Lore of the Amedio II
Date: Tue, December 04, 2001
Topic: Beyond the Flanaess

This second installment in the Lore of the Amedio series is a look at the monsters and dangerous plants that inhabit the jungle.

Author: Chatdemon (chatdemon@hotmail.com)

Lore of the Amedio II
Flora & Fauna

by Chatdemon (chatdemon@hotmail.com)

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This second installment in the Lore of the Amedio series is a look at the monsters and dangerous plants that inhabit the jungle. I won't include full stats on anything, since the featured creatures and plants are all taken from commonly available D&D3e sourcebooks. Items not marked with a reference are located in the D&D3e Monster Manual (Wizards of the Coast, 2000), while items marked MF are taken from the Monsters of Faerun Supplement (Wizards of the Coast, 2001), items marked CC are taken from the Creature Collection Sourcebook (Sword & Sorcery Studios, 2000), and items marked LGJ0-6 are gleaned from the pages of the Living Greyhawk Journal (Wizards of the Coast, 2000-2001).

This list is by no means comprenhensive, and I have left any custom creatures and plants, as well as those from prior editions of the D&D game that I haven't converted yet for later installments of the Lore of the Amedio series. I encourage and welcome any additions to the list, just add them using the comment feature on this page.

Flora & Fauna of the Amedio

Assassin Vines (MM)

Common throughout the jungle, Assassin Vines are usually referred to as Stranglers, and are thought to be possessed by the angry spirit of a dead creature that died on the spot the plant grows and never recieved proper burial rites.

Carrion Crawler (MM)

Although rare, there are known to be examples of Carrion Crawlers, known as Slithering Stalkers to the jungle peoples, that have left their traditional underground homes and now inhabit more secluded areas of the jungle.

Chuul (MM)

The Chuul on Oerth are native to this region, hunting and lairing in the deep jungles around the Matreyus Lake region.

Couatl (MM)

Even in their preferred jungle environment, Couatl are still rare, and are almost always found living among a group of Olman or Grugach tribesman, filing a sort of wisewoman or witchdoctor role in their village.

Dinosaur (all) (MM)

Ranging from uncommon to rare, examples of almost every known Dinosaur species can be found amidst the jungle's canopy. Ranging from roving herds of large herbivors, to small hunting packs of so called 'raptors', the terrible lizards of the Amedio are both feared and worshipped by the various humanoid cultures. There is rumored to be a family or pack of Elasmosauri that makes its home in Lake Matreyus.

Dire species (MM)

As with any terrain type, there are dire examples of almost every type of animal found in the jungle present.

Black Dragon (MM)

The mature adult Black Dragoness Maxaotli lairs near Lake Matreyus with her two very young category offspring. She usually ignores the humanoid settlements in favor of larger prey such as the Elasmosauri of the lake or the triceratops packs that graze nearby, but at least one tribe of Lizardfolk in her vicinity venerate her as a servant of their god Nauran, and often bring her sacrifices of both gold and prisoners (mostly Scarlet Brotherhood 'travellers' in recent years).
Bronze Dragon (MM)

The Young Adult Bronze Dragon Ahnrelthor has begun lairing somewhere in the northern stretches of the Jeklea coastline in the last decade, after being driven from his Hool Marsh lair by the Great Green Wyrm Aramanthyn of the Dreadwood. Little is known about this dragon, as he tends to keep to himself, but the Coralheart clan of Sea Elves has begun attempting to establish a mutually beneficial arrangement with the dragon in the last year.

Fire Giants (MM)

A few tribes of Fire Giants, loosely allied under the rule of a brute calling himself Emporer Thrag, roam the foothills of the Hellfurnace mountains and sometimes enter the jungle to hunt.

Grey Renders (MM)

A few dozen Grey Renders inhabit the depths of the jungle, sometimes bonded to small tribes of Grugach who refer to the as parlutlu, which translates roughly to spirit brother, a term of respect for the beasts, which protect their villages from the rampages of Dinosaurs and other humanoids.

Lycanthropes (Various)

Lycanthropes are not common, but nor are they unknown in the Amedio region. Were-sharks and Were-crocodiles are encountered now and then in the rivers and shallow coastal waters, and a fair number of wererats (of various races, human, xvart, grugach, etc) live in the areas controlled by the Xvarts and Slitheren, where they are embraced as equals and revel in their lycanthropy.

Sea Hags (MM)

Though rare, there are known to be Sea Hags living along the coasts of the jungle, as well as in Lake Matreyus. They are hated by the other peoples of the jungle, and usually killed upon discovery, making them very paranoid and aggresive when encountered.

Hydras (MM)

A 10 headed pyrohydra called Krytogliltra makes its home in the ruined Olman city of Motzelza, at the foot of the now active Volcano on the northwest fringe of the jungle. Little is known about the beast or any other creatures that may inhabit the ruined city.

