Make the Great Kingdom Great Again!
Date: Thu, October 21, 2021
Topic: Odd Alley

How could the Great Kingdom be restored to the path of good, and greatness - some musings from the Discord channel ...

by Paul "ArtharntheCleric" Jurdeczka

Gary Holian on the recent Legends & Lore special on Jay “Lord Gosumba” Scott’s Twitch channel, talking about the CanonFire 20th anniversary, raised that a lot of great ideas and concepts get raised and discussed on the CanonFire Discord channel and are never taken further. They are thus lost to the ether of the Internet. Which was kind of why CanonFire was created - to provide a forum to ensure great concepts are posted and discussed.

So on that note, a recent discussion about how the Great Kingdom might be restored to what it used to be - the bastion of good and justice, lead to Gary making some great suggestions (some of them humorous) that provided some ideas about how that might occur. They also provide some adventure hooks for those DMs that might be running campaigns in the Great Kingdom, or its successor states after the Greyhawk Wars.

To provide a discussion point, but also to ensure these aren’t lost to the ether, Gary suggested the following in amongst the usual vigorous discussions on the Discord.

The goals of some unknown Cranden mastermind:

1) Make an alliance with vestiges of the Iron League.

2) Keep the remnants of Almor on side, perhaps promising them a rebuilt Almor.

3) Send a party of adventurers to find Schandor's Tomb.

4) Make allies of all the regional demihumans.

5) Contact the remaining Knight Protectors.

6) Support the liberation of the Bone March.

7) Send Prince Drax of Rel Astra a box of chocolates made from those odd Olman leaves they like to chew on.

8) Invest in brass bit-coins.

9) Rebuild the Temple of Lothan.

10) Send a party of adventurers to find the Vale of Avesta.

11) Make contact with Gwydeisin of the Cranes.  Promise to make his latest ditty the #1 song in Rel Deven's Hot 100 Bard songs.

12) Send money and support to the Medegian freedom fighters.

13) Support the Church of Zilchus in their efforts to bring down the SB trade syndicate.

14) Pray to St. Bane. Tell him there's a bunch of undead in the east.  Also tell him they are mocking him.

15) Pray to St. Benedor, tell him you will help him find the Death Knights.

16)  If you can't liberate the Bone March, find some adventurers to assemble the Five Blades of the Corusk and give them to the King of the Fruztii.  Let them take care of the humanoids and Grennel for you.

17)  Assemble the Regalia of Might, make sure Prince Myrhal cannot assemble his own. Welcome to Canonfire's Age of Might Adventure Path (coming in 2022).

18) Find some easy to manipulate, handsome young Rax heir, and groom him for the throne.  People love a restoration.

19) Reject the help of extra-planar forces

20)  Solar army that got lost on the way to Chathold, heads home.

And in passing, the following further relevant were made by Gary:

  • The great houses will insist on a Summa Carta, limiting everyone's powers and ensuring rights and privileges.

  • Once Casl Entertainment's The Nine get done saving Medegia…

So feel free to research the above comments, or discuss further with your own suggestions …

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