CC2 Bandit Kingdoms Map
Date: Thu, August 09, 2001
Topic: Cartography & Geography

I have created a CC2 map of the Bandit Kingdoms ca. 576 CY. It was cut out from the larger CC2 Greyhawk map done by Linda Kekumu and detailed with items from my campaign and official sources.

Author: Oerthman

Bandit Kingdoms Map - Phil Rhode (
Cut from Full Greyhawk Map and detailed using boundaries from Dragon 63

Full Greyhawk Map - Linda Kekumu
Heraldry - Lonny Eckert
Full Greyhawk Map (c) 1999 TSR, Inc.

Map of the Bandit Kingdoms

Download the CC-2 compatible map file:

Requires Campaign Cartographer 2 for full viewing. A free viewer/printer is available here: CC2 Viewer/Printer


Also available in PNG format:


Preview of Oerthman's Bandit Kingdoms Map

1. Boundaries are from the map in Dragon 63, July 1982. Red 'realistic' boundaries are on the BORDERS/POLITICAL layer. Exact hex borders are on the Borders - Hex-based layer.

2. Cities not appearing on the Greyawk map (Tortage, Bloodmeadow, Battleford, etc.) are from my own campaign, with the exception of Longford (mentioned in _Saga of Old City_ by EGG).

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