4th-7th

Bone March, in a campaign to reclaim it for the Great Kingdom.

DMA2 - Assualt on Eddystone Point
Party Level: 1st-3rd

Rename Old Crystols to the Jotuns. Rename Strafferburg to Loftwick in the Yeomanry and Untalla to Istvin in Sterich.

DMA3 - Grakhirt's Lair
Party Level: 1st-3rd

Set in southeastern Yeomanry, the village Thurmaster (Living Greyhawk reference - the village is slightly northeast of the northern tip of The Tors). Southern Mountains are the Crystalmists, Western Empire is Keoland.

DMA4 - Into the Fire
Party Level: 6th-10th

Sea Princes - Duchy of Berghof, Hellfurnace spur due south of Hardway Moutain. See AA6, Sea Princes for the mountain's location.

Dungeon #2

DMA5 - Caermor
Party Level: 2nd-4th

Northern Geoff, near where Barrier Peaks meet the Dim Forest. Place Caermore on the river between Langholm and Whithorn Fort near the edge of the mountains.
See AA6, Geoff for the location of these two Geoff Project settlements.

Dungeon #3

DMA6 - Falcon's Peak
Party Level: 1st-3rd

Duchy of Tenh near Calbut.

DMA7 - Blood on the Snow
Party Level: 3rd-7th

Cruski, the first large coastal bay west of Jotsplat.

DMA8 - The Deadly Sea
Party Level: 4th-7th

Archbarony of Blackmoor, based in Mosshold. The storm giant mentioned in intro for players is Aren Vosedar and Caliste Isle is his home in the Icy Sea, see AA2, Blackmoor.

DMA9 - The Book with No End
Party Level: 8th-12th

Set in City of Cauldron in the Amedio. Flandrian Mountains are the southern Hellfurnaces. See AA11, Amedio. The Desolate Wasteland is the Sea of Dust. Doughnut Rock is located at southwestern-most tip of Grirak Crater in the Sea of Dust, slightly southeast of the ruins of Kro Traaman. See AA11, Sea of Dust.

Dungeon #4

DMA10 - Kingdom in the Swamp
Party Level: 6th-9th

Set up can be in one of any of the civilized centres. The castle is an old Olman fortification located in the Amedio in the northern part of the swamp surrounding the ruins of Chitanicatla, south of the Xatalari River. See AA11, Amedio.

Dungeon #5

DMA11 - The Rotting Willow
Party Level:  7th-9th

· Location 1 - Sea Princes, County Westkeep, southwest of Westkeep City on the marsh border. Cypress Swamp is renamed as the Hool Marshes.
· Location 2 - Gran March, southwest of the city of Shibboleth. Cypress Swamp is now the Rushmoors.

DMA12 - Lady of the Lake
Party Level: 1st

Northern Duchy of Tenh. Village of Gydnia is near the where the forks of the Zumker and Zumkend rivers meet. Orb Lake is Lake Abanfyl.

DMA13 - The Stolen Power
Party Level: 1st-3rd

Eastern County of Urnst, with the town of Highland of becoming the town of High Mardreth along the Coast Road. The Fresh Sea is the Nyr Dyv.

DMA14 - The Eyes of Evil
Party Level: 10th-13th

Duchy of Ulek, with Vynald being the Town of Harrington. See AA11, Duchy if Ulek. Caves of Zeccas in the mountain range to the north are in the southwestern Lortmils. The god Dreynald mentioned in the module is Incabulos.

DMA15 - Hirward’s Task
Party Level: 4th-8th

County of Ulek in the Old Hills west of the Barony of Splinterstone. See AA11, County of Ulek. The Eastern Trade road, the Thornbrush River, Eagle Rock and the villages of Leirchmon and Feldell all need to be placed but this a simple matter since the area is currently undeveloped.

Dungeon #6

DMA16 - After the Storm
Party Level: 8th-10th

Southern Nyrond. Bluewater Cove and the village of Bazyte are in the first bay north of the Claw Caves on the Shantadern Peninsula. See AA8, Nyrond.

DMA17 - White Death
Party Level: 4th-7th

Central Fruztii. The village of Polarton is renamed to Pfalsenthorpe. Village is located at the edge of the Corusks, due west of Kelten and northwest of Krakenheim, on the edge of the large plain indenting the mountain range.

DMA18 - Bristanam’s Cairn
Party Level: 8th-12th

Central Cairn Hills, northeast of Hardride and northwest of Eiren’s Fall on the Urnst Trail. See AA4, Cairn Hills.