Kraken (MM)

A full grown Kraken has inhabited the shallow waters of the southeastern Jeklea Bay for decades, its most notable quirk being an acquired taste for the flesh of Sea Elves. A small clan of Sahaugin have taken to worshipping the thing as a sort of god, and often raid coastal Sea Elf villages to bring their god tribute in the form of captured Elves.

Magmin (MM)

Travellers near the ruined town of Motzelza report seeing a fair amount of the tiny fire beings. It is assumed they serve the Pyrohydra Krytogliltra in some manner, but details are unknown since noone to enter the ruins since the Pyrohydra moved in has returned to tell the tale.

Shambling Mounds (MM)

Shamblers are common throughout the jungle, and are believed to be a bringer of punishment to tribes and villages who have neglected their offerings to the god Makara.

Skum (MM)

Skum are found in sizeable numbers in the warm waters of the Pearl Sea along the southern coasts of the jungle. It is unknown whether they serve a local aboleth or are indepent tribes, but they are hated nonetheless because of their tendency to attack fishing boats and coastal villages.

Tendriculos (MM)

Found occasionally in the depths of the jungle, Tendriculi are known to the people of the Amedio as Hazartl, or Mouths of the Jungle. Villages and tribes livingin the vicinity of a Hazartl offer it victims, usually criminals or captives, but sometimes willing sacrifices since they believe that these strange plant beings are the true mouths of the jungle, and if they are not fed, it is thought that the jungle itself would wither and die.

Triton (MM)

Tritons are quite common in the shallow seas surrounding the jungle, and often coexist among the villages of Sea Elves.

Animals (MM)

Of the animals and vermin listed in the Monster Manual, the following are common in the jungle; Apes, Baboons, Bats, Boars, Crocodiles, Giant Crocodiles, Leopards, Lizards, Giant Lizards, Monkeys, Rats, Snakes (all), Toads, Giant Ants (all), Giant Beetles (all), Monstrous Centipedes (all), Monstrous Spiders (all).

The following creatures can be encountered in the seas, lakes and rivers of the area; Octopi (all), Porpoises, Sharks (all), Squid (all), Whale (all).

Bullywugs (MF)

Bullywugs are common in the jungle, but in these region they are truly barbaric and uncivilized, forming only the small bands to hunt and defend themselves from the more organized humanoids. They are sometimes found serving a Bullywug Savant (see below).

Firenewts (MF)

Firenewts are somewhat common in the foothills of the Hellfurnaces, sometimes in league with the Fire Giants of that area. There is also rumored to be a small colony of them located near the ruined city of Motzelza that worship the Pyrohydra there as a god and actively protect its territory from intruders.

Abandoned, the (CC)

Viren, as the Abandoned are properly called, in the Amedio are the descendants of a slave raced created by the Suel and brought here during the Suloise colonization and trade with the Olman Empire roughly 2000 years ago. Traded commonly with the Olmans, the Viren spread throughout the jungle, but live today as barbaric savages in small family units, avoiding other humanoids and spending their time hunting or defending their small territories (usually a patch of jungle no more than a few acres in size).

Child Trap (CC)

Called Maiden Snares by the people of the jungle, these plants are very common, and also very valuable as a trade commodity with pirates and explorers from the north since a alchemist from the Keoish National Academy of Wizardry discovered a few years ago that the roots of these plants are valuable in creating potions of fire resistance and simlar arcane concoctions.

Monitors (CC)

These large lizards are sometimes found domesticated and bred as war steeds by various Lizardfolk tribes. They are virtually unknown outside this role.

Mere-Lurkers (CC)

These small animals, called Pond Trappers by the denizens of the jungle, are fairly common in small freshwater pools throughout the jungle. They are notable due to the fact that the Grugach tribes of the region have a peculiar belief, probably stemming from the beautiful, lilly like appearance of the creature, that young lovers who drink from a Pond Trapper's pool will be blessed with a happy marriage. The creatures can be dangerous however, and most young Elven lads carry a stout spear with them on such romantic adventures, ready to strike the creature down if need be after he and his lover have had their ceremonial drinks.

Bullywug Savant (LGJ2)

The Bullywug Savants are a rare creature born to a normal Bullywug mother but possessing advanced intellect and limited spellcasting ability. They usually grow to lead small tribes of normal bullywugs until rumors of their existance draws the other humanoids of the area to hunt them down.

It becomes obvious that I have neglected the usual suspects such as Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds, etc. This was intentional. While I suppose there is no reason to not have these humanoids present in the jungles, I feel that they are overused and hoped to create a mysterious new area to campaign in where the run of the mill monsters are strangely absent, and even the most unintelligent animals pose a mortal threat to adventurers.

The Amedio, The South

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