Dungeon #8

DMA19 - Mountain Sanctuary
Party Level: 1st-3rd

Sequel to Grakhirt's Lair and clues leading to this adventure are found in the original. Located in the Sea Princes, with the city of Endkynn being the city of Industrious located at the western edge of the realm. See AA6, Sea Princes. The sanctuary is located in the western Hellfurnaces nearby.

DMA20 - In Defense of the Law
Party Level: 7th-10th

Great Kingdom, northern Medegia, with Ranaan being the city of Rel Astra.  The Northern Wildwood is the Grandwood Forest and the entrance to the catacomb is due north of Rel Astra in a (currently unmarked) small series of foothills between the Grandwood and the Lone Heath, just south of the fork in the Milkar River.

DMA21 - The Wounded Worm
Party Level: 4th-8th

Great Kingdom, North Province. Sparock Peninsula is on a point of land jutting from the coast, northwest of Kaport Bay and due west of the Isle of Lost souls & Causeway of Fiends.

Dungeon #9

DMA22 - The Lurkers in the Library
Party Level: 1st-3rd

Duchy of Tenh, with Ferantio being Rutherton. See AA8, Tenh.

DMA23 - Crypt of Istaris
Party Level: 3rd-5th

County of Idee, with Hornboro being Poelitz. See AA10, Idee. The god Ahto is changed to Procan, Tuoni is Nerull, and Hisii is Erythnul.

DMA24 - The Plight of Cirria
Party Level: 8th-12th

Amedio, City of Sasserine. Tyrasi and Kidpery rivers are now the Havekihu and Bodal rivers, respectively. Selmor Plateau is located northwest of the ruins of Elatalhuihle. See AA11, Amedio.

Dungeon #10

DMA25 - Secret of the Towers
Party Level: Any

Tower 1: Any terrain & remote location where a tribe of orcs can gain access to the tower.
Tower 2: Terrains that fit this tower include temperate to tropical swamp, jungle, forest and small islands on fresh water rivers & lakes.
Tower 3: Any terrain & remote location.
Tower 4: This tower is located anywhere there are the ruins of a town or city. (This includes areas such as the Sea of Dust.)
Tower 5: Place as part of a young to adult green dragon’s lair; thus a cave in remote forested terrain is preferred.
Tower 6: Any forest containing a druidic grove. This tower can form its own side quest or be part of a larger, druidic-themed adventure. I.E.: Weird Woods of Baron Orchid anyone? (See the upcoming Part 4, Adventures That Can Fit Anywhere in this article series.)
Tower 7: Located anywhere on the sea shore of the Amedio, the Olman Isles, the Tilvanot Peninsula, the Lordship of the Isles, Hepmonaland or any of the innumerable isles dotting these regions.
Tower 8: Any terrain & remote location.
Tower 9: Any terrain & remote location.
Tower 10: Mountainous terrain only.
Tower 11: Any terrain & remote location.
Tower 12: Any terrain & remote location.

DMA26 - Threshold of Evil
Party Level: 14th-18th

Perrenland, Canton of Hugelrote. Tharakil village is located northwest of Votrot town (see AA3, Perrenland), where the river emerges from the Yatils. Mount Thalask is one of the southern peaks of the spur.

Dungeon #11

DMA27 - The Dark Conventicle
Party Level: 8th-12th

Gran March, Barony of Farvale. City of Indigo becomes Orlane. Ambush site is located near Tanner’s Ferry (Living Greyhawk reference - Tanner's Ferry is located on the easternmost bend of the Realstream River due east of Orlane). Telsford becomes Hochoch. Secauk Forest becomes the Dim Forest and the Nolanar River becomes the Realstream River. The Dark Conventical is located on the western side of the Realstream river, due west of Hookhill, near the heart of the Dim Forest. The raiding party’s tracks lead from the ambush site across the Realstream, parallel the river heading north and then turn west to plunge into the forest. Adjust the module’s time limit accordingly since much more of the initial journey will be spent in wooded terrain then was originally accounted for.

DMA28 - The Black Heart of Ulom
Party Level: 5th-8th

Bandit Kingdoms, starting at Greenkeep. See AA3, Bandit Kingdoms (Pre-Wars). Ulom Forest becomes the Felreev. Ulom River becomes the Cold Run River. Rotate the overland map in the module 90 degrees so that north now faces east. Drop the mountain ranges in the adventures since they are never visited. In place of the lake, have the party start from the base of the Cold Run where it joins the Artonsamay. The clearing in which resides the Heart of Ulom is on the river, due north of Greenkeep and southeast of Scorn village. (On the AA map, this location is near the top of the second hex above Greenkeep’s location.)

DMA29 - Wards of Witching Ways
Party Level: 3rd-5th

Cragrapid Isle is located near the middle of the Aerdi Sea, somewhere north of Sulward in the Lordship of the Isles. Starting points for the adventure can include the free city of Dullstrand, Pontylver or Jevid in Medegia or Sulward itself. For Jevid's location, see the Medegia portion of AA9, Great Kingdom. The pirates mentioned in the module were exiled from the one of the smaller islands that forms the northern part of the chain claimed by the Lordship of the Isles.

Dungeon #12

DMA30 - Light of Lost Souls
Party Level: 2nd-4th

Ravenglass Bay is located on the southern coast of Lendor Isle, at the end of the road running southeast from Restenford. See AA11, Lendore.

DMA31 - Intrigue in the Depths
Party Level: 4th-7th

Starting point is the city of Roland on the east coast of the Great Kingdom. The Great Reef, site of the adventure, is located in the Bay of Gates. Using the AA9, Great Kingdom map, the reef is located 3 hexes southeast of Roland or two hexes northwest of Port Elder on Fair Isle in the Sea Barons.

Dungeon #13

DMA32 - The Moor Tomb Map
Party Level: 2nd-4th

Blackmoor. The Willowmoor is the Gloomfens. The village of Moorwall is located on the edge of the fens 2 hexes due south of Fenrock-Tor druidic circle. See AA2, Blackmoor.

DMA33 - The Treasure Vault
Party Level:  5th-7th

The vault belongs to one of the slain rulers of the Kelten Foedality in what is now Stonefist. Mount Ranthor is located on the first peak south of the town of Kelten.

Dungeon #14

DMA34 - Stranded on the Baron’s Island
Party Level: 4th-6th

County of Urnst. The island is located in the Nyr Dyv off the coast of High Mardreth Town, which is located in the Arch Barony of Garalenn. In the adventure text, change Monton to High Mardreth, Sunforth to Low Mardreth, and the Monastery of Ckel to the Temple of Zodal in the Dreerwode. (Living Greyhawk references - Low Mardreth is located between High Mardreth and Geralenn on AA8, County of Urnst. The Dreerwode is a forest filling a roughly circular area around Brotton on the same map.)

DMA35 - Master of Puppets
Party Level: 6th-8th

Free City of Dyvers. Use this as a follow up adventure to WG11 - Puppets, having it happen later in the adventurers’ careers. In this case, just where Bronwynn got the information to create her magical construct has been located. After the PC’s defeated Bronwynn, Qhyjanoth, the antagonist of this adventure, was able to recover the book she learned from in a hidden cache outside the city after retracing Bronwynn’s journey from the mage guild she was expelled from to her eventual tower home in Dyvers. Due to the geography of the Dyvers coast, the ruined shrine will be located ½ mile east (instead of west) of the Dyvers Road, where Oster County meets the Eastlands. The ruined shrine once belonged to clerics of Fharlanghn and was originally a way station, hostel and hospital of sorts.

DMA36 - The Wererats of Relfren
Party Level: 3rd-6th

Duchy of Tenh. Relfren is located in Rockegg Pass through the Griff Mountains, north of the town of Calbut. May need minor retrofitting from OD&D to AD&D rules.

Dungeon #15

DMA37 - Wreck of the Shining Star
Party Level: 4th-8th

Onnwal. The wreck is located on the Azure Sea coast between Scant and Longbridge.

DMA38 - Roarwater Caves
Party Level: 1st-4th

Southern Nyrond coast. The caves are located on the Relmor Bay coast, south of the road leading from Oldred to Wragby. Oldred City replaces that of Corbay given in the adventure.

Dungeon #16

DMA39 - Vesicant
Party Level: 4th-6th

Lordship of the Isles, Duchy of Ganode. The city of Scrape is located on the Isle of Ganode at the mouth of the river exiting the island (opposite the City of Duxchan on the Isle of Ansabo).  Nations that might sponsor the PC’s to locate the city include the Iron League states, and in the Great Kingdom, the Sea Barons, the city of Rel Astra or, in a pre-Wars setting, the See of Medegia.

Dungeon #17

DMA40 - The Hunt in Great Allindel
Party Level: 4th-7th

Geoff, the Hornwood. Locate the events from the module in the largely undeveloped northwestern portion of the wood, past Castle Thrasmontir and Pest’s Crossing. See AA6, Geoff.

DMA41 - Out of the Ashes
Party Level: 8th-12th

Sequel to Into the Fire from Dungeon #1. County of Sunndi. Justiminium becomes Pitchfield. Northern mountains are the Glorioles and the forest is the Rieuwood. The Dwarves mentioned in the area description are from Glorvardum.

Dungeon #18

DMA42 - Whitelake Mine
Party Level: 2nd-4th

Bissel. Place the module around Lake Manaereth in the Lorridges. (Living Greyhawk reference - the lake is located three hexes northeast of Wrekin - see AA7, Bissel - in the southwestern potion of the hex.)

DMA43 - Tallow’s Deep
Party Level: 4th-7th

Duchy of Tenh. Place the village of Tallow’s Post along the edge of the spur of the Griffs that surrounds the Troll Fens, three hexes south of High Hadleigh. See AA8, Tenh.

DMA44 - Chadranther’s Bane
Party Level: 4th-6th

Bandit Kingdoms. The way house is located along an old road in the northwestern-most hex of the Graschaft of Midlands. See AA3, Bandit Kingdoms (Pre Wars).

Dungeon #20

DMA45 - Ancient Blood
Party Level: 3rd-5th

Duchy of Tenh. Dagmalstad becomes the town of Hodnet. See AA8, Tenh. The geography of the rest of the adventure pretty much perfectly matches the spur of the Griffs surrounding Lake Abanfyl.

Dungeon #23

DMA46 - The Pyramid of Jenkel
Party Level: 8th-10th

Perrenland, the Mounds of Dawn. Jenkel village is located two hexes south Votrot on the Gryning River. (Living Greyhawk reference - the Gryning is a small river that runs diagonally from below Votrot to connect up to the unnamed river which Quag Road crosses, as depicted in AA3, Perrenland.) To match the local terrain, the village map will need to be rotated so that north now faces northwest.

Dungeon #24

DMA47 - A Hitch in Time
Party Level: 7th-10th

Theocracy of the Pale. The sage’s tomb is set into the westernmost slope of the last mountain in the spur of the Griffs, due north of the ruins of Old Wintershiven, where the Archdioceses of Holdworthy and Rakervale meet. See AA8, The Pale.

DMA48 - Thunder Under Needlespire
Party Level:  8th-12th

This adventure can realistically be dropped into any existing mountain range. However, Needlespire could also be changed to flesh out the following locations in the Flanaess:

· Location 1: Bright Desert, Dagger Rock. In this case the entrance to the Underdark will be via a small, seemingly unimportant passage leading out from Volte’s lair.
· Location 2: Horned Society, Pinnacle. The entrance to the adventure can be from a cavern or side passage in the complex the DM has created to detail this location for the adventure seed given in WGR5 – Iuz the Evil, Page 41. Alternately, if the adventure seed is ignored altogether, the stairs in pinnacle lead down into the UnderOerth directly.
· Location 3: Riftcanyon. Needlespire is removed altogether. The cave entrance is located at the bottom of the Riftcanyon in one of its walls.

Dungeon #25

DMA49 - The Standing Stones of Sundown
Party Level: 4th-6th

The village of Sundown is located in northern Nyrond, at the edge the Nutherwood, between Midmeadow and Stoink in the Bandit Kingdoms.

Dungeon #26

DMA50 - The Curse and the Quest
Party Level: 4th-8th

· Location 1: Theocracy of the Pale. On the edge of the Griffs, between Woodsedge and Ogburg. See AA8, The Pale.
· Location 2: Sterich. The Davish-Main Trail south of Mittleberg. See AA6, Sterich.
· Location 3: Duchy of Tenh. Edge of the Griffs, three hexes northeast of Oxton.

Dungeon #27

DMA51 - The School of Nekros
Party Level: 6th-12th

Possible locations for this adventure include:

· Domain of Greyhawk, Elmshire. In this case, adapt any references to river-based occurrences to the Nyr Dyv.
· County of Urnst, The Vale. Any one of the halfling towns here could serve as the adventure’s base. Change the Sticks River to either the White Horse or Yondalla’s Bounty rivers. (Living Greyhawk reference - The Vale is a valley with halflings settlements on either side of the Yondalla's Bounty river, two on the river's north side and three on the south. See AA8, Duchy of Urnst for the river's location in the northern portion of the Duchy.)

Dungeon #28

DMA52 - Sleepless
Party Level: 9th-12th

Sterich. The castle is located in the Crystalmists midway between the Arir Erg and the Source of the Davish River.

Dungeon #30

DMA53 - Thondar’s Legacy
Party Level: 8th-12th

Duchy of Ulek and the Lortmils. Replace the city of Beryl with Tringlee and place the mountain valley in the Lortmils, 40 miles due south of Lotus Vale and 20 miles east of the Kewl River. See AA7, Duchy of Ulek.

Dungeon #32

DMA54 - The Wayward Wood
Party Level: 6th-9th

· Location 1: Keoland. Burnham Wood becomes the northern Dreadwood and Dunsinane village becomes Woodsage in the Barony of Sayre. See AA7, Keoland.
· Location 2: Veluna. Dunsinane village is located in the Diocese of Devarnish, just north of the Ironwood. The northern portion of the Ironwood in turn replaces Burnham Wood.
· Location 3: Nyrond. Woodwych replaces Dunsinane and the northeastern regions of the Celadon replace Burnham.

DMA55 - Pearlman’s Curiosity
Party Level: 1st-4th

Veluna, Diocese of Kempton. Replace with Marchester Deep with Asnath Copse. Since the area south of the copse is undeveloped, the villages of Pestle and Grinley Crossing can be located as indicated in the module. See the southern Veluna portion of AA4, Furyondy and Veluna.

Dungeon #33

DMA56 - That Island Charm
Party Level: 7th-12th

Can be started in an Azure Sea port town or city. As stated in the module, the island is located about two days journey by ship southwest of the starting location.

DMA57 - The Siege of Kratys Freehold
Party Level: 1st-4th

· Location 1: Sunndi. The Freehold is located 60 miles (3 hex rows) west of Pitchfield, at the edge of the Glorioles foothills.
· Location 2: Idee. The Freehold is located in the Barony of Derevent, one hex north and then one more hex northeast of Radoc village. See AA10, Idee.

DMA58 - Alacorn
Party Level: 1st-2nd

Northern Vesve Forest. The fan module PC07 - The Forgotten Hero is written as a sequel to this adventure. See AA3, Vesve Forest.

Dungeon #34

DMA59 - The Lady Rose
Party Level:  8th-11th

Replace Sandbar with the Free City of Dullstrand.

Dungeon #35

DMA60 - Twilight’s Last Gleaming
Party Level: 8th-10th

Yatil Mountains. Twilight Pass becomes Griffin Strike Pass and the two cities it connects are Krestible in Perrenland and Molvar in Ket.

DMA61 - The Whale
Party Level: 1st-3rd

Any appropriate section of the southern/southeastern Thillonrian coast.

DMA62 - Green Lady’s Sorrow
Party Level: 5th-8th

Any heavily wooded hilly area including (to name just a few):

· The eastern Sepia Uplands.
· The Central Kron Hills near the Ironwood in Veluna.
· The Ulek or Drachensgrab portions of the Suss Forest.
· the southernmost hook of the Good Hills in Keoland.

DMA63 - The Ghost of Mistmoor
Party Level: 3rd-6th

Keoland, March of Mandismoor. The manor is on the southern edge of the Rushmoors, two hex rows east of the Fortress Ravonnar. (Living Greyhawk reference - the location indicated is two hexes northwest and then one further hex north of Regin village on AA7, Keoland.

Dungeon #36

DMA64 - Escape From Granite Mountain Prison
Party Level: 4th-6th

Replace Bangor with Rakervale (mislabelled "Rakersdale" on AA8, The Pale). The prison itself is located in the nearby Rakers. Replace the persecuted Order of the Holy Ring with the churches of St. Cuthbert, Pelor or Heironeous.

Dungeon #37

DMA65 - Serpents of the Sands
Party Level: 6th-10th

Bright Desert. Balthasar is The Coast Village. The rocky highlands are the southern Abbor Alz.

DMA66 - The Mud Sorcerer’s Tomb
Party Level: 10th-14th

· Location 1: Bright Desert. Use this as one of the “false” locations for the module S1 - Tomb of Horrors. This site would likely fit best in the central Brass Hills. (The fan module S7 – False Tomb of Horrors uses the Iuz location given in the tomb’s legend from the module introduction.)
· Location 2: Cairn Hills. Any undeveloped and reasonably remote part of this range of hills will suffice.

Dungeon #38

DMA67 - Things That Go Bump in the Night
Party Level: 3rd-6th

Idee, Southern Menowood. The various rivers in the module run southwards to eventually empty into the Vast Swamp. The renegade drow, “Lady Alshria Ugleranod” becomes Lady Alshria Luen of House Luen in Lloigoria, the drow city located in the northern Glorioles. If the adventure seed “Werewolves of the Menowood” from the World of Greyhawk boxed set is developed and used, this adventure could be either a prequel or sequel to it.

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